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55V DC LED panel with driver - repair instructions? Answered

I just got a huge LED panel that is partially faulty.
The big kind to replace lights with 3 long flouroscent tubes.
Since I hate throwing stuff in the bin that could be repaired or used otherwise I was wondering:
1. Is there any interest in instructions on how to check and if possible repair these big LED panels?
2. If 1 is a yes - where the heck can I post it as it seems we lack a section for repairs and fixes!?

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Jack A Lopez (author)2017-08-01

Regarding question 1, this is kind of a dangerous question to ask; i.e. "Is anyone interested in this topic I know something about?", because the answer is always yes, which maybe necessitates that you have to do some work to answer that question.

In the past, I have seen this tautology called Kiteman's law, and I guess he gets credit for discovering this; i.e. the fact that someone is always(almost always?) interested in learning more about, whatever.


Perhaps, in advance, you know (or feel) the notes, pictures, instructions, pictures, you plan to contribute are so sketchy, or incomplete, that these are not worthy of a full blown instructable. If so, then what option is left except to make it a forum topic?

As an example, there have been occasions when I found myself in possession of a few weird pictures, and a short story to go with these, and I just made a forum topic out of these.

Picking a forum can be tricky. Your choices are:

3D Modeling and Printing
Burning Questions
Community Blog
English Language Help
Random Fun
Square Pegs

from the list found here:


That one time when I found a skeletonized rat behind some boxes of junk in my basement, I decided the category for that was "Pets", although "Home" might have worked just as well.


Now that I think about it, that topic might have been an exception to Kiteman's law. It being a topic that truly nobody wanted to know about.


I am guessing that your fixing a light fixture, would best be categorized as "Tech", or maybe "Home", since a light fixture is such a useful indoor thing. Maybe, "Square Pegs", if it does not belong in either category.

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Ok, I got the message - shouldn't have asked LOL
Had a quick look and let's just say: Overadvertised and cheap crap with a hefty price tag.
There is just one LED strip inside, with a set of foils supposed to spread the light evenly.
Brightness far below just a single flouro of same length, let alone three that this things was supposed to replace.
Company that sold a bunch of them to us refuse to take them back stating no refunds as the lamps were on special - so much for cunsumer rights and customer support.
Will do some pics and use them to write about the "highlights" of this light once I finnished moving house.

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