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5V Nextel Phone Charger OK to use? Answered

I have a phone charger for my Nextel phone. On one end is a wallwart for a standard US outlet. The other end is the proprietary Nextel connector. The phone connector end was unfortunately broken, but fortunately I have a spare :) I believe the rest of the rig works fine, and rather than throwing it out, I took a look and it was rated 5V @ 800mA DC. AFAIK, 5V is what most USB devices work off of. Would it be suitable if I snipped the end off and rewired other connectors on to this and used it as a charger for other devices? Thanks in advance!

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TJ 47065 (author)2008-10-31

I think it would be fine but I'm not entirely sure id just try it and see but i dont think you would risk it. thanks (lol sorry this didn't really help did it)

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mikesty (author)TJ 470652008-11-01

Hackaday had published a piece on this exact thing within a few days of me posting this.


Looks like it works!!!

I will get around to it someday. It should be good soldering practice. I will, however, not do what he did and put it on the end of a cable. Maybe I'll make an instructable out of it!

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TJ 47065 (author)mikesty2008-11-01

yeah thats a good idea ! tell me when you get round to making an instructable (well if you want to) id like to see what you will come up with :)

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