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5th grade mousetrap project? Answered

My 5th grade daughter needs to make a mousetrap project using things found around the house.We have no clue and would appreciate pictures or instructions explaining how to make one. Thank You!


youtube sqirrelpult

Place one half of the ruler over the lip of a bin and the other half place on a table. On the half of the ruler over the bin place some chocolate and when the mouse walks to the chocolate, BOOM! it unbalances the ruler and falls into the bin. (see diagram)


Use search box here on Instructables- many ideas

Mix Rubber Cement with Peanut Butter. Spread onto a piece of Cardboard. Instant Glueboard. Mouse smells the peanut butter and walks onto the glueboard, get stuck and starves to death or chews it's leg off and bleeds to death. Sorry so gruesome, but it is exactly what happens. Not sure if that would qualify as a mousetrap, as it has no mechanical means, but by definition, it does trap the mouse.

I seriously doubt the point of the project is to actually have a new mousetrap design. It's been done before thousands of ways. And I'm quite sure the project is not aimed at teaching the student's parents anything.

Rather, I think the idea is for your daughter to learn how to do research and to experiment with different designs. So how about helping your daughter do this:

  • Review the different designs that are out there
  • Identify similarities and differences
  • Classify the traps into a small number of categories (Maybe three or four?)
  • Choose a category of trap she wants to build
  • Examine how the traps in that category work and think how they could work better
  • Build a model out of paper
  • Adjust
  • Build it out of the real materials

There are plenty of designs on Instructables, like:

And even more on the Internet at large:

Of course, there are even simpler solutions, like this and this.

Does it have to be a traditional mousetrap? Let me know if it doesn't. Take a 2 liter plastic bottle and cut the top off. Tape it back on but upside down. Put some cereal in the in the hole. The mouse will be able to get in the hole but not be able to get out! I had to do this project this year to.

Mouse trap.bmp