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5v to 12v step up Answered


I am looking to power some led's by USB. Problem is that the led's are 12v.

Here are some example led's:

Would something like this do what i want it to do?:http://www.suntekstore.co.uk/goods.php?id=14002311&utm_source=gbuk 

Also looking at the step up booster i have no idea where i would solder/connect wires to the device?

Any help would be appreciated.



According to the LED specs a meter long strip of the LEDs pulls about 400mA. Typically a PC only offers 5V @ 500mA over USB. When you setp up voltage you do so at the cost of amperage. So there is no way you'll be able to step up 5V @ 500mA to 12V @ 400mA. You will need a stronger power source. Since you plan to connect this to a computer why not extend a power connector from the 12V rail so you can plug the LEDs directly into a 12V source.

Thanks for the reply!
I am actually looking to power the led's from a USB port on a PS3 slim.
I have seen this done/or similar on YouTube but the seller has stopped producing them.


If I can get some lower powered led's could this be possible?


From the looks of it you may have to buy the white one and replace the LEDs yourself.

If you want a pre-made solution here is a 6 LED strip that uses less then 200mA. Should be perfect with the step up power supply you where looking at. This 9 LED strip will also work if you want more LEDs.

ok, cheers.

Looking at the step up power supply, have you or anyone here had experience with the type of connectors? Looking at the pictures from the link i provided doesn't fill me with confidence. I cant see any pads to solder the wires onto.

You'll notice the 4 through holes in the board, 2 on either side. Notice how they have a good bit of metal around them. These are the solder or terminal pads for the input and output voltages. The board will be labeled which side is input and which side is output. The side with the blue adjustable resistor is the output and the other side is the input. Unfortunately the pictured board has the + and - labels on the in side scratch up.

I was wondering if mpilchfamily or anyone else could tell me how to adjust the DC booster? Do i turn the screw head on the resistor and measure the output with a voltmeter?

Yes adjusting the variable resistor will adjust the voltage on the booster. Use a multimeter on the outputs and turn the screw head to the desired voltage.