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6 month aniversery gift for My GF I NEED HELP!!!!! Answered

alright my girlfriend and my 6 month aniversery is coming up and i need somthing to make her she is a tomboy so pink is a no no. If anyone can help that would be great it is in 3 days so i need somthing QUICK.

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Kiteman (author)2011-07-24

What does she like or do?

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paininthebutt (author)Kiteman2011-07-24

camp, read, get on facebook, she is outdoorsie too

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Kiteman (author)paininthebutt2011-07-24

Well, there's a whole channel of camping projects to search through.

You could get a copy of her favourite book (or an unread book by a favourite author) and create a uniquely-bound version.

For FB, make a collage of all her friends' profile photos, or contact them all privately to organise a mass sending of "happy anniversary" messages.  Or create a special profile image for her.

As for "outdoorsie", get searching!

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