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$600 Shapeways Printing Credit for $300 Answered

Hello all,
I have acquired $600 in printing vouchers to Shapeways from a couple contests, they are actually divided into three separate vouchers of $100, $250, and $250. I'm sure I can find something awesome to use the money to print but as I'm in college now I could better spend this towards something else (books!!). I'd be willing to do %40 percent off for an individual voucher (so 60 for 100 or 150 for 250) or %50 percent off for all 3 together. Feel free to message me if interested.

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samircury (author)2016-02-26

This looks pretty interesting, maybe too late but just checking if these are still available. Thanks!

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kzagni (author)2015-01-16


What is your price for the two $250 vouchers ?

I can pay with Paypal.


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