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7 Color LED Help Answered

I have recently bought two 7 color blinking LED's from RadioShack and learned how to make them change colors and such. I have figured out that if you put a momentary push button switch (with 4 pins) onto the "switch" pin to ground you can get it to change to a solid color then to the cycling of all colors forever. I have two of them set up in parallel, they both start at the same time but slowly become out of sync. Can anyone recommend anything I can do to keep them in sync? I plan on putting these in my car someday as floor lights and it would be nice to have all the lights change color at the same time and not have to keep pressing the darn button over and over again to reset the LED. Any other tips regarding LED's would be appreciated. I am kind of a noob at this so please try and "dumb it down" so I can understand. I am only just grasping the basics of hobby electronics but am very eager to learn more. Actually, any tips in general that any hobby electronics enthusiast should know would be nice. Link to LED discription: http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=3060680. Part #: 276-016


They're a bit like super-cheap digital watches in that the "clocks" in them don't keep good time. I don't believe you can sync' them, but adjusting the voltages may bring them closer - see if it does change anything.



Most probably, the frequency is also influenced by the temperature. So you might get them in sync for a short time, but never for a longer period.

Use a single LED and some fibre optics to spread the light (probably too dim) or use two real RGB diodes (with separate pins for the R, G and B diode inside) and control them in parallel with a controller.

Yep, there will be variations in the timing on the IC on the chip.  I rely on this in my Glow Globs Instructable.