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7 year old corpse bride costume? Answered

My 7 year old daughter wants to be the corpse bride for Halloween. I want her costume to be a great one, so they can use it for dress up when Halloween is over.. any suggestions of how to go about it? I'm a perfectionist and basically want as close to the exact dress as possible. I would classify myself an experienced seamstress.?

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ladycroft108 (author)2010-05-07

 I LOVE that movie!  I made my costume by sewing a tablecloth with a fancy trim to an old slip. It didn't look exactly like the movie's (it was more empire waist) but when combined blue face-paint and hair looked really great.  

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nomnomnomnom (author)2009-08-16

I'm actually doing the same thing for my niece. Check thrift stores for old communion or flower girl dresses. You can usually get them for cheap. I used ebay and got one for about $15. I'm also a perfectionist when it comes to her costumes, and I pride myself on that later when they come out fantastic! I found some websites to help out. This one has a few tips for the actual costume but there's also an excellent tutorial for a yarn wig http://diyfashion.about.com/od/costumes/ig/Costume-Ideas/Dead_Bride_Photodisc.htm

Here's an amazing makeup tutorial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uCZqxYPC2Gw

As for the dress, you could just cut it up, dye it to look old. I was thinking about getting some skeleton pj's or a costume to cut up for the exposed bone leg and arm and sew that on to a light blue shirt and pants she can wear under the dress. It seems pretty basic. I can't wait to start it.

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and7barton (author)2009-06-20

Easily answered - Go to this site -


Click on the list that runs down the LH side - You will see hundreds of good photos of the actual corpses in their clothes in the Palermo catacombs. You'll get plenty of ideas from this !

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