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'79 Datsun Sedan Carburetor issue? Answered

My dad recently purchased a '79 Datsun sedan and we have been trying to make it run for a while, it runs, but it uses a quart jar of gas every 2 minutes of idling, also, we have taken the Carburetor apart and we can get it back together, however we are unsure which is the primary, and which is the secondary fuel jet, as they both have differently sized openings. Thanks for the help.


Does the engine have a float? It could be that it's sticking and for some amassing reason not flooding the engine. That's the only way I can see it using a pint a minute.

That helped, it still goes through more gas then it should, but that cut it down to about 1/2 so thanks.

.  Buy a rebuild kit for the carb. It will have all the necessary gaskets and other parts that wear.
.  A saturated float can cause the engine to run rich - make sure you check it. You may be able to find a rebuild kit that includes the float.
.  IIRC, the larger jets go on the secondaries, but it's been a long time since I worried about jet sizes.

We did buy a rebuild kit, it was what got the engine to idle, but now it drinks too much gasoline.

. Sounds to me as if your best choice would be to take the carb to a real mechanic and get him/her to rebuild it.

.  All I'm saying is that a real mechanic:
1) Probably wouldn't have to ask
2) Would have a manual with the answer
3) Wouldn't ask on a general DIY site

.  Do you have a point or are you just typing to see pretty characters?

Yes I have a point, I am trying to point out that my Dad is more of a Mechanic than you think.

The kit may also have a diagram in it so you will know what is what.

A pint a minute?!
You've got a serious problem there. Is there a stink of gas' and a puddle on the floor? I can't imagine how you'd get that much fuel through a car-engine on idle. Maybe it's producing clouds of black soot?