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79 firebird sound system.... im just curious? Answered

i recently bought a 79 firebird project car, but the electronic nut i am i found 2 pioneer 6X9s customly installed. my question is does anybody know where the other speakers are supposed to go? or for that matter where the originals are/where? i disassembled everything, the doors, dash... everything. im curious where i could install new ones. just curious. IK that at the moment sounds system is at the VERY end my my "to dos" on the car but i figured id ask. thanks a million, and much appreciated


. IIRC, my '79 Camaro's factory setup was one speaker in the center of the top of the dash and another speaker on the rear deck. Two speakers on the rear deck would indicate a custom installation. My memory may be faulty and there may be more difference between a Firebird and a Camaro than I think there is.
. There may have been speakers mounted in the doors, but I don't remember seeing that on '79 Firebird/Camaro/TransAms. Remove the liner and look toward the front and near the floor. Any mounting holes should be conspicuous.

The Chiltons (or other) manual you're using to guide your work on the car should indicate where speakers were normally mounted. If there was a standard location; that's getting just far enough back that the original assumption may have been monophonic.

i use hanze's lol, but i had to special order it from my local auto zone because its a 79.. kinda hard to find that book