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7MHz transmitter for ham radio? Answered

I'm fairly new to ham radio but I saw this and thought maybe I could use a 7MHz oscillator and a large antenna to use as a ham radio transmitter. Is this possible? If not, what could I do/use on the cheap as a ham radio transmitter/transceiver?

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icengBest Answer (author)2012-03-29

The antenna cannot be any old length, each frequency transmitted must
have an antenna or waveguide that is a wavelength long or a half or a
quarter wavelength long for optimum transmission power.


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rickharris (author)2012-03-30

Your power output is going to be VERY small - How for do you want this to go?

Have a look at one of the many ham radio circuits published on the web and you will see they are a lot more complicated - There is a reason why.

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