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93 ford ranger 4.0 v6 ac compressor into engine driven aux air ? Answered

for my air ride system



the lines air ran everything is there , i just dont want to run electric all the time .just need to know how to run the a/c compressor to 200psi continuous without blowing it up

Presumably you AREN'T running continuously, or you have a huge air leak. What is the ACTUAL gas consumption of your air-ride ?

by continuous i mean my tank will have a pressure switch 165 on 200 off . it will stay in that range continuously. in not sure of the consumption but it takes 150 psi to get my front off the ground

I'd suggest it takes very little actual volume to lift you up. If you're on electric pumps, how often is your current pump cycling ? Electric pumps are WAY easier than an AC pump in this application, because they give pretty well oil free air.

AC pumps need careful feeding and attention - they have to work properly oiled, and are not designed to keep that oil vapour out of their outlet lines.


You could make it work but you'd have to heavily modify the a/c compressor, install some valves and plumbing etc.

A better idea would be to install a separate electrical compressor that needs no modification.  You'll still have to install valves, gauges and plumbing etc.

Unless I guessed wrong on what your question really meant and in that case just ignore this post.