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9W Fluorescent U-Tube Bulb w/ 6V 4Ah Battery Answered

Hi Guys!

I would like to create a sort of emergency light with the following...

9watt fluorescent u-tube bulb
6volts 4Ah sealed lead-acid battery
HP AC Power adapter (input : 100-240v | output : +32volts 625mA

I'm not really good with electronics... please be so kind with me :)...  I'm wondering what will be the things needed here to create the following

battery charger and
to power up the 9watt bulb

Thanks a lot in advance

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Computothought (author)2014-05-18

I think there is an instructable about using low voltage with florescent lamp, If not you can find details on the net.

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mpilchfamily (author)2014-05-12

You should start reading up on how a florescent lamp works, what a ballast is and why it's needed. Building a battery powered florescent lamp may not be a good project for the novice. You would have to design and build a ballast that can run off your DC voltages. Which would require you to build a boost converter.

Besides that i had a similar idea last night but wanting to use "dead" CFL bulbs. Often it's the electronics in the bulb that go bad before the tube does. But i found it will be more involved then i had hoped and i wouldn't have time to finish the project and instructable in time for the contests i wanted to enter. Oh well.

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Thanks for the honest response.

Here's the reference for the 9watt fluorescent u-tube bulb


That's the kind of bulb you see on emergency lights. And here's the products you will see in the market...


Hope you could enlighten me about it.


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