Can build a coil gun using Direct-on-line technique?

Hello,I'm trying to build a coil gun and am stuck with this problem.....the gun I'm trying to build will be using a 5200mAh 22.2V 25C battery as source and a 16swg wire for coil in series with a N-channel power MOSFET (IRLR7843) as a switch. I'm using a 0.2ohm resistor to draw 110A current from the battery....but the problem is the resistor I'm is not capable of handling this huge amount of current it just blows up. I've looked for other alternatives but the problem there is with the size, which is not feasible in my case. so now I'm looking for a suggestion for some kind of resistor that comes in a small size which can handle this current and possibly has managed to stay out of my sigth.....or if I can go ahead with the DOL and eliminating the use of resistor entirely and connecting the coil directly to the battery( I know that might be foolish tho)

Asked by RhuturajM 4 hours ago

How to wire/connect to my mixer this beautiful vintage microphone?

Hi everybody,I found this excellent Davoli Krundaal mic from 60ies.I try to restore it but i dont know its wiring!Anyone help? thanks (mail me at

Asked by pipisgr2000 4 hours ago

How to solve: Pinterest is rejecting my ability to pin an instructable?

I've tried twice now just within the last half hour to pin a link to an instructable; one for microwave omelette in a cup and the other tandoori chicken. Both attempts were rejected due to the website containing inappropriate content.I've pinned many Instructables before, never have I had this issue.Please, can someone tell me how to solve this issue? Otherwise, I shall find another outlet for sharing, remove my data from Pinterest, and do everything I can to expose them.Thank you.First, they came for my facebook, so I deleted my account. Then they came for my Pinterest, and I suspended my activity. Then they came for my Instructables, and no one was left to defend me.

Asked by gralan 13 hours ago

Looking for an RC From the fast and furious movies

I am currently trying to find a large scale version of the Mitsubishi Eclipse from one of the first fast and furious movies. I have tried looking for it thru a couple searches on google, Amazon and even eBay but was unable to find anything about it. So if someone can remember where it was offered at, I would be grateful since this was a favorite of mine as a kid. Thanks.

Asked by andreblue 21 hours ago

Easel software

Hello I was wondering would you easel software work with this cnc machine as it uses G code and I have no experience with that its a cnc machine wegstr in Europe

Posted by IanD131 1 day ago

Arduino coding

May i know how to combine between 2 coding of arduino ? I use 2 sensor so i need to combine these 2 coding but i don't know how . . Does any body can help me ?i really appreciate for this help.. You can contact me via gmail :

Asked by nash shiha 1 day ago