"pdf failed to load"

I just signed up for a premium account and tried to download a file for the wearable electronics class and I am receiving the "pdf failed to load" error message. How do I download the file??

Asked by annaregan29 1 day ago

What is this? I tried to make a comment and could not post it.

I wanted to compliment the idea of a painting board. So, I wrote a comment, but all I got back was that I needed to type something before I posted it. Meaning that it was impossible for me to post my comment. And, I was logged in.

Asked by stannickel 2 days ago

9632 ÷ 14

Asked by EswariE on How to Divide 2 days ago

My software is Blocking by the Anti Virus.

My software is used by the clients ,so they should download the related files and then they have to run the exe file.while they running it is blocking by the Anti-Virus ,And the program was return in the c,c++ language .please suggest me how to over come from this. Thanks in Advance.

Asked by Lohith M 2 days ago

Missing Link?

FYI,I noticed what seems to be a missing link on the one of the "How to Use the Instructables Editor" pages. The url is: https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Use-the-In...The missing link is in the first bullet at the bottom of the page:1) A simple guide for creating an all-around great Instructable can be found here.2) Photos are one of the most important aspects of your Instructable. This Instructable is full of helpful tips and techniques to make your photos look their best. 3) Want to get your Instructable featured? Here's a list of what we look for to keep in mind when documenting your next project! 4) A collection full of additional photography, writing, SEO and other resources can be found here!Let me know if you have any questions.

Posted by kedwards999 2 days ago