Simple Torque Calculation!

Hello! I want to calculate the torque for my project.I will have 4 individual motors to move a vehicle around 10kg. Here’s the specs:Wheel weight = 100g Wheel radius = 3” Wheel axis radius = 2” Vehicle weight = 10kg Speed I want to reach = at least 20mph with ease.Because I’m using four motors, I’m assuming torque needed would also be 1/4 of total torque needed to move the vehicle.Thank you! I appreciate any help!

Asked by TylerK84 1 day ago

What instructables does for me.

Just a quick word to say Thanks to everyone who contribute to this site.I work as a teacher in a max-sec prison and I have to produce a lot of my classes with a very limited acces to the web. Luckily, I can acces this page.Instructables has given me a lot ideas and explanations that I have been able to use in my work - and that is all down to the people taking their time to make pictures and produce text to explain stuff to the rest of us.Thanks for that!Ramsing

Posted by BoR13 1 day ago

Doesn't work

Since 2007 I have been answering readers queries here. This is now impossible because questions are burried in a mass of queries from specific instructables.I do not have time to scroll through and find specific questionsSo sorry that's it. No one benefits from my experience and knowledge any more.I suspect this is the same for all of the other regular responders to readers queries.

Asked by rickharris 1 day ago

HELP - Tacky Fabric?

I'm trying to find out the best method to make a cotton fabric somewhat sticky or tacky ... perhaps the best example of what I am trying to achieve are the identical properties of a 'Football Receiver Gloves'. Criteria:1. Should wash ok without losing its tacky quality. 2. Adhere to itself while avoiding picking up lint or dust. 3. Allow a fabric such as soft cotton to remain soft and pliable.Any help / direction would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance."In a sticky situation"

Asked by masotomagic 1 day ago

Microlight trick

Hii want to make a microlight trick .and i want to use a honda G200 engine with 4 stroke i would like to know if it is possible,email conlens@hotmail.comthanksSean

Asked by ShaE3 1 day ago

Can I print and distribute Instructables posts?

I work with an organization that provides books to incarcerated people. All the books we send are donations. (Raising funds for postage is tough enough, so buying books is out of the question.) We get frequent requests for How to Draw books which are rarely donated. Would it be acceptable for me to print Instructables posts on this topic?

Asked by judyspak 1 day ago