Are we losing you guys? LOL The organization seems a little out of balance these days. :)

Are we losing you guys? LOL The organization seems a little out of balance these days. :)

Asked by Attmos 1 hour ago

HM-11 Bluetooth module: How to change the baud rate

I'm writing some code to use an HM-11 Bluetooth moduleAfter switching on it responds to AT, AT+BAUD? etc. commands - the default baud rate is 9600, 8N1I now want to change the baud rate to 38400. The procedure is:1. Send command "AT+BAUD2" at 9600 baud2. After the last command character has been sent change the baud rate of the receiver (SAMD21J) to 384003. Wait for the response, which should be "OK+Set:2"The response never comesWhat am I doung wrong?Thanks for any hints,Jerry

Asked by JeremyR85 1 hour ago

Are there any ammonium sensor for salt water with I2C interface?

Hi, I am a newbie to anything electronic.I am trying to design an array of sensors for a salt water aquarium. I have found the DO and pH sensors from Atlas, now I need a temperature and ammonium sensor for the salt water tank, all with I2C interface.Does anyone out there know of any they can recommend?

Asked by achaninau 1 hour ago

Please help me / arduino

I know this is a stupid request, but can someone please code for me the movements of the robot? I will attach a video on how I want it to move. I will only use motors sg90, jumpers, and arduino but I need the arduino code.So I want 4 things to move, you can see all of them in the video. I will then connect it to my computer and use my keyboard for movements. You are free to put any keys you want to control it. Please help asap. This project is for tomorrow for my school. That's why I don't have the time to learn arduino myself right now, if someone could PLEASE help me

Posted by Lexard 1 hour ago

Adding to Collections

Just wanted to post some feedback. After being away from Instructables for a while, I was trying to figure out how to add an 'ible to my collection, and had to google the answer. I hadn't even noticed the dot menu until that point, even after scrolling up and down the page and refreshing a few times. This process could be made more transparent.

Posted by KennethM4 3 hours ago


I just took the concrete clases and didn´t see measurements for diferent jobs like: mortar for bricks, cement for walkway, in the form of 1 part cement, 3 part sand, 3 part gravel.

Posted by macoga13 5 hours ago