Connecting two DC power sources

Hi all,I'm working on a project where I will have two DC generators that are being powered by spinning turbines. These turbines will be spinning at different speeds and these speeds may vary over time (i.e. the voltage from the DC sources will almost always be different). There will also be instances where one isn't producing any voltage at all.I was wondering what it the best way to connect them? Should they be in series or in parallel? Should there be diodes?After they are connected the DC power will be fed into an inverter and converted to AC power.Thanks for any help!

Asked by KiannaB3 12 hours ago

Make output of USB Keyboard visible

Hi,I am completely new on this field:I try to decode signals from a USB keyboard to a computer with a logic analyzer...I faced some very confusing things there and now I'm wondering if that's even possible?If yes: -->what frequency is USB using, maybe my logic analyzer is to slow?-->any suggestions If no: --> do you know a another way to do something similar?The thing is, after all googling I found almost nothing about USB signals for HID. It's only written everywhere, that it is a very complicated protkoll.I simply want to know how the output of a USB keyboard looks like.can anyone help me?

Asked by noonin 12 hours ago