New updates look good, bravo!

There appear to be some fresh updates. From what I see: New photo layouts, which seem to make better use the screen space on desktop. Nice! Up-voting on comments! The old forum Questions now appear to be an aggregated list from questions asked on actual Instructable pages. That's an interesting tweak.High five to the Instructables team. Nice to see, keep up the good work!What else are people seeing that maybe I haven't noticed?

Posted by annieoakley 1 day ago

Help me please, know the approx.manufacture year of this accordion and who made it ...

Hello everyone ! I need help, please ! I would greatly appreciate your opinion on this ....I would like to know the year of manufacture of this old accordion my husband got recently and I wonder who made it because there isn't no name on it ..... Therefore I am attaching couple of pictures for you to see.... Thank you !

Asked by Danasim 1 day ago

Nema 17 stepper motor problem, how can I solve it?

Hello guys, I finally get done my Laser Engraver with Arduino, it's actually a combination of 3 projects from here, and now, at the end, my motors does not work...Here you can find the motor I use: connect them on a cnc shield with A4988 drivers, I use GRBL as a firmwale and the program for engraving I don't think they matter, because I use 3 of them with no results.P.S.: the Laser is working, the M03 and M05 functions works great, but the motors not a step...Thank you and I accept any speculations, I was thinking that the current from the driver was not enough, but after a research I found that isn't true ( I think ).

Posted by FlaviuC1 2 days ago