How can I register a physical button press on a webplatform using the Feather HUZZAH with ESP8266?

I am trying to make a cube where 4 of its sides have a physical button which can be pressed. I want to be able to receive what button was pressed and when via long distance. So wherever the cube is, I can read what it sends on a webplatform of any kind.I looked into Adafruit IO, the feather boards and IFTTT automation but can't figure out how to do this still...I have a basic arduino kit already but nothing Adafruit related yet, before I buy more parts I need to make sure I know what I need and how I will make it work.So far my best research has gotten met to the Feather HUZZAH with ESP8266, but I am not skilled in coding are working with circuit boards. All I know is that it has the option for a battery so my cube can function on it's own (which is very important)So the main question is: How can I make a small portable cube with buttons on its side to send the data of those button presses to an online platform wherever it may be used?

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Required Power Supply for Peltier (TEC12715)

I'm going to build a Mini Airconditioner based on Peltier Module. I'm going to use 10 Peltier Module for better cooling. 1 Peltier requires Umax (V):15.4 Imax (A):15 Max power consumption (watt):231 Watt. Which Power Supply Driver is required to run all 10 Peltier Elements. [I am from Non-Electrical Background].

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MP3 player with USB disk input

Hi All.I use my USB flash drive to play music on my PC and in my car. My stereo at my entertainment area does not have a USB input so I have to plug a device into it via aux such as a phone or MP3 player. My question is; are there any MP3 players that have a port for a USB flash drive? I have an old phone that I currently load with music to play on my stereo when I have guests but I would prefer to simply plug my USB disk into a device to play music off of it. Its a pain to load music onto my USB, then have to load the music again onto my old phone. Thanks

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ElectronicsGuru's Instructable on cracking VBB

I look to and enjoy Instructables community for the wonderful ideas and help given so freely by its contributors but was appalled to read an article by electronicsGuru explaining how to crack Virtual Bread Board. How can an article such as this thief has posted be allowed to exist in this forum?Additionally the licence for the app is so inexpensive and ripping off the writer and owner of VBB will only ensure future develoment is curtailed or limited with further development of a great product lost. I hope Instructables have policies to prevent posting of brazen theft instructions and take down electroniGuru's post and ban his membership. Posts like his cheat all of us.

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For some reason I`m not getting any more E-mail from you Guys? Please Help !

Was getting E-mail from you and it just stopped for some reason ,I signed back up Can you set me Back Up ???

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Need help in serial communication using SBUF register using 89C51 !!!

Actually I want to transmit 3 bits serially using AT89C51 micro-controller.I have written the code in ".c" file, using c programming trying to transmit the bits serially using SBUF register.As the SBUF register is the single register available in serial programming of 89C51, it is not updating its value. The bit which is first transmitted is only repeated in the next 2 bits, it is not being updated and then transmitted.So I want guidance regarding sending 3 bits(number / integer) using serial communication( with SBUF register).Following is the code I have written,#includevoid decimal(); void MSB(); void MIDDLE(); void LSB();void main() { while(1) { decimal(); MSB(); MIDDLE(); LSB(); } }void decimal() { unsigned char x,bin,d1,d2,d3; bin = Data_Bus; x = bin /10; d1 = bin %10; d2 = x %10; d3 = x/10; }void MSB() { unsigned char d1,a; TMOD = 0X20; TH1 = 0XFD; SCON = 0X50; TR1 = 1; a = d1 +0x30; SBUF = a; while(TI==0); TI = 0; }void MIDDLE() { unsigned char d2,b; TMOD = 0X20; TH1 = 0XFD; SCON = 0X50; TR1 = 1; b= d2 + 0x30; SBUF = b; while(TI==0); TI = 0; } void LSB() { unsigned char d3,c; TMOD = 0X20; TH1 = 0XFD; SCON = 0X50; TR1 = 1; c= d3 + 0x30; SBUF = c; while(TI==0); TI = 0; }

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