How can describe the function of this circuit? Is there any application of it?

I found a circuit for control a DC motor ( as show below), but I´m not sure of how works it. Could you help me please?

Asked by EliasD19 13 hours ago

General Electric Record Cabinet

I just today purchased this GE record/stereo console/cabinet. It needs a new speed lever and possibly new speakers. I want to make improvements to this. The needle needs to be replaced, the right speaker works good so I'm thinking just put new speakers while I'm at it. The fabric is awful looking and someone got paint splatter on both the wood and the fabric. I planned on distressing this in a white and black color but do not want to make too many changes if it is a collectable. I need lots of advice and suggestions for the repairs and could use your knowledge on the value of this item before I paint it. So far in my search I have only pulled up a YouTube video of this during use. The model is G922G and I will attempt to post pictures if possible. Thank you to all for your time.

Asked by DanielleL89 15 hours ago

How to safely remove led from my humidifier?

Bought tiny humidifier, big enough for bedtime but not so big as to ruin my electronics. It comes with a blue led behind the button that comes on when it’s on. The problem is that it’s very bright and disrupts sleep. I tried putting electric tape over the button, which helped some, but it continues to light up the water behind it. I want to remove it, but it looked like it is attached to a tiny circuit board, of which I have little experience. It is only one blue led, how do I remove it without destroying the circuit board and thus my humidifier?Note: I do have a soldering iron, but I'm afraid I'm gonna get solder everywhere and mess it all up because the push button part and the led are so close.

Asked by Nekkyo 15 hours ago