Adding to Collections

Just wanted to post some feedback. After being away from Instructables for a while, I was trying to figure out how to add an 'ible to my collection, and had to google the answer. I hadn't even noticed the dot menu until that point, even after scrolling up and down the page and refreshing a few times. This process could be made more transparent.

Posted by KennethM4 6 minutes ago


I just took the concrete clases and didn´t see measurements for diferent jobs like: mortar for bricks, cement for walkway, in the form of 1 part cement, 3 part sand, 3 part gravel.

Posted by macoga13 6 minutes ago

How to build a sleepbox?

Not sure how to call such things, but here link with images. there any tutorial how to build similar things? Sorry for my English.

Posted by DmitryB33 16 hours ago

Potential $5 RC Hovercraft

Hey y'all, I was bored, so I made this RC hovercraft, kinda like a Tiny Whoov, from the guts of a $5 RC helicopter (sold at most FiveBelows). The idea is that a hovercraft is more fun than a cruddy helicopter, in addition to being a fun and easy DIY project for the weekend. It could be a nice gift to a kid. My first concern was that the motors would not provide enough power to get the thing moving. They give more than enough power, and this thing can MOVE. My second concern is that the differential thrust steering system (one motor turns faster than the other, steering the hovercraft) would not be effective enough. This is still a problem that I don't have the enthusiasm or time to solve anymore. Maybe someone could figure out how to reprogram the FC board to have more differential thrust (is that possible?), or somehow configure a servo or actuator without raising the cost of materials too much. Anyway, here's the concept, go have fun with it.Supplies:Foam platesHot glue$5 RC helicopter with 2 motors and receiver (LED optional, but really cool)Connector (the battery might be soldered directly to the FC board, so this will make it easier to fiddle with)Soldering iron (not %100 necessary, but it can come in handy)Propellers (see design notes)Design notes:Notice how the underside of the hull is curved and smooth. I used propellers from a Blade Inductrix FPV Pro, but any micro quad propellers should work. Notice the nice little compartment under the FC board where you can stick a battery without the need for Velcro or glue. This would be a very easy FPV mod, but that would add about $20 to the cost.

Posted by Thorondor95 19 hours ago

Connecting two DC power sources

Hi all,I'm working on a project where I will have two DC generators that are being powered by spinning turbines. These turbines will be spinning at different speeds and these speeds may vary over time (i.e. the voltage from the DC sources will almost always be different). There will also be instances where one isn't producing any voltage at all.I was wondering what it the best way to connect them? Should they be in series or in parallel? Should there be diodes?After they are connected the DC power will be fed into an inverter and converted to AC power.Thanks for any help!

Asked by KiannaB3 22 hours ago

Make output of USB Keyboard visible

Hi,I am completely new on this field:I try to decode signals from a USB keyboard to a computer with a logic analyzer...I faced some very confusing things there and now I'm wondering if that's even possible?If yes: -->what frequency is USB using, maybe my logic analyzer is to slow?-->any suggestions If no: --> do you know a another way to do something similar?The thing is, after all googling I found almost nothing about USB signals for HID. It's only written everywhere, that it is a very complicated protkoll.I simply want to know how the output of a USB keyboard looks like.can anyone help me?

Asked by noonin 22 hours ago