What is this? I tried to make a comment and could not post it.

I wanted to compliment the idea of a painting board. So, I wrote a comment, but all I got back was that I needed to type something before I posted it. Meaning that it was impossible for me to post my comment. And, I was logged in.

Asked by stannickel 1 hour ago

9632 ÷ 14

Asked by EswariE on How to Divide 2 hours ago

My software is Blocking by the Anti Virus.

My software is used by the clients ,so they should download the related files and then they have to run the exe file.while they running it is blocking by the Anti-Virus ,And the program was return in the c,c++ language .please suggest me how to over come from this. Thanks in Advance.

Asked by Lohith M 3 hours ago