how do i fix linux window transparency?

How do i fix Linux kolourpaint it is now all messed up. the window is semi transparent. anything in the window that is dark, the more transparent it is. i changed all my settings (anywhere i could find transparency) to opaque and nothing works i found out those change gnome. some programs are  KDE, but i cant find settings for them. my problem with this is that i cant read the top menu (File Edit View) when i try to fill in everything black, is just turns completely transparent to whatever is under that window. things that are whiter are less transparent. its not the type of translucency that turns all the window clear. just the darker stuff. look at the picture for a better understanding. my desktop background is the Macintosh northern lights aurora. you can see the squares i painted. one is black, red, cyan, and gray. they are all transparent. especially the black one. it seems a few other windows are the same, so it's not kolourpaint thats the problem. update, it seems that particular KDE based windows are transparent as i describe.(koulorpaint and konqueror ) I'm running gnome (although i have ran KDE on the same mint OS,  under menu>administration>login screen )

Asked by -max- 6 years ago

How to give the most/ free up ram to a program on the dell dimension 8200? Answered

I want to use a old dell for a small server but it lags horribly.  Is there some way to free up space.  Im using windows is there another free os I can use.

Asked by zootsuitman 6 years ago

I could use a hand moving iTunes files around on my PC, without messing anything important up.

Recently I installed a second hard drive into my PC and I wanted to move all my iTunes files from the original (smaller) hard drive to the new (bigger) hard drive. After I move them, I want to delete the old files, so I can have more room on the smaller hard drive. I know how to move the music files, but the program files for iTunes are giving me trouble. I really do not want to mess this up either, as I have put a considerable amount of money into my music. Any help would be greatly appreciated!  

Asked by sjo232 6 years ago

Command parsing in Python?

I am currently attempting an Interactive Fiction game in Python (when I am finished I plan to write an instructable detailing how I did it). The only problem I have run into is the parser. I want to be able to specify a syntax for a command, and have the parser be able to recognize when the command is being input regardless of the arguments passed to it, as well as be able to extract the arguments from the inputted command. This would not be so much of a problem if there were not both one-argument and two-argument commands, and the fact that "throw x to y" is a different command than, say, "throw x at y". Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Asked by dungeon runner 6 years ago

Interesting bservation regarding current political events (UK)

A referendum on 5 May 2011 will ask UK voters whether they want to change how MPs are elected in General Elections. Instead of just voting for one candidate voters could rank candidates in order of preference, and these preferences could be used to decide the outcome in places where no candidate wins more than 50% of votes cast. (BBC Explanation of AV) Interesting to note... The UK has three main political parties. Two of them are campaigning against AV, claiming, amongst other things, that AV would make no real difference to election results. However... Both parties use AV-style processes to elect their leaders. And... If both parties had used first-past-the-post, both parties would have different leaders to those they now have. Nine letters, begins with an "h"....

Posted by Kiteman 6 years ago

car stereo

can a car stereo (headunit) b powered with an xbox power brick without an amplifier? if so how do you wire it up, i can get the power light on on the head unit but it will not switch on, anybodys help would be appreciated

Posted by sniperkrule 6 years ago

1 inch glass rods

I have 8 glass rods, 1 inch diameter and 4 to 6 feet long.  Believe it or not, they were rods in the master closet of a 60's house we purchased 10 years ago.  I still can't think of anything to do with them, but would love to make some kind of garden installation.  We are VERY skilled.  Any ideas greatly appreciated.

Posted by charlottenc 6 years ago

Playstation Help

Help! I have a ps1 and I need some help with when i start it up I just get a black screen and nuthin no logo or startup my uncle thinks its a video problem but I need advice HELP PLEASE!

Posted by builderkidj 6 years ago

Will a magnet work in space? Answered

Will a magnet work in space, if so, will its strength be affected making it seem stronger or weaker?

Asked by Kaptain Kool 6 years ago


Hi there! I need some really nice guns like some pistols or grenades like a pinapple but heres the catch -Must be made of WOOD -can have a removeable mag -Any gun or grenade -ACCURATE to the real thing -parts lists(prices for extra credit) -if made comment on my profile not message me or I will not see -real gun unless its steampunk and cool  Any amount Other than that have fun!

Posted by builderkidj 6 years ago

knex gun ideas

Does anyone have any good knex gun ideas?

Posted by poptart64 6 years ago


Just a short missive to say how EXTRAORDINARY I find this site.  It is exemplary.  I trust that those taking advantage of what is being offered, truly appreciate just what a gift this type of site is.  Warm regards, DOWTONg

Posted by DOWTONg 6 years ago

how do you detect whether a computer is on a lan network in a computer lab ?

And is it possible to detect pendrive insertion on main computer when on lan ?

Asked by ruchishah 6 years ago

Where can i find some pictures of mepains sergant gumdrops? Answered

I need some pictures of it for my upcoming gun.

Asked by ~KGB~ 6 years ago

Hello how can I control a led to switch from blue to red? Answered

Hello I am looking to use RGB led's in my astra mk5 clocks. I am looking to have some sort of controller that powers up the blue led and when the sport button pressed the blue will have to power off and then the red will come on. Can it be done or am I going to have both on at the same time :-( Hello how can I control a led to switch from blue to red?Like a car with a sports button the clocks are blue and when the sport button pressed it will power off the blue and power up the red.?

Asked by Dave-v-v 6 years ago

i need desperate help with this transformer for a capacitor charger? Answered

okay.. heres the dealio. I DON'T KNOW HOW TO USE THIS BLOODY THING! okay, i have this to charge about 15-20 200v 470uF capacitors and the multimeter i have has a capacitance option but idk how to hook the capacitors at the same time to even charge them right and be able to immediately fire the coil gun when they are full.. so basically i need to figure out how to hook this transformer to about 15-20 capacitors, charge them all simultaneously, then when they are charged, fire the coil gun. 50/60Hz 8.2A 900W 120V Model:RCD-UPS1500D this is a computer UPS by : ULTRA the 2 batteries are 12V 28W

Asked by egammoc 6 years ago

cabelas top shot elite pc use sensorbar crosshair?

I have got to use all the buttons,dpad and thumbsticks of the "cabelas top shot elite" lightgun though the "Xbox 360 Wireless Gaming Receiver" except the sensorbar crosshair can i be able to use it on pc somehow? ps. using joytokey ( cant find the axis for the crosshair at all. any suggestions?

Asked by bubbadamage 6 years ago

What is the best recording program to use with a dazzle video recorder?

I have been using Arcsoft Total Media Extreme for a while, but it doesn't let me record beyond 10 minutes. Any suggestions? Must be/have: -Dazzle friendly -Decent Quality & frame rate -Can Record for at least 30 minutes without freezin, breaking, or losing the file. Thank You!

Asked by meanbean 6 years ago

Slowing a motor

I have a 4 Watt mains powered motor that currently spins at 1.6-1.9RPM. I need to find some way of slowing it to maybe 1 revolution every 10 minutes. It's all sealed in a metal case and connected to the mains by a standard plug. I really need to find a way to do this without breaking it apart stuff as it may need a safety test later, I looked at dimmer switches as they essentially limit the voltage and are a max of 300w. Like this - I realise that they are made for lights but it's a similar principle and is only about £6. Would this work? Are there other options if I don't want to break into the motor housing or wiring? Thanks.

Posted by happysnail 6 years ago

Help: Connecting in-built laptop speakers (spare) to a headphone jack.

Hello, I had an hp laptop which had altec lansing speakers. The laptop broke and it took out the parts within it. The speaker type is exactly this one- Now I tried to connect them to normal headphone jack but it appears I am doing something wrong. Also, there are 2 pairs (4 wires- red,black and white, green for each speaker) which all go separately for this speaker. But I notice in case of our simple headphones the wires seem to merge together. I hope I am able to convey what I am trying to say. Is there any way I can make these speakers work via a headphone jack? I also have a mic obtained in the same fashion and it also has the same issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers!

Asked by simplyrohit21 6 years ago

Is there a simple way to figure out how big of a RF choke an safety gap I need for my Tesla coil?

Ive built a pretty good sized tesla coil. Problem is, I kinda of afraid to run it without some sort of protection for my NST an my house wiring. I have three other coils of varous sizes  that Ive run without any problems, but I really dont want to push my luck. So if anyone could give me a hand on how to figure this out, I would greatly appreciate it. Many thanks in advance.

Asked by Seth the Man 6 years ago

Conical coil inductance calculation? Answered

Does anyone know a reliable calculation or online calculator for conical coil inductance? I am calculating this for a Tesla coil primary if anyone knows is a conical coil primary suitable for a 2000W system?

Asked by The MadScientist 6 years ago

How do I get my dog to do what I tell her to do? Answered

My dog is pretty much good friends with me, but she doesn't do what I tell her to do. He name is Willy. I feed her, give her baths, pet her, and play with her, but she doesn't do what I tell her to do. How do I change that? 

Asked by lil larry 6 years ago

CPU Upgrade?

Hi all. I am looking to upgrade my CPU. I am currently running a Pentium 4 at about 3.0 GHZ. I was thinking about these: Pentium Dual Core Core 2 Duo Core 2 Quad Xeon E3110 I am running on a socket 775. I have a graphics card. I dont think there really is anything else to say. So, what cpu from the above would give the best Bang For Your Buck? The games i play are Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, and Call of Duty 2. I may get COD-MW2 and GTA4. Again, which CPU should i buy? I buy from Circuit City. THANKS!

Asked by sci4me 6 years ago

Why is yahoo appearing without an internet connection?

I recently picked up an old computer from the dump and it powers up and works fine, but i found out that the anti virus software xoftspy is fake software that does nothing (not virus though). I uninstalled it and i began to suspect that there was a virus on the computer because it said that a windows update was just downloaded and that norton was installed, but it wasn't. I opened up internet explorer and i found that it opened to even though there was no internet. another strange thing was that the copyright said 2004. Is this usual if the site was frequently visited? Specs. Windows xp Professional AMD proccessor 400 mhz 20 gigabyte hdd maxtor 600 mb ram no anti virus

Asked by danielemur 6 years ago

Futon mattress repurpose

My daughter's feline urinated on her futon mattress; thought I might get some repurposing suggestions before burning it.

Posted by Sovereignty 6 years ago

Motorized bike

Hello, I have two motors and a battery out of a power wheels truck. I was wanting to mount it to my Chopper bike. Has anybody  done that and if so give me some advice P.S.  My bike has no gears and it has no pedal brakes.

Posted by MetalManMustang 6 years ago

Well, it's a start.....

Just as it got warm here, our dual fan, window fan gave up the ghost.....but I wasn't about to just throw it out without a fight..... First step, most likely suspect, since there was no strain on the cord, was the switch, an old OLD 4 position mechanical clunker that sparked visibly in the dark under the Bakelite case. That seemed ok (it was screwed together so disassembly was a snap).  Testing continuity gave mixed results.  So, I found the place where I has spliced a longer cord into the short wire to the switch and viola'!   After only 45 minutes of getting absolutely filthy with dust, I found the broken wire.   This time, instead of just soldering and taping, I put some heat shrink tube in line before soldering them back together.   Now I have my fan back......ok, so I guess I am not completely worthless yet :-) 

Posted by Goodhart 6 years ago

Vacuum Tubes

What kind of vacuum tubes are these? What can they be used for, etc? I found them from an 80's TV.

Posted by tinstructable 6 years ago

Propulsion Engineer

I want to design new propulsion systems that don't need to use combustion, what should I major in, I was thinking of majoring  in Aerospace engineering and minoring in Electrical engineering. Any suggestions? p.s. the propulsion includes, but is not limited to: anti-gravity/warp-drives  (Which physics says is plausible)

Posted by monkhm 6 years ago

Oodammo Pistols Discussion

Well, I just have finals this week and then I'm done with school. Long story short, I got into classes at the college and they finish earlier than the high school does so I pretty much will be graduated but without a diploma for a couple weeks. Fun! Anyways, I'm not in the mood for making anything big. However, I did want to put this to rest if need be. Do we need another oodammo pistol? Let's just take a quick poll. What's everyone's favorite oodammo pistol and why? No, I don't need ego food so be honest. Next, what don't you like about your favorite? What could be improved with it? If I do find enough valid suggestions, I'll make a 4th oodassault pistol. If I find that it's mostly just a matter of preference between features (i.e. size/pieces/looks vs durability, clips vs magazines, etc.) then I'll leave it at that. Others will be welcome to leach off this thread and try their hand at one too as long as they announce that they are doing so.

Posted by TheDunkis 6 years ago

Is anyone working on a front wheel drive car? I need pictures. Answered

Is anyone here working on the front end of a front wheel drive car? I'm working on a 3d model and i need the front wheel system, (eg: the brakes, drive axle, everything in the wheel well, except for the wheel) i have tried google images but no luck, all of the pictures are just from the outside of the car and i need pictures of everything so i can model it. im just hoping someone is taking their front end apart as im writing this! any pictures are appreciated.

Asked by zack247 6 years ago

Build a device to remotely manipulate news in other people's browsers.

Hi all. We have written a HOWTO for building a small innocuous wall-plug that gives you the ability to remotely manipulate news read by other people on wireless hotspots. Devices affected include laptops, tablet computers (iPads etc) and smartphones. It can be built for under 50 euro. How to Build a Newstweek Device. The device consists of small Atheros based router and wall plug enclosure. We have made OpenWrt based firmware that can be easily flashed onto the router's 4Mb memory. Once plugged into the wall it can be configured using the browser and then remotely controlled using a browser interface. Tweekers can easily add text from a news site they wish to change and provide their substitution. It then sits on the server waiting for retrieval by the Newstweek device. When the device has retrieved the filter it then modifies the LAN, ensuring all wireless packets pass through itself before going to their destination. This is done using a well known 'attack' that rewrites the ARP table on both router and clients. If text in a payload matches the filter, it is changed before being passed onto the client. Sites currently affected include: BBC CNN Le Monde Lenta Ru Le Figaro Der Spiegel Il Tempo El Mundo The Guardian (with many more to come) Here's a video about the project in general: Newstweek: fixing the facts from newstweek on Vimeo . Here is a detailed demonstration of a Newstweek in action. It is intended for the networking enthusiast. Newstweek: The Thorough Demonstration from newstweek on Vimeo. The Newstweek project page is here. I has links to articles, interviews and other information hidden throughout the site: Enjoy, The Newstweek Team.

Posted by newstweek 6 years ago

Grid Tied Generator? Answered

So I am planning on hooking up a grid tied inverter and generator, I still need to measure the voltage on the incoming lines, but I assume it is 120 ish so I think that is were I will hook the inverter and then it will go back out through the transformers into the lines, is this right?  Now lets say it is hooked to a wind turbine, will the amperage on the generator vary with the speed while still supplying the right voltage, if not how do I compensate for varying wind speed. We are talking 29 kw generator (it is huge, 16 more than the max on my meter, I will obviously consult the electrical company.

Asked by 6 years ago

Dell Inspiron 1501 audio issues!! PLEASE? HELP ME!!!!! Answered

Hi all. I bought my Dell Inspiron 1501 about ..... 2-3 years ago... its WELL out of waranty. So, about 5 months ago, i got sick of win vista, so i uninstalled that and installed win xp. Ok fine. So, the first and MOST IMPORTANT issue is that the audio doesnt work... i dont even see a little speaker/volume thing in the system tray. This laptop has a built in audio adapter and built in speakers. The audio simply doesnt work. I tried to play Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, and it wont let me play because of the audio thing..., it says something like.. Gta San Andreas cannot detect any installed audio adapter or something like that. So, PPPLLLEEEAAASSSEEE HHHEEELLLPPP MMMEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I SERIOUSLY NEED THIS LAPTOP TO WORK PROPERLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THX.

Asked by sci4me 6 years ago

tesla coil not working :(?

Hii.... a few days back i constructed a tesla coil .... the spark gap fired ... but there was no activity in the secondary ... no sparks or anything ... :( ... please advice me ... what could be the error ?? i tried tuning by changing the taping of primary ..... but no effect ...

Asked by sudhanshu529 6 years ago

Natty Narwhal Help (Urgent)?

Tried to upgrade to Natty Narwhal last night, but it looked like it ruined my computer. Its an old laptop Dell Inspiron 86000. It seems to install fine, but when it boots the words are blurry to the point where it is unreadable and the desktop flickers constantly. The bar at the top doesn't even load. The icons jump around the screen. Its impossible to use. PLEASE HELP. I know this is more a thing for the Ubuntu forums, but I don't have an account yet. Also I booted with a Live version of Ubuntu 10.10 to try and recover my files, but it looks like I can't get at them because it is in a password protected folder. HELP.

Asked by transistorguy 6 years ago

Power Suppy Answered

I need to make a 6.5 vdc - 500ma power supply I have no clue how to make it 6.5v. any help is deeply appreciated

Asked by BluTiger 6 years ago

piston valve? Answered

What is a piston valve and where i can get it ?

Asked by copper tube 6 years ago

where can i find drivers for my motherboard?

I have recently formatted one of my computers and now i need to reinstall the drivers for the motherboard. i have already installed windows 7. but unfortunately i have lost the driver disk but i have been told you can find them on the internet but i am so far unsuccessful. what can i do please help. the motherboard only say IBM REV:2.4 

Asked by Hav0c 6 years ago

what was the name of the harry potter parody that had proffessor stumblebum , as a mockup of dumbledor? Answered

Hello, after watching potter puppet pals, i rememberd breifly watching a parody of harry potter on a show that was on air a a little while before thank god your here was first being airs which was a few years back. anyway, this show made spoofs of lord of the rings, all in a simila  fashion to than god your here, but only slightly. in this show, there was harry potter, and the scene i saw, was profesor dumbledor falling down the stairs, with someone going "proffesor stumblebum, are you ok?". and thats all i can remember. does anyone know the name of the show im talking about? perhaps it may have actually have been an earlier version of thank god your here, ifso, does anyone know the episode number?

Asked by oldmanbeefjerky 6 years ago

What songs Beatles songs can you play on any instruments?

What Beatles songs can you play on any instrument? On guitar, I can play Here comes the sun, octopus's garden, yesterday, something, becuase, let it be, I've got a feeling, for you blue, get back, eleanor rigby, blackbird, and hey jude.

Posted by lil larry 6 years ago

Anyone know how to make a Nintendo Ds Lite wifi booster? Answered

something like a parabolic reflector would work, tinfoil solutions are OK.

Asked by furrysalamander 6 years ago

Does anyone have a link to a nissan nivara (1990) manual?

The studs on my dads nivara have broken, they connect the exhaust manifold to the engine and we need the torque settings to replace them. The truck is 1990 with a td27 engine does anyone have a link to a online manual. Thanks.

Asked by David97 6 years ago

how do you disassemble a motor?

A large motor from a printer wont work and i want to open it up to get the magnets, but i cant get it open.

Asked by coleyy 6 years ago

I cannot embed YouTube? Answered

I am preparing Instructables, but I cannot embed YouTube. In accordance with Step by Step Authoring Tips, I copied and pasted my embed code on YouTube to Embed Video Dialog. Then press OK, but no proceeding. Kindly advise me.  

Asked by Kaeru no Ojisan 6 years ago