information being deleted from unpublished instuctable

I am working on a new instructable and I'm almost near the end, each of the steps has a lot of information on it, some that I put up a few moths ago, and all the text from random steps is being deleted. I allowed two people to collaborate on it and Iv'e never had this problem before, I also edited it on two different computers at the same time earlier today which is the same time I noticed this. When I was on he other computer editing an entire step was gone, I assumed it was just the computer because it was DELL and when I got home it was back but other steps were deleted. 

Posted by Jimmy Proton 6 years ago

How to upgrade a old computer? Answered

I have an old coputer and it's just lying around.  It runs on windows 2000 and is a dell with a dual core prossor. I would like to upgrade enogh to use it as a server for Minecraft but if its going to just be more of a chore to run than actual fun I just rather not even try.  BUT if there is a cheap way to upgrade to handle the server software ( and run it kind of fast I could use some help or leed me to an instructible or a website please hep Thanks One more thing if you have already answered then you might have seen I put 95 sorry I was thinking of something else I realy have windows 2000 thanks

Asked by zootsuitman 6 years ago

Hard drive magnets near electronics & TFT Screens ? Answered

Hi Folks. I recently bought an e-reader with a TFT screen, I am making a hollow book type case to keep it in & planned to use a couple of salvaged hard drive magnets as a closure. The idea is to encase the magnets into the pages at the open side of the book either at the top & bottom corners or just one pair at the center. My question is could the magnets cause any damage to the screen or the electronics of the e-reader? Please don't give me any over analysed answers describing magnetic field strengths I am making a book cover not a hydro electric generator, I don't wish to blinded by science I just need to know if there is a possibility that a couple of 2mm x 20mm hard drive magnets could do any damage. Thanks in advance for your sensible answers folks. Kev.

Asked by Nostalgic Guy 6 years ago

Time for another SF Make Out

I'm holding another "Make Out" making in public event this Thursday, April 21st at the Amsterdam Cafe in San Francisco. What is it: It's a casual meet up to work on projects, share ideas, brainstorm, meet people, or just drink beer and chat. (Amsterdam cafe has around 300 beers available.) (They also have really good coffee, tea, and wine if beer isn't your thing.)  Bring a project if you have one (and it's appropriate to have it in a public cafe.  So no flame throwers or full-sized space ships.) Or just bring yourself.  Last time we had a full range of bakers, craters, hackers, technologists, and the curious and it was a really great time. When: April 21 from 5pm to 8pm (though it may run longer.) Where: Amsterdam Cafe, 937 Geary street, San Francisco [map] [web site] I'll be the guy playing with LEDs and Arduinos. Cost: Free!  (Though Kelly, the lovely owner of Amsterdam cafe would appreciate it if you bought something to drink and tipped well.) Who: Everyone is welcome. More details are here.

Posted by Grathio 6 years ago

How to make dual barreled weapons in game maker 8 pro?

I am making a plane game in game maker and I am stuck on how to make the rockets shoot from the wings and not from the origin like the minigun does. Any help would be appreciated as would and example. Cheers

Asked by QwertyuioLP 6 years ago

Whats your favorite Mw2 gun

What is it?

Posted by DontShoot262 6 years ago

is it posspble to link lcd/ led mobilephone screens together? Answered

Is it possible to link minor lcd/ led color screens together (mobilephone screens) so they show the same picture or seval from one sorce ? Im working on a special effect suit for larp, and im going to use lcd screens to animate flowing lava ( or so is my plan at least ;) ) But im stuck on how to connect small screens together so they show the picture of flowing lava. If its possible to make them show the same picture, or event better a individual picture each. further more im planning to use more than 200 of these so is im woindring about the amount of power the sorce must output.

Asked by boiken 6 years ago

How do you make foam?

I'm trying to figure out how to make a surfboard without sanding down a foam blank, because blanks are expensive and I'd much rather pour something into a mold shaped like a surfboard. I don't want to have to buy the kits to pour foam because they're also pretty expensive for the scale that I'm talking about. I guess what I'm really asking is how do you make the two liquids that are in the kits to pour your own foam?

Asked by pneu6 6 years ago

nintendo ds screen flickers but won't start up?

My son dropped his ds and now the bottom screen flashes white but then nothing. It turns itself back off.

Asked by apoo4you 6 years ago

How would I solder a Soft Push button switch to an LED circuit board from a Solar yard light?

I'm currently working on a project similar to slchorne's "handheld solar power supply" instructable and have run into a little trouble. The device will use a circuit board/LED light from a solar yard light and an SPST Soft Push button switch (with some new wires of course) as a flashlight and I'm not sure how I would connect the switch with the circuit board and the battery pack so that it functions correctly. Would I solder both ends of the switch wires to the circuit board or would I solder one end of the circuit board and one end of the switch wires to the battery pack?

Asked by BucketBasher 6 years ago

is there any electrical connection between toroid and the secondary winding in Tesla Coil? Answered

i have secondary on a 2.5 inch PVC and my toroid is made of aluminum duct .  now i want to know whether there is any electrical connection between these 2 ?

Asked by sudhanshu529 6 years ago

Rechargeable Battery Pack Install

I have a project that I have been working on, and it currently runs on two different battery packs for different components. I want to put rechargeable batteries in these packs, and I want to install a wall charger to charge the batteries.  I am having trouble finding a good tutorial on the circuitry of this.  Will I need two different chargers for the two components, or can I charge both from the same power supply?  Can anyone help me out? I can post some photos of the project and its current circuitry if needed, its a laser spirograph. 

Posted by ugman77 6 years ago

What is the life cycle of a blue laser... like the ones used in the blu-ray players... it's for an engineering project.

I can't find anything on the web about it... if i could get some website links... it would be greatly appreciative.  

Asked by red9er 6 years ago

What's the best way to attach line to clothespoles?

I have two clothes line T poles with no line in my backyard. I would like to hang clothes this summer but do not know the best way to attach line to the poles. I can attach pictures later today of the poles so you can see what is drilled and available to run line through or attach hardware to. Thanks for your advice!

Asked by hannaslh 6 years ago

how to build bluetooth device?

I wanted to turn on/off the LED light from my bluetooth enabled cell phone and building cost can be around $10, not above $10 :) . Is it possible?

Asked by chandan45600 6 years ago

LED Mountain Bike Light

I'm designing a home made LED mountain bike light.  I Intend to use three CREE XPG 3UP stars which have three individual cree XPG LEDs mounted in series on a MCPCB star shaped board. Each individual LED when driven at 1500mA (the intended max current) will have a forward voltage of 3.5V. Therefore each 3UP MCPCB star will have a forward voltage of 10.5V when driven at 1500mA. If I wire the three MCPCB's in parallel the current drawn from the battery will be 4500mA - correct? I was planning to buy an 11.1V / 6000mAh rechargable lithium-ion battery pack.  The battery pack will be connected to the LED's via a b2Flex LED driver that limits the max current to 1500mA but can be set to run at 350mA, 700mA, 1000mA and 1500mA max by programming the b2Flex driver. The light will probably be set to max current for short periods of riding but spend most time at 1000mA.  Does anyone see any problems with the slight voltage overdrive (i.e 11.1V from battery vs. 10.5V that he LED's will theoretically require) I'd really appreciate any feedback on this. Cheers Todd.

Posted by trhnelson1970 6 years ago

New Online Marketplace for Disabled Crafters

There is a new online marketplace which contracts with disabled individuals to sell their high quality, homemade crafts on his/her behalf.  Please stop by I am disabled due to a chronic illness and have been unable to find an employer to hire me to work from home, so I created this online marketplace to sell my glycerin soap and opened it up to other disabled crafters as well.  I take care of the business aspect of selling your crafts and your only worry is to make your crafts and ship them directly to the customer when you are notified someone has bought your product.  Be sure to stop by our forum and read our blog as well.  Our forum has two levels to for the general public and one for the crafters.  It is a way for us to support each other in our everyday struggles with our individual chronic illnesses or physical impairments. 

Posted by craftedelegance 6 years ago

Plant donations for vivarium/ plant scape?

Im working on putting together a small viv with running water and small plants and was wondering if any members had any plants they would be willing to donate to me(: im looking for any freebees but im mainly on the lookout for grassy/ mossy short  smallish plants like hairgrass, java moss, riccia if no one has any freebees if anyone can point me to somewhere where i can get some of the plants that im looking for without having to join another forum and become someones friend :p id also be willing to pay for shipping! located in SoCal Thank You

Posted by Electronic hacker 6 years ago

eBook downloads in Firefox 4, 5, 6, AND 7

I am hoping I am not the only one with this issue: The new ebook downloads are currently very difficult to download in Firefox here. In Firefox 4-6, the links that should show up are covered almost completely by the text box above them, leaving a two pixel high sliver that can be clicked on. This makes it very hard to download the ebooks in Firefox. In Firefox 7, the buttons are mostly covered. You cannot read the text, but you can at least tell the buttons are there, as a 10 pixel high orange stripe appears. The links work normally in other browsers I have installed (Iron, Opera), as well in Firefox 3.6.x (confirmed from another user's computer). I've attached a screenshot that exemplifies this issue. For reference, I'm doing this on Windows 7 x86, SP1. Display resolutions are 1600x900 pixels for secondary, 1900x1080 pixels for primary. 96 DPI - nothing strange here. I have gone as far as reinstalling the operating system, with no change. I also have a Linux machine running Firefox 7, on which I cannot replicate this issue, even with the same set of add-ons installed to it. On Windows: Current browser: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:7.0.1) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/7.0.1 On Linux: Current browser: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux i686; rv:7.0.1) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/7.0.1 Update: This issue has persisted for four full versions of Firefox, and STILL hasn't been addressed by staff. This is why I let my Pro subscription lapse, and don't want to renew it.

Posted by Xial 6 years ago

how do you repair a drimel ,shaft does not turn?

I got a used single speed drimel,when i turned it on every thing seemed fine,and when i put alittle pressure on it .it stopped spinning.i'm not sure what part connects the motor shaft to the main shaft?

Asked by ziggymonz 6 years ago

Image Size

I'm trying to do an Instructable with Excel, but whenever I upload screenshots into Flickr or just directly to the instructable, the full preview makes them all fuzzy and small. How do I enlarge the picture so people can actually see them? I've tried Photoshop to enlarge them, but it didn't help, and I am not a Pro Member, is that why? Thanks!

Posted by tinstructable 6 years ago

What are the guidelines for your power voltage path in your audio project?

Are you supposed to avoid crossing it over your audio signal, or parallel to it, or across or parallel to your ground wire?  And if the enclosure is grounded, should you avoid running it against the enclosure?

Asked by flagrantfouler 6 years ago

Is it legal to run Mac OS X in Windows on Virtualbox?

Just wondering cuz i was thinking a bout doing this.

Asked by Mr. Tech Cheese 6 years ago

Are there other ways to harden earth clays? Answered

I do not have access to a kiln nor do i have the money to buy one. Are there other ways to harden the clay that will make it as hard or nearly as hard as a kiln would? I thought air drying would make it resonably hard, but nope it shatters WAY TOO easily. EDIT: I should have noted that I live in the heart of LA in an apartment so I can't really make a kiln, but it seeming like i need to kiln it or buy some oven clay(I forogt the name) 

Asked by Zergling_pack 6 years ago

What is the best way to restore this glued together box? Answered

I found an art box at a thrift store. From the logo and wood, I'm guessing it's from the 50's or earlier.  The finish isn't plastic. The joints are loose and the top piece is coming away from the sides of the lid.   What are the steps for putting it back together?  Gluing and clamping comes to mind, but how does one get the glue into the cracks? The partitions are glued in. The partition spaces aren't ideal. Is there a fairly easy way to un-glue them so they could be rearranged?

Asked by mole1 6 years ago

Im wanting to attach a trailer to my mountain bike. Answered

Id like to set it up as if it was on car trailer hitch.Centered on the rear of the bike.Id like to have it supported on both sides of the frame.Anyone have any suggestions? I dont have any welding skills or equipment.

Asked by deslok03 6 years ago

Tile coat hook

Hi, I bought a small tile from a thrift store the other day and want to make it into a coat hook. Something similar to the attached image. Not sure how/where to start. Can anybody help? :_( z

Posted by Monstr 6 years ago

Is there a way to make my pc detect my keyboard as a joystick?

I just received "x-wing vs. tie fighter" from my uncle and I don't have a joystick! Is there a program out there that can make my pc detect my keyboard as a joystick? Please Help!

Asked by tvsamuel 6 years ago


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Posted by pp21 6 years ago

Dog bark sensor

Hello!  I'm looking to experiment with a DIY dog bark control/training system, but I'm not sure where to start on the bark sensing front.  I know that commercial bark control collars (don't worry -- I'm not building a shock collar) use a combination of mics and vibration sensors together to reduce false positives and prevent the system from triggering if it is another dog doing the barking.  Any ideas how I could build something that performs a similar function?

Posted by dean24us 6 years ago

is there any airsoft fields where there's no age limit in sanders county, mt?

I want to go airsofting, but I'm just about 11, so, are there any fields I can go to in this area?

Asked by commanderzhao 6 years ago

Shortest poly dry time?

What is the shortest Polyurethane drying time before i can wet sand? 

Asked by ski4jesus 6 years ago

Do DVD drive lasers Have colors? Answered

My question is : do the lasers in dvd drives have colors, for example blue ore red, or are they invisible at naked eye? thank you all for answering!

Asked by didgitalpunk 6 years ago

Pro membership give away! And painting competition

Hi, I have at least one Pro Membership (3 month) to give away for the best suggested hairstyle; I want to see MS Paint, GIMP & PhotoShop efforts on this image. You have a week from 20th April for me to pick which I like best. (notice how this says it was published 2 days before it actually was? - don't post things on a weekend) L

Posted by lemonie 6 years ago

Connecting the ground to my enclosure?

I'm building gmoon's Valvelitzer inside a utility box. I've just realized that the entire enclosure is going to be grounded, meaning it's going to be directly connected to the negative pole of the power supply, which seems to run at 14V 2.2A (It'll be regulated at 12v before it gets to the tube). Is this dangerous? If it isn't, should I just solder all the ground points to the enclosure? If I run the power along the enclosure, is that going to cause some extra capacitance? Is that bad?

Asked by flagrantfouler 6 years ago

Trying to construct a battery powered usb hub. Will this work??

Let me start of by saying that I suck at electronics and to tell me to build something from scratch would completely miss the point of why I am asking this :P What I want to do is use readymade components to combine into a portable usb hub. I want it to be highly customizable and powerful enough to power several usb devices at once. Such as powering several usb speakers, recharging a phone and so on for extended periods of time. And it has to be as energy efficient as possible without costing a gazillion bucks. If I was not at all worried about wasting power I would have solved it already :P Here are the parts I have picked out. 1. 12V Rechargeable Li-on Battery 9800mAH 2. Hobbywing UBEC-8A  3. Powered 7-Port Usb hub I hope someone can help me out with confirming that my setup would work. Or tell my exactly why it would not. I would greatly appreciate it :) /Nicklas

Asked by AlmostNormal 6 years ago

How do you connect to robo earth ? Answered

I've seen this great network called robo earth but I can't connect my robot to it. Please help me ?

Asked by sci-man 6 years ago

How to Make a skin whitening cream in a professional manner?

Details of the chemical compounds that help to make a good cream, adding the  hydrokenon

Asked by imegrant 6 years ago

Won't download PDF's dosn't reconize my Pro membership

When I try to download a PDF it dose not reconize my menbership

Posted by maxxe 6 years ago

Why can't I use all of my PC's RAM? Answered

Well, I have Win 7 64 bit and 8 gig of ram and its saying I can only use about 6 gig of it. I have a 1 gig graphics card but all together that's 9 gig but can't the 64 bit version of Win 7 use 16 gig of ram? I'm confused.

Asked by Millawi Legend 6 years ago

favourite list

where is the favourite list? when i see the great idea, I always click the favourite button, in hope i can see those instructions later. but I can find the list of my favourite... please tell me...

Posted by diraja 6 years ago

Open source tracking solar concentrator is go.

Meant to update on this here a while back. For nearly two years now I've been developing the prototype for a solar energy device makeable from scrap and recycled materials, using very basic tools and skills. It's now working, details available here: Facebook group here. This has been possible largely due to the awesome help and support I received through this site. Currently I'm back in New Zealand, preparing the first free workshop on the device's construction and use, taking place the three weekends after Easter at the Tui community, Golden Bay. Then back to Europe for the summer and tour this thing around. Animated tutorials will be available at as soon as I find a spare second to do them and finish the website. My God I'm busy.

Posted by SolarFlower_org 6 years ago

Tiny timer with display

Hi I want to make a timer - a very small one - for using in school, for cookling and so on... It needs to have a display with at least four digits, five buttons(reset, on/off, start/stop, minutes and hours). I'm planning on powering it by a CR2032, or another button-sized battery. Does anyone have schematics or circuits I could have a look at? In advance, thank you:)

Posted by simo9836 6 years ago

H E L P! Password troubles with this site

I have had troubles with password resets. i am ranting about this because your password re-set tool is off. every time i login i have to reset my password because it says my password has been changed. this happens even if i sign out right after i created a new password. this has happened constantly for the past week. i love this site but my tolerance is being cut short. please email me at or at least leave a reply so i know someone even reads these.  if your tech support contact me or lose a few instructables in the making if this isnt fixed soon. ill explain more if i get at least 1 reply from a pro member or an administrator or from tech support. i was using google chrome o/s windows 7 for everyone else with this problem. i fixed it by the help of someone below. sorry cant remember your name. i fixed it wb going to the tool icon drop down menu>history>edit history>delete all browsing information>check mark all boxes> enter>re-login should work =]

Posted by nuckthebuck 6 years ago

Part Suggestion

I'm planning on pranking a friend by hiding a really loud buzzer in his house but I need some sort of way to be turned on after a certain amount of time (so I can get away) any suggestions? (preferably cheap ones)

Posted by Undemption 6 years ago

how much ram does a palm zire 31 have? is this the ram chip? Answered

I know that i get 14mb for storing data, but what i want to know about is the actual physical ram, like in computers, that determines how well applications are run. i know it has a 200mhz ARM processor, but as far as physical ram memory i dont know if it has any at all. i have located a BGA chip that looks similar to those found on ram cards and video cards, and i have one that i pulled from a old laptop, which is 64mb. (it had a 256mb integrated video card) i think it might have 32mb, i had a application called UDMH that allocated more ram so yuo could run applications like LJP (a nintendo emulator) so, is this chip the ram chip?

Asked by zack247 6 years ago

Multi-Room Audio System?

I have an idea for a multi-room audio system but am very much stuck with the know how. I have recently found Airfoil which allows you to transmit an audio stream over LAN to other devices, what I would like to do is have audio playing in other rooms through Airfoil Speakers but to do it cheaply, I know that I could just use other PCs and laptops to do it but it is not something I have right now, I do have two very old laptops (circa windows 3.1 & 95) but they lack in .... functionallity. I was thinking of some stripped down computer which could be hooked up to existing amps. What exactly would I need? What are your thoughts, or alternatives?

Asked by bonners_87 6 years ago