What psp games have good graphics and have a good replay value?

I just bought my psp3001 version 6.8, and i was wondering what games have the best graphics and are most fun to play.

Asked by Matrix-technician 6 years ago

How to make a Verizon internet card wifi? Answered

I have a UM175VW Verizon internet card.  It plugs into our USB port in our computer.  It doesn't have WIFI and only provides us with internet for the device its plugged into.  Is there any way to make it so that we can have WiFi with it, possibly with a router?  I am not very computer savvy, so if you can do it, please provide detailed instructions.  Thanks.

Asked by 5141996 6 years ago

Cannot delete instructable

I have an instructable with a viedeo that I cannot delete.  I cannot find a delete button anywhere.  I read a forum that said to publish it and then I could delete it.  No dice.  I am a pro member.  I would appreciate some help with this.  Thank you. 

Posted by pdub77 6 years ago

How can I hybridize tomatoes? Answered

I am trying to make a "super tomato" that grows fast with large sweet juicy fruit, and is a hybrid of a roma, big boy, and early girl (Also possibly a siberian tomato) I think I should cross pollinate the roma and big boy and then hybridize the seed from the hybridization with the early girl but I'm not positive someone please tell me how to do this.

Asked by Super_Nerd 6 years ago

What is your favorite album cover?

For me there is no question,  REO Speedwagon  "You can tune a piano but you can't Tuna Fish" 

Posted by onrust 6 years ago

Is it better to get one stick of 4GB RAM, or 2 sticks of 2GB RAM?

I'm buying new RAM for a motherboard that has 4 slots. I may want to expand in the future, so if I buy a 4GB stick, that means eventually I will be able to upgrade to 4x4 = 16 GB of RAM. Is this a good idea, or is it better to split the RAM into two 2GB sticks?

Asked by Ke-Bob 6 years ago

The instructable ebooks? Answered

The instructable ebooks - Here https://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-CNC-1/?download=ebook Seem to have an error on the page making it impossible to down load them - unless i have missed a button somewhere. has anyone managed this?

Asked by rickharris 6 years ago

Best Batch and vbs commands/ code chunks/ programs... library

Hey everyone who likes batch or vbs read this... Please list any programs commands or code chunks to this forum so that instructables can have a near complete code library.

Posted by Super_Nerd 6 years ago

Can I make a solar power source with a car battery, 5 watt 12v solar cell, and 12 volt to 110 vac 400 watt inverter? Answered

The title sort of says it all but what I am wondering is  if the solar cell can keep up to the inverter...

Asked by Super_Nerd 6 years ago

How can I make stuffing?

Hello! I love to do amigurumi, but I've noticed that stuffing is very expensive. I'm looking for new way to stuff my amigurumi. I've already had used: stuffing soft polyester fibre mattress and pillow wool absorbent cotton balls of old wool (almost run out of these :D) Any other ideas? I'm looking for a way to make stuffing out of rags. Thanks :)

Asked by MicioGatta 6 years ago

How do you add glass to doors? AND where do you get it for cheap?

I have a standard bookcase that holds our DVD's, but I think it is an eye sore. I plan to add doors to the bookcase with frosted glass in each door to hide the dvd's. I saw another tutorial on how to add the doors, so I think I undestand how to do that. What I am not sure about is how to insert the glass into the doors we make? Also, are there any places to buy glass for cheap? I even considered getting those behind-the-door mirrors and frosting them, but I dont think it will look as good as if I used a real strip of glass. Any suggestions for finding the glass to how to install it is greatly appreciated!

Asked by tamrobm 6 years ago

I am building a submersible ROV and want to use an old USB webcam for my video. Answered

I would like to know how easy it is to cut off the end of the cable and splice in additional cable between the camera and the connector for the PC.  I also am curious how long I can make the cable without the loss of functionality - I would like 50 feet if I can. Thanks PaleoDan

Asked by PaleoDan 6 years ago

How do I tie "deck shoes" to turn them into slip ons with the laces as tassles?

Back in the "olden days" ('80's) we wore preppy deck shoes we called Top Siders ( I think this was a LL Bean brand name). We would lace the shoes,then instead of tying a bow...we would leave each end hanging out of the last eye and make a noose like tassel.This would be made with the laces tight and the shoe would be converted into a slip on shoe. I remember how they looked,but I can't remember how to make the neat tassel like noose/knot on each end of the shoe string (strings were leather). Thanks! RaZoR

Asked by prazor 6 years ago

Does anyone know how to construct a heating pad that would work for a reptile heating environment?

Preferably with a thermostat to control temp as well. I don't want to know how to wire the two together. I don't want to know how to build a basking rock. I would like to know how to build my own regulated heating pad.?

Asked by Cubie2 6 years ago

I feel drained.....not just drained but kind of empty....UPDATED

I have been trying to "restart" my creative mind, but of late, I feel like I have had my brain replaced by a vacuum cylinder.   I am at a total loss, and even the LASER project I was working on, failed miserably.   Before going on to anything more with that, I will have to get some protective eyewear though. This is all very depressing to me....but I don't want anyone that knows me to feel badly because I do, it isn't your fault....it is partly situational and party medical (I feel like I am getting old - like my imagination is waning...). I guess PART of the problem is that the BAR KARMA project appears to be coming to an end.....with no news of whether it will be renewed next year or not......I had a LOT of fun, writing and submitting ideas to that, and even got to hear a suggested piece of music on one of the shows :-) I want to thank each of you for replying to my little mope session.....it has gotten kind of lonely in my section of the world....and it's good to know i am well thought of....thank you all.   I guess my recent failures, the mess I made of the box I  sent out in the gift exchange, the recent ambition to do something with a crystal radio....and my laser project that fizzled out....my fading eyesight, and inability to do the artwork (pyrographs) I once enjoyed doing....all has taken it's toll. To be honest, it hasn't been a LITTLE mope session, this has been going on for a few months, but has come to a head recently. What good is this deafness..... Only one? I was just going through many of my old PM's since I have kept a LOT of them, almost as far back as I can remember....so I could weed out some of them, and I have come to realize a few things:   #1:  I am DEEPLY in everyone's debt here for all they have done for me over the past few years.   In fact, that brings me to something else.... #2: I feel quite ashamed at feeling down when there are so many of you out there that care, I have NO BUSINESS feeling alone. .. it might even be considered "selfish" of me to feel that way.    And I am sorry for that.....but I do realize I am not alone, and I ACKNOWEDGE each and every one of you I have dealt with over the years. You are all VERY special to me.

Posted by Goodhart 6 years ago


I was thinking that what will happen if we arrange inlet & exhaust valves on the piston (spark plug remaining on cylinder head)? i think that may be by using metal foam on the cylinder head the knocking of the engine might decrease. please assume that somehow i use proper mechanisms for valve timing & they dont have any appreciable effect on the piston. just consider that the weight of the valves is added to the piston. i was wondering that this might increase the efficiency of the engine because suction will take place more slowly (so it will near a reversible process, so efficiency will increase) & force of the explosion will be better. please you ppl; if anybody can give me satisfactorily explanatory answers, do reply! :)

Asked by coepian 6 years ago

I was wondering what other sites are looking at my instructables

I was wondering what other sites are looking at my instructables.I looked on my stats of people who visited my page and it says that most of  the people who visited my site are from search engines  and other sites .

Asked by coolbeansbaby68 6 years ago

Converting sound to ultrasonic

I need to convert a bird sound from the audible level to the ultrasonic,  close to the the 20khz level. as long as we human cant hear the sound.  My question is,  what is the best method to convert this file? thanks in advance

Posted by bujuk 6 years ago

Only see my instructable updates when logged in...

I published my instructable, then went back to update a few things, and when I went to post it to facebook, I noticed it was using the wrong picture...so I tried logging out of instructables, and looking at my instructable, but it was an earlier version, not the updated one. When I look at it while I'm logged in, the updates are all there. What's going on here? Is this intended?

Posted by darktoad 6 years ago


i have added excess potassium meta bisulphite in my wine. i'm afraid i will screw the entire 3 litre batch. please help me to avert this disaster!!! PLEASE!!! :,-( here is the volume i added. 7ml of 9% K.M.S soln. ( 13g in 150 ml of water) in 3 litres of wine. S.O.S S.O.S S.O.S   :-P Regards, Chakra

Posted by chakra 6 years ago

What kind of motor for backyard railroad?

I am looking into making a backyard railroad. I was wondering what kind of motor and power supply and where to get it. In addition does anyone have any ideas in motor speed control and mounting it thanks! I love instructables.

Asked by undftdking 6 years ago

help needed on LED music box

I want to build one like https://www.instructables.com/id/Music-LED-Light-Box/ , but with some LED only blink to bass (low range sounds), some to mid range, and some to only high range. Take this as an example: https://www.instructables.com/id/Music-Flashing-LED-Lights-how-to/ except I still like the idea of running through a mini jack. I've done a lof reading and many people have suggested using inductors as low-pass filters. New to electrical things, I am really unsure what to do. My design in mind is with 24 LEDs, 12 blink to bass, 8 blink to mid range, and 4 blink to high range. I'm planning to use a 12v DC charger with LEDs specs of 30mA forward current, 3.5V forward voltage. I understand having a VR will make the LEDs more consistent. Can someone possibly draw me a schematic with the right resistors and inductors? help would be greatly appreciated.

Posted by robertmai 6 years ago

Palm III and Palm VIIx uses? Answered

Got a really old Palm III and Palm VIIx. The Palm VIIx has wireless capability, but the network was shutdown in 2004. As far as I know it should be able to connect to wifi, but can't for some reason. Anyway, anyone have any ideas for these besides as paperweights? I would really like to use them for something. I can't really use them for data storage since I only have around 8MB of room, but I heard something about linux for them?? The IR function could be useful for something too I suppose. Any ideas would be appreciated! Thanks!

Asked by transistorguy 6 years ago

Sky Lanterns, Japanese Lanterns?

This is a request for an instructable on how to build inexpensive, easy to pack, easy to use, high flying sky lanterns. I have a now 15 year old niece who has been sick most of her life and will be at the Mayo early this summer for an opperation that will either kill or cure her. She's going to be in rough shape for a couple days before and a couple weeks after the opperation. She loves the art of fireworks but I can't provide that for her in Rochester. I'd like to have a few evening lantern launches for her to lift her spirits and give her something to look forward to in the midst of her serious tribulations. I've bought two boxes from Skylighter. They are a great company. I've always had positive experiences in my business with them. Unfortunately they have been out of the white Sky Lanterns, and their Lanterns are a bit smaller than I would like. I've seen tube shaped lanterns on youtube but I've not seen directions on how to make them. I'd like to make biodegradable/safe lanterns. Please Help Glad to be a new member here.

Asked by woof_tex 6 years ago

Fabric cover for flash modifier - what's your idea?

After doing extensive web searches it is clear that no one makes a flash modifier / photo light reflector that meets my needs. The unit I have in mind would be the general shape of a small photo umbrella (about 16" in diameter), but it would function like a beauty dish. I want it to be collapsible and compact, yet durable enough to withstand many location shooting sessions. I have used the following basic frame construction technique on other projects and know that it will work for this one - I will solder together a reinforced (beauty dish shaped) frame structure that will be made out of small diameter brass welding rod and then add connection bracketing that will allow the photo reflector to be dismantled for transport. During my initial planning stages I thought I would just sew up a fabric cover (white on the inside, black on the outside) so that it would wrap around the frame on both sides. But then I realized that this was a very complex sewing job and that an easier method of covering this dish shaped frame might be to use heat shrinkable RC aircraft covering fabric. When I researched these materials on the web I discovered that they were very thin (just what you would want on a small airplane) and really wouldn't take any degree of wear and tear like you might expect during a photo shoot. So here's the question - what kind of fabric covering would be ideal for this photo reflector? It needs to be strong, lightweight, very flexible so that it can be molded around the contours of the reflectors frame and it should be paintable - white on the inside and black on the outside. Thanks for your suggestions

Posted by jmantze 6 years ago

my monitor doesn't show my desktop

When i turn on my computer, all the fans disk drives, everything runs but i can't hear the little beep when it boots up and the monitor doesn't show anything, the power light just flashes meaning no signal. HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Asked by The nerdling 6 years ago

An Effective Reflector Oven (for a fire)

          My troop used to have this great reflector oven, that was good for making brownies, cookies, cakes, etc. But somehow, it has been stolen/lost/misplaced/destroyed, and we no longer have it anymore. After looking at the internet for a while, I haven't found any good how to's for making a reflector oven, so maybe one of you engineers who loves camping and good food could make an 'ible on how to make a Reflector Oven. Thanks! -Pandadude aka some dude with a name.

Posted by pandadude 6 years ago

One Of My Unpublished Instructables - War Pistol

Hey guys, I ran across this today. It's an old unpublished instructable of mine. The gun is long gone, but here is the intro I made up a  year ago. It's kinda behind times now, but it was good at the time.  So here you go: First off, let me say thanks to kNeXFreek for the help on the mag. This gun isn't anything too new, but as knex_lover said, my other oodammo guns are old and kinda behind the times. So I made this. It has: A 7 round, tilting oodammo mag. A new trigger that uses a flexi rod in place of rubber bands. A very sturdy 8 layer body. A modded ram lock from the Mezak. Trigger guard. And a new mag lock. So like I said nothing too new, but this is better than my other guns. Some people have had the tbap or tbos shoot two bullets at one time. That has never happend on this gun. This gun is also pretty ugly, but it wasn't made for looks. It was made for function. So what do you think??  It only takes 5 seconds to reply. Thanks,

Posted by Killer~SafeCracker 6 years ago

Anyone know of a strong, lightweight modeling material?

I am an avid airsoft player and I have always been intrigued and interested in the fancy masks they sell. But honestly, I see no need to pay $89.95 for one with a design if a simple one can be less than $20. I plan on buying one of the cheap masks and sculpting on it the design and pattern I want. The only thing is, I can't think of a good material to sculpt with. Water-based clays dry fairly brittle, and plaster gets heavy.... SO INSTRUCTABLES COMMUNITY, what is a lightweight, yet strong material that i could sculpt with and NOT have shatter or break when shot with airsoft bb's?

Asked by generaljuan 6 years ago

IDE hard drive wont spin up in external array, using hacked power supply.....?

           So after building my new computer I had three old IDE 250gb and two 40gb hard drives.  I took some scrap aluminum and built a rack to mount the drives on. I hacked an old power supply and made a power supply for the drives. I bought 4 IDE to USB connectors and ran then into a USB hub. For some reason the power supply turns it self off a few seconds after plugging in the 250's. It will run the 40's no problem and the system instantly recognizes them.  The jumpers are all set to slave. When I individually try them with my single IDE to USB kit they work fine. 400w for just 5 drives should be more than enough power. Please help me out. Specs. Power Supply Antec-PA-412x 400W drives-250's WD2500-WD Caviar SE WD2500-WD Caviar Seagate Baracuda 7200.8 drives- 40's IBM Deskstar 40 WD400- WD Caviar  

Asked by G-MAN75 6 years ago

Creating 'able. Filenames not the real filename?

I'm finishing my first 'able. I have a zip file on one step, which shows up at the bottom of the text displaying the correct filename but when I hover over it, it consists of a bunch of random letters. Is there a way to have the downloaded filename to be the real filename? Also is it possible to position the filename elsewhere in the text? Thanks, Michael

Asked by MichaelAtOz 6 years ago

Looking for directions for a device made in electric shop class that would let the user shock himself.

I remember that it was mounted on a block of wood, and had a metal plate attached to one side with holes in it.  It used a D battery and a copper wire coil.  A rectangular piece of copper with a copper probe attached was held by the user.  You would try to pass the probe through the holes in the metal plate; if you touched the plate, you were shocked. Does anyone have directions for something like this?

Asked by sjardim 6 years ago

What kind of printer and computer to use for a photo booth? Answered

I am planning on constructing a photo booth. I was wondering what kind of computer and printer to get that would be cheap and reliable. I need the computer to run XP and the computer will only have the photobooth software on it so it doesn't have to be super juiced up.  and the printer needs to hold 200 sheets of 4 by 6 glossy photo paper. Any ideas?

Asked by undftdking 6 years ago

Instructable Request - Commercial foil/wrap hanger

I would like something like this for my kitchen at home. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0000YOM6O/ref=asc_df_B0000YOM6O1514313?ie=UTF8&smid=A2OXZP811GUDWF&tag=dealtmp3666-20&linkCode=asn&creative=395105&creativeASIN=B0000YOM6O I did a search of the site and I was unable to find something like it. I would rather not pay $166 for something that could likely be made at home with little effort. I would settle for a hack of a different product. My goal really is to get the foil off the counter. I know I would be able to reuse the cutter that's on the box. past that  I'm at a loss

Posted by blue_drgn 6 years ago

I'm interested in steam power, and recently got the idea to built a steam powered car.

Where can I go to either buy or build a steam engine capable of powering a very light-weight vehicle? The cheaper the better.

Asked by Lord Sinroyal 6 years ago

laser beam alarm using NE555 ?? circuit question

Hi all my project idea : using laser beam and LDR to make a security alarm circuit , when the beam is cut , it will trigger the NE55 circuit for certain time (5 seconds only ) there is a lot of 555 dark-activated circuits on the WWW,  i know , but all of them are like on/off switch what i need is one with adjustable delayed time can you help me ??  thanks in advance

Asked by lu2a 6 years ago

Ads with sound suck

just saying... Especially when they start up by themselves. Why would anyone want this?

Posted by dvboy 6 years ago

How do I power my LED's?

I posted before with unknown specs on the lights, but I now have the specs. I have 50 Red LED's and 20 Blue LED's that I would like to make in an array for a grow light. I was thinking about gluing them with thermal glue on flat aluminum bars that are 2 inches wide in a rectangle with about 1 inch spaces around them because I don't have heat sinks. I think they would be able to dissipate enough heat if I use them in conjunction with a fan. Here are the specs for the red lights (50): 2.4mV forward current 700mA blue lights (20): 3.2mV forward current 700mA If I'm correct, I need 84 watts for the Red LED's altogether; 44.8 watts for the Blue LED's altogether: combined wattage of 128.8 watts. Previously, I stated that these lights were 3w, each. But I would rather save life on the diodes and run them at this lower power because they still give off a great amount of lumens. Can anyone give me some directions on how I would construct this array? (what drivers to use, how to wire the LED's together, and how I could make the system plug into my wall outlet (standard USA socket)). THANKS!

Asked by ammakrom 6 years ago

Blacksmithing Hammer-in

3rd Annual Jim Campbell Hammer IN & Touchstone Open HouseSaturday. April 30 & Sunday. May 1 Touchstone celebrates the 3rd annual Hammer In honoring long-time volunteer Jim Campbell. New for 2011, this event will be paired with our annual open house to offer a unique weekend experience for visitors that are new to Touchstone and campus veterns alike. Blacksmithing demonstrations by acclaimed artisans Phil Heath and Michael Walker, music, food and campus-wide open studios are just a few of the weekend's features for guests. http://www.touchstonecrafts.org/Default.aspx?pageId=464806&eventId=265895&EventViewMode=EventDetails Touchstone Center for Crafts 1049 Wharton Furnace Rd. Farmington, PA 15437 724.329.1370 Phone 724.329.1371 Fax www.touchstonecrafts.org   

Posted by anvil_man 6 years ago

Fixing A CRT TV

I am planning on buying some classic consoles soon, (NES,SNES,SEGA Genesis,N64, etc) and I want to be able to play them on the kind of screen they were made for, a CRT. I have one that a friend gave me, but due to being moved a lot, and probably not gently, the picture has fallen out of alignment. Specifically it cuts off a large portion of the screen on the left, (leaving a thick space of black on the right) and is at a slight angle. It is not all that big of a shift, but it is a real pain in games with items in that section, because ammo counts, health bars, treasure chests, and even chunks of text can be hidden in that space. Could anyone tell me how to fix this issue? And how hard it is to do?

Posted by Damnation 6 years ago


I've just pushed up a bunch of bugfixes to the site.  The major problems that should now work properly are these: Image notes were not saving properly under some circumstances.  I believe we found all the problem cases but please let us know if you are still unable to save image notes (create a forum topic in the bugs area, or email service@instructables.com) Facebook users with names similar to existing users with a certain pattern of username, got 500 exceptions when trying to log in. Per many requests, the "post to Facebook" checkbox for comments is now unchecked by default. Users can no longer select their own answer as Best; unfortunately some users were posting nonsense questions and answers, just to bump up their Best Answer percentage.  We'll be going through and removing any remaining of these over time. Some of the pages shown in the category drill-down stack were returning errors due to a badly formed URL, now fixed. We've also been working heavily on our testing, automated and hand, to try and improve our recidivism rate on bugs.  (Or should I say reduce the rate of recidivism?  You know what I mean, though.)  I can't promise, of course, that we'll never again re-break anything that's already been fixed, but I do believe we'll do it a lot less going forward.

Posted by rachel 6 years ago

Help! Alarm Clock Renovation

Alright, this is a crazy class project I've taken on, so bear with me. What I want Alarm clock display that can be custom programmed to a non-time sequence.  (IE: 666, 777, 888, etc.) Programming above sequence to blink repeatedly. Converting alarm clock from power cord to battery. (Not necessary, but one of the models has an old AM/FM radio display. Making this display move "randomly" would be amazing.) What I have Alarm clock #1:  Model No: KMC 500; "Electronic LED Alarm Clock"; Power supply AC 120V 60HZ 5W Alarm clock #2: Trade Name "Realistic"; Chronomatic-233; Model No: 12-1540; Frequency Range: AM 520-1620KHz  FM 88-108MHz; Power Supply AC 120V 60Hz 10W Cold soldering kit Limited budget If it would help, I could take pictures of the clocks mentioned above. They're from the 70's, with the "simulated walnut grain finish" and red display screens.

Posted by Kizoku 6 years ago