I CANT upload photos on insructables. How?

I cant upload. everytime i click choose files it does nothing. every time i try old uploader there is no upload button. Plz Help!

Asked by luke11wolf 6 years ago


I need to know wat is the "x" in this schematic??????

Asked by robot1398 6 years ago

Is there any way people could send me free rubberbands because ...

I want to make a rubberband ball big as a basket ball.

Asked by jbend 6 years ago

problem getting stats to update

When I click on the stats tab on my 'you' page, I get a graph for all visitors for the checked instructables. When I try to change something in the options eg. Changing it to By Instructable , and hit the Update Chart button, I get a message saying  Crunching numbers! This may take up to 30 seconds. But it doesn’t do anything but sit and spin.  It does this no matter what I’m trying to do, be it changing something in the options or trying to change what instructables to include or changing the time frame to look at. I’ve had this problem for some time now, although the sitting and spinning is new, up until a few days ago, when I clicked the Update Chart button, it would spin for a few seconds then a message would flash across the bottom of the page (something about not being able to get data? – not sure exactly as it flashes up and is gone so quickly) then the page would just look as if I hadn’t done anything – no changes and no sign of something trying to work.

Posted by Twinmum 6 years ago

Lowest wattage Possible Computer for "World Of Warcraft"? Answered

Hello, I am looking for a low power (watts) pc to play world of Warcraft  I'm talking of a custom build computer Reason: I'm into solar power and green energy I have 2 Solar panels 1 15 watt panel and 1 30 watt panel. I like to play around and tweak computers ---- Aim: to get the lowest possible wattage computer to play world of Warcraft =========================================================== What I need you to do: Advise me on what components I need to buy example SSD hard drive ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Budget:  I'm afraid I'm on a budget at the moment as i only get paid £120 a month with £0 in the bank i can save up for a few months if required however. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Size: Size is not a problem _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Weight: Weight is not a problem ----------------------------------------

Asked by Daniel Deacon 6 years ago

I want to build a wind power generator to power my RV batteries?

I want to build a wind power generator so I can keep my batteries charged, what is a good generator to use?

Asked by cmurdock 6 years ago

An external cd-rw drive into an external HDD?

I saw an instructable on making an external hdd from an old external cd-rw drive....im just curious if i can do it with an IOMEGA drive..  If anyone can tell me if its possible(or something else to do with it)  it would be great. Thanks!

Posted by valmont325 6 years ago

the rubens tube?

I was just wondering is it possible to feel the sound waves that come out of the rubens tube on your skin without the fire?

Asked by Dominator57 6 years ago

what do you think about this? Answered

Hey if you saw this in your mail box what would you do? i know its missing a phone number because i dont want weird creepy strangers on the internet calling me (no offense)

Asked by BIGHAIRYDUDE 6 years ago

Broad-tip calligraphy pen form skewer? Answered

I'm wondering if you can make a calligraphy pen from a bamboo skewer. Gratias, josh1324

Asked by josh1324 6 years ago

Time Machine read failure?

Hey all- back again. my time machine is giving me grief again for an unknown reason. I got my drive (seagate replica 2tb) about a month ago, and it has worked great until now. I split the drive (not a partition) into 2 parts, one for my itunes library, and one for my backups (this was about 1.5 weeks ago). Last time I checked it (3 days ago) it worked fine. I accidentally left my computer on while we were gone for a few days- and now that I have come back my backups fail. It says that my drive is read only now. I have checked and it says my last backup was they 25th at 12:08 AM, so its been about 24 hours since the last backup. I try to repair the drive in disk utility but it fails and tells me to restore the drive. I can access all my itunes data on the volume on the same drive, but my backups wont work. Anyone know how to fix this?

Asked by astroboy907 6 years ago

How would I fix a cracked laptop lid?

Hello. I have a laptop that's several years old. During its service, the lid has cracked near the hinges. The hinges themselves are intact, but the bottom of the lid is almost completely cracked along the length. The question is: how would I fix it, without causing permanent damage, cheaply and make it last at least 2 years? I can work with wood, but not metal (no equipment for that). I'm on tight budget so I cannot afford to spend more than 10 GBP. I'm located in London. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Asked by xc1024 6 years ago

How to make curved desk legs? Answered

Anybody know how to make curved desk legs like you see on some fancy desks.     I want to design my own but I would like to use legs like this and I don't know what I would need to do. Tools needed, best wood, methods etc... Thanks in advance.

Asked by kh319 6 years ago

How to prevent transistor saturation?

I am trying to create my own audio amplifier. My problem was when i have large signal amplification the transistors becomes saturated, as a result the resulting signal is already clipped. This problem usually occurs when i use a transistor at CE configuration. Using CC configuration prevents this saturation problem but it also makes amplification very hard. When i use CC configuration one of the two transistors becomes "useless" because collector current becomes very low and based on further analysis it seems like only the last transistor is doing the job.

Asked by codestroy7 6 years ago

solar rope lights changed and even charged the batteries they work for that night but that's it. How can I fixed them..?

I have changed and recharged but they work for the night. What can I do to repair them or fix them..Need help. Thank you.

Asked by curdiales1 6 years ago

What would make good cat enclosure toys?

I have a cat enclosure attached to my house for my cats but it's just a bit of grass and a fence. How can I make it more interesting for them without spending hundreds of dollars on accessories from the company that built the enclosure? I don't really know where to start other than maybe hanging something from the top as a toy they can bat around but I'm worried that they'll either break the toy, break the netting or hurt themselves. I've considered a scratching post but I don't know how to make a waterproof one and carpet's kinda out :/

Asked by PaigeGrel 6 years ago

Reset button ? Answered

In this schematic wat is the use of the reset button and i am not gonna make the icsp header as i will programme the chip bheforehand so do i have to make the reset switch circuit.

Asked by robot1398 6 years ago


Thank you for telling me the 220 degrees C + temperature. With my heat gun .eletric heated pan and a IR thermometer I got the GPU off.But I think I ruined it.So will by a new one off ebay with the solder balls already fixed -Keith tait

Posted by iamkeithtait 6 years ago


This is my last post for a while - I'm off to Kenya tomorrow! I won't be online until at least the 6th August. Yes, I'll post photos when I get back (I hope I can remember how to embed a slideshow in a forum topic (PM me, somebody?)) Oh, and don't forget... [spam link]. UPDATE I'm back! I will post photos, but I have over 4000 to sort through... UPDATE I have put together a small slideshow - a tiny sample of the photos we took.

Posted by Kiteman 6 years ago

Sound record/playback IC? Answered

I know I already asked a similar question, and I have been looking at the ISD chips (mostly the 1110 and 2100), but they don't seem to be available to buy anywhere in the UK. I am looking for a sound record/playback chip that stores medium-quality audio, only about 1-2 seconds (I believe the ISD 1110 holds up to 10 seconds, but can be cut off early). An internal ~1w amplifier would also be handy, but not necessary. The chip needs to be fairly simple to implement, have non-volatile storage, and be available in both DIP and either SOIC or QFP packages, as well as being readily available in the UK. A microcontroller that does so would also be good, I have looked at PICs and PICAXE chips, but it looks like they only do polyphonic tones or very low quality short audio with a lot of effort. I believe the ATTiny 2313 does audio playback as I have seen a lot of kits that utilize this chip.

Asked by andy70707 6 years ago

is it legal to sell potassium chlorate and perchlorate in Australia?

Hello i am starting up an online store, and two of the products which i wish to sell , are potassium chlorate and perchlorate, however, i do not know, nor know where to find out, what the restrictions are on selling perchlorate, and what licensing ill need  to ship potassium perchlorate, by courier. i have already checked, and i am allowed to ship them, however im not sure about the restrictions on selling them and if i need permits for them, since they can be used for rather naughty things! also, what restrictions apply to iodine crystals, as i plan on selling it too, or must i just report every sale to the proper authorities?

Asked by oldmanbeefjerky 6 years ago

How to rip/download movies from Lovefilm? Answered

Basically you can stream Lovefilm movies online and I wanted to know, if it is possible of course, how to rip/ download streaming movies and tv episodes from Lovefilm to my computer for some offline watching. Not 100% percent how this works, suppose it's not your usual online video streaming, like the one you get from youtube, so that I could rip/ download lovefilm movie streams with just about any video downloader program. Might just be wrong, but anyhow would appreciate your suggestions.

Asked by sirmarcalot 6 years ago

need somebody who can program 6-Pin TINY AVRs (such as ATtiny10)

I can't currently afford the equipment needed for programming 6-Pin TINY AVRs.  I'm looking to hire somebody who can program some for me.  I'm willing to pay for your time.  I only need simple things like making an LED flicker.  Please let me know if you're interested in helping or know somebody who can.  Thank you.

Posted by aliasjanedoe 6 years ago

Site messages and other changes

I've just pushed the first significant release after a couple engineering vacations.  Rested and refreshed, I offer you these updates: The confirmation/error messages that some processes give are now 'modal', meaning that instead of an easy-to-miss orange bar at the bottom of the page, they are now a box in the middle, with a button to remove them.  We found that many users did not see the bar at the bottom and were confused about whether the site did what they wanted, or why it apparently did not.  We've done some work on removing confirmations that are common enough that it would be annoying to have to close them all the time, but if we've missed any of those please don't hesitate to let us know. We've reluctantly implemented a 3-contest limit when you publish a new Instructable.  We just had too many cases where someone, for example, entered their Arduino Instructable into, say, the cupcake contest.  It became a real load on the contest managers to keep removing ineligible Instructables.  We hope that a 3-contest limit will help authors select the appropriate contest(s) to enter. We made Facebook login a bit more obvious Clarified the Pro payment page to make it clearer that there is a free account always available Couple of bugfixes around PDFs, ebooks, and patch sending That's it for now, as ever if you find problems with these or any features, let us know by adding a forum topic in the Bugs section.

Posted by rachel 6 years ago

Building a FireTub - A charcoal burner from an old washing machine drum

About two years ago a friend of mine told me that you could use washing machine drums as charcoal burners. Generally they would be placed on bricks, filled with charcoal and because of the holes in the sides they put out a lot of heat. It just so happened that we had recently had a good marquee blow down and I'd kept the tubing because I'm a bit of a womble (it drives my wife nuts). Anyway I set about building a tripod frame to hold the washing machine drum off the ground. Step by step construction instructions can be found here..: http://theaccidentalartisan.wordpress.com/2011/07/25/buiilding-a-firetub/

Posted by powkesmore 6 years ago

Computer Controled Lighting

Ok.. I am going to apologize now to everyone if this is a repost of someone else's question.. but for the life of me I cant find what I am looking for... I am considering doing a project that will allow me to voice command a HTPC for other things then the normal HTPC stuff... for instance.. and yes i kow this is kinda out their on the geeky side.. but my brothers and sisters here would approve... I want to be able to walk into a room and tell the "ships computer to go to Red Alert" and have a red LED rope light hidden behind a false crown molding start to turn on and off.. and also play the infamous star trek red alert sounder..... This would be only one of many things i want to do with it.. but the only example i could come up with at the moment... If you can point me in the right direction for the lighting control done on the cheap that would except commands from lets say a batch file or what ever.... Charles

Posted by lifelineafety 6 years ago

click submit more than once

Hi I just became a member, but Iam scare because i clicked submit like 4 times , i wonder if there is a charge in for each time I clicked

Posted by oamercg 6 years ago

help making a amplfyer? Answered

I was going to build a amplfyer from this instructable but had no BC548 or 2N3904 transistors. I did a google search to find out what could also work. I found a website stating simmalar transistors. On this website, at the related transistors section it states a few simmalar transistors. What transistors could I use instead of the BC548 or the 2N3904?

Asked by David97 6 years ago

what should i do with a tick once i've caught it? Answered

Today, my two sisters and I went to the scout camp with my mom's friend, just so we could take a few pictures of it for some business stuff. My two sisters and i took a very short hike through the bushes, and since the scout camp isn't used to often in the middle of the summer, it had tall grass. Unfortunately, I got a tick, but I did not notice (i think it was on my pants or something.) I know i got the tick there, because there is no ticks at my house, and i was only outside at my house for about half an hour (yes, i'm a couch potato). However, at the end of the day i found the tick on my leg. it hadn't bit me, it was just crawling around. I now have it in an old superglue container, so it shouldn't be able to escape. but what should i do with it; release it, or kill it? P.S. it's either a wood tick, or a deer tick. It's the smaller of the two, but i forget which is which.

Asked by the poodleo 6 years ago

Anarchist toolbox

Wow, this site is a great resource.  Much better than your average ebooks on stuff.  More anarchists should post creations, ideas, etc. to this site!

Posted by santony1 6 years ago

Who does the Instructables Robot drawings for the Instructables contests? Answered

For some of the contests, there will be a drawing of the Instructables Robot involved with the theme of the contest. Right now, the Fitness and Watersports contests have a drawing of the robot. They are awesome drawings, and I was wondering who did them? Thanks!

Asked by splazem 6 years ago

barebones car charger

Hey guys and gals. this is my first post and i'm thinking you can really help me out. i'm working on a project for which i need a basic car charger. i'm trying to install a male and a female on opposite ends of some tubing and have sections be stackable one on top of another. for now i can take an old male phone charger and dremel it down and gut it but i'd like to eventually have a place that i can purchase a (preferably) vacant male car charger and an unattached female sleeve. if anyone has seen something out on the interwebs that is anything close to barebones please let me know! Thanks, Abraxas

Posted by Mighty Abraxas 6 years ago

knex ride?

Hello knexter before i had an account i made a whole bunch of cool knex items so i shall bring them back this was oneof them it was a knex ride called a dropzone i got it form www.youtube.com/watch?v=INTYYLdB99Q so i am wondering shuold i post and hitch is better the accelerator or the inferno leave a comment and view my creation it is about 5 10 

Asked by knexinventer 6 years ago


Help anyone? I cannot seem to delete a video instructable I no longer want! :( I went into edit and did not see anything about deleting it. However step by step instructables you can delete??? Im so confused.

Posted by zjschafer 6 years ago

R.i.p indy mogul


Posted by builderkidj 6 years ago

Kidwash2 for locations without running water?

Dear Instructable Friends, I really love m3285's instructable for making the kidwash 2 as seen here: https://www.instructables.com/id/KidWash-2-PVC-Sprinkler-Water-Toy/  I work for the American Heart Association.  The AHA does awareness events called Heart Walks.  My local heart walk will be happening on a day that will likely be very, very hot.  The location doesn't have running water but has access to electricity.  I was wondering what everyone's thoughts were on some kind of easily refillable tank that I move though this setup? Any help or thoughts would be greatly appreciated!  

Posted by jpall2001 6 years ago

eBook download error

Hi, I recently upgraded to Pro membership, and when downloading an eBook, all I get is the table of contents and comments on the eBook. If thats all I get, then Pro membership is not really worthwhile. Is this a bug in the eBook generation process, or by design?  eg Office weapsons eBook (attached copy). Thanks, Shauno

Posted by shauno 6 years ago

*UPDATE: AAARRRGGGG ! Looks Like my BOOT got a hole in it.......

Soooo, I guess I am buying a new HD.   So far all attempts to boot the machine to Windows has left me with ChkDsk looping on an error it can not fix.  If I could just get Ubuntu to boot to ROOT so I can transfer all my admin files, I wouldn't care so much abouit losing the HD.   So far, I've spent a full 12 hours working on it......I even did a full "restore" from the repair disk.....nothing changed, but nothing failed during the restore....so something is not quite right. This also means I will be on line in a MUCH more limited fashion than before. Replaced the HD.....had a LOT of problems until  I realized the machine still saw the old drive and kept trying to run CHKDSK on it.    New HD 320gb installed an up.....tomorrow, we deal with installing the firewall, and maybe, if I have some time,  a few other things  (like a word processor, etc).    What a day its been though !  I STILL can't get ON LINE at home....not from windows anyways.....still no firewall.....sigh...this is gettin ridiculous...      

Posted by Goodhart 6 years ago

Water wheel for Physics Class?

I have to make a water wheel that lights up a 6volt bulb and it must have a switch so that when the water is pouring and the light turns on i can turn it of while it spins if i want. I don't know what materials i need or how to use them...HELP! 

Asked by aponce4 6 years ago

When does my contest entry show on the contest page? Answered

I entered a contest but it is not showing up on the list.

Asked by RG744 6 years ago

home made car heater control help needed

I have a heater control panel from a 2010 dodge journey that I want to use in a custom made kit car. The control knobs are all based upon resistance, no IC's are used in the panel. The fan speed knob has 4 positions, off/low/med/high (only uses two pins on the board connector) The temp knob has 13 positions from hot to cold in which the AC is automatically triggered from the middle position to full cold, and the heat from warm to full hot (only uses three pins, one common and one for each side of the knobs range) The 3 position selector switch (face/bi-level/floor) also uses only two pins. This board is designed for a max of 5 volts, which I already have that instructable for that. But what I need help on is how to make 3 sets of controls for the various knobs. One for fan speed one for the heat/ cold and one for the position selector switch. Im trying to find a way to create a switching action created by various voltages as they are running through the control board, that will trigger 12 volt effects for the fan speed, and a servo for the heater duct changer. The heater knob will need to turn on or off the AC, and control a shut off valve for the coolant heater control valve. But like a RC servo it would turn in relation to the voltage applied. Would transitors work in this case? Any ideas? Id like to get past this and move into the fabrication of the system. But this is stopping me cold right now.

Posted by ydeardorff 6 years ago

Where can I find a good guide to learn how to program a netduino? Answered

So I got a netduino, and frankly this thing is very cool.  However I dont know how to program it too well, I already did the basic few into projects but its all very confusing to me.  I have *some* prior programming experience using Java.  Anybody know a good complete guide where I can learn how to use this thing?  I have so many ideas but I don't know how to make them work.  Any help is good help! Thanks! :)

Asked by junits15 6 years ago

whats the most indestructible metal?

As in indestructible I mean indestructible to impact, like it can stop a speeding bullet and it wont make a dent, and it's strong enough to block a jack hammer, basically very strong.

Asked by ha_neenn 6 years ago

Social Network Hackerspaces?

Hackerspaces have gotten pretty popular among makers across the world. They are a great place to borrow tools and share knowledge. But what about people that don't have local hackerspaces? The solution: social network. Digital hackerspaces! Great for people that don't have physical buildings, or can't afford to round one up.  If you think about it, that's what instructables is! The idea is to have video chat and forums to share knowledge for projects. If you guys would voice your ideas, that would be great!

Posted by Robot Lover 6 years ago

Overfilled SLA (lead acid) help!

What should i do its just leaking gas (I assume its hydrogen) should i keep chargeing till this stops or what? thanks for helping

Asked by Daniel Deacon 6 years ago

How to cool my little workshop? Will this work

I have my workshop building i am trying to cool without spending a 1000.00 bucks. I havea small chest freezer forget the cubic feet but it is around 2 ft. by 3ft. in size. I was wondering if i fill 75 5 full of water and instal a coil of 100 feet of 3/8 copper tubing in a coil on the inside running to a 36 inch fan with 75 ft of 3/8 coil on the front and set it to pump 32 degree water to the fan . Do you think this woudl bring a 10ft by 16 ft building down from 100 to 80 degrees ? This would probably be cheaper on electricity over all than a a/c if i could afford one. Can anyone share there thoughts? Thanks alot Andy

Asked by andy1917 6 years ago

Does Plaster of Paris shrink? Answered

Does Plaster of Paris shrink as it dries? I would like to make a mask out of it but I don't wan't it to shrink and crack. Gratias agimus tibi, josh1324

Asked by josh1324 6 years ago