50cc 2 Stroke Tuning? Answered

I have an old moped that I got for cheap and I am trying to fix it up. I replaced the carburetor and the new one is a little bigger even though it is off of another 50cc. It insisted on running extremely lean, but I was able to get the fuel/air mix balanced by putting some foil tape over part of the intake to get more vacuum behind it. It will only run right if the exhaust is on so that it is not lined up perfectly with the exhaust port on the cylinder. If the exhaust is taken off it will start first kick, but if it is lined up the way it should be it will not start. I took it off today and when I put it back on as close to the way it was before it would start but is now running very lean, beyond what I can tune out with the carburetor. If I give it full throttle it bogs and has no power, but it has fair power at 1/3 to 1/2 throttle. It also is getting really hot and has absolutely no power once it gets very hot. Yesterday I hat it all just right and it ran with none of these problems except that full throttle was still not where it got full power. Does any one have any ideas about what I have to do to make it run right? Maybe there is no option but careful misalignment of the muffler? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It turns out that the problems were that the muffler was clogged, and that it was running too lean at first, but too rich once it warmed up. Thank you for you suggestions.

Asked by Jaycub 6 years ago

How do you make an instructables? Answered

When you sign up for an account it takes you to a page to make different kinds of instructables. Where might that page be?

Asked by Soccerzing6 6 years ago

How to make a preamp out of transistors? Answered

I am wondering how to make a simple and cheap preamp for a microphone for recording audio on the computer. I would prefer to use no chips. thanks, josh1324

Asked by josh1324 6 years ago


many people say they are not real but HOW DO THEY MAKE SO MANY STORIES AND HOW DO THEY KNOW WHAT THEY LOOK LIKE? if they arent real then how do people know what to descive them as? how do people know they arent there?

Asked by Lexiz 6 years ago

Whats your favorite firearm

I will be making a instructables how to make fake model guns that are durable out of cheap materials and I have done it before so I know how to do it and I want to make a model that I like(because i will probably be making videos with it) and that the instructables community likes so pick a firearm and well see, BTW it dosent have to be a rifle it can be a a pistol or SMG just tell me ones youll like

Posted by OrIsIt 6 years ago

Updated Revolver

Updated pictures. I tried an 8 turret afterwards and it was too heavy and big, so I stuck with a 4 turret, which keeps it light. My picture quality is crap, I hope to get my hands on a camera that actually works soon, but here it is. 1. A picture of the whole thing. Things that have changed: - 4 Turret has been added. - Iron sights have been added. - Charging handle has been added. - Handle has been improved. - Fore-handle has been replaced with a grip. 2. A picture without the stock. 3. Looking down my original (and very effective) sights. 4. The gun at an angle. Notice the charging handle sticking out and the size of the grip. 5. FPS shot. Not much to say here. This is ighly improved, I hope to be able to make detachable clips soon.

Posted by DB2016 6 years ago

*More* New Kiteman Products

I just thought folk might like to know that I am updating my CafePress shop. It's got all the usual CafePress items, decorated with original images based on my Instructables. So far, Complete Kiteman just has Poong Stick and Cardboard Frisbee items, but there are other Kiteman items available, which I am going to gather together into sections of Complete Kiteman. As ever, if there are designs or items you want me to add to the store, just add a comment here or drop me a PM. Update - now available: Poong Stick Cardboard Frisbee The Law Fallen Star Paper catapult Viking catapult Heed the Box Entwined Hearts Pixel Climbing Gorilla

Posted by Kiteman 6 years ago

very interesting picture is needed to be found,help please?

I saw it once,it is a picture in the shape of a coffin with a girl looking at a flower which has its roots sourounding a coffin underground,there is also a picture of the picture i just decribed in a hand held coffin model. here is a crappy version of what its supost to look like,from my memory,if u can find it please say so

Asked by zombiefire 6 years ago

Is it possible for someone to keep sending me updates on new members joining instructables so that I can greet them? Answered

Is it possible for me to know who are the newly joined instructables members so that I could greet them etc... If there is no specific way I can view them, is it possible for anyone to keep sending me weekly updates or something about who are the new members that just joined?! Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

Asked by vishalapr 6 years ago

Why aren't people posting full instructions?

Why aren't people posting full instructions? Seriously, so many of the new guys take pics of their completed gun, then post two pics and brag about how their gun is the best gun ever. I get that maybe you are too busy to make a full ible, but if you are going to post "the best gun ever" you really should post an ible. Thoughts?

Posted by Torpe 6 years ago

Help with 7 color LED and Arduino requested.

I want to power a 7 color blinking LED from RadioShack (http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=3060680) I want the power to the LED to be constant so it stays on. I will have the ground pin connected to ground. I want the switch pin to be hooked up to a pin that I can have it go LOW or have it go to ground, and then have it delay I guess, and then have it go to LOW again so it changes colour. Please help me out. I am very new at C programming and I haven't found anything on Google. More info on LED: http://www.seanliming.com/Docs/Articles/MSGBB557TA_7_Color_LED.pdf I want the Arduino to automatically change the color's of a 7 color LED. The LED is connected to power with the anode, and ground with the cathode. There is a third pin that if momentarily connected to ground it will change the color of the LED. Code similar to this but having pin 11 change from LOW or ground to OFF if possible. I need constant power to the middle pin, constant ground to the pin on the far right, and momentary ground with delay to the pin on the far left. I am getting an Arduino Duemilanove in about 2 days, and I want to write some code for it so I don't have to wait to do anything. I already wrote a rather long police light sketch that has different light patterns using just the LED's and the "delay", "HIGH" and "LOW" commands. I just need to know how to set pin 13 or whatever pin as HIGH without it interfering with the code at all because it will mess up my whole sketch. Code: void setup() { pinMode(13, OUTPUT); //Constant Vcc+ pinMode(12, OUTPUT); //Constant ground pinMode(11, OUTPUT); } void loop() { digitalWrite(13, HIGH); digitalWrite(12, LOW); digitalWrite(11, LOW); //I need this pin to be able to change state with delay without interfering with the other pins. }               

Posted by Wally_Z 6 years ago

How can I make a USB to 56k Modem or Ethernet to 56k/fax Modem?

I'm trying to reconnect my Sega Dreamcast to the internet, the trouble is that it only has a 56k phone-line modem. How can I "slow down" my internet for it, without spending $30 on a store-bought (http://www.usr.com/products/modem/modem-product.asp?sku=USR5637) or editing my computer's registry and using its internal pci modem. (http://dreamcast-talk.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=1956).  What would you guys recommend? Thanks in advance. :) Edit: As far as I know, Dreamcast communicates like a PC does on dial up - though sometimes there's not enough voltage through the line. Could a spare dsl modem be reversed, providing a dail tone and 56k? This is a better option for me than all the other methods mentioned because its automated and more like using actual dial-up. (No registry edit, no manual line swap, no voltage line regulator

Asked by dairyfarmer777 6 years ago

How to find newly joined instructables members? Answered

I would love to greet new instructables members and maybe answer their very first question or comment...and so on...so is there a way to find out if anyone has given their first comment or question and if there are any new members that just joined who I can greet! Thanks!

Asked by vishalapr 6 years ago

How 'bout a contest for what to do with old video tape cassettes and/or the tape within?

I would love to see the instructable crowd take on this one!  There is hardly anything about it on the internet.

Posted by wbanta 6 years ago

Help on Simple Flashing LED Circuit

Hello, I was wondering if someone could help me with a (hopefully) simple electronics project. I wanted to recreate the flashing properties of flashing construction signs (see video below) with LEDs. I bought a 555 timer and created a circuit similar to the diagram below. I ran into a few problems though: The period of the LED's on/off cycle was normally 90% on and 10% off. With some tinkering of the resistances I achieved about a 1:1 ratio of on to off but to replicate the traffic signs I would like about 80% off and 20% on or less. This circuit is somewhat bulky to make only 1 LED blink. Ideally, I would like to have 20 or 30 either all running on the same circuit or all self contained (with less complicated circuitry). At this point I almost want to get my hands on an old flashing construction sign if only to copy the circuit but I know of no way to do so legally. If anyone has any knowledge of these lights or suggestions of any sort, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks, Daniel P.S. I have a very limited knowledge of electronics, so feel free to dumb things down a bit. Flashing Lights from Peter on Vimeo.

Posted by Strombergundy 6 years ago

please help me! I need something awesome for my mom's surprise bday party?

I planned a surprise bday party for my mom and her friends are buying her a cake. I told them that I will prepare something for her and her friends as well. Originally I thought I would make some cupcakes, but I think there might be too many people. Any ideas? doesn't have to be limited to food. Many thanks!!

Asked by misyan 6 years ago

Cell phone buzzer modification? Answered

Is it possible to modify your phone or phone buzzer so it will vibrate a lot stronger as seen in this clip (skip the first 10 seconds).

Asked by The MadScientist 6 years ago

Whats your favorite firearm?

Im making a model gun instructables but i need a firearm to model for u guys

Asked by OrIsIt 6 years ago

i am making a co2 powered potato gun and it will be running off of a 20 oz canister. how would i connect it to the gun?

If you are aware of how co2 canisters connect to the guns (they screw on) then what parts would i need to make that possible to make the connection to the gun?

Asked by jadams5 6 years ago

semi auto shotgun revolver or shotvolver!

Hi people! I'm working on a new semiauto! It's gonna be my first big knex gun i ever made with no instructions! Finished: Revolving part Needed: Rotating mech (for the revolving part) Trigger mech Body

Asked by Jedi_man 6 years ago

Best way to create an automatic lobby door opener?

I live on a third floor of an apartment building, and tired of using a key to open the lobby door. I was thinking of using Arduino and something similar to a car alarm remote to make the arduino open the door for 30seconds while I get to it. What do you guys think is the best way to do this? is my idea even possible? Thank you very much.

Asked by Eax5 6 years ago

Use a motor to rotate a nut on a fixed threaded rod? Answered

I am creating a time-lapse dolly, and at the moment I am working on the drive system. One thought was to use a threaded rod+nut to propel the cart, and I want to look in to this method because it seems fairly versatile. So I would have a taught, fixed threaded rod running through the middle of my 8"x6'x1" track. The cart sits on top of that. I have the motor and the cart pictured below. How can I get this motor to spin a group of nuts (attached to the cart) so that it propels the cart along the threaded rod?

Asked by sblaptopman 6 years ago

How many VDC do I need to flash burn AA nicads?

I have 40 or 50 AA nicads and was wondering how to flash them to burn the crystals out of them.

Asked by kricketone 6 years ago

Does anyone have any vbs mapi and tapi commands? Answered

The title pretty much says it. I wondered how to send e-mails or make phone calls through vbs. Also... are there any mapi commands for receiving e-mails?

Asked by Super_Nerd 6 years ago

Aurora 9 bar Kit & Custom PCB for Sell

Aurora 9 bar Kit and PCB are now available for sell. ******* Prices are reduced ******* Aurora 9 bar custom PCB price is $7.50 + $2 shipping for US address. The kit is also available at $25 + $5 shipping for US address. All parts except Molex connectors and power supply are included. Kit Contents (as pictured) 16x 120 Ohm (0603) 21x 1k Ohm (0603) 1x 10k Ohm (0603) 2x 1uF (0603) 1x 10uF (1206) 1x AP7333-33 or AP7313-33 (3.3V linear voltage regulator) 3x MMBT2907A or equivalent PNP transistor 12x MMBT2222A or equivalent NPN transistor 1x PIC24F08KA101 (SSOP) 10x 5mm Tricolor LED (common-cathode) 1x 5-way Tactile Switch Notes The PIC microcontroller is not pre-programmed. You need your own programmer to program the PIC microcontroller. The kit is also available with water clear LEDs instead of diffused type shown. Please specify if you want water clear LEDs (Special: $1 less for the water clear LEDs). The kit comes with one extra LED. Power connection cable (see the picture) - optional is available at $2 extra. (International shipping is $17) To place an order, please go to my blog page - http://www.theledart.com/blog/archives/233. You will find purchase buttons. Please view my Instructable for the detailed information on Aurora 9 bar. Contact me if you have any questions. <br>

Posted by ledartist 6 years ago


Question: I'm trying to write a new Instructable right now and am trying to put three embedded video on one of the steps. The first video shows up fine, but I can't seem to get the next two to work. Is there a limit of one embedded video per step that I don't know about, or is this some sort of bug in Instructables?

Posted by woofboy111 6 years ago

Feel a magnetic force?

I was just wondering is it possible to fell a magnetic force on your skin and if so how?

Asked by Dominator57 6 years ago

Would ticks be able to come out of your skin with tweezers?

Tweezers are the only supplies that I have but I do not know if it is sanitary enough.

Asked by Soccerzing6 6 years ago

What is this component? Answered

I am wondering if this is a special component or just two diodes, and i am also wondering what the "Si" means. Thanks, josh1324

Asked by josh1324 6 years ago

How do i bring music from itunes onto windows mvie maker?

It says that i have the wrong codac or something and woun't let me get music onto a video.

Asked by mberg 6 years ago

To anyone who does not want people to criticize them on their instructable.

Http://www.howtonotsuck.com/viewarticle.php?id=76 Hopefully the people this topic is addressed to know how to read this article... Warning: Strong language.  Do not read if you are extremely insensitive to swears.

Posted by DJ Radio 6 years ago

12 volt Charge controller (solar)?

Hi i am wondering how to go about building a solar charge regulator i need some help and passably schematics i have 2 broken charge controllers  the parts i have salvaged  11A20YR, LM324. IC x2 11YRD g4, CD40106BM. X2 IC IRF3205, MT 1D4H. X6 MOS-FET ALJ, D882, P63. X2 TRANSISTOR X16, GF1200, YELLOW THING X2 C1115, JC817,KENTC, X2 few other parts that are on the board

Asked by Daniel Deacon 6 years ago

spining meck?

How could i make a spining meck that would alow me to add it to a dropzone knewx ride and stil move up and down?

Asked by knexinventer 6 years ago

Drinking water safe foot pump?

I am trying to make a dishwashing station for camping, and I havn't been able to find a design for a pump that seems food-safe. The designs that I have found for DIY use petrolium jelly for a seal. I would prefer a foot pump, as most of the people that I camp with are young, short, or both. :-) Help for the DIY and physics impaired, please.

Asked by lucysdad 6 years ago

i have an ice maker motor how much power does it need? Answered

I have an old ice maker and the lining that keeps the ice from sticking to it cane off so i took the motor out and put it up to a 9v battery and it did not work. i want to know how much power it needs. 

Asked by tim127 6 years ago

What is this and how do you do it? Answered

I am wondering what the hell this flame thing is and how to do it: http://memebase.com/2011/07/21/memes-senor-gif-i-dont-want-to-set-the-world-on-fire/ Thanks, josh1324

Asked by josh1324 6 years ago

nitro cars

Hello my new hpi savage xl nitro truck has lost nearly all its power after i crashed into a tree. whats wrong and how do i fix this?

Posted by paulw1234 6 years ago

Weeding with Style

Not bad. <br>

Posted by AngryRedhead 6 years ago

UPS Battery

Hi Guys, My first time to post a question here. I had purchase a UPS from a store. The UPS have 2 6 volts battery inside of it, the seller said that 1 of those battery isn't working anymore. My question is this, how do I replace or is it possible to replace it with 1 12 volts battery instead of having 2 6 volts battery to fit there. What will be the layout of the wirings if I have to do it on 1 12 volts battery. I tried making search of the actual item on the net but couldn't find it. Here's the pictures and the information of the UPS Information -------------------------------------------- 2009000002391 MODEL: ELITE 500 VOLTAGE: 220V / 60Hz MADE IN TAIWAN --------------------------------------------

Posted by acl_20032003 6 years ago

Can anybody name me a k'nex pistol with a removables mag in the handle?

Post a link and i will subscribe to you.

Asked by K'nex_Freak 6 years ago

How to use a Jones & Shipman tool and cutter grinder?

Steveastro's magical workshop of many wonderful toys has a very nice Jones-Shipman model 311 tool and cutter grinder, the trouble is however, that we don't have a clue as to how to set it up and use it. Our master machinist says working these things is an art and that its a full 5 year apprenticeship on cutter grinding ALONE. We have a box full of essentially shredded endmills waiting to be sharpened and since we have the tool to do it, it would be quite worthwhile if we could acquire a bit of help getting it up and running.

Asked by The Ideanator 6 years ago

I need a quick and easy DIY wallet.

I need a DIY wallet that is jeans pocket sized, only holds cards and cash (ID, bus fare, $5 bill etc.) and is NOT made from paper, card board or duct tape. I need it to be quick and cheap. It would also be nice if it didn't get stuck inside the pocket and become uncomfortable. Are there any redirects or Instructables that can help me?

Asked by Jamez Britton 6 years ago