Double Celebration!

Wow, not only have I just been made a "Featured Author", but I have just gained my 600th Follower! Thanks to Wilgubeast for the article, and a special patch to Supersoftdrink for helping me hit the big six-oh-oh. I've got to say I'm really proud to join the likes of Lemonie, Scooch, Jessy, Caitlinsdad, NoahW et al.

Posted by Kiteman 6 years ago

wrong date on contest

Hi.  I just wanted to let you know that the date on the "Make it Move Challenge" is off.  On the main Contests page it says that the deadline is July 17th, but the headline under the Contest Info says "Enter Now! Contest Closes July 10." 

Posted by ejp1087 6 years ago

Electronic Prizes and International Winners

Hi all, (and particularly mods if they're reading), I'm a fairly new non-US member to the site, and whilst I love that you open up many of your contests to the whole globe, I was wondering what steps you take (if any) to ensure your top prizes prizes such as Xboxes, iPads, tools, kitchenware etc are as accessible to those of us in different countries. This is particularly relevant for games consoles etc where chips can be different, games can be region encoded and TVs may not be able to display NTSC, but it does apply to anything that gets plugged in. Yes, I'm aware of voltage converters and plug adapters, but I've had mixed results with these over the years. So I was wondering: If one is lucky enough to get such an awesome prize - if there is an option to get the goods from the home country? If so - can this please be added to the standard comp info / rules page? If not, would instructables be willing to look into this, or possibly voucher alternatives against the product? Many thanks for reading!

Posted by xavec 6 years ago

how do you do a collaboration with another member? Answered

Id like to make an instructable with another member.

Asked by That One Eegit 6 years ago

Help with a momentary contact switch

Hi everyone. I'm currently working on a new Instructable, and I've hit a small wall. What I'm looking for is a momentary contact switch that closes for a second, then opens again on its own independently of the actuator -- and I can't quite figure out how to do it. To clarify, here's the operation: You lift the receiver (or handset, or whatever you like to call it) on an old telephone, and the buttons -- normally held down by the receiver -- lift up to create the contact so the telephone knows you've answered and the call connects. Well, this phone isn't going to be connected to the telephone network any more, but what I want is for a contact to be closed momentarily when you lift the receiver, and then opens again automatically on its own even if you haven't put the receiver back down. I also want the same contact to be made when you eventually do put the receiver back down -- so you replace the receiver, a contact is made momentarily, and then opens again on its own, even though the receiver buttons remain down. I hope that makes sense, and that someone has a bit of advice on how to achieve this. Thanks in advance! EDIT: Been continuing my research, and found the following: Can anyone confirm if this will achieve what I'm looking for? Thanks again.

Posted by graffitiwriter 6 years ago

Shopping cart kennel

We just acquired 2 large dogs.  Dog crates/kennels are expensive especially when you have to buy two. I'd love to see if there is a way to make one.  Maybe out of a broken shopping cart?

Posted by mazelady 6 years ago

Are the old metal cased NSTs filled with tar? Answered

I've got an old NST and am interested in removing the shunts, before I do anything I would like to know if they (old NSTs) are filled with tar? It is a 12kV 23mA.

Asked by The MadScientist 6 years ago

what chemicals aside from bicarb soda are present in pool ph buffer? Answered

Hello i just went to the dump shop and picked up a 4kg bag of bicarb soda as ph buffer for free, and when i got home, i noticed it smelt of ammonia, so i though it might have some ammonium carbonate, so i figured i could get rid of it by adding some water to the ph buffer and then boiling it. however, i have noticed that it turned my hands blue, and although the blue washed off, i am now hazardous as to what else may be in thr ph buffer, although it states sodium bicarbonate is the active ingredient. i plan on dividing it, selling 2kg on my site in 250g batches for $2 each, and the other i plan to use as a sodium source for my sodium reduction cell. i need to know though, what the other chemicals in the pool buffer are so i can state the purity of the ph buffer. also will anything lebeled as "soda ash" be pure sodium carbonate?

Asked by oldmanbeefjerky 6 years ago

help with my projector?

So i made a new bulb out of a work light but now my projector comes on long enough to tell me to replace the bulb and then goes back in to sleep mode without letting me reset the timer i found the manual on line but still cant get it to work any help would be much appreciated since right now we are watching every thing on my computer due to the lack of a tv.

Asked by abadfart 6 years ago

The ultimate combination of woodworking, music, and ingenuity

This was sent to me and I thought it was well worth sharing. An impressive project.  http://

Posted by Vyger 6 years ago

Image Comments Keep Changing Shapes and Places

So this problem is only happening in one step of my Instructable. I have uploaded the pictures and written image comments on top of them in the places and sizes that I want, but as soon as I switch to a different picture or step they reset into different places and sizes. Any tips?

Posted by ccelania 6 years ago

4th Generation Ipod Flash Hack

I am attempting to hack my 4th generation Ipod classic following this instructable. I have assembled everything and when I connect the ipod to the computer the ipod cycles betwen the apple logo (booting), corrupt file logo, and disk mode. Neither my computer or Itunes will recognize the ipod. I am using a DealExtreme 1.8 to cf adapter and a Kingston 512mb cf card (decided to test with it before I invest in a larger one) How can I solve this problem? Is the CF card I am using too small to work on the ipod (it was originally a 20gb)

Asked by TheCheese9921 6 years ago

top line on page covers the log-in button

the top line on your web pages doesn't look right. A contest button covers up the log-in button so it is very difficult to log-in.

Posted by dad45 6 years ago

is the rap4 bb pellet airgun good?

I am considering getting the rap4 bb pellet airgun it has semi and full auto removeable carry handle and can have many attachments. what is the best airsource for it (must fit in the stock)? can you take off the handguard and put on a full ris rail with rails on all four sides? how fast does it shoot? what upgrades can it take? what accesories should i put on it? is it better to get a red dot or reflex sight? what is the best kind off bb or pellet to use?  

Asked by Golani warrior 6 years ago

Some random guns I never displayed on ibles

Alright, so I never really worried about it before, but I figured I'd show them now. These are a bunch of old weapons that I had at KI or KA but never bothered showing here. There's nothing huge that you've missed out on, but you might see something you never knew was done before. 1. This was in a video so you guys probably saw it, but I don't think I ever put pictures here. This is one of the first (don't know how many, if any, others there were) horizontal magazine guns. It loaded dark greys with green rods. I have tried making a more compact version for a while but I could never get one to load as reliably. 2. I guess this was the precursor to the BAW. I honestly forgot about it until now. Basically, before I figured out SK's removable magazine concept but after I learned how to make a decent magazine for yellows, I tried making a shelled-round gun with removable magazines. It had a really crude way of attaching but it worked. It fired very well, actually. But the shells didn't want to eject so you had to manually eject them. It was too crude of a weapon so I never kept working with it. I have tried making other shelled-round weapons but none have quite pleased me. 3. This is probably one of the more interesting ones. With my trigger concept that I loved so much, I tried making a bullpup bolt action. It worked I guess, but it had bad range because the trigger required I made a barrel up to it. I could've vastly improved this by using the PDR trigger, but I figured out, well one I didn't have the pieces and two the stock would be uncomfortably long if I did. 4. I don't know if I showed this here. I had  thread on KI for it, though. It was my attempt at a Thompson M1A1. Bleh, it was very crude but I figured I'd show it anyways. 5. Here comes an assortment of assault pistols I worked on while at KA. I have notes written on them so apparently I brought them over here, but I don't remember where I may have displayed them, so I'll post them anyways. The first is a "revolver" using the redone concept by oompa on his revolver. 6. This one was a redo of the first one I mad a long time ago. Back before oodammo but after the TDS and all other side arms were being overdone, assault pistols were pretty much the new fad, and it became my obsession for a while to make the perfect one after seeing bitz's. This one fired blue rods. It's funny looking at it now, I could easily make one better in so many ways if I didn't care about using plain magazines. 7. This was my last one (not counting the revolver, which was done for kicks 'n' giggles) before oodammo. I tossed the blue rod magazine in favor of a removable, internal pusher darkgrey+green rod magazine. Lol, looking at this thing now...I was happy with the magazine at the time back when detachables weren't entirely common. So yeah, that's all I can find for now. You guys are welcome to dig around and see if you can't find something you've never shown before.

Posted by TheDunkis 6 years ago

Knex Revolver Pictures

***THIS IS NOT A PRIMARY WEAPON, BUT A SECONDARY. I am tired of people nagging me about it, it's a k'nex gun that shoots as far as any other powerful pistol, but the main thing I'm emphasizing here is QUICK RELOAD and RELIABILITY (no jams, mag pushers, or anything to get between you and your challenger). It's just a handgun that I slapped a stock on to look cool, so you can stop telling me that some kid's sniper is better or deconstruction round guns are things of the past because that's just your excuse to put me down. I'm not complaining, I'm just stating the obvious. 1. The whole gun, stock, clip, mech, and all. 2. This is with the clip on. 3. This is what it looks like when you take the clip off. 4. This is a front view of the clip the gun uses (I didn't show any empty clips, just take all the white rods off for an empty clip.) 5. And a side view of the clip this gun utilizes. 6. This is what it looks like when you hold it... The handle looks like crap compared to the TDS but actually is very comfy, as the white rods stick out around your fingers. 7. The retarted FPS angle that everyone seems to love. Stats (KI Template): Type: Revolver Weight: N/A Ammo Type: White or Green Rod Range: N/A* Firing Interval: 1.5 seconds Mag Capacity: 8 Rounds Mag Reload Time: 2.5 seconds *This one really depends. A newer white connector will not shoot as far as an older one since the older one will release the white rod easier. That being said, mine shoots about 20-30 feet with a single #64 rubber band at a slight upwards angle with an old connector. Not bad! Sadly, it does not auto-revolve, but there are no clumsy mag pushers poking at you, and while it takes longer to cock and shoot, the reload time is VERY fast, you disconnect a connector and connect a new one, so if you're fast I'd say 1-2 seconds. Also, if the annotations get in your way just click the white "i" at the top-left. EDIT: New double-cylinder. Slightly slower than reloading regular single-cylinders, but easier to carry around. 7. A picture of the gun with the double-cylinder. 8. The new clip, by itself. New Round: Mag Capacity: 16 Rounds Mag Reload Time: 2.7 seconds Yes, I know this design is relatively old. Yes, I know other people have done this. This is the first to feature a design specifically for detachable clips. This may not seem like much, but it reloads extremely fast, and with the double-cylinder design, can outlast any pistol in a firefight. Why? Well, for one, as opposed to loading in each bullet individually (if you use post-it notes they can clog up your gun no matter how you put them in), this comes in packs of eight and sixteen. Also, there are no rubber bands for the clips, so no jamming, no mag pushers, and no friction from the bullets. If you rush and slip up with a "regular" gun, you potentially have a broken clip, or bullets everywhere, or a jam. With this, the only punishment is a longer reload time. Also, while conventional knex gun clips have a lot of pieces, a single-cylinder clip has MORE ammo pieces than non-ammo pieces, and the double-cylinder clip has very few pieces as well. This means you can have more clips built, and the number of bullets you can hold expands exponentially! So again, while this couldn't fight soley against the SwagBoss, or the Knexsayer, or big knex guns, I would put my money on this above any other sidearm due to its reliability and the fact that its reload time is super short.

Posted by DB2016 6 years ago

Arduino What to buy and how?

Hi,  im really intrested in the what arduino can do can someone advise me on what board to buy (im thinking of geting a arduino mega) And how do i program it and upload it thanks :)

Asked by Daniel Deacon 6 years ago

Who knows how to severely distress vinyl?

I want to distress some vinyl to the point that it's all gnarly and cracked. Think '78 LeSabre top that's been sitting out in the weather for 30 years.  I imagine it'll require some alternating moisture and heat, but I'm hoping somebody out there might have some tips.  I've recently discovered "crackling medium" (have never actually used it though), but it seems to be too "low-profile".  I want texture!  Fissures and blades sticking up, pieces flaking off as it rolls down the highway.  You know, that sort of thing. The attached picture is exactly what I'm trying to replicate. Thanks!

Asked by jellysix 6 years ago

I have three old out of date cpus and im trying to use them to make at least one half way desent machine. Any tips?

Need to know what parts are needed and witch arnt. Primarily need internet and writting software

Asked by baen 6 years ago


Hey so i just got my Instructable T-shirt. I'm gonna be representing instructables at the detroit maker faire with it. how do you like it

Posted by ostomesto 6 years ago

Is it okay to have a company's name in my instructable?

Im not sure if its okay to have a picture of a product that a company made, so thats why im asking....

Asked by JcBeaver 6 years ago

Assistance with a seemingly strange pirani gauge

I'm working on a vacuum system and so far things have gone unusually well for my projects and I really hope to keep doing well on it, but I'm hung up on the vacuum gauges. I've got a PR10-S Edwards Pirani gauge and the internal circuitry is strange. I can't find any literature on it anywhere or any schematics close enough to fudge. So I'm hoping I'blers might have a clue as to what is going on here. EDIT: Added a re-drawn circuit in an estimated configuration After some googling, a 3-wire resistance thermometer seems close to what I have as thats essentially what the gauge is, a clever application of a resistance thermometer.

Asked by The Ideanator 6 years ago

Chords With An Arduino Microcontroller?

Does anyone have any idea as to how I could make more than just one tone with the Arduino Uno? I would like to make chords. I had an idea that you could make octaves with a binary counter that would half the frequency, but you still only get one key at a time (i.e. A, G#, Db, etc...)

Asked by jensenr30 6 years ago

what does the driver board exactly do in one of those 5mw ebay lasers?

I have a 5mw laser from ebay( and i am trying to put it into an Altoids tin and i need to know if the driver board acts as a regulator or  resister so i can put a 9v battery in it or will it fry the diode.

Asked by tim127 6 years ago


How do you unfollow members? I accidently pushed someone's follow button and I don't want to follow them.

Posted by MissSongbird 6 years ago

Goldeneye 007 on Wii - Friendcodes & Tips

Hey guys, I was wondering if any of you guys on Instructables play this game?  Where are your favorite places to play?  What level are you?  What kind of tactics do you use? I like to play in the Archives & Outpost. I'm level 56 (no cheating) and I typically use the Masterton M-557 (Shotgun) or the Anova DP3 (Assault Rifle)  Feel free to share friend codes, cheats, tips or anything else. Killer~SafeCracker

Posted by Killer~SafeCracker 6 years ago

DIY Hot Key USB Keyboard for slate devices

I want to make a 6 button hotkey keyboard for my Asus Eee Slate device for access to all of my hot keys for photoshop and other programs. Or are there already devices like this. Should i go with Keyboard insides or a Gamecontroller insides or some other usb controller. I dont know a whole lot about this. Just wanted to get some advice on the best path to take to make this a reality. Here is a picture to help illustrate Thanks,

Posted by drjhwatson 6 years ago

arduino uno? Answered

Do i have to push the reset button before uploading a another file 

Asked by robot1398 6 years ago

i need help in making a shoe rack. Can someone help me?

It has to be simple and easy to follow.  A shoe rack made with cardboard paper or something easy. I can't handle wood/timber. 

Asked by fjustins 6 years ago

Bot is Using An Account to Post Spam

Admins, please help instructables by deleting this user: The account was created today and has already posted the following comment on 25 instructables: "Your satisfaction is our eternal pursuit. ( ) We specialized in the exportation of sport shoes and other products(clothing, bag,sunglasses,watches,belts,etc )which have great enjoyed popularty in the world market Many of our goods are on sales ,we can guarantee the crediblity by Pay-pal and delivery time .we would like to make a long termship. 1)Name : The perfect gift. 2)Grade : AAA+ 3)Package : in original boxes 4)Color : various 5)MOQ : 1 pc 6)Payment : Pay-pal/Western Union / Credit card/Moneygram 7)Ship-ping : 4-7 days with guarantee of customs clearance, drop shipp-ing is accepted to customers'demands. 8)Who-lesale: very low price, you can make a small order first to test quality and service. ( )"

Posted by Xellers 6 years ago

High voltage transformer current limiting?

I have modified a MOT to output 10kV as a Tesla coil power supply but when testing I found that there was a very low voltage (maybe 2kV). The primary resistance was measured at 0.2ohm much less than the inductive ballast I've used to current limit. Is the voltage being drawn away from the primary to the ballast? If so how can I resolve this (keep in mind even with the ballast it still needs further current limiting)?

Asked by The MadScientist 6 years ago

1 key keyboard?

Heres the circuit for 1 key keyboard which has to be done with a attiny85 but can i modify the circuit to be made with a  12F683

Asked by robot1398 6 years ago

Bleeder Resistors and momentary load switching on EL wire

Okay so I have a CL-ELI IPTC 9V to 3Khz inverter from that I want to use to power some wire with momentary(like less than 2sec) load changes. I could wire in a power switch between battery and inverter to turn off, switch loads, turn on, but a friend recommended using a bleeder resistor wired across the inverter leads on the 3Khz side before taking them out to the load, allowing me to simply quickly switch loads without frying the inverter. Good idea, bad idea? If its a good one what Ohm resistor should I be using?

Asked by -Kai- 6 years ago

Does there exist an instructable that will control low-voltage lighting, to turn a circuit on at dusk, and off at dawn?

I have some LED lighting to illuminate my outdoor entry stairs. I'm in the process of setting them up to run off of a solar-charged battery. The last step is to automate the process of turning them on and off. Ideally, I'd like a circuit, not micro controller based, to turn them on and off based on a given light level. Thank you!

Asked by kc7eph 6 years ago

Stats tab

Nothing happens when I click the Stats tab on my Instructables (while I'm logged in).

Posted by aeray 6 years ago

how many ohm resistor do i need to get 5v from a 9v battery? Answered

Hello i am writing up an instructable on setting up a wireless receiver , however i requires both 5v and 9v output, and the whole point of it is that it is simple and cheap, so i need to know, how many ohm resistor do i need to step down 9v down to 5v? i do not wish to use a 5v regulator unless one can be bought for less than $2, or else the instructable will cost too much.

Asked by oldmanbeefjerky 6 years ago

use an op amp to have two outputs?

Hello, I need to amplify a single mono audio input with two op amp or a single dual op amp and have two discrete outputs that can filtered at different frequencies and then those outputs have to be read with an arduino with two different analog inputs, is this possible? Thank you.

Asked by dkoshkin 6 years ago

50 watt electric and bass guitar amp?

Good day to all, i'm new to this site hope i can gain more knowledge in electronics here, since i have been doing alot of programming lately.. i am planning to build my first higher wattage amplifier for both guitar and bass, i already have built smokey amp and its other cousins like the ruby amp and some guitar effects. i will build the two amps simultaneously and put  it in one housing.. the speakers will be separated and also the circuits and all.. does any one have schematics for this kind of amplifiers?? it should bea solid state amplifier, because its hard to find tubes here and also it is expensive.. correct me if i'm wrong 1. "instrument >>>preamp>>>poweramp>>>>speaker" ? 2. is it possible for example to use a smokey amp as the preamp section and connect it to a 50 watt power amp? 3. what type of speaker should i use for the guitar and for the bass? should it be a woofer or sub-woofer? coz i dont have a clue on speakers.. tanx in advance..

Asked by VAustin89 6 years ago

How to build a simple CPU from 74XX Logic Chips? Answered

Hi everyone! I'm wondering what are some good resources to learn how to build a simple programmable CPU from 74XX logic chips.  I'd like to build one where I use DIP switches to program the CPU.  I don't have an EEPROM/EPROM/PROM burner, so using those are out of the question.  I've seen some CPU's already that run an internet server, but they are too complicated/expensive to build and understand.  I want to learn how a CPU can be built and the principles behind it.   I have about 150 74XX chips, including a 74LS181 ALU unit.  I also have enough capacitors and resistors for the project. Thank you! 

Asked by prrgg14935 6 years ago

Play Guitar with cut off finger tip

I cut of my left middle finger tip, and wanted to protect it while healing, and wanted to extend my finger some way so as not to have to retrain my old brain and finger, so did what is shown on the MS Word attachment (Text  and photo's showing "how to" with low cost materials).  Now to get back to playing the guitar!!  Hope this helps someone else by saving time and energy on poor or expensive options.

Posted by phild2k 6 years ago

Published Instructable Does Not Appear On Site

I published a new instructable today (url =, but it fails to appear in the list of recently published instructables and I can't find it when I search for it. How long does the publishing process usually take? If I recall correctly, my previous instructables appeared on the site immediately after I published them.

Posted by Xellers 6 years ago

I have just started playing airsoft and need some suggestions on how to prepare and learn what happens in the guns?

I only have one gun (a pistol i found in the woods) and only street clothes to play with could anyone suggest some websites and/or instructables that could help me or just pass on your knowledge please.  THANK YOU!!!!!!

Asked by snorelaxy7 6 years ago

El Wire AC inverter

El wire is cool and all but all the circuits that come with them are so half assed made it isn't funny. I have yet to get a circuit that is up to spec's that even closely adheres to any of the soldering tips and ticks, good soldering joints, anything. crap crap.  i have the components but the board is whack. how do you go about making a AC inverter for Elwire?

Posted by Chingasman 6 years ago


We have four old Nutone intercoms installed in our house without a master station. The intercom speakers say 3.2ohm on the back and connect with 3-wire. Is it possible to hook these up to an old receiver?

Posted by ddddwwww 6 years ago