Instructable emails no longer open in gmail.

One or two months ago, I stopped being able to open Instructables email links.  It used to go directly to an HTTP:// address, now it goes to " . . . . ." and the page simply says "NOT FOUND"  Evidently it's going through facebook (which I have open and logged in)  I can't even unsubscribe because it goes through that same address. Any Idea how to fix?

Asked by FastElder 5 years ago

Using Small motor (that will be powered by sewing machine wheel) to charge a 9v battery that will power a led light?

Can anyone give me any ideals.  I would greatly appreciate it..

Asked by gmhodges1 5 years ago

DIY Shotgun Microphone (with wind shield & in-built shock mount)

Hey everyone, this is my first post here on Instructables, and I'm here to stay! My name's Matt (hi!), and I have a YouTube account called DIYPerks (like my username). On it I post DIY videos... which is besides the point, so on to what I want to show you... A while ago I made my own shotgun microphone for my camcorder. It's pretty cheap to build at £12, and sounds great because it's got its own wind cover and in-built shock mount! It's very directional too! I've had several requests about how I built it, so I made this detailed overview video so people will be able to build their own. I'm posting it here as I think some of you will find it very interesting. :) Please take a look at tell me what you think!

Posted by DIYPerks 5 years ago

Recycle a sofa into a sofa bed?

I have a lovely old sofa that has now broken at the bottom on one side and don't want to throw it away. I was wondering if it would be possible to make it into a sofa bed? The frame is in pretty good condition and solid still. I've searched Google but not having any luck (except one small post on how it would probably be expensive)

Asked by jhutchins2 5 years ago

A NON-Instructable: How to PREVENT SPAN in this site we all LOVE

Hi guy Latelly spam is getting nasty. I do my best in flagging it all out as much as I can, because I hate spam nad love the site I've come up with a couple of ideas that could help  preventing spam: - Moderate the first 'ible of new users: Almost all spam comes from new users and their very fist 'ible is spam. Just hold the 'first ible of any new user 'till a moderator sees it and approves it. - Allow site users to do the job for you: That's what web2.0 is all about: users signal with the spam flag and you can remove the posts asap (saw this happend seldom times, or with a long delay) - Promote some users as moderators that have the right to "umpublish" (not delete)  posts that are flagged as SPAM. This status can be revoked if user gets nasty and bossy. How about it? Thanks Emcysquare

Posted by EmcySquare 5 years ago

Who wants sunshiine as a mum/grandma? Answered

Well sunshiine is a great friend and is always nice to me HMice and LillyLovesVampires so i just want to tell her that i would happily take her into my family anytime 

Asked by Dusk Shadows 5 years ago

How to charge a series parallel array?

Hi, we are building an ice cream cart with a 36v sound system and a 12v led dance floor. We desire to do a series-parallel with six 7.2Ah SLA batteries, for the 36v amplifier. And run two 7.2Ah SLA batteries in parallel for the lights.  I would love to brainstorm on how I can charge all these sla batteries. Can people help? We already own a cheap car charger 2 and 6 amp setting.  I am leaning toward throwing a switch or a few switches to go between 36 and 12 for the amps batteries. HELP!!! Thanks, Tor

Asked by torclausen 5 years ago

How long to install ceramic floor tile in an entry way?

We have an entry way that leads right into the basement.  Since we have occationally had water on the floor there we want to take up the carpet and install ceramic tile.  It's a small area, only about 50 sq'.  I found lots of information online about estimating materials but nothing about how much time to allow for this project.  I'm an above average handyman.  About how many hours should I expect this to take?  I know there are several stages, how long do I need to wait between stages? 1) apply self leveling floor compound (how long for this to set before going to next stage)? 2) Apply mastic and lay down tiles (how long for this to set before going to next stage)? 3) grout tile lines (how long for this to set before going to next stage)? 4 seal grout lines (how long for this to set before going to next stage)?

Asked by etcmn 5 years ago

Can I power a Nintendo Wii with a 12 volt lead acid battery? Answered

I've decided to make a (somewhat) portable Wii, and I'm hoping to use a 12 volt 7AH battery to power it. The batteries will be attached directly to the power input on the console (with a filter cap). Here's what's been bugging me, though. The Wii's normal AC adapter puts out ~12.2 VDC, A sealed lead acid battery, however, puts out 12.6 when fully charged. Will that 0.4 volts do anything, or am I just being a nut? If it does, can I shave off that 0.4 volts with anything?

Asked by Shagglepuff 5 years ago

Regarding brush cleaners spasifically Poly Clens

Recently me and my dad have run across a problem. Apparently our government has banned the use of Poly Clens By Lepage brand here in Ontario Canada as far as I know. Its a favorite brush cleaner for the both of us and we're both surprised when we heard the news not to mention disappointed.  We both don't understand why its banned since there are far worse brush cleaning methods that are way more harmful to the environment. So are there any other alternatives that some one could recommend that are similar? And please don't recommend varsol est since these just don't compare and are just nasty. Thanks. :)

Posted by Treasure Tabby 5 years ago

Can't properly flash Attiny85, please help.

I have working proto of a bathroom exhaust fan controlled by methane sensor via arduino uno. I now wish to transfer this sketch to an ATtiny85 (cause i had extras). I have programmed ATtiny before, and can successfully get 'blink' going on this specific MCU. However I cannot get my sensor sketch to work properly... Perhaps I am asking too much of this little guy? I am including my code and video in hopes that someone can steer me in the right direction.  /*   AT85      Arduino    Circuit   0 (PB5)   A0             pin 3 of 50k pot   2 (PB7)   ~9             led or relay     Trim Pot        1              GND   2              GND   3              Arduino (attiny) & Sensor B1     Sensor   A1             +5VDC   H1             GND   GND            GND   B1             Trim Pot 3   */   const int numReadings = 10;    // average sensor reading used from 10 samples int ledPin = 1;                  // replaced ac/dc relay with led to debug int readings[numReadings];      // the readings from the analog input int index = 0;                  // the index of the current reading int total = 0;                  // the running total int average = 0;                // the average int inputPin = 0;    //reading from sensor unsigned long start_time; unsigned long current_time; unsigned long elapsed_time; void setup() {   // sets digital pin 1 to output   pinMode(ledPin, OUTPUT);     // sets analog 0 to input   pinMode(inputPin, INPUT);   // initialize all the readings to 0:   for (int thisReading = 0; thisReading     readings[thisReading] = 0;          } void loop() {         // 10 sample average used to prevent false positive from a bounce and/or spike         // subtract the last reading:   total= total - readings[index];           // read from the sensor:    readings[index] = analogRead(inputPin);   // add the reading to the total:   total= total + readings[index];         // advance to the next position in the array:    index = index + 1;                      // if we're at the end of the array...   if (index >= numReadings)                  // ...wrap around to the beginning:     index = 0;                             // calculate the average:   average = total / numReadings;           // send it to the computer as ASCII digits          delay(1000); // delay in between reads for stability                    int threshold = 300;                  // sets the threshold value   if(average > threshold){  // determines if the level of methane breaks threshold         start_time = millis();      // starts exhaust fan on 5 min timer     digitalWrite(ledPin, HIGH);      do  {       current_time = millis();      // defines the 5 minute timer       elapsed_time = current_time - start_time;     }     while(elapsed_time   }     if(average       digitalWrite(ledPin, LOW);  // fan turns off if sensor value below threshold     }                             // or stays on until it is below threshold     } thanks in advance!

Asked by earthtown 5 years ago

Connecting Arduino with Adafruit GPS shield and Wave shield ?

Can any one help me find how can I connect Arduino with Wave shield and GPS shield

Asked by moonwa 5 years ago

A Dedication to Kiteman and Science teachers everywhere....

While he is STILL at Head Quarters I'd like to dedicate the following video to Sir Kiteman.

Posted by Goodhart 5 years ago

Instructables Views

How do people on Instructables reach 50k views in 10 days here? What tricks & tips do y'all have for promoting 'ibles? Thanks

Posted by flyingpuppy 5 years ago

how do I get the interenet wirelessly

Hi i'm wanting the internet but can't afford it right now and I pick up wireless networks around me but they are secured is there anyway possible i can't boost signal or somehow get in through my neighbors

Asked by beaglea89 5 years ago

How do I install the Minecraft Modloader on a a Mac?

I've been trying so many websites and methods to try and get a Modloader to work on my Mac, but nothing is working. I've tried multiple modloaders, I've used terminal, I've even tried to do it manually -- still nothing. The script always fails, and I cannot install any mods to my game. If anyone can help me with this, I would be much grateful. Thank you for your time, Thergox.

Asked by Thergox 5 years ago

which is suitable for producing KCLO3 by electrolysis, fertilizer grade KCL(0-0-60) or food grade KCL?

Fertilizer grade is 0% N, 0% P, 60%K and the rest is KCL while food grade KCL is about 49% KCL and the rest is NaCl

Asked by davincicoder 5 years ago

steampunk minifogger problem?

Okay, I'm working on a steampunk Project, and It would greatly benefit me to have a Tiny fog machine to make a small exhaust stack billow smoke.  I have come across similar questions asked, and I have no real desire to go to the hobby shop in the city to buy an overpriced steam generator.  I have a Small hot glue gun that sufficiently reaches the heat needed to make the Glycerin into the fog, it's apeture is wide enough for the tubing I would want to run throughto fit, so my big concern here is that  I need to take it and make it Portable. Ideally run off of a 9volt, or maybe a few AAAs.  what is the safest way to do that, I really don't want to cause a dangerous short in the prop I am designing, as it is worn close to the body.

Asked by rantipole 5 years ago

How to keep FLIES away from your food!

I discovered this little "trick" (quite by accident) when I was grilling last week.  Flies do not like onions!  A few slices of raw, sliced red onion in the immediate vicinity of your food will keep disgusting flies from dining on your edibles. Onions are so effective, I'm tempted to make a pair of hoop earrings out of 'em!   Maybe onion perfume? oh, the possibilities! ;-D

Posted by bajablue 5 years ago

How do i set up 4 wireless lights with independent battery sources on four independent dimmer switches?

I'm in theatre and i need to get 4 people to light up with different assortments of brightness.  We have a dedicated "switch hitter" that has power outlets but as the actors will be moving they will need independent lighting.  Thanks for the help.

Asked by jens3117 5 years ago

Instructables Store

Hi, i was wondering what happened to the Instructables Store link. i would like to see whats new there, and cant find the link. any help is greatly appreciated.

Posted by sokamiwohali 5 years ago

How to script LUA (basics step by step)

Need help please

Posted by awesome3612 5 years ago

I need help with LM386 headphone amplifier?

I build a headphone amplifier based on this instructable (will post schematic below). I'm using a 12v 800ma power supply (it read 18v so I'm using a +12v regulator. At first the sound was loud but very distorted when the potentiometer was turned all the way up. I added a 10  ohm resistor to the middle lead going to pin 3 on the lm386. I also did some other stuff but I do not remember what. Whatever I did made the sound very clear, but now the sound is quiet even with the pot turned all the way up. It would be louder to just plug it into my sansa fuze! Any help at all would be very much appreciated, I don't know much about audio stuff so I'm puzzled here. 

Asked by musick_08 5 years ago

How to and which direction to connect a resistor in an audio amplifier? Answered

Please there is this audio amplifier i have been working on, but have not been successful with it. i did check to make sure all my connections are OK. but what i am confused about is " dose it matter witch direction i connect my resistors" secondly "does it matter if i connect the resistor directly on the transistor collector arm or those it make the same if i use wires to make a longer connection? thanks. can anyone help?

Asked by RdNard 5 years ago

Jack Daniel's "The Independence Project" Submission Identification

Just a thought: I'm noticing quite a few Jack Daniel's "The Independence Project" entries that aren't immediately clear that that's what they are. Next time you have a contest like this, you might think about some way to require that the submitters more clearly label their submission as being such.

Posted by lafnbear 5 years ago

Wanting improve PLC skills how can do?

How PLC work in education system its impact ?

Asked by mazhar aasim 5 years ago

ebook link broken

Hi I noticed that this ebook Daily bread epub link is broken screen shot below. Im running firefox, on ubuntu thanks liquidhandwash

Posted by liquidhandwash 5 years ago

how can i set up back ground lighting with LED strips but using a battery pack as the power supply?

I  have 3 skate boards hanging in my room (hanging like this   using these hangers i want to put led lights behind them to light them up. but i want it all concealed behind the skate boards. how would i set this up? is it even possible?

Asked by PASAKARNIS 5 years ago

New Category!

I want instructables to make a category about fire   anything fire. Change fire color, different household items that start fire. Just anything!

Posted by jamob 5 years ago

Can you use a wireless playstation 2 controler as a remote with arduino? Answered

I have a wireless playstation 2 controlers and was wondering if it would work using the same process as this instructable . Thanks

Asked by rocketman20 5 years ago

Who plays Baritone/Euphonium/Baritone Horn?

Who plays baritone? And whoever does, do you have the sheet music for: "Peer Gynt, In The Home Of The Mountain King"? If so, please post.

Posted by BuildSleepThink 5 years ago

Whats up with patches?

I want to give out more patches. Lots of patches. A plethora of patches. But how to I get more to send? I update my subscription? I wait a month? I do not understand :(

Posted by Tomdf 5 years ago

Can pulse width modulation pins on arduino noticeably affect the strength of an electromagnet? Answered

I am currently designing a project in which two electromagnets cause a small metal object to levitate between them, and am trying to create an interactive interface in which gestures on a multi-touch trackpad cause the object to levitate higher or lower. My question is, is it possible to use an arduino's pulse width modulation to significantly alter the strength of an electromagnet in order to move an object at a noticeably varying distance from the electromagnet?

Asked by ALogan97 5 years ago

If a person can feel magnetic fields does that mean they have electromagnetic hypersensitivity? Answered

I want to know cause I have a reletive who can feel magnetic fields from magnets.

Asked by nerd7473 5 years ago

Solar charging in mobile (cell) phones.

While sitting in the glorious sunshine outside a local pub Sunday on afternoon it struck me that although there are a lot of solar charging options available as add ons I have never seen a phone with solar cells built in. I could understand it when all the phone companies were making their products smaller & smaller with every new line but now our phones have huge screens the phones are once again getting large & it seems to me that there is a great deal of wasted space that could accommodate strips of solar cells. My own phone has around 15 square cm of space around the outside alone, added to that there is around 42 square cm of space on the back that could be made use of for something more useful than the manufacturers logo. I wouldn't expect to dispense with the wall wart altogether but surely it would help to extend the sometimes pitiful life of our mobile technology if it could gather a little energy from the sun. Any ideas why this isn't being included by the likes of Apple, Samsung & the other manufacturers folks? preferably in terms a non electronics expert can understand :-)

Posted by Nostalgic Guy 5 years ago

Last Day at Instructables

It's my last day here at the Instructables office. It's been a wonderful summer, and I'm glad to have worked with everyone here: at the office, and the people I've interacted with on the site. Curious about my impact this summer, I did a bit of statistical analysis on the last three months, and I wanted to share it with you. It's not completely precise, but it gives a good ballpark. Ironically, though I have done laser cutting, 3D printing on both the UP printer and the Objet, CNC embroidery, and even CNC papercutting, I never bothered to install the office printer. So I had to show my graphs from a laptop screen. Here are my stats, as of August 17th: I published 69 Instructables total this summer in about 89 days, (65 official work days). (I have a lifetime total of 88 from some previous Instructables.) Here's a graph of the Instructables building up over time. (Blue is data; the thin black line is a fitted trend.) It's pretty linear (with a slight dip at the end of July, when I went camping and couldn't post). The averaged rate is about 75% of an Instructable every day this summer, or just over one per day if you only count work days. 63% of my summer’s Instructables were featured. I had a quick learning curve; after the end of May, 75% were featured. It was a little more difficult to extract further data, so the remainder of my statistics refer only to Instructables I published while working here this summer which received over 1,000 total pageviews. Overall, these Instructables generated 294,224 pageviews (almost three hundred thousand!), 89% of which were from unique viewers. People spent a total of 14 hours, 11 minutes, and 28 seconds viewing these Instructables. To the left, you can see my summer pageviews accumulate, and to the right, the day-by-day graph of my pageviews. The peaks on the right graph represent, in order, my Infinity Dress, the Clockwork Beetle, and the Plaster Face Cast. (Since I made these charts last Friday, it doesn't take into account my Temari, which whould have created a spike as big as that of the Infinity Dress over the weekend.) Although those are my top-viewed Instructables from the summer, my favorites are actually these ones: (and working on Psycho Scooter Scramble, of course) I'm glad to have such a measurable effect on the site and the Instructables community. The people of the site and in the office have made a strong impact on me as well. This is the first place where I feel a true sense of community among a group of people I know exclusively through the internet, and I want to thank all of you who I've never met in person for being my friends. In the office, I'll thank you personally. It's been a great summer, thanks to you. I'll still be around the site from time to time, but I can't devote every day to it. I'm finishing up my Neuroengineering degree at Olin and working on a few other things besides. But I'll be around, and I hope to talk to all of you from time to time. See you around, and happy making! -SelkeyMoonbeam

Posted by SelkeyMoonbeam 5 years ago

It's one small step for Instructables ...

... but it's a giant leap for me! The Birding Challenge has now reached a grand total of *five* valid entries.  That means I can hand out prizes! So, don't sit there on that grand idea, somebody is going to win something - why can't it be you? Don't forget, you can also enter Challenge entries into up to three of the more formal Contests (who doesn't need a laser cutter, right?).

Posted by Kiteman 5 years ago

I've disabled adblock plus on and I still dont get my favorite button back. WTF

Ok I've added to my adblock plus whitelist and still zero favorite button.  This new bullcrap where you disable this functionality is irritating.  I have to copy and paste every single link that I want to favorite into another web browser just so that I can favorite things.  Please just stop being jerks about this because I really like your site and I like to promote it to people I know when I see some good things.  But this is down right frustrating.  Alot of people never ever even install adblock most of the people who i know dont even understand that ads can even be blocked to begin with.  So you're punishing your more savvy viewers that likely wouldnt be clicking the ads in the first place?  Wow thats jerkish.

Posted by chamunks 5 years ago

How to run a single LED from AC current?

I've been reading up on a lot of existing posts and projects about people wanting to power LED(s) off of 120VAC. Most of the suggestions I see refer to the use of a wall wart DC power adapter to accomplish this task. In many cases, it would probably suffice. However, due to a very limited amount of space I have to work with, I need to make this project as thin as possible. I really don't have the room to accommodate a big wall wart adapter. Can anyone direct me towards being able ot make a single LED run off AC? I'd also like the ability if possible, to run it with a photo sensor to turn on/off night/day. Thanks! Dustin

Asked by djc311 5 years ago

How to make a stun gun/taser from scratch?

Ive already made the disposable camera taser but it was not very enjoyable can anyone please give me links on how to make a stun gun from scratch

Asked by jumper1111 5 years ago

how to turn a mountain bike into a snowplow bike?

I have a mountain bike that needs some year round riding so it is up to you poeple to help me out here. i thought of increasing the traction with zipties.

Asked by snoo 5 years ago

Help with project design please

I am building what amounts to a miniature winch.  I have a small, but powerful, battery powered gear-motor, which can wind thread or wire onto a spool.  My problem is the motor shaft does not turn freely because of the gears so I need to find a way to allow the wire to spool freely out before it is then wound back under power.  One-way bearings do not work because they are designed to allow a shaft to rotate freely in the same direction it turns as it does when under power, like a helicopter rotor.  I need the shaft to turn under power in one direction but to spool out freely in the opposite direction.  Suggestions? Christopher Taylor

Posted by willowtaylor 5 years ago

I want some info on industrial project report for final year adft department diploma?

I want some info on industrial project report for final  year adft(apparel designing and fabrications technology) department. where can i get it, does any body help me on this? 

Asked by thanupama 5 years ago