Changing the sensor

Hello guys, I want to make this circuit I just don't want any light to be visible. So, I was wondering if I could just change this LDR sensor to a IR sensor and still get the desired results.  Thanks,

Posted by HavocRC 5 years ago

Astrosyn Stepper Motors

I have 2 Astrosyn Stepper Motors that I bought and ended up not using. I was going to build a small cnc machine first but decided to go bigger with the first on I built. So i bought bigger steppers for my application. I bought them for 20 bucks each and now I am selling them for 20 bucks plus shipping for both. I would like to use paypal for any transactions. Thanks for looking.

Posted by r1dd1ck913 5 years ago

Analog to Digital Conversion on PIC18f4520

Hello there! I am building a custom digital weighing scale. My issue is not about how to do A2D, but on how to use the least amount of power doing so.  So imagine you just placed an object on the scale, i want the microcontroller to notice a change in weight and perform a2d on the load cell voltage. Now i only want to perform this a2d once(or a few times to make sure it works), saving the value in the register, and then i want the microcontroller to go back to sleep. The microcontroller will keep sleeping unless the object is removed or the weight changed, where the A2D works again for a couple of times, notes the value, and then sleeps again. So my question is, does the A2D have to keep working to notice a change in the weight? or can that happen some other way?   I basically want to make my battery last a long time, and i want to do that by using the A2D only when needed. On another note, does a2d even use up alot of power? If i keep it running would it consume alot of my battery? If things are unclear please ask. I'm afraid i didn't articulate well. Thanks! 

Asked by Chris414 5 years ago

Projector length of tube? Answered

I was curious if it's possibly to extend a projected image, from a projector (like tv/computer) down about a foot of tube. Tube would be 1 - 2 inches wide. If this isn't possibly what would be the smallest width the tube would have to be for it able to go down a foot of length?

Asked by ebodenberg 5 years ago

Where can I find a free Ebay sales map (similar to mystoremaps)? Pro Membership to the first good answer!

I recently decided to try out mystoremaps on Ebay.  It is pretty easy to use, but I don't like that the free version only includes a map of North America.  I have quite a bit of international sales, so I want something that shows all of them.  I would rather have something that can be updated easily too. Is there a free map tool that works in a similar fashion?  I really just want a map with a lot of red dots on it to mark where each sale has taken place.  I think mystoremaps has a pretty easy system set up for this task.  I just do not want to pay a monthly fee to show other continents. Here is one of my auctions so you can see what it looks like.  The map is at the bottom of the item description. Like I said in the title, the first good answer will get a code to upgrade to a Pro Member on Instructables.

Asked by skittlespider 5 years ago

How to create a barcode Scanner device?

Please help.. i want to create a barcode scanner device (the actual device itself, not the program.).. can anyone help me?

Asked by vpuato 5 years ago

Help! Cnc stepper driver

Help,I need to know whether this stepper circuit design is capable of driving stepper motors for cnc milling.. Here is the design

Posted by quadcube 5 years ago

How do I understand what the heck a cyborg is?

I'm not a cyborg myself... and I'm making an article about them. Can someone point me in the right direction (DIY bone conduction implants might work, or IR HUD) and I'm talking mostly about a mental fusion of man and machine, which I am sure I and most of Western society are. But  on a more fundamental level. Also, I wrote a few shorts on deaf people, some of whom were cyborgs, so I'd be glad to publish them on t'Internet somehow.

Asked by j4jackj 5 years ago

How do i connect my created device into my program?

I am creating an ultrasonic device which i want to interface into my program, how is it possible? please help me anyone..

Asked by vpuato 5 years ago

Sensor and Quick Release for Monster Trap Christmas Gift

I'm building a Christmas present for my 2 year old nephew... The goal is to build a monster trap for his room. My current plan calls for a large 2-3 ft. net, framed with a lightweight material, this would be attached to the ceiling of his bedroom by dad. In the apparatus that attached the net to the ceiling there is some form of 'quick release' mechanism that is triggered by some form of sensor hidden in a pillow, platform, cardboard box... a big stuffed banana -something that resembles monster bait. The physical parts of simple enough but I'm wondering what options I have for the sensor and quick release... I'm pretty handy with radio gear and fly quadcoptors so I'm pretty sure I can rassle up something.. Any ideas? Parts for Monster Trap: - one lg net, preferrably framed - radio controlled quick release - light sensor w/ radio transmitter - pillow or something to mount the light sensor in - screws to ceiling mount the net

Asked by mrmartin79 5 years ago

Looking for Help with a flat LED panel light

Greetings and salutations, I am trying to find out the feasibility of making a light strip like this It would be my fist LED project - so where would I get the LED's and all the other requisite bits and pieces? Also would it be cheaper to make my own - or would I be better of biting the proverbial bullet and buying it from Hornady? Thanks Andrew

Asked by skyegod 5 years ago

The Mad Science of Music

Last week we teamed up with the Budweiser Project Twelve to take a look at Hellboy and his amazing visual creations. This time we're taking a look at someone in the audio realm: Eric Church from Moog. You've probably never heard of Eric, but he is pushing the boundaries of the sounds a guitar can make with sensoriactuators. Don't worry about the big word there, what's important are the spacey and atmospheric effects that it helps to create, even with a regular acoustic guitar. It's a bit of mad science, truly. So be sure to check out the photo series to see who the person is that would create such a thing. It's well worth it. Eric’s American Makers photo essay.

Posted by fungus amungus 5 years ago

compost shredder-bike ?

Looking for ideas/designs to create a bike powered compost materials shredder?

Asked by ndancer93 5 years ago

My battery pack keeps melting?

I am making a simple circuit with only batteries and LED strips - I know it must be shorting but very new to this and wondering how I can find the short and fix it? It takes around 4 minutes to melt the pack, I am using 8 AA batteries as was told the LED strips work at 12V.  Would really like your help.

Asked by scooterlights 5 years ago

transfer electrecity wirelessly using electromagnetic inducton

I want to transfer electercity wirelessly using induction by electromagnetism, by using two solenoides, one source and one receiver. The receiver is connected to 8 (1.5V) leds and i need to light these leds wirelessly. please provide me what type of electrecity DC or AC must i use and what are the diameter of the coil, lenght.... and all these stuff. i need to light these leds at a distance of 20 Cm between the two coils. Provide me also formulas of calculation needed for this project and thank you.Please it is urgent and i needed for my University, it is graded. please and no need for raisonance .

Asked by kiddie123074 5 years ago

Demo (Contractor) Bags Are Sometimes Better than Garbage or Other Bags

Folks use garbage bags for storing and hauling .  Problem is, garbage bags rip easily and usually are good for one use. Demo bags are woven from polypropelene and are strong and  can be re-used.. Haul one load, dump it, bring the bag back,  Refill and repeat. Or use it for moving. No worries about ripping. They are not waterproof or completely dustproof. So one may wish to line it with a plastic bag. I think I may try to use this as a potato bag for growing potatoes a described in an earlier instructable

Posted by Wilmette 5 years ago

Created guide is not visible as a recent 'ible

I created a guide and for some reason it is not visible as a recent project. Can someone please help?

Posted by blkhawk 5 years ago

For airflow would a filter be better placed prior to or after the main fan? Answered

I am looking to build a very simple air filter setup to help reduce dust and cat particles in the air while deep cleaning.  Would I be better off putting the filter on the front side (air out) or back side (air in) of the fan.  I know to keep dust off of the fan itself the back may be better but will i get better air flow with it on the front?  Thanks for any info.

Asked by kinderdm 5 years ago

help code problems i want to pause each word after is scrolls in for about half a sec or so

I believe this is the section of code that needs to be altered? // Plot each character of the message one column at a time, updated the display, shift bitmap left. void AlphabetSoup1() {   char msg[] = "  Enjoy the Vittles  ";   for (int charIndex=0; charIndex   {     int alphabetIndex = msg[charIndex] - ' ';     if (alphabetIndex         //-- Draw one character of the message --     // Each character is only 5 columns wide, but I loop two more times to create 2 pixel space betwen characters     for (int col = 0; col     {       for (int row = 0; row       {         // Set the pixel to what the alphabet say for columns 0 thru 4, but always leave columns 5 and 6 blank.         bool isOn = 0;         if (col         Plot( numCols-1, row, isOn); // We ALWAYS draw on the rightmost column, the shift loop below will scroll it leftward.       }            //-- The more times you repeat this loop, the slower we would scroll --       for (int refreshCount=0; refreshCount         RefreshDisplay();       //-- Shift the bitmap one column to left --       for (int row=0; row       {         for (int zone=0; zone         {           // This right shift would show as a left scroll on display because leftmost column is represented by least significant bit of the byte.           bitmap[row][zone] = bitmap[row][zone] >> 1;                     // Roll over lowest bit from the next zone as highest bit of this zone.           if (zone                   }       }     }   } }

Asked by bdexter 5 years ago

cool handmade schpeglar bracelets

A few bracelets that I designed and made recently.Mostly made of leather,although I do like to incorporate other materials into the design

Posted by schpeglar 5 years ago

What can I do with an old zoom lens??

Panasonic TV zoom lens J6X12 12.5-75mm 1:1.8 . It can be used as a variable magnifier, and would need a stand and lamp, but I'm looking for something more 'Instructable'.

Asked by dziadek 5 years ago

Can you use an Inverter IC chip to change two speakers automatically? Answered

I am making a snowmobile helmet that will have an Ipod and walkie talkie. I want my ipod to play the entire time, but once I get a message from my walkie talkie I want the music to stop. I was thinking of doing this by using the highs and lows of the two signals and put them through an inverter IC chip. I was going to use a 74LS04. My question is would the signals come out of the inverter as understandable signals and would this even work ? 

Asked by rocketman20 5 years ago

How do I get my 2 year old dachshund to like my new puppy and remain loving toward my husband and I?

My husband and I recently adopted an 11 week old female dachshund. We already have a 2 year old female dachshund that we adopted when she was a puppy. Of course over the past couple of years she has become our "baby", has had our undivided attention, and even sleeps with us at night..and sits in our laps every chance she gets.  She has always had the most loving and energetic personality.  I understand that the 2 year old doxie is naturally going to have a bit of jealousy and is not going to warm up to the puppy immediately, but I am looking for some advice as to how to best raise the two so that there is minimal jealousy and hostility in hopes of the two becoming "best buddies". Dachshunds tend to have personalities of their own and are a completely different breed when it comes to everything. We only adopted the puppy 2 days ago so I know that the relationship is definitely not going to develop over night. I guess I am most concerned that the 2 year old is going to continue to be jealous and and will not warm up to the puppy..She (the older female) has not been sleeping with us at night since the puppy is in bed with us which is very much not like her. She normally has the most energy and is quite lovable. She has not acted particularly aggressive to the puppy yet however She has been COMPLETELY different and distant since we got the new puppy. She did growl at my husband and I a couple of times which is completely not normal for her.  We know that crate training is the best option for the puppy but not sure what the reality of that is going to be. Any advice? THANKS!

Asked by ktew2445 5 years ago

Finding the right foam

Hey all,  I'm trying to build blocks out of foam that need to be anti static foam because it is going to interact with a tablet touch screen It needs to be about 1in thick. I was planning on using polyethylene foam but I wasn't sure about where to go to buy it could anyone help? I'm open to suggestions about better foam choices as well but my budget isn't very large. Thanks!

Posted by jgg0592 5 years ago

How i built a pv solar cell ?

How can i make the solar cell from diode?

Asked by haibat haibat 5 years ago

looking for a light chaser circuit or someting that I can get a string of lights to come on one after the other.

Want to be able to get lights to come and chase each other. Have seen them on signs would even accept a program on the computer that you could use to control them.

Posted by Demascus 5 years ago

What is LPCO Mobility Division?

I found this SD acrd adapter, but I can't find its schematic or any other information about it online. Are any of you from this company or at least knowing how to use this device?

Asked by VirtualBoxer 5 years ago

A very disturbing "instructable"

Can someone please talk to someone in charge and take down an Instructable by "velacreations" named "Make a rabbit fur hat from scratch"?? This crazy person is encouraging people to breed bunnies and slaughter them for fur to make hats, need I say more?? Well I will, it's revolting, and extremely disturbing. I was in shock when this even came promoted to my email. I don't want to unsub from this site but will with no hesitation if this doesn't get removed. Rabbits are supposed to be wild or loved as pets. Not raised to be killed, butchered, and skinned (with kids at the house too boot it seems!) and spread across the internet with info on how to do it to tons of other defenseless bunnies. Come on now guys, don't stoop this low and think this acceptable. Thank you and I truly hope action is taken ASAP. Joanne

Posted by josmets 5 years ago

Review: Sharir1701's Bushmaster M17S

Sharir1701's M17S is truly a pretty gun. Even my mom said so, but it does have its draw backs. In this review, I am going to do my best to give you the pros and cons of this gun, so that you can decide weather to build it or not. Now, the gun might be somewhat outdated, but it is pretty cool all the same. First off, let us talk about the cons, as those will really be the things you will really want to see. Cons: Looks: He stated in the 'ible of his M17S that "this is my bushmaster m17s replica thats like 95% perfect as a replica..." but I quite disagree. The barrel area is not quite accurate. His is too thick, the barrel is WAY two small (though, I admit, with his setup it would be pretty hard  to edit that), his trigger guard is not quite curved enough, and the handle is curved way to far. The carrying handle is not high enough, and the attachment bar is too block like. The butt-stock area is horrid. it is not flat on top, it is WAY too big, and it does not have the right types of curves. Mechanism: The mechanism does not always block the FP, and the safety does not always work. The mag lock is also a waste, as the mag stays in fine with out it. Piece Consumption: This gun is VERY piece consuming, and took up almost all of my orange connecters, green rods, and dark grey connecters (even with my attempts at piece saving). This is not really a disadvantage to the gun its self, but just keep that in mind. I am sure there are MANY ways to fix this as a problem. Now to the pros. Pros: Looks: Looks good over all, but again, not very accurate. Comfy, and yet sturdy, this gun is not at all a wast of time! Mechanism: The mechanism on this gun is FANTASTIC. I love the way it works, and the mech is quite effective (minus the disadvantage above). All of the mechs are easy, work great, and are VERY "smartly" done. Effective overall. Range: Fantastic! With a couple rubber bands you have your self an effective gun! Overall: This gun is so much fun to build and to mess around with. It's big, sturdy, has great range, has great mechs, and is just awesome overall. I would love to see this gun's mechs thrown into a concept gun/fake gun. Hope this helps you out. And as always, rate, comment and subscribe!

Posted by The Red Book of Westmarch 5 years ago

Simple guitar amplifier?

Just curios, is it possible to build a (very) simple guitar amplifier out of  2x2N2222, a 8 Ohm speaker, a battery and some resistors? Note: I have a guitar cable with another and cut off.

Asked by MaracKoMarac 5 years ago

how to convert a bust statue to hang on the wall?

I have this deer head table top ceramic bust that I want to hang on the wall. Any thoughts, ideas, products that could help me transform this to a wall hanging? I would like it to hang like the the rhino. Thanks

Asked by smithmadison345 5 years ago

any hacks for a zune?Ideas ,please? Answered

Give me some ideas to hack a zune give a link to how to do it or an 'ible. Thanks,             :)

Asked by Xixfas 5 years ago

An idea for the ever increasing "Show Off" 'ibles.

I know that I am not the only one who has been noticing an ever increasing amount of showoff'ibles, that don't offer any instructions or steps or workflow thoughts etc, and the page is basically just to say "Hey, look what I built". What I am suggesting is a topic at the top of the website, (next to the create,explore,contest,community,search), named "Show Room". Where people who do not currently have a proper instructable, but still want to display their creations. Could also be used by people currently working on their instructables as a "Heads up on what's coming". This would clear out the 'ibles section quite a bit and give the site as a whole, a more organized feel. Those are my 2 cents. Love the site, wish to see it grow even more!

Posted by Kimbones 5 years ago

When the worlds ends...

I just learned that China's six biggest ports now ship 25 times more goods than the entire planet shipped just a generation ago. A few logical steps later, I found myself wondering; How long could [insert country of choice] last if all international transport (including materials transported via pipes) were suddenly shut off? How far back down the scale of civilisation would your nation slide before it stabilised? Which countries would fare worst? Best? Discuss.

Posted by Kiteman 5 years ago

Instructable Idea

Hello, It is Walrus.  This is my first post to the forum, so take it easy.              My idea is a simple guide to writing. This was already made, but I feel it only included half of the entire deal. He explains good light conditions and challenges. I was thinking about: Does music help you write? What type of topic is the most appealing to your reader? Pen, Pencil, or Typing? The guide could also include a list of tips that correct common mistakes. Please leave constructive criticism or friendly comments. Thanks for reading! 

Posted by TheWalrusMan 5 years ago

mini usb to 3.5 mm female jack converter

Please tell me how to make a converter(without any purchases) so that i can connect my 3.5 mm jack headphones to my phones mini usb port which is 2 in one charger and audio out port My phone-htc touch  i thought out of something like this thank you in advance

Posted by fridodido 5 years ago

what is the best video shrinking/encoding software

What is the best video encoding video shrinking program that you have found and what are the settings you use to encode them? and what size and quality do you get afterwards i have a 50 inch tv and want to play on it but want some decent quality at least 720p if not 1080p since it is a full def tv i use handbrake which encodes well but i want other peopels opinions and options to use instead thanks in advance? ok so some more detail im talking of backing up blu ray movies of mine and putting them on my tv to play and so far i found mediacoder to work well other from handbrake so if anyone has a good preset for blu ray with mediacoder or anyone know of a good program/ setting for that program for big screens such as 32 or bigger screens please let me know

Asked by nightninja87 5 years ago

help identify numbers on this chip? Answered

Okay, so im looking to replace some IC's in a laptop. simple enough, but theres one thing. the part numbers differ by only one digit, and searching for either returns identical results. its a DDR ram chip, made by samsung, part "K4D551638F-TC40". the number that changes on two of the four chips is on the first line, with the word "Samsung". one two of the chips its a "510", while on the other two its a "540". if i google the chip and go to images, most of the results show one with a 510 on it. i know it isnt the clock speed, because according to the datasheet that is shown by the "TC40", so does anyone have a clue what those 3 digits on that first line mean? if anything?

Asked by zack247 5 years ago

Ikea RAMVIK Coffee Table Arcade Mod

I'm in the purchasing phase to begin building a new arcade modded coffee table.  I have most everything figured out, my only issue is an idea a friend of mine expressed to me tonight and that is a "spring loaded latch" to serve as a means to, when first pushed in, release the monitor from being held in place on the table so it can be more conveniently angled towards the viewers, and when pushed in again, to latch it back into position (flush with table top). My problem is,  I have no idea what these things are called or what they look like. I'm fairly certain "spring loaded latch" is the appropriate terminology, but not completely sure as everything I'm seeing looks entirely foreign to me. I've included a terrible, terrible MS Paint version (I literally spent ~5 minutes on this) to kind of show what I'm going for. I want it flat on latch, angled at release. Spring loaded to push it forward upon release, but locking at the end point (say 35 degrees). This will be my first mod, and I absolutely HAVE to do it as my wife thought it was cool enough to allow for our living room piece. So, to reiterate, my question is: What is the name of this piece that latches/releases upon pressing? Is there one viable for something as heavy as this monitor (21.5" IPS LED Monitor)? --- Also, if anyone has any suggestions, please do share. I am a total novice but my father is a woodworking aficionado (though my intent is to keep this as exclusive to my own efforts as possible).  When I finish this piece, I will absolutely include a step-by-step instruction PDF. Thanks, Eric

Posted by bowserpunch 5 years ago

Will the fuze in my ATX power supply protect the power supply rails from being damaged?

Hi, I have moded a few ATX power supplys before and my latest find has a higher wattage than my other ones. Anyway I want to make sure that I dont blow up this one. So does the fuze in the power supply on the input protect the whole power supply from over current & shorts or do I need to fuze each rail indervisually? Also I want to protect the supply from EMF from inductive loads. I was just going to connect diodes in reverse accross the outputs. Any ideas on what diodes I should use? Thanks, David.

Asked by David97 5 years ago

Free!! (Dark / Light Sensor LED Circuit)

Giving away free circuit - world's best dark / light detecting sensor circuit for LEDs... see my projects!!

Posted by pandyaketan 5 years ago

Citizen Science contest

Hey! I have entered 1 of my instructable in the sci-starter contest. I wanted to know one thing that the contest states.It says - "Select one or more to solve or come up with your own creative solution to a challenge you face as a citizen scientist!" So, from it I perceived that if I have a problem as a citizen contest I can submit an instructable solving it. So, I submitted 2 of my instructables- But I  got both of them rejected. As the other instructables in the contest include how to make a motor,how to make a carrot cannon,power your home with steam.etc. I do not think either of them is a solution to any problem. Thank you

Posted by pranjal12 5 years ago

Li-ion vs Li-poly battery? Answered

I m currently searching for a battery that has an high discharge rate and I found these two:   Li-ion: Li poly: I need 40 volts so If I buy the Li-ion y will buy 4, and 2 of the Li-poly. I want to know which battery will be better for an high discharge for about 3 seconds, and about 15 times. I will use the batteries to create an high powered electromagnet to move steel. Thanks

Asked by Kurt Gerhard 5 years ago

Airsoft Bolt Action?

I was wondering on how to make a bolt action for an homemade airsoft gun. Im open to any suggestions

Asked by JuriusV 5 years ago

raspberry pi touch screen

I have this touch screen is there anyway that i can hook it up to my raspberry the screen works on my ardino uno

Asked by dsl158 5 years ago

Android Stepper Motor?

So I am working on controlong shades in my house with my android phone and my arduino over bluetooth. i was thinking on using a steper motor to act as a gear to open and close the blinds. could anyone help me with any toturials or a link to any documentation involving bluetooth stepper control? Plese help.

Asked by broskiz 5 years ago