how do i reverse polarity to/control a "hobby" servo using an arduino chip and motor shield?

I am new to programing and electronics/circuits i.e. breadboards etc, and i have been looking around on this website and YouTube to reverse the polarity to a linear servo motor to make it go forwards and backwards. i am also having with the servo going to far forwards and backwards and locking up the motor to the point where i have to manually spin the gears to free the motor, how do i fix this? The servo/motor i am using is a AS2000L 1.7- Gram Linear Ultra-Micro Servo and i am using 2 types of this servo, one with just positive and negative wires and the other is the full version with the chip and receiver/transmission wire here is the link for the servo, the specs for it that are on the back of the package are: Torque: 2.8oz of force Speed: .14 sec @ 3.7V Dimensions: 22 x 16.9 x 8.2mm Weight: 1.7g Voltage Range: 3.2V - 4.2V Stroke: 9.1mm Connector Type: JST In the beginning i used a 9V battery and just switched the ends that the wires touched and that was how i was reversing the polarity, now i am using the same method but with 3 1.5V  AAA batteries connected together.

Asked by THE STIG37 5 years ago

Hybrid photo/vid -ible Format

I'd like to be able to post with a combo of vid + photos. Sometimes 90 % of the ible is ok with still pics, but 1 bit needs motion to be understood. Or my video cam craps out in the middle of a project...

Posted by Toga_Dan 5 years ago

What are these components I harvested from old boards? Answered

If you know what any of the components in the pictures are please leave a comment with the number of the picture in which the component you are referring to is in. Thanks

Asked by mdog93 5 years ago

Wireless connection

I have an old iPod touch that I can hook up to my tv I was wondering how can I use that  To connect my new iPod touch to my tv wirelessly  like I want to old iPod to be the receiver  then I would tv out that on to my tv any suggestions thanks in advanced .

Posted by Darki34 5 years ago

How can I identify what kind of resistors I have? Answered

Recently I have been trying to identify and categorise all my scavenged electronic components. I know how to identify the values and tolerances of the resistors by using the colour bands, but some of the resistors have different 'body' colours. I know the standard beige/brown ones are carbon film and metal film resistors are often blue. But I have some other colours, which I would guess are also metal film-but I don't know, they are all shown and labelled in the picture. Let me know if you think you know what they all are. From left to right: 1st is a standard carbon film 2nd I'm sure is a metal film resistor 3rd: ??its a slightly greeny aqua colour 4,5,6,7th:??? these are a torqoise green type colour 8th: ??? this is lime green

Asked by mdog93 5 years ago

youTube interaction

In this There are three replies. When I viewed the 'ible BEFORE clicking on Iceng's video, I could see the replies, now, AFTER viewing the video, anytime I review the page I can ONLY see the video.....

Posted by steveastrouk 5 years ago

Independent Music

Hi guys, Are there any DIY souls here who compose/record/produce their own original music or belong to any independent band? It would be lovely if we could all share our music here! I'll start off with mine. Feel free to check them out: Cheers, Alberta

Posted by Alberta Leong 5 years ago

Possible spamming accounts

I found these two accounts very similar: Member1 and Member2. And both are advertising Viagra and selling drugs.

Posted by blkhawk 5 years ago

Can't connect my computer after system restore?

Hi, im new here here at Instructables, and I really need some help, by the way im not a computer wizz but ill try explain it to you all as best as I can. Computer Model: eMachines E3042 (Desktop PC) OS: Windows XP pro Anyway, a few days ago my brother got a new notebook so he gave me this eMachines tower thing. But, it was full of junk and the Internet was slow but working. So I inserted the 'Windows XP Pro' CD and installed it on top of the previous one, (im not too sure if it deleted everything). And after the wipe, I tried to get on the internet but I had no connection, I have tried going on control panel and playing around but nothing. Also, I have tried going into the 'Network Connection' folder and there was one that only works using a wire. Now, I am using the wire (to type this) and that would be fine too use, If my room wasnt upstairs. So has anybody got a solution? Thanks Lewis

Asked by lewisholmes 5 years ago

Identification needed!

Hi there, I'm messing around with a cheap Chinese camera I got a while back and was looking to replace the rather poor camera with a nicer, clearer one. I'm a complete newbie at doing this as this is as far as I can get!! It seems there is a clip in camera for the circuit board but now I have no idea how to search for another compatible one to buy online. I've typed in 'camera circuit board replacement' and 'clip in camera part' etc. etc. but to no avail. Here are some also rather poor images of the camera in question but hopefully it's enough for someone to point me in the right direction of another replacement module that would snap in and work! Thanks! Josh

Posted by JoshingTalk 5 years ago

How we can see the blue tooth rays and from those rays we can see the picture of a person?

It will be a part of 6th Generation.So guys your suggestions for this?

Asked by jatinkamboj 5 years ago

What's the best broadband collimated light source?

I am measuring the transmittance of different glass samples using integrated sphere and a radio spectrometer.... the light source that I am using currently is a Halogen car head light... but it is neither collimated nor bright enough.....  Could you please suggest what light source shell I be using... Moreover could you please have a look at the pic attached and suggest any improvements in my method of transmittance measurement.. I'll be very thankful to you for any assistance in this regard. Kind Regards

Asked by raishikoh 5 years ago

May I draw everyones attention to the plight of Sheffield Halam student Richard O'Dwyer?

Hi everyone, yeah sorry if this seems a bit spammy, anyway Jimmy Wales leads the call to stop his extradition. Petition Interesting times we're living in. Thanks for looking and maybe signing too! Bosh

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Congratulations to Kiteman, and wish him success in his cat food factory.

Posted by rimar2000 5 years ago


Is this normal ? That i got a warning from malweare?

Posted by ashley van steenacker 5 years ago

How do I set up a mobile wifi router (LAN), and a wifi windows machine? Answered

We are a collective of dancers and bicyclists that organize huge bicycle rallies up and down the west coast. There are dozens of bicycle sound systems on these rides, and we seek to send an airplay audio signal to everyone's smartphone with wifi. The software of choice is Airfoil.  For it to send audio, it needs to be installed on a windows or mac computer (not cell phone or tablet). Smart phones can then receive the audio signal. I need help designing a road worthy wifi router and windows machine to be the moving hub of this wifi broadcasting party. Extra points for durability, signal strength and thrift. Please be detailed, because I am only vaguely knowledgeable of wifi, and I'm not that bright. Please note that I am well versed with other options for sending an audio signal. I have reasons for being this specific. Without your help, I would acquire a used netbook with a solid state drive running windows (maybe about $200), grab a wifi router (I have a few older ones lying around) run it all on an inverter and give it a go. Because I am a mac guy, I don't know how to do anything, like how to set up a local area network.... (I usually jam in a cable from a high-speed modem).... we are not doing that on a bicycle, so I'm a bit fuzzy on that part. I am well versed with power supplies, and willing for the range to be less than ideal at first... (that can be improved later) I am just looking to get a trial of this system up and running. I am most appreciative of your help, and I plan on writing a full article on what I've learned, if successful~ Thanks!!! Tor PS, Photo not of me, but these people are obviously awesome, and will love what we are doing.

Asked by torclausen 5 years ago

3d modeled figurine of my Mass Effect 2/3 custom character?

Ok, I'll probably be one of the first to admit it's a bit childish, geeky, and frivolous, but I've really been looking for a way to get my custom character from the Mass Effect games OFF of the tv screen, and ONTO my bookshelf... I was considering using 123d catch and screencap the character from multiple views, but that would only get me standing views of the character. I want a figurine holding a Geth sniper rifle, and looking bad@$$... anybody have any ideas/sources?

Asked by sjeenyus 5 years ago

Mag-safe type Audio Connector for Headphones?

Would it be possible to make a Magsafe-like cable for headphones? I'm always either editing video or listening to music while on the desktop in my family's living room. In order to not disturb everyone, I use headphones. But getting up time after time is very much a pain when I have to pull my headphones off, set them down, then head off to wherever in the house I need to go. (Kitchen, toilet, etc...) I think I've come up with a solution that would make things a lot easier. The end of the heaphone cable is normal. Standard 3.5mm. But the other end, which is usually hidden away in the left ear cup all stripped and leading to different speakers, is seperated from the ear cup, and connects and stays on with magnets! The only problem is that I'm not quite sure what to do to make this...anyone have any ideas?

Posted by ccain3 5 years ago

Connecting headphone jack to standard speaker?

I took a speaker out of an old CD player and I have an old headphone jack with the wire that I want to connect to it. I have done this before but I have one problem: the sound. When I plug it into my Ipod it is only as loud as the headphones were. Would a transistor amplify the sound and make it louder? If so how do I do that with only two wires? I am trying to figure out how to make it louder. Thanks.

Asked by chiefs543 5 years ago

Calculating the ripple current of the output filter of a full bridge smps?

I have been designing an offline 100khz 720 watt full bridge converter for 24 volts dc out at 30 amps. I've calculated that at a minimum duty cycle of .3 and a voltage ripple of .03v I need a minimum of 7k uf. I read the output filter section of "The Power Supply Cookbook" and it gives  this equation to get the peak to peak current ripple: I(pk-pk)=(2*Iout)/(min duty cycle). with a duty cycle of .3 this gives me 200A ripple current. With four caps each would need to be about 2000uf and a ripple current of 50A, which would be expensive. I've only every built flyback and boost converters so I wonder if the equation for peak to peak current ripple is only meant for those topologies, or perhaps I've calculated wrong. Is there a different equation I need to use or have I done something wrong? Any tips for selecting capacitors and what chemistry to use (tantulum/aluminum)? Thanks in advance I'm new to forward mode converters!

Asked by sk8aseth 5 years ago

Robosapien android control? Answered

Ive recently found some different hacks for wowwee's Robosapien and these have inspired me to dig out my old one and see what i could do. One thing i want to start with is controlling it with maybe an app on my android, ive found a few different websites  with different ways to go about this but none was what i wanted. Ive found these two projects ( here and here) and i wondering if anyone could help me bridge the two (the coding still gives me a headache), of if you have a different way to go about it.  Thanks in advance

Asked by zootsuitman 5 years ago

Star Rating?

How do you set up your instructable so that viewers can rate it?

Asked by annerjx 5 years ago

how to make a photoshop photo color accent?

How do i take a regular photo and create a photo accent photo.

Asked by kimquijas 5 years ago

IS it Logical to use Lithium ions in noramal cars?

Just Normal cars,not electric ones..I think it may not be able to charge and discharge at the same time for Lithium family..Am i right? pls  point out some faults..that you think may occur?

Asked by Nr-Think different 5 years ago

Home Made AC for building/Workshop

I was curious   what   if  i  put a 16 cubic ft. chest  freezer in  my  small work  building   and  filled  75 % fullof  water . once frozen i  could  install and  4 inch pvc pipe in  one side  and  then another in the opposite  side.  On days i would  be working in my shop  for   a few  hours   if i pushed air  through  the   pipe  and  recieved  cold  air  out the other side.   Wonder how long  this would work  or would  it  work  at all? Andy

Asked by andy1917 5 years ago

How to convert LDR reading to lux readings?

I want to make a digital lux meter using a arduino but I am quiet confused on how do I convert LDR reading into lux reading.Please help me for the conversions. 

Asked by Bot1398 5 years ago

Does anyone want to see me make a new version of this lego computer?

I have attached images of my second lego computer build. I am now planning a third that will be very similar to this, but with much better components including a fan controller and hot swap hd bay. Does anyone want me to record the process? I have come up with a few great ideas for this type of mod. Also I have just begun design in digital legos and would love any suggestions.

Posted by alec-karfonta 5 years ago

how to increase i/o pins in arduino

I am working with an ethernet shield project. i need more i/o pins for my project.  My need may increase upto 1000s too. using one ethernet shield connected to a single arduino board has only 14 io pins. using MUX will not be use ful for my project. Please help me with solution for this.

Asked by ananth raj 5 years ago

Can you change the software of the old R4 chip to work on the 3DS? Answered

I have an R4 chip that I got from vacation back in 2009, and now I have a 3DS. Obviously, the software does not work on this newer technology, and I don't fancy getting the new R4 3DS cartridge. I've looked all over the internet, but I cannot find any answers -- all I want to know is: Is it possible to change R4 the software to work on the 3DS?

Asked by Thergox 5 years ago

I need help with selecting right crossovers for chosen drivers?

Attention Audiophiles What Crossover will suit for these components in a 2way bookshelf speaker? Also if someone can calculate a good volume for cabenit (without going out yer way) would be Amazing. Its my first speaker design im taking it slowly but days n days of research hasn't answered all my questions. (i learn better from doing, unfortunately not reading, and iv'e read myself stupid on the matter Help!) Thanks 

Asked by scott_shot 5 years ago

how to transfer static energy to electrostatic motor

How to transfer static energy to electrostatic motor from ballon to make it rotate, and which type of wire. use to transfer charge

Asked by vivekmcps 5 years ago

how do i connect 8 small 1.5v rechargeable cells in both parallel and series so it can power a USB?

I recently got a load of solar garden lights from pound land (mainly for the rechargeable cells) how would i still charge them from the solar panels but have the output as USB instead of the little LED's and obviously i would need to increase the voltage so I was wondering if anyone new how i would connect 8x 1.5v batteries to get essential 2x 6v batteries by connecting four in series and then connecting them to another set of four in series to make the 2x 6v ones, and then how i would be able to have an input to charge form the solar panels and an output to USB, a diagram would be amazing, i am a total novice at electronics, i know the basics but past that i really need some precise guidance, thank you

Asked by On The 3dge 5 years ago

Have u ever had your heartbroken if so tells us what happen and how you got over it

This forum is about  heartbreak i know everybody has been through it, so share with us how you got over that point in your life,and what you learned from it. Remember dont give names and keep it clean.

Posted by Hazeleyes101 5 years ago

How come I can't favorite? Answered

How come I can't favorite any instructables anymore?  When you compare between Pro and Free it says its for both.

Asked by mattmahn 5 years ago

Looking to make a simple LED scoreboard?

Looking to make a simple LED scoreboard for scoring "Bags" games (Cornhole). All i Need is 2 rows of 21 LEDS on each side of a vertical board with the bottom denoting scoring "1" and the top as "21". And I'd like to have some sort of momentary button to press that would move the circuit from 1 to 21 one increment at a time (moving up, turning on the next as the last one turns off). I could just put switches on each led but I am trying to avoid that. Any advise would be helpful. Thanks PS , if all the lights stay on until i get to the top and then able to reset it, that would be fine too, Just trying to eleviate the use of multiple toggle switches.

Asked by djtonyc77 5 years ago

Do elective courses matter in universities? Answered

I am going to university this fall and my major is economics. I have a lot of options for elective courses for the first year, like geography, math and psychology. I wonder does it really matter what elective course I take in university? Will companies focus on elective courses when they interview people? Or they only look at your major?  

Asked by Lzx 5 years ago

Can someone make a lego semi-automatic rubberband gun using just pieces from the lego online store?

I can only buy my pieces off the online lego store and they don't have the standard gear used to make the gun. Can someone post a gun that uses the pieces from the online pick-a-brick that is semi-auto or auto and would work with a clip system?

Asked by TheYukomaru 5 years ago

Need help with DC bias of opamp Answered

Hello .I want to make a simple headphone amp with active mixer ,use single power supply. The first schematic is combine of simple opamp mixer and cmoy headphone amp,and its work fine.But can i want to reduce the board can i remove a resistor(schematic2) and a capacitor (schematic3)  ? Thanks for advance! sorry for my bad English.

Asked by login721 5 years ago

LED Grow lights for indoor plants?

I have a lamp with a couple of multi-color changing LED light bulbs and I was wondering if any of the red/blue combination settings would work well for growing plants indoors? This is a photo of the type of bulb I have.  I have a couple of non-edible plants that I got at a craft store and I was just wondering if this type of bulb would work well and help them grow since I can't get these plants into direct sunlight.  Thank you Instructaverse! 

Asked by tklene 5 years ago

How to wire an 8x8 led matrix to arduino uno?

Forgive my lack of knowledge, but this is my first matrix and i have it set up and i have an arduino uno, but i dont know how to wire the arduino to control the matrix.  I've tried to look here and have googled it with no success, so could someone please inform me on how to do this?

Asked by texpert 5 years ago

What happened to this mercury? Answered

As a very foolish child, in a plumbing and heating shop, I ate about this much mercury.   I heard it stays in my system but do I need to worry?  If I ever do see a doctor again, should I tell him?  Also, should I quit eating canned Tuna because of this?  (I've been opening tuna cans the last few years thinking it a slow suicide)    Thank you

Asked by onrust 5 years ago


I was building my 4d rc plane, and then i thought if i could build a rc conputer controlled uav, and fly it over the neighbour s house, and with a pan and tilt camera, it would be nicer. and i don't even need to go to the flying field. I was wondering, if i could make a rc plane with more than 1 hour of flying time and can fly with a range with 20 kilometers that would be the perfect model. How is it possiable to make a light yet powerful plane.  pls help me with this project ps.i have a budget of 400 dollars.

Asked by stevenzhang 5 years ago

I need advice about building my first Arduino led cube.

Hello, I'm am considering building my first led cube. What should I start out with? Are there any other basic arduino projects that I build first? How do you program an arduino? I you have any advice please leave a comment below.

Posted by jackjackboom 5 years ago


Hello. recently i was having problem with my pc and someone offer to help. i was asked to download bitvise tunnelier so ther can remotely have access to my pc wish i did, although i had to give them a password and login to get entry BUT I WAS WONDERING IF THEY COULD STILL ACESS MY PC WITHOUT MY KNOWLEGDE?

Asked by emma_kt1 5 years ago

How to pulse dc current? Answered

Hi! I was just wondering if people could give me some different ways to pulse dc current. I am trying to power a transformer with dc. Thank you in advanced.

Asked by tesla man 5 years ago