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Posted by noahw 5 years ago

codigo para cubo de leds de 5x5x5 con arduino?

Me gustaria me ayudaran con un codigo para un cubo de leds de 5x5x5 con arduino uno, lo hice mediante multiplex, ayuda por favor 

Asked by airada 5 years ago

Trapped for the weekend.

I experienced a delayed posting of a project just this past weekend. I submitted an instructable Saturday afternoon to not have it appear until Monday afternoon.  Somewhat frustrating to invest time crafting an instructable then to have it burried in the third page when it finally appeares over two days later. Many page views are missed when this happens. I believe the cause was that my instructable contained the word knife [] and thereby became trapped in the filters setup to catch dangerous instructables. I understand the need for filtering and containing dangerous projects but having reviewed and released projects keep their original posting date means lost exposure. Maybe nothing can be done about it but I needed to share my frustration. Self therapy perhaps.  There, I'm already feeling better about it. -Jason

Posted by Jason Bedard 5 years ago

Does anyone know how to grow sugar cane? Answered

Hi. I was just wandering if anyone knew how to griw sugar cane, and where you could buy some seeds(or what you use to grow them) Thank you in advanced.

Asked by tesla man 5 years ago

Thor's Hammer (Should I post?)

               I thought of making this while I was talking to a friend about the movie, Avengers.  Should I post my Hammer?

Posted by Neon__Knight 5 years ago

Recent know a Inspiring song "Just My Pride",pretty good!

I like Inspiring song very much, please everyone also recommend about those songs,Did not find the beauty of the music,All share together!

Posted by lifechristine 5 years ago

Pro Membership/Credit Card

My pro membership is supposed to rollover today but my credit card number has changed. What do I do?

Posted by JimMonty 5 years ago

What kind of wood to use to build a potato bin? Answered

I want to build a potato/onion bin for storage but i am not sure what kind of wood i am supposed to use if it even matters. I have seen lots of plans and pictures for bins so I don't need that, but it never says if i have to use a specific type of wood. I'd like to use plywood since i have a lot of it but most builds show pine boards being used.

Asked by daveofwar 5 years ago

I have a mac that constantly, randomly shows all open windows?

I'm using a mac for presentation purposes and it constantly, randomly shows me all of my open windows, dimming the second display. This problem has been happening for a while but has not been a huge problem since it was not being used for presentation purposes. It is really distracting for viewers when the power point suddenly disappears and the screen dims. It would be a great help if someone could tell me why it is doing this. Thanks

Asked by Jareadx 5 years ago

Typo on new member profile page

On the new style member profile page you have "Acheivements", should be "Achievements"

Posted by steveastrouk 5 years ago

Arduino help

I want to run 2 stepper motors with arduino uno.motor wants 12 volt supply. i tried to run with arduino stepper motor driver wont run. then with ULN2003 it was running now it is not running with it in proper steps. i tried L298 also but same problem is plz help me as soon as possible

Asked by tejaspatel811 5 years ago

Unreadable Schematics

I thought when I joined up that this was going to be a great place to exchange ideas, so far not so! Everything I have downloaded to try to build the schematics have been totally unreadable. I saw a notice early this year that the problem had been addressed and taken care of, not so! the problem persists and if anything is worse!!! I paid for many years in advance in joining instructables thinking this was going to be a great place to share knowledge and ideas, I am now feeling as though it was money down the drain. If a simple thing as cleaning up schematics is that difficult it is money down the drain. When I can't read a schematic on my 32inch monitor no matter how large I blow it up something is wrong in follow up quality control, if there is any. I am sure I am going to get a long treatise about why this is this way and that is that way but it still comes down to if a web site cannot provide accurate legible information it serves no one! More than that its a complete waste of memory space no matter what it provides!

Posted by Still learning 5 years ago

How to teach a sxi-year-old boy?

I am now having a part-time job, which is teaching a kid with simple mathe and chinese. The boy's father has a high expectation with him, so I cannot just play games with the boy and I am supposed to teach him something in the textbook. And after teaching him for a week, I found that it is really difficult for him to focus on what i am saying. Like when I was drawing apples and telling him how to count numbers, he was completely concerntrated. And once I finished talking, he started to ask questions like why Tom Cat always chases Jerry Mouse.... Also, sometimes he interrupt me and ask why he has something that other girls don't have. I was so embarrassed because his father was in the next room. Sincerely, how to teach him?

Asked by Lzx 5 years ago

Solar powered cooler

I'd like to make a solar powered cooler, however, I am extremely new at this.  I was thinking I could just purchase an electric cooler and a solar panel with the voltage needed, and simply attach the wires.  I feel like that is way too simple to work but I don't know what else to do!  If anyone has any suggestions, I'd greatly appreciate it! The cooler I was thinking of using is here:  and the solar panel: Thanks!

Posted by lmccrazy 5 years ago

Is thr any difference between a degree in astrophysics and a degree in physics ?

If yes then i would like to know which 1 of these would provide me with a better job opportunity.Also i want to know what kind of jobs will i be offered ? And will they help me to become a scientist in future ? If no thn what study should i master in order to accomplish my aim ?

Asked by Gopal Dey 5 years ago


           Hi, I am new to the Instructables Community!  If you have any suggestions on what I should make, I will be glad to try my best.  Also, I am not the best creator, so It may not have the best quality.  But I will still try my best. (P.S. Also, I only work with K'nex)                                                                                                                                                                                        Sincerely,                                                                                                                                                                                               Neon__Knight

Posted by Neon__Knight 5 years ago

PM's are running off the page!

First off, thanks to staff for fixing the return key function in PM's (private messages). Unfortunately, with one fix, something else breaks, as messages in PM's are now running off the page and out of the message box. I was able to confirm this with another member (so it's not just me). *Updated with screenshot of PM (viewing in Instructables) 2nd screenshot shows what PM's look like in my email (you'll see its really hard to read), and it wasn't like this before. After every word is   (HTML non-breaking space). I presume this has something to do with the bug. - Mac OS X 10.6.8 - Safari 5.1.4

Posted by canucksgirl 5 years ago

New Member Page, New Groups Page

Hey Everyone! We just had a release that was over a month in the making! We totally redesigned the member page (take a look We also did a much needed update to the groups page which will make them more focused, more on that in the coming weeks. We fixed carriage returns on PMs so those work again, improved image processing so your images should be a bit more clear. This is only the beginning, expect some great things coming from HQ this summer! If you see any bugs, let us know! Thanks! Gregg Horton QA Engineer

Posted by frenzy 5 years ago

How am I able to use a potentiometer to cycle through a color wheel for a RGB LED, as well as make it react to music?

I have just started experimenting with circuits and what not, but i need some help, because I'm new, clueless, and trying to learn. My goal is to create a circuit that will allow me to use a single potentiometer to change the color of a RGB LED, as well as allowing an input for music to have it pulse to the beat. For the potentiometer, would that require an Arduino? Searching on Google has not yielded many results but they all tend to use an Arduino, and for the reaction for music, would I be able to use something along the lines of a tip31, like how it was used in another instructable ( Any help or insight would be great. Thanks for your time.

Asked by Cynda2 5 years ago

Internet connection problems? Answered

Hi!  I am running Windows XP on a virtual machine.  My NIC settings are for a bridged adapter, and I need to keep it that way.  The host computer can communicate with and silverlight just fine, but my virtual machine can not (although every other website that I have tried works just fine... I'm actually posting this from my Virtual machine).  I also have a server that is running server 2003 that has the same problem.  All other PCs are running either Windows 7 Pro, (and my parents have Vista Home Premium).  Every computer including my parents work just fine with and silverlight.  My router is running DD-WRT micro, but I don't know if that helps any.  Since Server 2003 and XP both have the same problem, and Server 2003 is based off of XP, I'm wondering if it has something to do with XP.  I am using my virtual machine for testing purposes, and I need it to work with silverlight.  Any suggestions on how I might fix this? Thanks!

Asked by thegeekkid 5 years ago

Vancouver Mini Maker Faire 2012

The Vancouver Make Faire 2012 was this past weekend. Those that could make it out were rewarded with seeing a 2-person bike spider, drawing robots, a whole village of 3D printers, a fire-burping machine controlled by a Fisher Price keyboard, and of course the Instructables booth where we were giving away stickers, patches and pins to all our fans.  Instructables members did not dissappoint, I met =D, Kev_MacD and fastermiles who came by the booth and talked about their passions. Also at the Faire: We were booth-neighbours with diyified, who showcased her DIY Toys I had ChrysN and nick2334 help me staff the Instructables booth and greet so many makers (thanks guys!) alejandroerickson had a "zest for mathematics" booth with a tensegrity workshop (it was packed) avid bike-hacker snotty shared a few of his custom rides (one of them had a sweet sound setup) I learned just how difficult it is to tie Chinese knots at arghc's booth aggrav8d had his $100 mural drawing robot in full effect (and it was awesome) Thanks to everyone who came out and stopped by our booth, it was a lot of fun meeting everyone. Below are a few pictures I took of the event, please feel free to share your own pictures of the Vancouver Maker Faire in the comments below.

Posted by mikeasaurus 5 years ago

what rc bomber can i use for paintball? Answered

I wanted to know what interferance free type of paintball bomber that is remote controled,can do at least 20 drops with paint greandes like the tippman big boy, that can be shot down with a paintball gun,repaired easily after shot down, can be used to view through the personal computer or tv to fly with sights to aim and costs the cheapest yet still has perfect of  quality, durblity and proformence.i also need to it to be very quiet

Asked by 35Timmy 5 years ago

Could someone post an 'ible on making a prop of Emile's kukri from Halo: Reach?

Look at the title. A prop, preferably realistic, specs, blah blah blah.  "I'm ready! How 'bout you!"

Posted by black hole 5 years ago

how to have multible input sources to one light

I am thinking of having 3 led's powered by  a dynamo which i have ready constructed but my main query is how would i be able to add a secondary power source to trickle charge the batteries, i am going to use just a cheap pound land solar panel but would i need any other components to be able to have the solar power charging it during the day but then the wind up generator for when its ark or when i need it 

Asked by On The 3dge 5 years ago

how to make a car alternator into a generator?

I have a car alternator that has 3 wires. The colors of the wires are white, black, and yellow. The alternator also has a pin at the bottem that says "Bat" so im guessing that goes to the negative terminal of the battery. I was wondering if some one could please tell me how to wire this alternator up so that when driven by a motor it will charge a 12 volt car battery. If you could please also add a picture of the wireing schematics that would also be very helpfull. I have looked all over the internet and could not find one site that told how to wire up the type of alternator I have. Thanks, Stefhan

Asked by Stefhan Albayaty 5 years ago

Is it possible to slow down an electric whisk?

I have an electric whisk that has 6 speeds, however the slowest is far too quick. Is there any way I could bring it down a notch? Thanks in advance for any help. Scott

Asked by dimmaz88 5 years ago

Seeking Advice on parts and next steps to make computer controlled toy

I'd like a fun project for my 6 year old but one that would still keep me interested. What we've come up with is this :  A device that we could fit into a stuffed animal's head that would spin its head in different /axes depending on the sounds it hears or at random intervals.  What specific parts and approaches would you recommend? I've done some electronic design decades ago but am rusty and am not that familiar with microcontrollers but am a fluent web programmer. I'm looking for advice on what parts I'd need , especially with regard to the micro controller (my initial thought was a STAMP 2) and motor assembly.   Below are the features we'd like to incorporate.  Features:  -small enough to fit inside a 4 inch round stuffed animal's head. -battery powered -One or more sound sensors that would enable the motor to respond (ie, turn toward)  a sound. -The ability to play and record sounds. -variable speed motor and preferably one that would be able to turn the head on more than one axis (sideways and up and down) -At least 10 programmable actions. A sample action would be to spin the animal's head toward a sound.  -nice to have: ability to plug into a usb port and download new programs and sounds from our website Recommended parts list? Design software or websites? anything would be helpful to get us going in the right direction

Posted by jverks 5 years ago

Knex gun ideas?

Any concepts or ideas anybody has could you please put them here so I can have a go at building them as long as they don't use many pieces. Could you also put any low piece, powerful guns that have a pump or have a cool features etc. thanks

Asked by I.E. 5 years ago

what does a #131 error mean on an Msntv 2 receiver?

Recently I picked up an Msntv 2 at a local goodwill, and when I took it home and tried to power it up, nothing happened. When I opened it up, I saw that two capacitors, both 470uf 16v low esr, had blown. After ordering the caps on ebay and waiting two weeks, they finally arrived. Today I attempted to replace the capacitors with my 40 watt soldering iron, which turned out to be quite a challenge, so I guess i need a more powerfull one in the future. I thought that I had totally destroyed the board connections on all four holes for both the capacitors by the time I had finished soldering, but nevertheless I plugged it in and this time it powered on but went to a green screen that said there was a problem with my receiver and gave me the error code #131. Because it powers on now, I kn ow that at least one of the capacitors works. I have a couiple of questions now to help determine my next move. First, can i check the capacitors by simply checking for voltage with a voltmeter? second, What does an error code 131 even mean? Third, could the error be because I dont have the msntv service? any help would be appreciated! Edit: I just checked the capacitors with a voltmeter, and they had a voltage on them so i dont think that that is the problem. Could it be a problem with the compact flash card where the files are stored?

Asked by danielemur 5 years ago


Hallo,I want to will the pocket sized contest really bad, but I don't have any ideas left. Every suggestion i welcome. Thanks?

Asked by Giedow 5 years ago

I've a wealth of A.C. landscape XFMR. How do you size the small full wave rectifiers for use in running LED's off these?

I'm using 12volt 50 watt thru 150 watt AC xfmrs and need to know how to size corresponding full wave rectifiers as available all over the web for anywhere from $3.00 to $10.00. Any help would be greatly appreciated. These are the typical A.C. landscape xfmr's I want to adapt to DC output. I'd like to avoid heat sinking at all costs. Thanks, Zappenfusen 

Asked by zappenfusen 5 years ago

Bulkhead out of electrical conduit?

Bulkheads are so expensive.  I have heard some people use electrical conduit to make bulkheads, even valve shut offs..  Does anyone have instructions for this?  I need them with my pond project.

Asked by meganmole 5 years ago


Me and my brother love brother is 8 and he wants a fort.we dont have much knex.and im stubbern and will ONLY use MICRO KNEX.NOT KID KNEX.I USE THE TYPE I GET FROM ROLLERCOASTER BOXES.back to the subject.i need low-piece microknex guns!I REPEAT:i need low-piece microknex a high rate of fire would be nice

Asked by TheRoyalJester 5 years ago

I'm willing to create a zvs induction heater but I have some questions Answered

Hello there! I want to create a ZVS induction heater but I don't fully understand yet how the coils need to be driven. I haven't started yet with building it, but I already wanted to check if the induction heating effect was working, so I connected a coil onto my high current DC blockwave generator and nothing really happens. it's a PWM controller which switches between 0V and the applied voltage. Is it because it sends DC signals to the coil, and the magnetic field goes into saturation? If so, I added a capacitor in series with the coil, to filter out the DC component but now nothing happens. There is nearly no current flowing trough the circuit. I'd also need some information on what influences the intensity of the heating? Is it the Amp*Turns that matters? because we're using high frequency here to lower the required current; but if it's amp*turns then we need the current to be as high as possible. So something's wrong there in the way I thought this works :/ I do know how the material gets heated. (by eddy currents that increase if the flux alternates at higher amplitudes) also, at what voltage should the coil be switched? does the voltage matter? Should I use something like 12v? 40v? or even 2v of I only need high current? I do know that the use of the high frequency is to increase skin effect in the material to be heated, but what other reasons are there for using such high frequency? Is it also because eddy currents will increase at higher frequency? If so, why would this happen? A lot of questions indeed :) but I'm not going to start copy-pasting the circuit, and then just being happy that it's working. I also need to know Why it works, and how! Thanks in advance, Electorials

Asked by DELETED_Electorials 5 years ago

HOW to make a solar panel if possible explain it with video also in easy way? Answered

How to make solar panels step by step easy with video.

Asked by absingh 5 years ago

I'm having headaches everyday; what could be causing them?

Ever since week 2 from the start of school, I've been getting headaches... and lots of it. From headaches, day 1, and a week thereafter, the headaches happened twice daily. Now it's week 3, and the headaches seem to be subsiding... a bit... Now I only get a few headaches every other day. What can be a viable explanation to this madness? In case this helps... I've limited my drinking of CocaCola since the past few months. I've started drinking water more often. I should be taking vitamins, but I forget to do so. What more is there? Yeah, we've received a lot of homework since school, day 2. Normally, I don't take in a lot of stuff just like that, but I was forced to do so under these circumstances. Perhaps, a combination of stress and vitamin deficiency? UPDATE: Headaches are subsiding now. Just a side note: it's as if everyone got headaches at the same time as I did. Multiple people received their dosage of headaches at roughly the same period. One of them was pregnant (understandable), the rest were college freshmen. I believe we can say that the headaches originated from a bit of "shock" from entering school (our homework instance rates upped by more than 100%!)

Asked by nutsandbolts_64 5 years ago

how make a write protected pendrive?

Dear all          I need to make a write protected pendrive to protect my pendrive from viruses. after the protection it should be readable in dos mode without any password, but no body can write or edit files on the pendrive. Thanks Chameera

Asked by chamksn 5 years ago

How many hours of direct sunlight comes from north of the east west line?

We all know that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west.  And it is true 2 days a year!   The other 363 days it is untrue.  I found a neat little website that  gives a  visual representation  of the sunlight at any day of the year and at any location and  in summer quite a lot comes from the northeast and northwest in the mornings and evenings. (where I live at about 49 degrees north). I thought the rays represented 20 minutes of sun travel originally but now I am not so sure because the hours of daylight in a day do not correspond with the number of degrees of sunlight.  Does anybody know how fast the sun goes down? Does it appear to speed up as it goes down in summer or does it appear at its fastest around noon?  If it goes down faster than it goes at noon then there will be less hours of sun north of the east west line but if it goes slower, there will be more hours of sun north of that line. I would like to know how many hours of light  come from north of the east west line so that I can  give a guesstimate about how much more light my lean away greenhouse collects compared to a lean to.  The various websites are good for giving the sun up and sundown times and angles but none I have found give the corresponding times for the sun passing  the east west line in morning and evening. It is a tricky question and I can make a physical model to figure it out but maybe someone already knows the answer. In the diagram the sunrise is 5.11 am and sunset is 9.17 pm and the sun rises at 52 degrees and goes down at 308 degrees.  The degrees divided by 360 do not tally with the hours divided by 24  0.67 for the hours and 0,71 for the degrees. Thanks for any help Brian

Posted by gaiatechnician 5 years ago

Participate from Brazil

I can not be living in Brazil? why? The design can be based on an existing idea on Instructables?

Posted by gustavol 5 years ago

Power Supply that will run off of 6or12 volts and output 3.5V with a constant current of 8.1A? It will power a ~22W LED.

Http:// If my calculations are correct, it is a 22W LED. I need to power this LED from a 6V or 12V sealed-lead-acid battery. 6V is preferable but I can fit 12V in a dolphin style torch too. :) I need to create this device, but not pay $60 for it:

Asked by jdorne 5 years ago

i need to make large pot of gold for parade float?

This is for a parade and needs to be big 

Asked by peggy50 5 years ago

High power LED brand recommendations?

I have an idea for an Arduino-controlled LED floor lamp and am interested in subjective information about the different brands of high power LEDs--pros and cons, the color and quality of the light, availability of heatsinks, mounting brackets, drivers, durability, price and so on.  Sparkfun sells Luxeon so it's tempting to just go with that, but I don't want to just go with that and find out something else was better.  I don't have a definite design yet just in the daydream stages, I want to be able to dim and brighten, turn individual LEDs on and off, be able to adjust the quality of light from warm to cool, I'm thinking white as a basis plus some RGB LEDs or other color leds to tweak the color, but the white light will do the heavy lifting, probably with some opaque white plastic or glass to mix and diffuse the light from all of the LEDs.  I found a few articles, but they're a few years old, or not exactly relevant (e.g. comparison of flashlights using these LEDs).

Posted by cdslashetc 5 years ago

What is a good schematic for a multimeter with an attiny85v and some 7 segment leds?

I want to make a multimeter out of an attiny85v, and some 7segment leds for a 12volt power supply that I made, I would like it to measure from 0.0V to 12.0 volts, with an accuracy of .1 volts. Anyone know any good circuits? EDIT: This is what I am looking for, except the author has not included any code

Asked by Michael_Bell 5 years ago

I bought a Pro Membership, it shows up on my profile, but it will not let me download an ebook.

I bought a Pro Membership, it show up on my profile that I am a pro member.  I have downloaded one ebook, but it will not let me download another one.  Why not?

Posted by cggoodwin 5 years ago

Help with a kerosene lamp

Hey guys, I recently got this silver lamp, which I've filled with kerosene. The only problem is every time I light it, it lets off a thick line of black smoke? I've tried trimming the wick down, but it hasn't helped.  Does anyone have any experience with this, or any suggestions?

Posted by snazzyjazzy 5 years ago

Pandemonium '12

KI is down (lolidunno why) so I decided to make this here. We want to do it again this year but don't know when or where yet, probably at the same place as the last few years but that could change. I just want to put this out there so we can discuss or if anybody is interested. Mainly doing it because I remember DJ and Dunkis saying they'd like to come down for a war this summer, and I was wondering if that was still a viable option for them. And dammit, KILLERK, get in KIchat! :P Since KI is down it is probably hard for anybody to get to KIchat at the moment. Here's a link for you guys: To anybody using an IRC client: server is, port 6667 (I think, though that might not be necessary), channel is #kichat

Posted by Mepain 5 years ago