How do you use special characters in cmd?

I'm looking for the arrow (or triangle) symbols to put into a batch program. I know the alt # codes, but I want the codes compatible with ANSI. I have the down arrow, but it's an invisible symbol. Anyone know how to get them? (ASCII numbers are 16, 17, 30, and 31) Thanks!

Asked by race.freak 5 years ago

Using Avery clear labels for printing PCB mask?

I've tried using magazine papers for printing my PCB tracks but they always get stuck in my printer. I was looking around and found some Avery clear labels that look pretty glossy. Will the ink transfer to the copper board if I use this type of paper? Thanks Adam

Asked by Adambowker98 5 years ago

Android on Wii, PS3, or XBOX? Somebody please help figure this out.

I was just in a discussion about the OUYA console. It's a system that uses Android to play Google Play games on the big screen. I've also heard rumors of an Android-running WiiU. I was wondering how difficult it would be to run Android on a game console that wasn't intended for it. Considering that their architecture allows them to run a bunch of Linux OS distributions, I figure it must be possible. It's probably possible in a non-destructive way too. Not to mention that Android can use pretty much any USB or Bluetooth remote you can throw at it with some rooting and fairly simple apps. It doesn't seem that it would be any physical modification, just software. Unfortunately, my programming skills are mediocre, and I'm not much of a hacker. So, let's start some discussion on how this could be done in a fully functional way. If you know it's been done, please post some links. Nobody has claims on the Instructable if they post information here. Whoever pieces all of the information together can do it. It won't be me.

Posted by DIY Emilio 5 years ago

How do I install a rechargeable battery into a boombox or device that can be charged via ac adapter?

How do I install a rechargeable battery into a boombox or device that can be charged via ac adapter? I'm building a boombox and want to have an internal power supply that can be recharged via  the ac adapter that comes with the battery.  I want to be able to charge it without having to remove the battery.   I'm guessing I need to wire in some sort of switch that switches between power mode and charging mode,  but I really have no idea how to go about it or where to find the relevant information on how to do it.  I'm an electronics noob so any input would be appreciated.  Thanks

Asked by banjopoker 5 years ago

Single Punch Tablet Press Machine

Hi guys, My name is Joseph, and I am a student at the University of Maryland, studying management and marketing.  I was wondering if anyone has or knows of a company I could contact that uses single punch tablet press machines. My focus is on entrepreneurship and I have been working on designing a spherical tablet for flavoring water. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Regards, Joseph

Posted by dudeguy91 5 years ago

Could I take stereo speakers and hook them up to my head unit for use in my car without any major work? Answered

I have 2 speakers in my car currently, and was wondering if its possible to take home stereo speakers and hook them up to my head unit so that I could have more speakers?

Asked by Livingstrong 5 years ago

What would you do for $1,000,000

What is the craziest thing you would do for $1,000,000

Posted by ThePregergater 5 years ago

KNEX MechWarrior Series PDF's

I was too lazy to dig out the instructions to make the MechWarrior line of KNEX and went looking for the pdfs. I couldn't find them any where online, so I dug them out and made pdfs to share with everyone who missed out on the line, lost the instructions or like me is too lazy to find the instructions. I'll upload as many of the pdfs as I can here; the rest are at this link: You have to make a free account to download them (UPDATE:  you don't need to make an account to download), but it's worth it. If you have a better website to share these files, please let me know. The pdfs include: The Cauldron Born & Owens The Mad Cat & Avatar The Shadow Cat and Sunder Series 1 Firefly Uziel Vulture Series 2 Hollander II Thor Uller Series 3 Converted MiningMech Legionnaire I am missing the Black Hawk (which i seem to have lost) from series 3 and the entire line of electronic armor (series 4) which includes the Fire Starter, Catapult and the Converted ConstructionMech. If anybody has a pdf of them or willing to sell them please let me know!

Posted by clanknexer 5 years ago

What would you do with $1,000,000

If you were given $1,000,000 what would you do with it.

Posted by ThePregergater 5 years ago

Selling Knex

What is the best way to sell knex?  I have loads and wondered is it better to sell mixed lots by weight or in smaller lots of individual types of rods and connectors? or in complete model sets (although this might be difficult as I am not sure I know which bits come from which set? Also is the best place to sell Ebay? Thanks in advance

Posted by xtinexoop 5 years ago

electromagnetic gun

Can anyone help me makig an electromagnetic gun, to shoot projectiles at high speed using magnetic wire, capacitor etc, from where can i get a 300 volt capacitor = not from camera =,,,,,,,,,please help guys.......

Posted by ayushdubey12 5 years ago

Good pranks to play while trick or treating?

I need one within three days so I can plan it need some ASAP

Asked by Poprockzftw 5 years ago

Where can i find small quantities of leather?

So I'm making my Halloween costume and I'm making some leather Armour (for my arms and legs) but i have no idea where to find leather. Does anyone know if fabric stores might have some? that would be most helpful. (I'm also avoiding buying online)

Asked by monsterlego 5 years ago

Free idea: Umbrella Sword!

I had this idea today, after the first rain of the year. It would be simple, really. Use a cheap umbrella and halloween prop sword for a cheap one, or get a really nice umbrella and a real sword handle to go like a sir. I would love to see this done, but don't have the resources at this point (starving college student). Someone make this and they get a patch or maybe a pro membership. Just cite my idea in the Instructable and let me know when it's published. If no one makes one, I will for sure later when I get the materials.

Posted by ilpug 5 years ago

Building with Fractions: Kitchen Dilemma - File Downloads problem

When clicking on downloads, taken to site that says "403 Forbidden - Request forbidden by administrative rules."  Bummer since gaining access to these downloads is why I purchased a membership at Instructables.  Can anyone help?

Posted by cahota 5 years ago

These are nice - micro photography

Posted by FriendOfHumanity 5 years ago

My laptop won't connect to my Home Wifi?

Hello, My laptop won't connect to my home wifi. The problem just started few weeks ago, before it was automatically connecting to it with no problem. I have a broadband router, wifi enabled with TP Link (TL-WR340G) Wifi router. My network won't even show up in the available networks list. However, if I reboot the machines or turn on or off my router or broadband router, it somethings catches it and it works fine. I don't know what thing make it works (it automatically connects). Sometimes, it just catches the signal (but don't connect automatically as I have set my home network on auto connect), but when I connect it manually, it don't get connected, instead it shows troubleshooting. And troubleshooting always lead  me to "reset your modem by turning it off for 10 seconds", and nothing happens when i do this. Few things I should mention: 1. My laptop connects perfectly with other wireless networks. After this problem,  I mostly use my neighbour's wifi, that works perfectly everything. 2. My wifi router works perfectly with my iphone, and other wifi mobile devices. The problem is only with my laptop. Please guide me, whats wrong and how to solve it.

Asked by umairrockx 5 years ago

Help choosing a genral purpose mosfets to buy in bulk? Answered

Hi, I am looing at buying  some mosfets in bulk. I need a mix of genral purpose N-channel annd P-channel mosfets. These have to be able to handle up to 40V and around 5 amp. These will be used for genral motor controlling and inductive loads. But mostley for prototyping. I need a mosfet that is cheap, takes a bit of a bashing, robust, and easy to use. Any suggestions on what I should get. I need both P channel and N channel mosfets for genral use. Thanks for any help, David.

Asked by David97 5 years ago

Reversed Bias Diodes?

I really want  some clarity on "reversed bias diodes" whats the point of having a reversed bias diode? when would a person want to apply it to a circuit? if current can't flow through it, wouldnt it just mess up the circuit? Please shed some clarity on this subject for me, it would be greatly appreciated! -Grizzly

Posted by Grizzly_Bear 5 years ago

Best metric drill bit set for metal? Answered

I've switched over to everything metric, but one problem still remains: I can't find metric drill bits. Is there a good set of metric drill bits that are on par with Dewalt's Titanium or Cobalt Drill bits? I mainly work with stainless steel and 6061 aluminum. 

Asked by JamesRPatrick 5 years ago

Is there a durable, waterproof UHF HT that will accept AA batteries?

By waterproof, I of course mean "weather-resistant." I'm looking for an UHF HT that will be just fine if it gets dropped into a lake or falls off an ATV. It doesn't need to float; I can attach a floating keychain to it if necessary. It should also have a AA battery tray that is available from the manufacturer, and still be waterproof with the AA tray. Ideally it would have a keypad. Do you have personal experience with a HT that meets these requirements?

Asked by JamesRPatrick 5 years ago

Is a complete Database Download of Instructables available? Answered

I was wondering, because it takes so long to download all my favourites, and wouldn't it be easier to download all of it and look around for the best?

Asked by bethekind 5 years ago

Report: Mini Maker Faire The Netherlands

Saturday Oct. 20th was a big day in Groningen, NL. The first official Maker Faire on Europe's mainland was a reality (Mini Maker Faire to be honest, it lasted just one day...). Allarrrd, Masynmachien and me teamed up to host an Instructable based workshop for kids which we named Make: toys. Lieve, Monster-Marit, Rick and Sander joined the team to help out. masynmachien also demonstrated his Instructable-plugging RC Blimp: iblesblimpMMF050 from masynmachien on Vimeo. And help we needed: The day was a huge success with 3000 maybe more visitors and a very enthusiastic crowd. 52 Doodlebots360 were built by kids (we ran out of battery clips :-)), dozens of cartesian divers, Shampoo Dino's, Magic Fleas, Propellers on a stick and what not. In the same time, we tried to plug Instructables into the consciousness of the visitors. I was a bit shocked to find out that some people never visited the site before :-).  We used mainly scrapheap stuff to make the toys from. Some essential parts were generously sponsored by Opitech and Okaphone. Compiling: We had a great day, as well as the visitors. Making and playing with toys while meeting lots of people. Maker Faire Forever!

Posted by ynze 5 years ago

wirless router

I really bad wireless and i was wondering can a apple wireless router work on a ps3?

Posted by crazybanana 5 years ago

does someone want to make a tobacco shredder?

Hi Guys, one of my new hobbies is going to be growing tobacco, I know how to grow and cure it but what I need is a decent method to shred it. I can slice it with a knife but the strands turn out too big for hand rolling, there are commercial products around which can shred tobacco but the best around for the home grower which doesnt cost the earth only cuts to about 1.5mm now what I need is 0.5mm. I was thinking of was to combine 2 ideas, this one which seems to be based on the old victorian tobacco shredders with this one, which uses a nice method of keeping the tobacco compressed and moviing it slowly with out chopping your fingers off. the above used a handle which turns a theaded spindle which pushs the block along by a fraction, you then use a knife to take a slice off the end. now there is an automated one someone made in new zealand which looks awesome, this also uses a thread but they have put a ratchet spanner on the spindle so it automatically moves it along. So does anyone fancy this as a project? it would have to be easy to make, made from materials which are easy to come by for normal people, it must be cheap and it must be able to produce a really fine cut at least 0.5mm good enough for hand rolling tobacco.

Posted by n1cod3mus 5 years ago

iOS6 logging out issues.?

I do a lot of my casual browsing on my iPod. However, since "upgrading" to iOS6, I seem to get logged out a lot. Not just here, but email pages, other forums, even Skype - if I spend too long off a page, or not actually on a Skype conversation, then I get logged out. Anybody know how to fix this?

Asked by Kiteman 5 years ago

Altoids Tin Spy Kit

Im making a spy kit out of an altoids tin, and I have some things so far, but i have a lot of extra space so I figured I would ask you guys what else I should put in it. Currently, I have 1 mini flashlight, 3 duct tape tabs(ducttape folded over on its self), 3 rubber bands, 3 exacto knife blades, 1 dollar coin, 1 bandage, 1 alcohol cleaning pad.

Posted by BuildSleepThink 5 years ago

Camera Suggestion

I do ALOT of youtube videos, but I also need still good quality still pictures and my camera just died. I have a budget of around $400.00 and need something that takes HD video I would like something that either has an external mic jack or takes good audio, my subscribers complain of a high pitched whistle in my current videos (I cannot hear it) It would also be nice if it could be set up to stream directly to a computer, as I would like to record classes, and some of them are 8-12 hours. If the Contour +2 took still pictures I would compromise on the picture aspect because I shoot a lot of outdoor action stuff, and a waterproof helmet cam would be nice.  Right now I use a Nikon S8000, and liked it, but it just wasn't durable (plus the sound issues) I know I am asking a lot, and will have to compromise something, but I cannot go over $400-$500 budget. Please recommend something you think would work

Posted by tngun 5 years ago

Video Game Movies?

Hi guys! Ive been working on some video game movies. Any suggestions? -Mario -Mario Kart -Minecraft -Halo (distant future) -Zelda (short film only =P  ) -?????? -suggestions welcome down below PS I'll try to post behind the scenes instructables Thanx =)

Posted by the_real_mccoy_ 5 years ago

Help selling unique instruments?

Ok, I have a question. If my friend and I began to build unique cigar box, tin, and slide guitars, would people buy them? We would make them with much more craftsmenship than the ones I have previously build. We would take our time and do our best to make them playable guitars. Would anyone out there contemplate buying one for mabe $35-$50? They would be similar to the links below. Also, we would probably sell through craigslist or ebay, maybe even using youtube or instructables to get the word out. If you are interested, contact me because we will be making these plus other products. We may make guitar hero ukuleles, guitar pedals, and nixie tube clocks.  

Asked by freeza36 5 years ago

Um, how do I make a group? Answered

I want to make a group of steampunks, but I can't figure out how! Help! Please?

Asked by the_real_mccoy_ 5 years ago

Weight sensor to act as a button? Answered

I had the idea for a prank I would love to try at some point, but I'm having some issues with the basic idea... What I need is a way to hook up either a sensor or button to a scale. What I want to have done is when someone steps on the scale, and exceeds a certain weight (say 50 pounds, just to make sure a pet won't set it off) it will act as a button, and toggle on a small speaker which will just scream at them. Cruel, I know, but it'll be a fun laugh if I can get it working. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Asked by DoctorWoo 5 years ago

An electric fence?

I've got a couple of love birds in a big cage in my porch.But the things is that,this ugly black cat keeps constantly appearing out of nowhere and frightens these poor birds.The cat also makes attempts to grab them.I am asking for aid here cuz I know something a bit buzzing can keep the pussy off,anyone any bright ideas?(probably a helpful instructable).A security system which detects the villain and alerts me can also be effective.Any help would be greatly appreciated

Asked by Adarsh_tronix 5 years ago

Old factory workshop, Possible uses?

Hi instructable, I've been wanting to make a Lathe now for the better part of a year. But due to financial reasons and depression and such I've been unable to do so. However a few days ago i started thinking about possible places to get the materials I needed, including other tools to make things. Then I remembered the old factory workshop in my grandmothers house where they used to make fishing lures out of brass and figured, well if there's anywhere to get a powerful electric engine that would be the place. Today I went out there for a visit since it's only 15 minutes away, and I found so much more. Below i have attached photos of the machines, the workshop itself is a mess and needs a good cleaning as well as the machines. But I think it has promise if I attached some emergency shutoff buttons and such.

Posted by Orista 5 years ago

Stats that show how many people viewed my page, shared etc

I saw by pure accident apparently, 'stats' for my First Instructable, now I can't seem to find them.. can someone tell me step-by-step how I can find them again?? thanks

Posted by TammyG39 5 years ago

The Knex Shooting Price Gun.

Hello! I'm JonnyBGood and this is my future knex project/challenge. I work at Familly Dollar now and I use one of these price guns sometimes to put anti-theft stickers on mechandice. They are very comfortable to hold and are easy to use so I thought maybe I can use the format to create a k;nex gun. I am working through another project right now but I will work on this project when I am done. I just thought it would be fun to share my idea and see what other people think of it. Please make suggestions if you have any and if you have time feel free to try to make one yourself!

Posted by JonnyBGood 5 years ago

Camera Battery hack : Need some Battery expert advise

Hi All, I have a Underwater camera (which is now going to become the backup) However the battery is only 710 mAh. This works out to 20 mins of video or about 2 dives of photos. Original battery : Battery  Lithium-ion Charge Time  1.5 to 2 hours Output Voltage  3.7v Capacity  710 mAh But as the battery is so small and useless, i want to open the camera and soldier 3 wires to the battery connectors and add a 3 pin connector. As course there is space within the house to place a new battery, IF the right size and shape can be found. However, i dont understand batteries... Is it safe to add a bigger capacity batter as long as the output stays the same(volts... as i cant find the Amp output) I found this battery, looks like it might fit in the house But i am just not sure if this will work??? Any ideas, tip or advise welcome. Thanks

Posted by rwishart 5 years ago

Gas regulators, which one to use?

I've recently had two gas questions arise. Both issues need a gas regulator that I am not sure of what type, or pressures needed. The first a a L.P.G bunsen burner I bought off ebay. The second, I have a gas furnace for smelting that connects to L.P.G Can someone give me some help on what type of regulator I need for these? Also maybe a bit more info on how to connect the bunsen burner up to the gas bottle, regulator, to a switch valve, then the burner. I have seen low-pressure regulators about as well, can this work for the bunsen burner

Asked by AtomRat 5 years ago

How to steam open an envelope?

Any suggestions on how to steam open a sticky sealed envelope?

Asked by jshhndsd91 5 years ago

post best instructables moment picture

Have you ever completed an instructable with sucsess and done somthing ledgendary? if so post a picture

Posted by JACKBARRY 5 years ago

post best instructable moment picture

Have you ever done an instructable and its worked and youve done somthing ledgendary ? if so than post a picture of it here

Posted by JACKBARRY 5 years ago

Help with battery powering 5m 12v LED strip Answered

So its Halloween time again and I decided to up the ante this year and make the Tron robe Jeff wears from the new movie. Costumes are nothing new to me, but I have almost no electrical skill. I've been googling and searching forums, but all the cases differ from mine, and I want to be 100% certain about my set up. So first off, I have 5m of 12v Leds from here. I would like to battery power them for at least 2 hours at a time minimum, and I was considering splitting the strip into two 2.5 strips and putting a battery pack on each. But I know nothing about electricity and math has never been my strong suite for figuring amps and whatnot. I've heard that I will need a resistor and batteries weighing pounds to run just a few hours! Help would be greatly appreciated.

Asked by 7poiNt 5 years ago

Newly hatched Japanese Quails Answered

My quail eggs have hatched but 50% of the baby quails cannot walk.  Their legs stick out from the side of their bodies.  They seem healthy but craw around the brood box. The good ones can walk on the straw covered brood box.  They just cannot stand Any ideas as to what has happened?

Asked by Perry The pom 5 years ago

I want to modify an electric wheelchair to use tracks. It's for an obese family member who lives on a farm. Answered

I need to modify a bariatric powerchair with tracks.  I know the driveline will need to be modified as well as the electronics.  I realize there are chairs made like that (tankchair) but at 20 grand, it's out of reach.  Does anyone have any idea on how and where to begin?

Asked by dtc989 5 years ago

i need help with some dc power rc controled motors?

I have a 110v dc power supply . i need a way to make a 12 or 24 volt dc radio  controled motor to run off of it ..  how do i make this happen ?  the motor needs to be able to go forward and reverse . low rpm but decent torque . going to be a gear drive system , also needs to be able to stop quickly at any point i leave off the forward or reverse button as well as goes to apoint forward and reverse and stops on its own ..  for the remote i would like to have a push button, just push one for forward the opther for reverse .. if not i guess a small joystick or switch would do ..  but the whole remote needs to be pretty small .. for the dc motor it could be the size of an rc car motor .. as i said though low rpm . as far as electronics go im pretty well a beginner bit i just have a project in mind .. any help would really be appreciated

Asked by ed gaston 5 years ago

hello i need help with getting a dc motor to work correctly.

Im trying to get a 12 or 24 volt dc small motor to run forward and reverse via remote control .. the remote needs to be very small either a remote using .2 buttons or a small joystick would work with of coarse the center being the neutral .. buttons perfered .. but my power supply is coming off of a 110v dc supply.   it doesnt need to turn fast at all ... and it needs to be able to turn so far and stop both ways .. hoping for a gear drive . as i said the motor needs to be slow and be able to be some what able to stop at certain points in its travel ..    im sorry if this is a strange question but im am dead as far as electronics go and any help would be greatly appreciated .  

Asked by ed gaston 5 years ago

Flash 2 LEDs back and forth?

How can I make two LEDs flash back and forth for about a half-second each like shown in the video below? The circuit I'm currently using has a 4017 counter and a 555 timer but I feel like I'm making it too complicated. Anyone have a circuit I could use? Thanks, Adam Video:

Asked by Adambowker98 5 years ago

Walkie talkie mic and headphone 3.5 mm sockets

Iam wondering if I could get two walkie talkies (2 way radios but I prefer calling it walkie talkie) and add two 3.5mm jacks one for ear phones and one for a mic.  Using a splitter 3.5mm for the sockets, a 3.5mm mic and a 1m extension  for the mic so I can put the walkie talkie in a pocket. Can someone tell me if this will work please and any suggestions for improvements to my plan 

Posted by Ojsmudge 5 years ago

What materials in chinchilla cage? Answered

I'm making a chinchilla cage and need to know if the following can be used in it. I have researched and I know that the chinchilla likes to gnaw or chew everything in the cage. MDF wood? Paracord? Any fabrics? Any other woods? Plexiglass? Thanks!

Asked by aajaces 5 years ago