Is it possible to paint formica (bathroom) and make it look decent?  Is there a special paint or technique?

Asked by RTJEAN 5 years ago

i need to make a silent water pump using basic parts. help?

I havent got much at my disposal, ive got tubing, glue, and brushless fans. i have tested with distilled water and the fans do not short out from being in contact with it, nor do they appear to be rusting or locking up. i have tried using a standard fan to make a simple pump, but with no decent results. the way i have it set up is the bottom is covered, and a tube is exiting out the side of the fan shroud. it is angled so that the fan blades should be pushing the water into the tube, but the water is just staying in the fan shroud. i currently have a CD as the intake, using the hole in the middle as the intake and the rest of the cd covering the other side of the fan. i was wondering if theres a way to make it work with a normal fan, and if i can do that, how do i need to have the hose set up? if its impossible to do with a regular fan, i know a blower fan will work, since water pumps have basically the same setup on the inside. i have a feeling the blades themselves are playing a big role in where the water is going. any help is appreciated!

Asked by zack247 5 years ago

On the 555 Timer Schematics I found I need help deciding what transistors to use to build it? Answered

I am a beginner in electronic schematic reading and I want to build a full sized 555 timer with all the parts that make up the tiny little IC. But I am having trouble determining what transistors to use. This schematic has the details on what values of resistors to use but not what transistors they are: Which ones should I use? same thing with this one: This one seems pretty promising since it does list what transistors to use: and I don't know this one is hard for me to understand: Which one do you think is best or what transistors could I use in either of the first 2? Is the last one actually a 555 timer or is it something else?

Asked by powerman666 5 years ago

Is this a good way to power a tesla coil? Answered

Ok so I took a old car inverter and used a 12 volt battery to power it. Then i modified a MOT turning it into a step up transformer with a ratio of 1/4. I was wondering if this is a good way to power my Tesla coil without using my house's mains :D. I plan on testing the finished prodect with the tesla coil tomorrow.

Asked by Stefhan Albayaty 5 years ago

Need help with designing a simple12 volt timer for an automotive application

Hello all, I have an idea to make a pre-oiler system for my car's engine.  The idea is to hook up a 12 volt oil pump  to bring oil from the pan up to the head to pre lube everything before I start the engine.  This is to hopefully help prevent unnecessary wear on the engine.  I want to have a timer to control the electric pump so that when the key is turned to the position just before "start" that it triggers the pump to start for  approximately 30-60 seconds.  The question is really, where do I start to look  for information and parts to build this simple circuit?  Also, would it need to be hooked up to constant power to store the timing program, or can it be just a simple mechanical/electrical trigger from the ignition to start the countdown? Thank you for your time in advance, -Mike

Asked by Mike_NN 5 years ago

Wanted a tutor or resources to learn electronics in an easy way

Hi, i'm an IT student but i'm very much interested in electronics and robotics, but i cant find a good source which can teach why to use the components, how to use them and where to use them, in a easy way. I searched lots of web sites but dont know which one to choose. I prefer video tutorials, so i learnt many things through youtube. Now I know little bit about basic electronics (self learn, so I may have left some topics). If there is any resource to teach in correct way, please inform me. Thank you. 

Posted by Rey Wolver 5 years ago

Looking to buy 8-10 hour emergency candles anyone know where to buy some?

I am looking to buy some 8-10 hours emergency candles for a survival pack I'm putting together. Does anyone know where to buy some cheaply? I don't want to have to buy it off Amazon or eBay.

Posted by BLUEBLOBS2 5 years ago

Wanted resources for new learners

Hi, i'm an Information technology student, but i'm very much interested in electronics and robotics. I saw many video tutorials and other web pages to learn, but I still cant get enough information's like why to use them and how to use them( I had to browse a lot in internet, but there are lots of them, don't know which one to select). Is there any resource that could teach me electronics easily and deeply.I prefer video tutorials. If there is please share with me :-)

Posted by Rey Wolver 5 years ago

Is There an Etchant-Resist That Can Be Left On PCB As Insulator?

Howdy is there a kind of resist that can be left on the pcb after etching (except the solder points), as an electrical insulator? can it be used with the photo-etching method, or only heat? thanks

Posted by johnyradio 5 years ago

How to make an old opaque projector focus at a closer distance? ?

I recently pulled a fully functional Seerite 10x10 opaque projector from a dumpster, but it only focuses at ~ 15-18 feet from the surface that I am projecting on; any way to shorten the focal distance?

Asked by A.J.B. 5 years ago

does anyone know where i can get any of the below materials for cheaper than normal???? Answered

-A vacuum chamber, preferably in a spherical shape -A roughing vacuum pump capable of reaching at least 75 microns vacuum -A secondary high vacuum pump, either a turbo pump or oil diffusion pump -A high voltage supply, preferably capable of at least 40kv 10ma - Must be negative polarity -A high voltage divider probe for use with a digital multimeter -A thermocouple or baratron (of appropriate scale) vacuum gauge -A neutron radiation detector, either a proportional He-3 or BF3 tube with counting instrumentation, or a bubble dosimeter -A Geiger counter, preferably a scintillator type, for x-ray detection and safety -Deuterium gas  -A large ballast resistor in the range of 50-100k and at least a foot long -A camera and TV display for viewing  -Lead shielding

Asked by garagegenius 5 years ago

does anybody know where i could get a pair of small semi-transparent organic light emitting diode (oled) screens????

Im on a tight budget and am trying to complete a project that involves 2 oleds and i dont know where to find individual and relatively inexpensive ones about one inch wide and 3/4 of an inch tall.

Asked by garagegenius 5 years ago

Triac Answered

In the circuit shown are we actually only switching one side of the 220 Vac? From L to L is only one leg of the 220?

Asked by WWC 5 years ago

Flip flops - paint is rubbing off - type of sealant to use? Answered

I bought a pair of flip flops the other day and the paint is already rubbing off where I put the most weight on my feet. I was wondering- is there was any type of sealant I could use to help prevent the rest of the design from rubbing off? It's ok if I'd have to reapply it every once in a while. Thanks in advance. :)

Asked by keres 5 years ago

Racing Chair

How can I make a racing chair. I've seen some with car seats and some with out car seats. I'm looking for some one that can show me or link me some where to make a racing chair. I got a chair just looking to make everything else. If I make the chair I'll make put it up on Instructables. 

Posted by DasFitz 5 years ago

Using Instructables to increase traffic to your Etsy shop

Several people have asked why I'd want to have a tutorial up for an item I'm selling on Etsy - the answer is simple! It's another way to drive traffic to the item you're selling while offering something nice to the community. :) While many people on this site would love to make the item themselves, there are also a large number of folks that don't have the time/materials/resources to make the project and are fine with buying it! I opened my Etsy store, making jiggy, in early September of last year. I've listed golden snitch necklaces, lego necklaces, fold over clutches, and some embroideries - many of which are instructables. I've sold a good amount of stuff on Etsy, especially the golden snitch necklaces - it's been much more successful than I had ever thought! As of writing this, I've got around 5,500 views on Etsy, and a little over 1,000 of them have come from Instructables. (edited update - as of right now I've got over 9,000 views and 1,800 of them are ibles!) That's the majority of views I've gotten from an external site! The rest of the views have come from Etsy search, my tumblr blog, stumbleupon, and random websites that have linked to it. I'd say if you have a successful project on Instructables, why not make a few extras and open an Etsy store? It could be a good way to get a start on Etsy. And if you've got an Etsy store you'd like to promote, why not post an awesome instructable showing us how you make an item from your shop? Just make sure to link to your Etsy store in the instructable's intro! I'm definitely going to keep turning my instructables into listings for my Etsy store and vice versa. It's been a great experience. :D

Posted by jessyratfink 5 years ago

i need to make a easy non-ardunio robot

Please post a easy non-ardunio robot pm me the link

Asked by thecrazymagnetman 5 years ago

How do you take good Instructable photos? Answered

Everyone's photos are so good and you can clearly tell what it is. However at my house we have really bad lighting and if you can get a good photo, its often discolored by the yellow light... Any tips?

Asked by HMice 5 years ago

inflating and deflating a air bladder continuously?

I am interested in a project however what i need to do is to inflate and deflate a air bladder repeatedly on a continuous cycle (so inflation and the deflation). This making me think of a piston style pump hooked up to a motor which I can control through use of a variable resistor. Is there any piston style pump i can use or is there a alternative which would be better. (I do have a budget of around 70usd)

Asked by mute86 5 years ago

curtis air compressor?

I have a 1925 Curtis Air Compressor and we are rebuilding it to be a working show piece. The General Electric Motor is  running the Curtis Compressor, and we need the manual of the motor/compressor/tank or all of the Information about it that we can get ahold of so it can be rebuilt  to the exact color, wiring , ect, so we can put it back to its' original  origin. Here is the information from the plate that was barely  readable. We had to remove to plate and put it under a lighted magnifying glass and this is what we managed to get from the plate. >> >> GENERAL ELECTRIC MOTOR  1.50 - HP >> GENERAL                                 ELECTRIC >> REPULSION - INDUCTION - MOTOR >> MODEL: 5SCR224 C 53     FRAME - 224 TYPE - SCR >> CYG-60   SINGLE PHASE                     SPEED EJ 1760 >> VOLTS 110@15.0 AMPS       VOLTS 220 @ 7.5 AMPS >> SERVICE FACTOR >> 1.50 HP CONTINOUS                    LN 5890 >> THE CURTIS COMPRESSOR   Size:   3X3.50 No:   LB428A PAT. AUG. 31-1915   NOV. 30-1915  NOV. 14-1916 NOV. 8-1921    KEEP BASE FILLED BETWEEN HIGH AND LOW LEVEL OF OIL WITH GOOD AUTOMOBILE CYLINDER OIL. CLEAN OUT BASE ONCE A YEAR. RUN AT LEAST 250 REV: PER MIN. MANUFACTURED BY CURTIS PNEUMATIC MACHINERY COMPANY ST. LOUIS USA    Q-82  Any thing about this compressor would be helpful. you can e-mail me at:

Asked by eljero 5 years ago

Where can i get a piece of .22 (5.5mm) pipe??

I really need some have any idea where from?

Asked by highvoltageguy 5 years ago

Need to know the part I am looking for

I am planning another project. It will be a somewhat Portable Steam Punk Balance ( Scale ) . The idea is only one arm is to be exposed the other will be shorter and I want to attach it to ( PART? - I was going to say actuator but probably not the right part ) I want something that measures the distance it moves so it can be scaled to what the weight is. I want to hook this up to an Arduino to to the scaling and then output it to a display. The part will be hidden so looks are not important , I just want to know what is the name of that part and any sources would be greatly appreciated. TIA for those that help. Gunther45

Posted by Gunther45 5 years ago

How to build a remotely activated spring-loaded glass-smashing special fx rig?

Hi all, I need to design/build a special fx rig that I can use to remotely break glass doors in a cabinet for a tv show. I've looked at the glass poppers sold at fx shops but they use squibs; this is a hidden camera prank show and the victim of the gag has to believe the glass smashed because they were singing in a high-pitched voice, so I can't use the squibs (the victim will hear them go off). Also, the glass is candy glass. I am imagining something like the hammer on a gun; something that I can cock and leave set in the cabinet, then perhaps pull a string to trigger it into hitting the glass. Anyone have better ideas? Many thanks, Damian

Asked by damianzuch 5 years ago

Can this be a coincidence? Do they look like two independent designs? Answered

I came across this kit when I was browsing the web. What surprised me is the uncanny resemblance to my design published here in Instructables. I'd like to know what you guys think about those two designs. Do they look like they are created by two independent designers? Can someone design a product so similar to another without copying the other? (The kit in the front part of the picture is taken from Eastern Voltage Research website. The photo is photoshopped by them since yesterday to remove holes on the end of the PCB which accomodate home made battery clips.) Please post your opinions! Thank you!

Asked by ledartist 5 years ago

Pro Membership Code Expiration

When you receive a pro membership code for being featured on the homepage or winning a contest, does the code ever expire? I have a couple from about a year ago that I wanted to pass on to others, but I'd hate to give them something that doesn't work.  Is there an expiration period, or should the code work forever? Thanks!

Posted by ShrimpSaladCircus 5 years ago

how to prevent shedding from my cat?

My cat tiger sheds like crazy every time i brush her about 10 minutes later. i am tired of finding cat hair every wear. please help me

Asked by mchase1 5 years ago

Battery powered pinspots/lamps for trade shows

Hi all, I've been asked for help from my mom, a jeweler and craftsperson. I don't have a great answer for her, so I'm reaching out to all of you. She is going to start exhibiting at a long-term trade show in LA and she's asked me for help creating a lighting system. She doesn't have much power in the booth, and we're trying to avoid running cable. Since she's only exhibiting for 6-8 hours a day and only 2 (sometimes 3) days a week, I thought a battery powered solution might work well  (with rechargeable batteries, of course). I've found lots of cheap pinspots, washes, and LED strips that run on 12v power. I was just wondering if there was a viable solution for using battery packs or AA battery holders. Thanks for your help!

Posted by ohnoimabear 5 years ago

New Theory For A Pump Action Gun

The black is the gun body, the red is the ramrod, the yellow is the pump, the green are the wheels, the blue could be either string or fishing line. Theoreticly i think that this gun can hold as much power as you can pump if you use high quality fishing line and you have built a strong gun body. I think that this could be a very powerful shotgun if built right. i myself have tried to do this many times through but have never sucseded. I would like to see someone give a shot at this one. I looked around extinsivly and could find no gun like this. I give a thousand congrates to whoever sucsedes in building this. Also if someone does happen to build it I would like partial credit and instructions. I would like to thank all of you for taking you time to read this through.

Posted by TheAwesomestDude 5 years ago

hellow! i try to pass in all of desing and am interested to make 1500watt inveter.

But my problem is how to desing step up transformer which can give out 220v/10A output ! plz can any one help me? tax.

Asked by acky2 5 years ago

My kitten

Hey guys! Ifinally got my new kitten! If you remember, I asked a question on how I could make a litterbox, and that I might get a new kitten. Well, I got it, and her name is Chloe.

Posted by TN777 5 years ago

How to get this bell to work? Answered

I picked up this bell today at my local junk store for 50 cents. I hooked up a 9 volt to it and it rang once. Is there a simple way to make it ring a lot when i flip the switch? Thanks

Asked by schoonovermr 5 years ago

Will editing/ modifying entries for which the deadline has passed remove me from contests? (typos, omissions, etc) Answered

I've noticed a few typos, omissions,  etc in my instructables. They're already entered in contests. Will editing/ modifying entries for which the deadline has passed remove me from contests?

Asked by Toga_Dan 5 years ago

Looking for a source for micro voice recorder Answered

Hi there, looking for info on where to buy a micro voice recorder.. the kind that you would use to hack an alarm clock. Just a simple board/speaker set up, should only be a few dollars and record only a few seconds. Everything I see online is far too sophisticated for this project. Any help would be appreciated, and thanks!

Asked by mpino 5 years ago

Hi everyone i was just wondering has anyone made a scary mask for an ible because i want to make a mask that looks cool? Answered

I just want to say that if you have made a scary mask i want to look really cool for world wide videos or something i don't know i just want one to look awesome is that a problem if it is contact me if it isn't you rock thanks 

Asked by Dusk Shadows 5 years ago

Instructable contest entry? Answered

I published my instructable and entered it in the robot contest 30 mins before the contest ended and after the contest has ended it is moderated approval.So can it get approved after the contest has ended as I posted it before the contest had ended.

Asked by Bot1398 5 years ago

how can i make this sign on instructables ? Answered

How can i make this sign or this special character on instructables ?

Asked by Mahmoud Alaa 5 years ago

Question about a instructable

 I am working a project   and i was wondering  if i should  publish it as a Instructable or as a guide ?  The title is   How to build a modern  12 x 36  Cabin on a budget....

Posted by coolbeansbaby68 5 years ago

Right Transistor for a apx. 50watt H-bridge? Answered

Currently i am trying to make an Arduino UNO R3 control a 50 Watt (12 volts @ 4 amps) motor with an H bridge and use the Pulse width modulation on the Arduino to control the transistors. However i don't know what would be the best choice for transistors? Also I am new to this so can some also explain how transistors are named?

Asked by luig 5 years ago

Spiral Scented Coasters

So recently at a garage sale, I found this really cool coaster.  It is shaped to a spiral, smells like vanilla, and is "activated" by heat.    I just really like the idea and I haven't been able to find anything anywhere on how to make them. I have found a couple instructables on how to make scented drink coasters, but not like the one I have.  I don't know if it would be the same general idea, just a different method of construction. I have found a couple places  selling the same thing that I have, but I'm sure you understand when I say, I'd rather make it myself if I can. The website I found, so you can get an idea of what I'm talking about: Thanks in advance!

Posted by BigDrig 5 years ago

Make it Real Finalists

After much heated deliberation (and crowding around Carley's computer), the finalists for the Make it Real Challenge are now live! With over 1,100 entries, it was extremely difficult narrowing it down to just 50. It took us most of the day, but we managed to cut the list down to size. Of course, there were a number of great projects that just missed the cut. With so much on the line, we did not make this decision lightly. We thank everyone who entered. We would also like to congratulate everyone who made the cut and were selected as finalists!

Posted by randofo 5 years ago

Diatonic or Chromatic harmonica??? Answered

I recently purchased a Hohner "Big River Harp" (harmonica.) It is the key of C. I need to know if it is a chromaic or diatonic harmonica. Im not sure what either of these are. Help???

Asked by freeza36 5 years ago

Computer update......disassembled....

My computer has bit the dust (more than I expected when I opened it up), and the CMOS is completely I have disassembled it and am on the older yet, computer - another Gateway, single threaded CPU and the only port it recognizes on my DSL modem is the USB port......slowing it down EVEN FURTHER.    Time to go into debt again for a new one.....*sigh*.   But this is why I haven't been around quite as much as I normally am. 

Posted by Goodhart 5 years ago

Cheaper, more easy DIY

I think that this site should have a lot more cheap and easy DIY projects...While i think all the projects are great, like the CNC machines and advanced electronics, i really think that we need to have a lot more simplified and easier instructables that are featured that people don't have to go out and buy a 100$ CNC machine for.  I'm not saying that the site doesn't have easy ones, just less of them are featured than harder more complex ones.  Just my two cents, please don't hate.

Posted by bobert610 5 years ago

What would be a good material to line a hot tub with?

      Im working on building a hot tub near my house. Its going to be a pit with a layer of mud, clay and hay for some insulation as well as a solid wall for the tub. Now im just looking for a material for a lining on top of that. I've looked at cement and epoxy resins which both look like a tricky and expensive way to do it. Now im thinking I'm going to have to just use some plastic like visqueen or something but I'd like to see what the great instructable community has to brainstorm on the matter.       One thing to be taken into account is the fact that im building this hot tub 300 yards up a mountain so whatever materials I use must be able to fit in a 4X5 cart. I have pulleys and things to make weight not too much of a concern. Thanks for your help guys!

Asked by golben 5 years ago

Soldering a TRS to TRS cable?

I am trying to make a transfer cable for my TI-84 Plus Silver Edition Calculator. It came with a USB-mini to USB-mini cable, but it has two ports on top. One for a USB-mini cable, and one for an I/O cable, with 3/32 TRS jacks (2.5mm) from Radio Shack. I am wondering how to connect two TRS jacks together to make a transfer cable. I don't know what kind of wire to use, or how the wires should be connected.

Asked by Pettrocity 5 years ago

hodo you get rid of shave bumps?

With swimsute season upon us..please help me get rid of the shave bumps.

Asked by 1harleybabe 5 years ago

Do you have to show your age on KI?

I was thinking about getting a K'nex Innovation account, but then I saw that you would have to give your age. I'd wouldn't want to post my age so it can be seen by everyone on the internet. Is there some way to make it so your age can't be seen?

Asked by ~KnexBuild~ 5 years ago

Help me create wear-able eyes that can move back and forth for Halloween!

Hi!  This is my first time on this site,so i'm not sure where to ask for help with this.  I'm not very mechanically inclined, so I need all the help I can get to make this year's Halloween costume.  What i'm aiming to be is:  a Kit Kat Clock.  The tail wagging,eye moving pop culture kitchen icon.  I'm not so much worried about the tail bit, but the EYES are what are most important. I had this grand vision of using a headband and affixing some spherical shapes with some sort of battery powered way to make them move back and forth.  The goal is to wear them on my head, no matter.   Maybe altering a pair of sunglasses could be cool, but something tells me i'll have trouble seeing. Anyone, ANYONE with advice, please respond.  I don't even know where to start with this.  What are some things I can buy and take apart that would give me a back/forth - right/left mechanism?  The only thing that comes to mind is like a musical pendulum or something.  I would even offer money if someone has the know how to create this for me. Thanks!!

Asked by valalltogether 5 years ago

Does Any One Know A Good Knex Barrel And Stock

Hello Everybody I was wondering if anyone knew or made a really good stock and Barrel that could easily have a pin guide added on.

Posted by didexo 5 years ago

What kind of switch is best for a coil gun? ?

Im making a coil gun for a final project and I am wondering what kind of switch to use to fire the gun. I cant find a powerful enough switch, the highest rating ive found is 480v but they just burn out. I'm using a knife switch know but it robs a lot of the potential power and the gun doesn't shoot as far. I am using 15 300v 100uf capacitors in parallel

Asked by Emsaid 5 years ago