What combinations of ammo go the furthest and with how heavy a firing pin?

What combination of Ross go furthest e.g. Oodammo, Oodammo with a blue rod instead of white, Oodammo with a yellow rod etc. and which pure knex ammo goes the furthest.  I would also like to know how heavy a firing pin I should use for different sizes of ammo e.g. Should a red rod have a heavier pin to fire it further? Or should all ammos have the 'standard pin' (black rod with tan clip and orange connecter all taped up)?

Asked by I.E. 5 years ago

How can I make a good steampunk mask?

I want one to make one for halloween so i can show off my creativeness

Asked by nerd7473 5 years ago

Does it matter how a coil is wound? Answered

Hi everyone, Take a look at the illustration attached.  Is there any real difference in values between the four winding types? *** Assuming same core, same wire gauge and same number of windings on all 4 primaries, and all 4 secondaries *** A) Both primary and secondary are wound TOGETHER. B) primary is wound first, then secondary wound ON TOP. C) Primary and secondary are wound at OPPOSITE SIDES of the core . D) Primary and secondary are wound next to each other on the SAME SIDE of the core. Note that figure in D it seems like the wires are thinner, but I assure you, that's an optical illusion, and the gauge is the same in all 4 figures :-p Again, the question is whether the 4 coils would act the same in a circuit, or is there a difference in values between them? Thanks!

Asked by Morgantao 5 years ago

Oven bake method on sodimm ram possible? Answered

I have done succesful oven bakes on xbox 360 board and graphic cards. Now i have a sodimm ddr 1gb ram which doesnt work. The laptop does not boot with this ram . I thought that maybe an oven bake would work. I do 8 minutes on 230 C for the xbox 360 and graphic card. Is that overkill for one little ram chip?  thanks in advance

Asked by la-main 5 years ago

help with intermittent internet when router is hooked up and a laptop that won't display wesites when connected

I have two problems.  The first is that my home computer has internet which is working fine.  I am trying to install a new router and it installs and cinfigures successfully but then my internet connection becomes intermittent or non existent any help? Second,  my laptop will not display websites or e-mail.  It will ping and find any site but not allow them to be dipslayed. Any ideas?

Asked by schoutmd 5 years ago

Starting a new TechShop Location

I live in St. Charles, IL, about 40 miles West of Chicago. I would love to be able to join a TechShop for projects I am interested in and to have a place to work on projects with my kids. I imagine that anywhere you put one of these shops would have plenty of members to keep it going. Just wondering what it takes to get a new TechShop started. Are they franchised or sponsored by local businesses, solely driven by member dues? There is plenty of available retail and warehouse space on the West side of St. Charles that could really use some tenants so I expect rent would be fairly negotiable. Thanks. Chris

Posted by csbelli 5 years ago

I found a Travel Bug while Geocaching and I was hoping someone could explain the hardware it's made of if possible. Answered

This is what I found, I know what the clip is, I'm just not sure about the other pieces. Thank you! (Here is a link if the picture does't load for whatver reason) http://img.geocaching.com/track/large/c8d3fa60-e2f2-466f-a098-ba8f1ba968aa.jpg

Asked by ahayden3 5 years ago

mobility scooter

I have a walkabout 330 mobility scooter i have cut some wires and now i'm lost and they didn't make a manual for them and can i eliminate a lot of things like lights horn etc i only use it for golf  but i can't walk the course and i was wondering could and how to wire it in the simplest way to get it going ???  i'm really lost and confused any way to hot wire it maybe ???? Hope some one understands me Cheers macca

Posted by maccaorgordon 5 years ago

Scooter Help

I want to Build a Electric scooter trike. I need ideas for motors and batteries to run the scooter/trike. any suggestions are greatly appreciated.  I also wanted to know if I have two wheels in the rear and on in front and attach the drive mechanism to the back right wheel will I go straight or in circles? Thanks, Pfarmkid P.s. I will give credit to the person who gives the best suggestion if I make an instructables about it

Posted by Pfarmkid 5 years ago



Asked by muhammad bin qasim 5 years ago


Now thissite is a roleplaying site. it is play by post so if you like that kind of stuff than join it and friend me OK!!! http://warriorcatsrpg.com/index.php?action=profile

Posted by nfk11 5 years ago

My Dell Inspiron mini 10 isn't working and the light for the power cable won't turn on. Could someone please help me?

I have a Dell Inspiron mini 10 and it hasn't been working. At first it was working fine, then the power cord started acting weird. We had to turn the cable in the plug in the net book until the light came on and it kinda worked, then the cable light wouldn't turn on one day and the net book wouldn't start up. I wouldn't like to have to buy another cable if I don't need to. Thanks! 

Asked by brian4752 5 years ago

Can you make a variable DC Power supply out of UPS (uninterruptible power supply) ?

I have at least 6 UPS. Can it be done? How difficult would it be?

Asked by melissa_b04 5 years ago

Tardis Console

I'm wanting to bend a piece of acrylic into a cylinder. About 2' dia and 4' high. Any suggestions?

Posted by writer55 5 years ago

Unable to enter instructable into the halloween photo contest

I'm trying to enter my latest instructable into the Halloween photo contest but am unable to submit it.  Can anyone help?

Posted by ridiculously.awesome 5 years ago

Share your most embarrassing or funniest story.

Confess! You have been guilty of a faux pas at some point in your life. My "dope!" moment was when I responded one night to a work order to the campus police station. I went to the officer's lockers and saw what looked like a small cologne bottle. The bottle was painted black and had no label. I sprayed the contents directly on my face thinking that I was going to smell good. I did not know that it was mace and, that I just sprayed it in my face. I was incapacitated for a few minutes. I was found by my coworkers, blinded and disoriented, trying to find my way around! I was the butt of a joke for quite a while. Well, when you too stop laughing, you may start confessing. 

Posted by blkhawk 5 years ago

Pebble smart stick wire broken?

I have a pebble smartstick but the Device charging cable is broken I do not know where to get a new one. Does anyone know where I can get a new one or to fix it When I charge the stick to full and then use the wire it will not charge. It did work once but not anymore I did hear something ri. Photos a the bottom

Asked by cool knex13 5 years ago

would someone out there pleas help me make a pip boy 3000? Answered

I've searched the web for hours and I still haven't found a desent website on how to build a working pip boy 3000 without an Iphone or a prop now obviously there is someone out there that knows how so could you please help me.

Asked by ace12345m 5 years ago

A samsung TV LE40R86BD after changing the capasitors still flashing .What to do ?

I have a samsung TV LE40R86BD which have no start only flashing.I tried as discribed on your home page and chage the four capasitors but it still flashing (the capasitors were defective)?

Asked by rehadi 5 years ago

how to download a pdf file?

When ever i want to download any project  in pdf file it asks me to login.....after login also i cannot download a pdf file

Asked by shriraksha 5 years ago

auto charger for 12 v DC battery ?

I have 12V  DC  battery and charger but it wont cut off when battery is full . and when its drain below 11-9 i want to cut off the supply from battery to device . please help me i am new to this :)

Asked by burningsoul 5 years ago

Anyone seen this POV? looks simple but for the life of me i cant work it out !? Answered


Asked by ohthatshowitworks 5 years ago

Capacitor Bank charger without flash circuits

I want to make a capacitor bank and cant find a charger circuit. I cant seem to find any secondhand disposable cameras and would greatly appreciate help making one without the circuit.

Posted by uditkotnis 5 years ago


Are you bored silly? YEAH! are you- oh forget it. let's cut to the chase, im bored and if you are too, come talk! i'm lonely.

Posted by DELETED_DELETED_crouchingwolf 5 years ago


Hi, i want to make a 2 channel remote control for my new project that is to control a hydrogen inflated baloon with tow fans to change direction to activate these fans i need a two channel remote control . As i am only 15 i don't have much stuff  and can't buy  coplicated things . So plese give the cheapest and the simplest way to do it and i would be a small circuit . Thanks in advance, UNknown.

Asked by ubdussamad 5 years ago

How do I use the "@media" CSS tag to get my websites to display without zooming on a smartphone screen?

I want to modify some existing websites of mine to allow for unzoomed viewing on mobile devices (my test-bed for this is my Samsung Galaxy Fit), and I believe that the "@media handheld" CSS tag is the way to go. The problem is, however, that I'm not entirely clear on how to use this tag, in an internal style sheet, to make the page fit on the mobile screen - can anyone clarify the usage of the tag for me?

Asked by Patent Dragon 5 years ago

how can i modify my computer into a steampunk(easy method)?

I want it to look really attractive for geeks!! i am inspires in asking this by seeing many steampunk design especially of @casper and mrs.bestiee.. etc. i want the answer asap and iam interested in electronic and geeky stuffs!!!!

Asked by warlock007 5 years ago

Starting point for designing an android handheld game device?

I've had plenty of ideas before, and one of them was to design my own game system.  Specifically, a handheld. Years back, it was just something that was like the DS - basic system with some random ideas, and of course, could play games.  Now? Figured I'd hop on the bandwagon and now I wanna do something with android - or something similar to it. Think to those PSP knockoffs that use android.  Only 1000x awesome. Fairly high density screen (not quite retina display quality... but a decent resolution) CAPACITIVE Multi-touch screen Physical buttons Sleek case This is the type of thing I'd want.  Probably some kind of modified SD Card would be used for non-downloaded games, or something.  Or SOME kind of chip-based storage device. If anything, this is first and foremost intended as a personal project for the sake of learning, and creating something.  Even if it doesn't become something that's sold to people, I'd love to eventually invest cash into this, if only to say "Hey, I made this".  So money and everything isn't an object... I just have to actually save up the cash, and of course figure out the final cost of this thing. Unfortunately, while I have built a PC before, I can't say I fully figure out what I'd need for this project.  The following is what I assume I need: Power source (AC Adapter, batteries/battery pack (lithium ion probably?). LCD Screen+Digitizer Motherboard Ram Flash storage (SSD or mini HDD?) Embedded OS (or dedicated storage for the OS and any updates?) Speakers Buttons PCB board ... It's rather early, and there's plenty of other things I figured I'd need for this stuff, including various tools, whatever is used for etching the PCB, solder, etc...  The main thing though, for the barebones stuff - excluding a case, and anything else... What are the very specific things I need?  The basic electronics... input, video (output), some sort of storage/ram.. I'm not quite sure how I'd go about doing this.  Nor have I found anyplace online to start reading up on this.  How would I have to deal with the screen?  What kind of board do I need?  Where would I find a place that can create custom chips (if needed) or, where would I find the various processors I need for this (ARM processors?  intel instead?)

Asked by anthonyloprimo 5 years ago

Thanks for the great ideas for my balcony...

...all the original and temporary ideas for this rental!Other than the somewhat insecure people who felt the need to use this forum to insult me, all others were fantastic with their ideas (which, as I believed, is the purpose of this site!)? I'm going to get some hanging plants that I can take with me when I eventually leave...and I'll look at a used furniture store for some ideas for original screens and such. Thanks y'all!

Asked by notalis1970 5 years ago


Not sure if this is a bug or if should be brought up in this section, I apologize in advance if it does not belong here. I was on the site gearing up to do the "Perfboard Hackduino (Arduino-compatible circuit) "by jmsaavedra and all was good until I selected the view all steps button. I received and still receive       "403 Forbidden                                                                                   Request forbidden by administrative rules."                                                                                     Can anyone lend a hand here? I've been looking forward to making a few of these for some time now and finally have just about everything needed (except my sockets for atmegas,any day now) but figured I could just leave all final connections to chip open to do later. Would post a pic but I'm sure we've all seen the white page with black letters at one point in our lives. It happenes on all my computers and my android.Please help.

Posted by taattooed3 5 years ago

Prototype PCB Giveaway!

I'm giving away my prototype PCBs that I did not use. Those are fully functional, factory made PCBs. There are prototype version of Aurora 9x18, Aurora 18x18, Aurora 48 and more! Most of them are the same as the final version, or only slightly different, like using a different switch. The qualification is simple – give me/my site a mention and a link on your web site, or if you have made any of my designs, put up a project at instructables (with pictures or/and video). Let me know what you did by either leaving a comment here or email, and I will send you a PCB. (Free shipping within USA only – sorry, international shipping will cost $5.) Please note: Twitter and FaceBook posts are not eligible. Please go to www.theLEDart.com for details!

Posted by ledartist 5 years ago

Is it possible to run a power inverter in reverse? Answered

I'm curious as to whether supplying power to the ac out side would result in the dc in side putting out power or the board burning out.

Asked by acetyleneblues 5 years ago

It there a way to create an LED equalizer on the walls of my room?

Http://www.glowinwire.com/images/equalizer_large.gif  This is what I want to be on my wall(s). I don't care what the grid looks like but I rather not have the colors be rainbow. I want black grids with cyan bars reacting with the volume of the music. I don't know what the difference between volume and frequency is but I really want to make this happen. If you have a link to something I could buy or a kit I could buy to build something like this it would be MUCH  appreciated. I have never delved this far into technology before so try to use small words or allow me to look them up on Dictionary.com Thanks!

Asked by nplato 5 years ago

Method for "extrapolating" a skull from a 3d model of a head?

Forensics teams can "estimate"/"extrapolate" a face from a skull, so what my question is would it be possible to do this in reverse? I have been playing around with the 123D apps and i was already planning on making a 3D model of my head with 123D Catch for both the purposes of having a nice 3D model of my head and also so that i might be able to create a "form" , probably with 123D Make , that could be used to create masks that actually "fit" my face, so i was thinking, with the 3D model of my head could i "extract" even a basic model of my skull from it? And if so , does anyone have any ideas on how i might go about doing so?

Posted by shabaki 5 years ago

Can someone help me with my game?

I have part of the script written but I do need help with some of the stuff: -Engine -Voices -Art -Music Etc. Msg me if you wanna help :)

Posted by builderkidj 5 years ago


I was wondering if I can covert a transformer that is 220v to 110 and change it to a step up? It would be for a 500w motor. Thanks

Posted by senorkevin 5 years ago

Knex Sniper Rifle

Hi, im new to Instructables, and i havent found a good looking sniper i can build :s i got around 95 yellow connectors, 10 blue spacers, and 6 grey spacers (ouch!) and i got no misc. pieces only some tan connectors and the black/blue moveable thins (idk the name) so if you can help me finding a nice looking sniper rifle (range doesn't matter) please let me now :) ps. sorry for my bad English, it aint my native language

Posted by iColourStuff 5 years ago

Old Spear & Jackson Saw information.

Hi Folks. My lovely better half just came home from a walk with her mum & presented me with a very old Spear & Jackson saw that belonged to her late father. It has suffered a bit over the years, it has some corrosion & some light pitting on the blade but nothing I shouldn't be able to sort out; being an inquisitive guy I'm intrigued by the wording embossed on the handle "Wartime handles and screws" . I'd love to find out more about this old saw, perhaps when it may have been made & why it has this wording on the handle, I have quite a few tools made during & shortly after WW2 which I inherited from my father but have never seen this before. Any info folks? Update. I stripped the saw & started the first stages of bringing it back to some of its former glory this evening. Rubbing it down with wet & dry & a sanding block revealed the etching under the corrosion, I'm afraid the picture may not show it up too well but along with all the usual Spear & Jackson stuff it showed the model & number of the saw, its a Spearior model 88 which according to info from the web has been in production in one shape or another since around 1920. I've come across a couple of methods online but before I start does anyone have any suggestions for enhancing the etching?

Asked by Nostalgic Guy 5 years ago

How to make an audio equalizer? Not a VU meter

I want to make an audio equalizer. But when I search for equalizer, I always find a VU meter. Can anyone tell me how to make a equalizer with at least 5 channels. It is to tune the sound but not showing how loud it is. It should be portable. It is better if there is a VU meter(optional) and not arduino!

Asked by cheukhengc 5 years ago

Gibson box into clothes hanger (materials?) Answered

Hi!! i've an issue... I wanna turn the Gibson image on this box ( https://fbcdn-sphotos-d-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-snc7/s720x720/379172_10150941929298151_198254740_n.jpg ) into an clothes hanger (where the keys of the guitar are the place to put the clothes)... what can i use to make the box stronger? like wood or something? unfortunatly i don't have a saw or something like that... does someone of you have a clue?

Asked by FenriX 5 years ago

Comment change d’argent à Barcelone

The Tyler Group Après une période de transition, Espagne et autres pays européens maintenant utilisent seulement l’Euro comme monnaie officielle. Pour le voyageur, il y a plusieurs façons d’échanger de l’argent à Barcelone. Voici un moyen d’échanger de l’argent à Barcelone avec un coût minimal et maximale commodité. 1. Échange de quelque argent euros avant de vous laisser sur votre voyage. Taux de change sera plus favorables à votre destination. Toutefois, vous ne voulez pas arriver à Barcelone sans n’importe quelle devise utilisable dans votre poche. American Express et Thomas Cook fournissent des services de change de devises. Si vous avez besoin de rembourser par anticipation une facture de l’hôtel, vous pouvez aussi demandez à un chèque tiré sur une banque espagnole grâce à une grande banque commerciale de U.S. ou Ruesch International. 2. Achat de chèques de voyage de devises étrangères d’American Express ou Thomas Cook. Vous pouvez le faire avant votre voyage ou à un bureau local. Traveler chèques en Euros sont acceptés à Barcelone et fournir les mêmes avantages de commodité et de sécurité, comme le font les autres chèques traveler. 3. Essayez de ne pas échanger de l’argent à Barcelone en magasins, des hôtels ou des autres entreprises. En général, que vous n’obtenez pas aussi bon taux de change et de nombreuses entreprises frais rigide à échanger des devises. 4. Trouver une banque espagnole à Barcelone pour échanger des devises. Les banques offrent bon taux de change et de faibles frais d’échanger de l’argent. Leur taux varie, cependant, il est utile de magasin. 5. Utilisez votre carte de banque ordinaire (débit) pour un confort maximal. Visa et la plupart des autres cartes débit font partie de l’autre Cirrus ou Plus des réseaux et peut être utilisé à des guichets automatiques qui sont aussi sur ces réseaux. Regardez sur le dos de la carte de débit pour voir celui qui s’applique à vous. Si vous avez besoin d’aide à l’aide de votre carte de débit au guichet automatique à Barcelone, vous pouvez appeler des Cirrus au (800) 424 7787 ou Plus au (800) 843 7587. Ou visitez le Tyler groupe Expat connexions Blog pour en savoir plus sur les cartes de Barcelone. N’oubliez pas que vous allez payer une redevance de transaction chaque fois que vous utilisez un guichet automatique et vous devez rester dans votre limite quotidienne de retrait d’argent. The Tyler Group

Posted by averytohia 5 years ago

A third liquid that will not mix ?

I've made an oil dropper/hourglass, i have used water and (olive)oil because they will not mix. is there a third liquid that i could add without it mixing with the oil or water ?

Asked by rabarbarbaar! 5 years ago

troubleshooting voice modulator

About four years ago I bought this robot voice kit for a halloween costume: http://www.kemo-electronic.de/en/Hobby-School/B107-Robot-voice.php (the scematics are near the bottom of the data sheet) I never finished it and now that I put it together it's not working. The signal goes through to the amplifier, but without the modulating happening. Does anyone know what the problem could be, or if there is a way to narrow it down without desoldering and testing the components individually? Thanks

Posted by Jur 5 years ago

how can I make a judge dredd helmet?

I'd like to try and make the new judge dredd helmet like the one Karl Urban wears in the new Judge Dredd movie. I don't even know where to start to be honest since I'm quite new to crafting. Any ideas or thoughts on what I would need, where I could get cutouts or something to get me going would be very much appreciated. Thanks! -Sammie

Asked by eveshadow25 5 years ago

bluetooth sheild library

I have created a library for bluetooth sheild . but its showing some errors while compiling .. plz help me .h file class BlueTooth { public: BlueTooth(int Rxd, int Txd); void setupBlueToothConnection(); private: int _Rxd; int _Txd; }; .cpp file BlueTooth::BlueTooth(int Rxd, int Txd) {   pinMode(RxD,INPUT);   pinMode(TxD,OUTPUT);   _Rxd = Rxd;   _Txd = Txd; } void BlueTooth::setupBlueToothConnection() {   blueToothSerial.begin(9600); //Set BluetoothBee BaudRate to default baud rate 38400   blueToothSerial.print("AT+ROL=0\r\n"); //set the bluetooth work in slave mode   blueToothSerial.print("AT+NAME=slave\r\n"); //set the bluetooth name as "Slave"   blueToothSerial.print("AT+PSWD=1234\r\n"); // DEFAULT PASSWORD = 1234   blueToothSerial.print("AT+CMOD=1\r\n"); // CONNECT TO ANY ADDRESS   delay(2000); // This delay is required.   blueToothSerial.print("AT+INQ\r\n"); //make the slave bluetooth inquirable   Serial.println("The slave bluetooth is inquirable!");   delay(2000); // This delay is required.   blueToothSerial.flush(); }

Posted by selvak 5 years ago

Can someone help me with my game?

I have part of the script written but I do need help with some of the stuff: -Engine -Voices -Art -Music Etc. Msg me if you wanna help :)

Asked by builderkidj 5 years ago

Instructables Chat Room! (IRC)

Did you know that instructables had an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) room? Well, now you do! And you have no excuse not to join it! So, come on in, join the chat room! Here is a (Outdated) guide to it! https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Use-the-Instructables-IRC-Chatroom-With-C/ Note: You can no longer connect to the Freenode server through mibbit, but you can get to it through: http://webchat.freenode.net/ In Nick you put the nick you want to be in (Preferably your instructables nick) In Channel you put #instructables and then you put in the captcha (Which always thinks I am a robot...) Come join us! We won't bite!  But be patient. It can often take a while for us to respond. Give us time. Come back. You will like it.

Posted by schumi23 5 years ago