Power my boombox

I have this power supply from a device that is not needed anymore. I have 2 of them (so i can harvest the other battery for another project, or to help run this one).. It is a backup battery unit designed to power my old device even if the power in the house goes out. I have some questions about the compatibility with a project i am working on. I'm sure it's obvious to most of you, but i labeled the parts in one pic so that i could pinpoint my question. A. is the battery terminal clips B. the feed of power to the device not being used anymore C. the plug that recharges the battery So then logically D is the board that feeds power from the battery, and E is the recharging unit. The pic isn't great, but there are 2 ribbons that attach D to E. I can also provide better pics if something isn't clear enough. My question is this... I am building a semi-small boombox with a car audio head unit. Since a car battery provides 12v, and the battery in this unit provides 12v, can i use this contraption to power my project? Can i simply cut off the adapter on the end of B, expose some copper, and attach to the power of the head unit? It seems simple to me, but my knowledge of electricity is VERY limited and i don't want to burn down my house or ruin my head unit. So far, i haven't paid a penny for anything and i want to keep it that way.

Posted by jjiont 5 years ago

Iphone 3g disabled , cant get it to restore mode or to code screen ?

Ok ! I bought an iphone with a broken charger connector , cut to three months later ( today) I have changed the connector and got the phone working. Didnt even think about there being a code on it. So like the complete nob that I am , I attempted the code three times , only to be locked out. now strangely enough I did reconnect to my computer at one point and it gave me the code screen again , not sure if thats cause i still had the phone in parts , and accidently disconnected a ribbon , or if thats what has caused the code screen to totally disaper. Well anyways , all the main advice I can find on google and on youtube about connecting to itunes , and putting it into the restore mode do not work , ie turn off phone , turn back on , but keep the home button down , I have tried numerous variations, numerous times and I cant seem to make it happen ???????? I managed to conntact the guy I got the phone from, and have 2 possible codes , but that dosent look like its going to help now ??? Any advice please, 

Asked by captainnoob 5 years ago

how many voltage means one ampere? or how much voltage equal to 1 ampere current. how to convert it.?

Please tell me convergence of voltage and current. how much voltage equal to one ampere?

Asked by sonambekar 5 years ago

iv published my instructable and cant find it? Answered

Previous instructables have been fine ,this one seems to have hid itself when searching channels, its there on my page but nowhere else. tried unpublishing then republishing, still no joy.https://www.instructables.com/id/WIN-A-PATCHBEST-NAME-FOR-THIS-THING-/

Asked by crazyg 5 years ago

Can I hook up power and usb cable to arduino?

Hey guys, When I'm using my arduino, (plugged into my Mac via USB) my mac just randomly shuts off. Is it because I'm pulling to much out of the USB? Can I hook up my 9v into the DC plug and hook up the USB or will combine the input and fry the board?

Posted by HavocRC 5 years ago

Zip Line Claw Help

I am attempting to make a claw/clamp like device that could hold an object and then ride along a zip line. I have most of the details figured out but I am stuck on what I could use for the claw. It would have to be able to hold about 10 lbs and then have a pin release. I would prefer off an off the shelf item but could do minor modifications. Any ideas? Thanks

Posted by madigajm 5 years ago

can anyone help me make a good arrow?

I tried to make an arrow out of a ramrod straight stick i found on my property. but as soon as i took the bark off, it curled a little bit and it all went down hill from there. I used superglue and plastic for fletching but that broke off. then i was told that my arrow was off balance. i have too many problems with this, can anyone help? 

Asked by IamGOD Biotches 5 years ago

Does anyone know how to make plant tension rod hangars

Does anyone know how to make plant tension rod hangars with adjustable plant hangars?  The rod can be a shower rod, but I can't figure out how to EASILY make the plant hangar part.  See photo of one from Miles Kimball for more detail.  Hope I'm not out of line in asking this here, just looking to do this myself. Thanks.

Posted by nwmshp 5 years ago

wanted ideas For m........

I need ideas to make 1800 dollars by April so hit me up with some ideas and PS babysitting does not work or car washes

Posted by the doctor who 5 years ago

how do l know ?

There is this guy and he is 15 and i am 14 and i don't know if he likes me and i don' t  talk to him vary much because i am to shy what do i do?

Asked by taytay1998 5 years ago

creating a surface in Invesalius?

Hi there! We want to produce an stl of a heelbone from DICOM files to print and use in an operation. The edible Chocolate Brain was the inspiration to use Invesalius - meshlab I already know so this seemed like a good option. there are, however, limited manuals in english and infos to figure out certain steps in the Program ... like creating the surface for the stl - the mask has already been taken care of and everything else looks right, just this one step isn't yielding the expected result. a link of the document in question to look at - https://www.dropbox.com/s/3oinuz5goz15mws/Fersenbein.inv3 I would appreciate any help a great deal. thank you & snowy regards from Vienna, Eva Tucek

Asked by evatucek 5 years ago

Can't access favorites or other profile links

None of the links under "You" go to the appropriate page. for example, when I click Drafts it goes here: https://www.instructables.com/group/techshop

Posted by Kreeble 5 years ago

Favorites unaccessible on ipad

On the top right hand corner, under YOU, the pull down menu does not let the user input a command such as 'clicking' on favorites.

Posted by macguy787 5 years ago

Open lid of metal box with an Arduino and xbee?

Hello, I've been searching and searching the web for an example video or write up off how to make a metal box's lid open and close with a web app/phone app from a distance using xbee. Does anyone know how to do it or know where I can find a good write up/example? (or any other more valid ideas on how to do it?) Thanks! 

Asked by jcameron-1 5 years ago

Pic microcontroller button press code activation?

I've just recently started with Pic microcontrollers. I actually have made some pretty cool projects with leds and a few other things that i will probably upload. Right now Im working with a pic 16F628A, I want a command to start only if a button is pressed. Ive tried a few different variations ive seen online but none of them have worked.  Could you please post the pins of the button and add the code to the code below. Written in C  void send_sync (void){ printf("\r\nSending Sync command: "); print_cmd(sync_cmd); send_data(sync_cmd); delay_ms(50); printf("\r\nSYNC command sent\r\n> ."); }

Asked by Aaamazzara 5 years ago

PhD design research study on Furbys - Please participate!

Are you interested in electronic companions such as Hasbro's Furby? Do you like storytelling? If so, I would like to extend an invitation to take part in my research study. The Stories Tell Objects Project aims to understand the role that storytelling plays in people’s interactions with electronic companions - such as Hasbro’s Electronic Furby - and the relationships we form with them. Participation in this study involves responding to scenarios depicting Furbys, and/or completing two brief questionnaires. If you would like to learn more, or are interested in participating in this study, please visit: http://www.storiestellobjects.net/ Thanks! Catherine Caudwell caudwecath@myvuw.ac.nz PhD Candidate School of Design Victoria University Wellington 6011 New Zealand

Posted by catherine233 5 years ago

Can the male end of an iPod dock connector be adapted or spliced to take in plain 3.5mm audio input? Answered

I'm aware that this might not work on the technical level but I'm willing to try it. I've got a car stereo that I've used for about 8 years and it works fine. It uses a proprietary cable (Alpine), kind of like this (http://ak.buy.com/PI/0/350/203086658.jpg). It plugs into my iPod that closes up in the glove compartment and then it allows me to select artists and change tracks through the knob / buttons on the face. Since this stereo deck doesn't have any other inputs, I was wondering if I could build a cable to accept audio coming out of my cell phone or any other device. I know that the 30-pin iPod dock connector has various lines for power, data, audio, etc. and I was wondering if anyone has experience with this. Maybe I could split the wire in half or get an adaptor with a female iPod plug to a male 3.5mm adaptor. I've tried Googling these things but it's too hard to describe what I want in keywords.

Asked by noapparentfunction 5 years ago

How do I charge two marine cycle batteries at 24v? Answered

Hello, I've built a mobile stereo ice cream cart that I have posted here on instructables. https://www.instructables.com/answers/Got-any-cool-ideas-for-our-Arduino-run-LED-dance-f/ We've been having a hard time with our SLA batteries. We have two 12v banks of three 7.2 sla batteries, run in series to make 24v. (six batteries total) We then use a car charger on trickle to charge the two banks separately. This is a pain, and the cells have been swelling. We desire a bit more battery life. (currently at about 6 hours) and simpler charging. My thought is two small marine cycle batteries (maybe 40 Amp/hrs each) and some sort of 24 volt charger. Would this work? Is there a better way to go?  Extra Points for Light, Cheap and Simple. Thanks so much! Tor BTW totally open to a battery lecture, or to get pointed to a good read. I feel like I need to get schooled.

Asked by torclausen 5 years ago

Know of a cheap 24v li-ion to run a boom box?

Hello, I've been building boom boxes of various sizes using 24v amplifiers. I can never find medium sized 12v class d amplifiers, so I am forced to used 24v. My favorite amplifier is the tk2050. The inexpensive li-ion cctv batteries I use for my 12v amplifiers can't be used in series because the internal circuitry seems to cut out.  Can anyone help? Extra points for simple, cheap, light. Something around 7 Amp/hrs would be great. Maybe under $30. Oh, and how would you charge it? Thanks!!! Tor

Asked by torclausen 5 years ago

We waz robbed!

Can you believe it? Someone stole my WTFBBQ from our yard! And such a fine BBQ it was. What a rotten thing to do. I'm going to the police in the morning. But it's already been taken to a junk yard, I'm sure. Feh! WTFBBQ, indeed.

Posted by Moem 5 years ago

"Zoned" ~ Graffiti Speedart

Not much to say really... but this is a quick graffiti speedart (timelapse) which I decided to do for fun :-P Tell me what you think and if there are any other people who enjoy graffiti-style drawing or is just a good artist please give me some tips! Thanks, Hiyadudez out.

Posted by Hiyadudez 5 years ago

Cloud gaming | Update 15/01

Hello everybody. I need help to carry out my ambitious project a gaming platform in the cloud. if you intereste please contact me. I need help for the development of hardware and software. You can request more information.Contact me

Posted by bellotero69 5 years ago

can you use a bread knife as a snow saw?

I was wanting to make an igloo during the winter but a snow saw is expensive and my family has a bread knife from paula deen cookware.

Asked by snoo 5 years ago

Arduino + Stepper motor + RC controller Answered

Hello, I'd like to control a stepper motor using an arduino through an rc receiver/transmitter. First, is it even possible?! How Would I be able to connect it all together? I need the stepper motor to rotate clockwise and ccw a certain amount of times per user input. I'm really confused. Please Help and thanks

Asked by jenaza 5 years ago

I have a question about Arduino Uno R3 stacking shields for a project

I just started on a Arduino UNO R3 project, Its basically a vehicle (a tank) with 2 separate DC Motors, that controls its movement. Another part of the tank would be a Camera dock, which would be made up of 2 Servo motors which basically moves the camera Up, Down, Left, Right. To control the Vehicle i would use an Xbox 360 wireless controller. So far the only thing i figured out is that i would require two shields, One would be the Motor shield (Controls Both dc gears and Servos: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Motor-Drive-Shield-Expansion-Board-L293D-For-Arduino-Duemilanove-Mega-UNO-/280844181299?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_15&hash=item41639e1f33), The other shield would be the USB Host shield (http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/USB-Host-Shield-2-0-For-Arduino-/330832197023?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_15&hash=item4d0722b59f - this would be used for the 360 wireless receiver) . The thing is is it possible to combine all three, if not what would be alternative solutions?, thank you

Posted by momoster69 5 years ago

I need a simple way to generate a PWM signal?

Alright, so I took apart an old RC helicopter with a spy cam in it, and noticed it has 3 wires, just like a servo, so I modified an arduino script to keep a servo on all the time, and voila, the camera entered recording mode, now, I have an idea for something to do with this. I want to make a projectile for my air canon to fire the camera from, I think it might look pretty neat, however, I need a small simple circuit to make a PWM signal, and one that is constant enough to keep it recording constantly. I've seen some 555 timer ones but they fluctuate apparently, and I think that might turn the camera off then on.

Asked by XOIIO 5 years ago

Aquarium LED driver?

Im looking for a schematic that controls 1w leds for my fish tank light? i need the control to be dimmable and hopefully programmable so i can incorporate a sun motion effect and then a moon motion effect! i say hopefully because this will need to be an add on later in the project as id like to have the initial lighting up as quickly as possible! As far as i know so far, the circuit is a basic constant current circuit but  i need a "buck" driver or PWM to enable the dimming by varying the current! so my questions are :- 1. Does anyone know of a simple, reliable and cheap circuit to use? 2. Because of the amount of LED's ill be using im not sure i like the idea of having all the lights in a series configuration because if one fails, thats a lot of lights to test! 3. If i have to use a computer to run the lights id like to be able to make it compatable with the raspberry pi therefore id need a program and mounting software for the pi, so anyone know of one? 4.Right to the power, i dont care what voltage it runs on but id like to only utalize one plug socket if possible, i do have a few power supplies laying about for various things like old laptops and old pc's, so what do i need to power it! i cant think of any more at the moment but you guys know what im trying to achieve so im sure you know what questions i have missed! as i said though, id like to start simple and work up to sun motion control and timers! Thanks in advance for any help anyone is offering! 

Asked by Xmortx114145 5 years ago

How to power two devices with a single lithium battery?

How to a split a single 12v lith battery into a 12v @ 2A (for a mini amplifier) and 5v at about 1000mA (for a Raspberry Pi).

Asked by acericky 5 years ago

ideas for mounting a lightshade over my DJ / computer workspace from the desk?

I need a little more light to help my live video feeds to be clearer to the viewer. A small desk light is too focused on an area for what I want, and there is not the right floorstanding lamp for the purpose. so I have decided to go the custom route... I am not looking to add anything to the light circuit in the room, from the cieling rose, or the mains sockets, as tthese already have enough plugged in. I have got an led bulb - http://www.clasohlson.com/uk/Unidirectional-LED-Capsule-Bulb/Pr364131000 This works fine from the external molex connector on the external back face of my computers PSU. The shade I'm going to use is this: http://www.diy.com/nav/decor/lighting/indoor-lighting/light_shades/-specificproducttype-black___white_shades/-colourderived%3Eblack/Tezz-Metal-Pendant-Shade-9956483 the problem I have is I want it to be positioned above the desk where my equipment is. I cannot fix into eiter the wall or ceiling, due to them not supporting anything of any weight, therefore it must be fixed to the desk. I have my laptop and monitor on clamp-on arms - http://www.amazon.co.uk/Vertical-Monitor-Clamp-Cable-Mountain/dp/B001B7DT5E/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1358138450&sr=8-2 which it could be fixed to. I am also open to other ideas as well This is where I need some ideas and input on what I could use to get it in the right place. What could I use and how?

Posted by djrickdawson 5 years ago

Instructables "Thank you"

Ok Im updating this post, just to say Thanks again as over the last 18 months or so Ive been sent so much stuff from instructables! So thank you for the wolf blanket 8 tee shirts many many stickers, patches and sugru coffee cup sledge hammer solar phone charger raspberry pi maker do kits monsters of rock CD spark plug corn cob holders Monkey light shapeway credit 3D printer Tool box full of specialized bike tool Extraordinary projects for ordinary people book A special thanks to Penolopy Bulnick for  telling me "to get your instructable into a competition"  and for the 3D printer that, was completely unexpected, its going to get a lot of use.

Posted by liquidhandwash 5 years ago

LED Power supply?

I have approx 200 flashing LED circut boards that I want to make a twinkling display from. Each board has a single LED that flashes about every second, each board also has a single 3v cr2032 lithium battery powering it. What Id like to do is remove the battery on each one and wire them to a DC power supply that can be plugged into 120VAC. So I actually have two questions: Should I wire these in series? Or parallel? What size power supply would I need? Heres a link to a picture of what I have. http://www.rocketproduction.com/wirefree-leds.php Thanks (in advance) for all your help!

Asked by McBeeRob 5 years ago

Assassin's Creed Hidden blade *MODIFICATION* Video anyone?

So i, like many others, have some strange obsession with Hidden Blades and really want one. However, i do not have the machines to make one from scratch like most of the walk thoughs on here, and since i do not have enough time at the moment, heres what i was wondering: Is there anyone out there with enough time, money, brains and skill to convert a shop bought hidden blade from spring loaded mechanism to the more realistic ring pull mechanism? I think it could potentially be quite a challenge, working around the already existing parts. I am talking about the blades on sites such as Forbidden Planet, and also i have found iconiccollectables.com selling them.

Asked by hiumata 5 years ago

How to deal with sap in christmas tree trunks you want to use

I had an idea to re-use the trunks of Christmas trees my neighbors are throwing away. I sawed off the thick part of the trunk and removed the branches from it. But now I have lots of oozy sap that makes the wood sticky and unpleasant. Any suggestions on what to do? If I stain it or coat in polyurethane will that prevent more sap from oozing out? Ideally i want to slice one trunk into coasters/trivets, keeping the exterior bark intact. The other trunk might become the base for a side table or something similar. Or maybe I'll just hollow it out like a cup and use it as a pencil holder. Thanks for your help! Josh

Posted by joshme 5 years ago


Asked by qjhekbejhrbaebhj2 5 years ago

How an electric steam boiler(generator) is made? For cleaning jewelry up to 5 bar?

Any help welcomed technical drawings, photoes......

Asked by mambre 5 years ago

learning to make paracord bracelets need help please

I am to making these and It really intrested me. I have a special needs child and I would like to make a couple of them with charms on them. But I can't find them any where. Like the small silver plated ones. They don't cost that much. its for awareness. microcephaly, and one that says proud mother to a special needs child. I bought one and both of my kids want one and they are telling me what kind but I need help making them too.

Posted by mrsgoyco 5 years ago

Youtube Ideas

I wanted to ask for some advice and feedback on my youtube channel as well as some new movie ideas. First off my Youtube Channel is very special to me and i think with the right work and attitude i cant get to to go farther: my youtube channel is http://www.youtube.com/user/Thelostrolo. Why the name Thelostrolo? well i created the channel when i was 11 (now nearly 15) and i thought i might as well keep the name! (I am working a big hunger games related project which will be uploaded to another channel) I am not sure if i should create a new channel. but that would mean starting from scratch and trying to get recognition again, but maybe you guys could help!? Anyway back to my idea: I had a phew ideas and of course ill need help as i cannot film on my own! The first idea is a simple idea called: 'The Confrontation" which is a simple action thriller type movie with gun movie effects and explosions! THe other on was: "Never look back"  a more serious film in which there is a kid who is bullied and one day is knocked out. He wakes up at home, but no-one was at home, so he decides to go out for a dog walk, he then comes across the bullies except they're afraid of him. etc etc and it ends with him finding out that he is not who he used to be! I could really do with some peoples feedback... not just because this took me a long time to type up! Also if you did check out my channel post your below and i might subscribe :D Thanks for the help Rowan Prosser- Rowans Movies - Thelostrolo RATE, COMMENT AND SUBCRIBE!

Posted by Rowans Movies 5 years ago

aurduino slow response why? Answered

I finally figured out my new seeed relay shield for my aurduino uno i went to make a simple program to turn a relay on and off corresponding with a button. when i pressed the button the relay would activate. when i released the button the relay would stay on for about 10 more seconds and start randomly turning on and off. i decided to take the shield off and run the serialRead digital example to see if it was just the shield that has issues... apparently not the serial read box would be something like this (button not pressed) 0000000000000000000000000100000000100000000000000101100000000000 (button pressed)1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 (button released)111111111111111111111111111011111111011111111111111111111111111111 (10-20 more seconds after button is released)0001111110000010111000011110111010100111111000000101010000000010100000

Asked by harry88 5 years ago

What do you think about sharing craft tutorials online compared to learning in a classroom?

Hi can you please complete this questionnaire for my dissertation? It would be a massive help, the subject is about online how to's in terms of craft and the social community and whether or not people prefer this to learning in a classroom. If you could fill out the questionnaire or leave a comment below with your thoughts, that would be amazing. The questionnaire is anonomous! http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/5DHMLSB Also I am designing a dressing table so ladies, if you could complete this short one too that would be amazing! http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/5KPNJ6Y Thankyou for your time =)

Asked by katrina789 5 years ago

PLEASE HELP Dissertation questionnaire on craft projects online and the social community!

Hi can you please complete this questionnaire for my dissertation? It would be a massive help, the subject is about online how to's in terms of craft and the social community and whether or not people prefer this to learning in a classroom. If you could fill out the questionnaire or leave a comment below with your thoughts, that would be amazing. The questionnaire is anonomous! http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/5DHMLSB Also I am designing a dressing table so ladies, if you could complete this short one too that would be amazing! http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/5KPNJ6Y Thankyou for your time =)

Posted by katrina789 5 years ago

Why you use online how-to's for craft questionnaire for my dissertation

Hi please can you help me by filling out this short questionnaire? They're completly anonomous =) It's for my dissertation, I am looking at online social networking that share tutorials, how to's etc and whether or not people prefer this to learning in a classroom in terms of craft. If you could fill in the questionnaire or leave a comment with your thoughts, I would seriously apprecite it! It's for my dissertation for my degree. Thankyou so much for your time. http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/5DHMLSB I am also needing research so I can make a dressing table so if you want to be even more helpful you can complete this over super short survey! That would be amazing! http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/5KPNJ6Y

Posted by katrina789 5 years ago

Using original pictures... Is there a way to tell? Answered

Lol... this is my 2nd pet peeve.  (My first pet peeve is clicking on an Instructable that isn't an Instructable... or a half-@ss one at best.)  Back to the question... is there a way to tell if the photographs in an instructable are original or just something snagged from the www?  Disclaimer: I occasionally use the photo below (snagged from the www) for the final step of some Ibles .  It's always under the title "Author's Notes".   Now another note to self:  Take your own dang picture since this bugs you so much, ;-)

Asked by bajablue 5 years ago

how to decorate a fleece hat?

I'm 13 years old and i'm struggling with my home economics homework. Because myself, as a boy, i don't know or care about how to decorate a fleece hat :/ and i can't seem to find anything on the internet. I've been using Google advanced searches blah blah blah blah de blah, can anyone help? asap. i need a long paragraph (about 2 in one ish) or something roughly that size, maybe a few paragraphs. either a link to a website or have it in an answer on here, thanks :)

Asked by Guitarmanandy 5 years ago

How to improve Instructables.com !

Hi, I am web designer so I will be specific. These little things bug me but they must drive crazy those ordinary PC users. It seriously degrades the overall user experience on this web ! Here I will point to current problems and show you how to fix it. All following is about EDIT MODE. Constructive critisism, right ? :) UPLOAD IMAGES I know you are using jQuery UI 1.8.11 on this site. Now there is no indicator IF the file uploads at all and/or in case of bigger file/slower connection how long it needs yet ! You have it already in use, when "updating" small progress bar I saw used in images area. Use following it will do miracles: http://jqueryui.com/progressbar/#animated UPLOAD IMAGES AGAIN :) Put buttons SELECT FILES + UPLOAD FILES side by side ! Imagine adding 20 images the upload button goes down. Do not force user to think let alone to do things extra, hide buttons from him ! Thanks. And not to forget ADD there tiny link sor of button to DELETE ALL IMAGES before uploading. What if you choose by accident wrong folder and upload 20 images you do not want to. Sort of CHECK ALL + DELETE function so you can for instance uncheck those you want to leave there. Thanks. CLOSED WINDOW BY ACCIDENT = SAVE This happens. You edit for a while, close window only to realise content is not saved. Could you implement: * AUTO SAVE function after like 5 mins ? * if NOT saved ! = give him JavaScript pop up with "You have unsaved draft. Do you want to continue or save first ?" * IF SAVED = let user close window, no big deal * if saved = add to left small greyish message Saved ... or the button itself * NEW content = button says SAVE NOW * if saved = itself could go grey and have text SAVED = when content changes, turn it orange again ! * the same functionality that GMAIL uses, it is simple REORDER STEP Biggest pain here ! I can have like 20 steps, want to move 1/2 of them for instance. Let us reorder ALL STEPS simply ! Click on the reorder button and offer, let us reorder, offer us small OK button or some function to toggle the "moving" state back to stationary. ADD STEP + vs. INSERT STEP Enlighten me please if mistaken. Do you realise these 2 buttons EACH NEXT to each other do the EXACTLY same thing ? Delete one :) EDIT AREA FOR TEXT The window is too small. Lenghty steps are pain to write and review on such size. Enable resizing handle the same you already have in forums post edit mode ! ERROR WARNING MESSAGES Get rid of those ugly default JavaScript message windows please. Use this and style it to your web orange :) http://jqueryui.com/dialog/#modal-message http://jqueryui.com/dialog/#modal-confirmation Dear Instructables.com look at screenshots for better reference. Do not let me waste two hours of my time figuring out stuff and writing this post. Thanks :) Best regards -- Krsiak Daniel http://linkedin.com/in/krsiakdaniel

Posted by krsiak 5 years ago

Capacitor charging circuit from a Mosquito zapper bat.

Hi, I want to make a coil gun from a Mosquito zapper bat can any buddy tell me that how to make it from parts like 400 volt capacitors (normal or siliocon coated) , Mosquito zapper bat circuit ( Used it because it makek an output of something 2000 + or - volts @ something 2.1 volt input ) circuit digram i will upload soon ,etc. i want to operate it @ 1.5 volt. can anyone help me in doing it and find me following answers = 1) circuit for charging the capacitors bank safely with over charge protection ( with thermistor or something like it) 2) led based capacitor charged indicator (specifically single led based) 3) any other circuit by which i can make a capacitor charging circuit with input 9 volt battery and output 800 volt. 4) also any voltage amplification circuit with input 9 volt battery and output 800 volt. 5) please tell me which parts to use like diodes, transistors, LED diode, resistors, transformer, thermistor, etc.

Posted by manpatpro 5 years ago