Arduino coloured ball counter PLEASE HELP FOR SCHOOL PROJECT!!

I have a school project where i have to make a colour sorter with a arduino i got it far enough that it sorts it phisically but I also have to sort is digitally This is how it's supposed to work:1) the laptop where the arduino is connected to has to show "press button to start colour sorter" 2) you put in the balls and it sorts it 3) then the laptop shows "press button to stop sorting"4) you press the button again the machine stops and shows-total amount of balls -the amount of red balls,blue balls and white balls (only colours I need to sort)-and show "press button to restart again"this is what it's supposed to look like

Asked by lukekat 1 day ago

Compact ight sensor switch with low voltage

Hi there,I've got a led light that's operated via a magnet, if it doesn't detect a magnetic field it turns on if it does it turns off. It's a led light for car door(check picture for reference) and uses 3x AAA batteries in my case 1.2v x3 (3.6v), if you use regular batteries it's 4.5vBy mistake I've order a tiny light sensor module 3.3-5v(check picture) which obviously can't be used as a switch, not in it's present form. While I'm good with solder, I've build an ebike, I'm a computer guy but when it comes to things like this like this make me feel powerless :( ..I 've used 12v light sensor switches but that's a different topic.So, how can I have a low powered light sensor switch that's compact and can save me from replacing the batteries frequent? ...the led light turns on even at daytime which has no point in doing that. I'd appriciate any help :D

Posted by Takisk1 1 day ago