Laptop usb microphone

How to make internal laptop microphone usb?

Asked by Mr Qatanani 2 days ago

Cheap high voltage capacitor chargers

Could i use cameral flash circuits to charge a 2100v capacitor? If yes how, if no could i make a cheap and very simple one to do it? I dont have alot of knowledge with arduinos or electronic components that require programming but im ok with most other electronic components so if i have to build my own i need a way without those parts or i guess ill just have to learn them.

Asked by Supersonic415 3 days ago

Arduino alarm clock help!

Hello I am trying to make a pressure switch for my alarm clock where when I stand on it for a certain amount of time the alarm will stop. I've never done any arduino work before so I was wondering what board would best suite me for this project. I found this one but I don't know if it will work. I also found some code online that I think would work. Here is the link for the code: Also would this be how I would set the entire thing up?Do I need any resistors? What type of power supply would I be able to use?

Posted by boom man56 3 days ago

Why can't I enter a contest?

I wrote a new Instructable and wanted to enter it in the Flower contest but when I click Enter now! the only eligible entry is another one I have already entered.

Asked by Creative Mom CZ 3 days ago