NEED HELP im making a Robot controlled by ps3 controller! and i cany find the I2c cable ?

The robot was originaly made by nahamancygig If any one knows where to get the cable please tell me ASAP!!!! cos its My GCSE  ELECTRONIC project.

Asked by devilmaycry 6 years ago

a simple electric component that acts like a spark gap?

Is there a simple electric component that acts like a spark gap? something that will not conduct until a voltage is reached? i would like to replace the inefficient spark gap in the Tesla coil. also, also voltage needs to be very precise, the breakdown voltage across a gap varies for a clean oscillation. then, the coil should be less noisy.  

Asked by -max- 6 years ago

Is it possible to hack a color lcd screen from a VideoNow player so it can be used for something else?

Hi There! A long time ago I found a VideoNow cd player at a thrift store - and was going to hack it to play regular CDs (as seen on Youtube and here)- however, neither option worked for me, so I'm left with a VideoNow unit that has a nice lcd color screen (everything is intact except for the lid of the unit) and I'm hoping that there is a way to hack the lcd screen to make it useful for something else.  I tried to look for an instructable about how to hack an lcd screen - but no success. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Asked by EdurusFas 6 years ago

can some body help me to make a sign?

I need somebody to make ma a personlized picture. if you can help can you plz P.M me

Asked by 2hot2hack 6 years ago

Free website domain and hosting? Answered

Hi! I'm looking into starting a website to distribute some freeware that I've been developing. Does anyone know a place I can get a free domain name and hosting? It doesn't have to be very large, just big enough for a site. I can manage the downloads from other places. I've looked into a bit, but so far I've turned up nothing. Can anyone help? Thanks!

Asked by transistorguy 6 years ago

Treo 650 keyboard issue. Please help!

I have an old treo 650 and I want to open it up and move the guts to a different housing. The problem is the keyboard that the treo has will not do. It sucks majorly and I want a larger one. Are there other keyboards available that might work? Can i build one out of momentary switches on a PCB? I want one that is about four inches wide. Please help!

Asked by martzsam 6 years ago

I need help copying this circuit. Answered

I need help copying this circuit so that i can experiment with it using microphones and speakers and cameras and screens. If somebody could identify the components that would be magnificent. i just need to know whats on there so i can copy it. I mostly need to know what those black things are.

Asked by budhaztm 6 years ago

How do I know if I can re-publish my instructable?

So, the admin told me to add a picture to the first step of my instructable, I did so, and sent him a message. I still haven't got anything back. Is it alright if I go ahead and publish it again if I have added the pictures? Thanks.

Posted by Weldeon 6 years ago

How much does a camera flash circut boost voltage?

I want to know how much a standard flash camera circut boosts voltage. I'm trying to build a railgun and I simply wish to know about how much it does, as I cannot afford a multimeter or voltage meter. Information welcome.

Asked by StartedBullet 6 years ago

Can i make a touch sensitive button? Answered

Im working on a project that needs a non-tactile button switch. mainly because i am rebuilding the shell and the original button design wont work anymore. there isnt enough space for a tactile switch so i need somthing that can see when i am touching the surface, but it needs to be a rather simple circuit since i dont have a very good access to ICs. if it helps any, the button has a metallic paint that is conductive, and there is a part beside it with the same paint. is there any kind of circuit i can build that allows me to make use of that metallic paint and use it like its a tact switch? any help is appreciated, i do have a 555, a couple L/R audio op amps and a NAND gate. thanks.

Asked by zack247 6 years ago

What is the best way to start learning electronics and circuitry? Answered

I am very interested in electronics, circuitry, and micro controllers, but I am unsure of the best way to start. Would anybody have any suggestions?

Asked by cessnao3 6 years ago

Does anyone have an instructable regarding how to make a water ionizer machine?

Does anyone have an instructable regarding how to make a water ionizer machine? The ones I've checked on the internet are too pricey for my wallet. Thanks. themamma

Asked by themamma 6 years ago

Wireless temperature sensor

Hi I am looking to start playing around with some solar projects. I am looking for a wireless temp sensor or sendor that can work with my Mac or something with a base station that logs temps. Something accurate, versitile  not too expensive would be great Thanks

Posted by xkravx 6 years ago

So Team Fortress 2 Is Down

Since a few days ago many Team Fortress 2 Players have been experiencing a frustrating anomaly. Team Fortress 2 (and on occasion other source games) DO NOT WORK! This is very frustrating, opinions have been voiced that it is due to extreme server overload due to all the F2P people coming in by the thousands. This is not only frustrating but also unfair, ask one of my very good friends who actually pre-ordered Team Fortress 2, was a dedicated Gamer and Beta Tester but has now been demoted so much he can't even boot up the game anymore, while several F2P "gamers" had no trouble at all booting the game up. Does anyone else see a problem with this?

Posted by An Villain 6 years ago

will this theory work for an assassins creed hidden blade? Answered

i built this theory but i did not try will it work? note : the circles are springs , strong ones note : the back end's reach = the long of the blade gets out + the tall of half your arm

Asked by top.boy 6 years ago

Mechanisms I've Made

Alright, I'll keep it short and sweet: Catch-up time. Mechanisms from '08-'10, all different versions. Why not a slideshow? 'Cause I hate them. More stuff coming up. Also, these are only a few pictures of each thing, there are many more of each of them (except the mechanical hand, unfortunately).

Posted by DB2016 6 years ago

heavy gauge metal tubing shaping question Answered

You know the "heavy" gauge metal tubing you see on swings and roundabouts in the public play parks? What is that called and how would I bend and shape it without having to go to an expensive, specialist shop, please? Pretty much I want to have a straight part about 3 metres followed by a curve of radius approx 1 metre and another 1m straight after the curve. Thank you for reading me and your time to reply.

Asked by kevinhannan 6 years ago

eBooks only contain table of contents and comments

Hi, The ebooks available for download only contain a table of contents and comments, but not the actual instructables.  Not what I would call an eBook!! Is there a problem with the eBook generation or is this on purpose? Cheers, Shauno

Posted by shauno 6 years ago

making tachometer from dvd writer?

Software like Nero tells speed of DVD burner so there must be a tachometer inside it how can i extract tachometer from DVD burner and use calculator screen for displaying results.

Asked by ajain7 6 years ago

How can I make a "Silent Bob Coat"?

I mean like change up a existing pattern or have someone help me make a pattern (I'm not to good at that kind of stuff). Does anyone know of a pattern that looks like the coat? I really don't feel like paying $400 and waiting 4-6 weeks for one from Abbyshot. (also, the picture is from them as well)

Asked by Clayton H. 6 years ago

At home business? Any idea? Answered

Work from home...   

Asked by amihan23 6 years ago

how can i tune a received ightwave like a guitar's strings and what is the energy required per kHz?

                                                                     Is a light wave like a guitar string?  Can i take a received electro magnetic wave and tune it? For instance, can I take white light into a device and change the waves properties so that it comes out as red light, or microwave radiation? The applications could be staggerring. If, for instance, I could take incoming sunlight and tune the wave so that the output was alternating current electricity. This would seem to me to be a far better way to harness the enormous energy contained in a lightwave.

Asked by tswartwood 6 years ago

Malware from in Instructables comment?

PMbeartoe 's comment(Jul 28, 2011. 8:30) on Solar Hot Air Balloon Message-in-a-Bottle instructable referred to I used it for a search.  Shortly afterwards my wife use google. The google results page would not scroll. and also a google security update was suggested. I accepted the update and Microsoft Security Essentials immediately warned of malware and cleaned the just installed files from the downloads folder. A scan was advised and actioned.  Backdoor:Win32/IRCbot.EW (Aliases: Suspect-AC!E30DD121029B (McAfee)    WORM_PUSHBOT.SMA (Trend Micro)    Trojan.Win32.Swisyn.ajmj (Kaspersky) ) had been detected in  ...\Downloads\Google_Security_Update9.2b.exe Can any one advise if the malware came with scroogle?

Asked by davatr 6 years ago

luminous flux vs intensity for wall lighting? Answered

Forgive me if this is an elementary question; I have very little understanding of optical physics.  Asusming that's even what this pertains to. Anyhow, I'm designing a music responsive LED display.  The gist of it is that the LEDs will be angled towards the wall slightly, with the intent being to use the wall as a sort of canvas for the light. I know flux somehow pertains to the general light emitted/spread, and intensity to the intensity at the point of emission. Unfortunately, my grasp pretty well ends there. As such, as I go to purchase LEDs, I'm unsure of which of the two is more important for my project (as it seems I can't have a maximum of both for my price range).  So my question is such:  Which factor (flux or intensity) will create a bolder impact in the context of visibly lighting the wall?  Keeping in mind that I don't intend or need to light the room itself, merely create the boldest display on the wall.  Thanks for helping a novice!  

Asked by Skidion 6 years ago

Harry Potter Wands

Does anyone think there could be a way to make a Harry Potter wand, or even a regular wand that shoots glitter? I think it would be really cool to cast a spell on someone, and then they unknowingly get pelted - err, showered with glitter! LOL. But yeah, so if anyone has any ideas or know how or made one before, I would really like to know! Thanks!(:

Posted by lavon_dang 6 years ago

Where can I get a capacitive touchscreen overlay kit for my laptop?

My laptop is an Asus G72GX (very fast computer) that has a 17.3" screen with 16:9 aspect ratio. I would like to know where I can get capacitive (must be capacitive, resistive is old school and doesn't respond as well) touchscreen overlay kit. I've googled quite a a lot and though I've found some that fit my screen size, but they aren't capacitive. Since my computer runs both Windows 7 and Mac OS X Lion, it also needs to be compatible with Mac OS. -Thank you for you're help

Asked by epicnoobpwn 6 years ago

BATTERY help? Answered

i have a rechargeable battery that is 7.2 volts and 3000 mAh Ni-Mh now is it safe to add a Voltage Regulator to run an led or if not how do i? what also is scaring me is the 3000 mAh if its good or bad

Asked by MACKattacksnipe 6 years ago

can anyone help me with Opto-isolator and Arduino problems

Basically i have tried to connect a Remote control to an opto-isolator via positive and negative wires running from the sides of a button, and then connected the opto - isolator to the arduino via ground and digital pin. I am a programmer and have written a home automation program to control this digital pin on the arduino, and when the pin is set to high the button is pressed on the remote control. Now here is the tricky part. I know that the pos/neg wires are correctly soldered on because you touch them and they make the connection and turn the Remote controlled socket( which is controlled by the remote control) on and everything is lovely. But when the opto-isolator is involved you get the nice blinking LED on the remote control to signal it is sending, but the socket does nothing. Again i have tried the output circuit on the end of the opto-isolator with a 9v batteries and an LED and they are fine.  Working nicely. Another thing to note is that te multimeter showsthat when using the opto-isolator and the remote control the power is the same as if you pressed the button.   I seem to be tearing my hair out here, so anyone who can give me an answer would be on my lifesavers list for life! Before anyone suggests using anything else like a transistor,Relay etc, it must be an opto-isolator as this is a project i want to do centering around opto-isolators. Cheers Mark 

Asked by MarkFW 6 years ago

how does a flux capacitor work O.o? Answered

Like it said in the title, I wanna know how it works so I can go Back in time.

Asked by 64bitgenius 6 years ago

Transmit Video over a Local Area Network? Answered

I need  to send video from a webcam from a computer running Windows XP through my router and to another computer connected to the network. NOTE: There is no internet connected to the router! Thanks, joespicnictables... =D

Asked by joespicnictables 6 years ago

Who owns material / posts on reddit?

I was just wondering, people post all sorts of cool stuff on, but who actually owns the material? Am I allowed to use it, or is it copyrighted to someone else? Does the person who posted the material own it, or do they give up ownership when they post it onto the internet? Anybody know?

Asked by Ke-Bob 6 years ago

Has anyone reverse engineered the iphone headset?

I would like to build my own headset using my choice of ear buds and microphone as well as wire up my own control unit for volume and answer controls that I could build custom into my motorcycle helmet.  My attempt to do this by tearing apart the factory iphone headset and soldering components onto the controller board was unsuccessful, i was unable to isolate where to wire my microphone to

Asked by Honzo 6 years ago

Need a DSLR Car mount

browsing for parts, thinking about resting it on the window itself. just looking to see if anyone has any type of ideas? This is pretty much my plan at the moment but I have to find parts for it. But with this plan I for see 2 issues 1. The arm would most likely swing from side to side when speeding up or slowing down 2. If you wanted to record the driver, the window has to be down for this plan so wind would seriously be an issue. You could solve the first issue by using 2 arms, but windows are curved so.. im not so sure about that.

Posted by Ampix0 6 years ago

what is steam punk?

Where did it originate?  When did it become popular?  How can I create jewelry and embelish clothing>

Asked by Catseye 6 years ago

Looking for a iTouch USB cord wiring diagram? Repairing the USB cord

Hey, I have two old USB cords form my iPod Touch laying around, and I took one apart to find that two of the wires simply pulled free of the part that goes into the iPod. I'm not willing to risk blindly soldering them back on and hopefully not frying my iPod to test it out, without at least a few tips as to which wire goes where. Could anyone help me? The four wire colors are green, blue, orange, and white. Orange and white are the ones that pulled free. Thanks :)

Posted by mojobo1 6 years ago

What is a sidactor, what does it do, and does this circuit need it? Answered

This circuit is used to connect a BASIC STAMP to the telephone line. I know what almost every part does, and where to find almost all the parts, exception the "Sidactor". Could anyone tell me what it does, if the circuit really needs it, and where i can find one or how I can substitute. UPDATE: Thanks, all who answered.

Asked by Super_Nerd 6 years ago

how to make solar panels?

it should discharge very small amount of energy

Asked by krishna80 6 years ago

Nerf gun modding problem?

Well, I figured it was time I modded my old Nerf Maverick Rev-6 I had sitting around in my closet. I took out the air restrictors and all that, but I somehow broke of the plastic thing on the slide that holds the metal rod in place. How would I fix this? Epoxy? Sauldering? Welding? Help!!?

Asked by videogamemaster 6 years ago

ive been tryin to make a throwable sticky taser type thing ive gotten close but i havnt got it yet i need advise?

ive had the idea from a movie but instead they used led lights im just trying to figure out how to get it to stick and shock severly  

Asked by ebowers 6 years ago

How to add more brightness to my current LED circuit? Answered

Hi everyone, Which component should i use to boost up the brightness of my circuit. I'm using this my circuit as my "moon light" for my silver arowana. My circuit. I'm actually used the help for my circuit. The power source for my circuit is 12v adapter ,500 mA, 50 hz and 13 VA (note, i don't want to change to a super bright led, preferred using my current led) Thank you. 

Asked by yraj1 6 years ago


Is this the default stting of fuses on a pic programmer or do i have to change something _BODEN_OFF _BOREN_OFF _CP_OFF _DATA_CP_OFF _WDT_OFF _LVP_OFF _MCLRE_OFF _INTOSC_OSC_NOCLKOUT  tis is wat i am using '

Asked by robot1398 6 years ago

I've built a skateboard at school and have a problem with the kick wearing out?

I built a skateboard at school and the first time I rode the varnish wore off the kick. I want to make a kick protector out of somthing like nylon. How could I attach it so I can detash it again. also any Sugestions on how else I could do it? (if i cant do it without glue or bolts please still offer suggestions).

Asked by David97 6 years ago

which resistor do I need for my LED?

What resistor is best for my single LED?  I've read that I need 1 Ohm (is that correct?), but I don't understand power watts and tolerance.  Could I get away without using a resistor at all?  Thanks. battery voltage: 3 diode forward voltage: 2.8-3.4 diode forward current: 20mA

Posted by aliasjanedoe 6 years ago

Countdown timer led bar... Possible or not ?

Hello, So it's my first post here :-) Hope tu fins answers ! I would like to create a visual countdown, created by a led bar (let's say 100 leds aligned) that would switch off regulary the leds when the time is going on... My idea is to propose a visual bechmark to people that do not know to read the time (childrens, deficient persons etc...). For example, it's always quite hard to make the childrens know how long they have to stey on bed until the night is finished. This kind of countdown could be understandable by everyone to know if the night is in the middle or next to finish. Ideally, this coutdown could be associated to one clock and could take the "start time" and the "end time" and calculate the time beetween that, then switch off regulary each one of the lights, going from 100 lights on starting time to 0 at end time.  Any idea about this ?

Posted by epfyffer 6 years ago