i have a magic mist lamp with led ligths that change . i would like it to remain blue how can i do it

Can i change the led bulbs? where do i get them

Asked by 9 years ago

how to get mint extract?

Im in ireland and findin it hard to get it. any ideas?

Asked by 9 years ago

When using?

When using #6 plastic for shrinky dinking, can you use markers other than sharpies (like highlighters)to color the plastic?

Asked by 9 years ago

usb via cat5, whats inside these commercial versions?

Hi there,I am aware of the instructables of using cat5 cables for usb extension.It says the max. length is sth like 30 ft / 10 meters.And I found out these are also commercially available.usb cat5 up to 40 m / 125 ftWhats in the housing? Does anyone know?Is it possible to build on your own sth like that?Greetsmoere

Posted by moere 9 years ago

Is there a program that creates origami instructions?

I am an origami enthusiast in some of my spare time, and I have several of my own designs brewing. Does anyone know of any software that can help in the process of creating the step-by-step instructions so that they look nice and elegant? Alternatively, are there any programmers that would like to team up on this project and create one? I have some experience programming and have some other ideas up in my noodle if anyone is interested.

Asked by BeanGolem 9 years ago

Patterns for basketball jersey?

Does anyone have a pattern to make a basketball jersey?

Asked by Quiksilver2693 9 years ago

Testing Xbox LIVE headset offline? Answered

Can I test my voice (micrphone/headset thing) on my XBox 360 without going online and doing the whole Can you hear me?? thing?

Asked by xACIDITYx 9 years ago

Is it possible to hook a webcam to a hard drive or other storage device without a computer to record? Answered

I was thinking it would be cool to have a webcam set up for timelapse or something similar but only hooked up to a hard drive no computer so you could leave/hide it places to get cool shots.

Asked by Quiksilver2693 9 years ago

Is there any information on car building?

Is there any information out their on taking a dead car(like from a junkyard) and fixing it up or taking the parts and building a really fast or really nice car? It could be a book or a magazine or a website, really i just want to know! Thanks!

Asked by instructables4ever 9 years ago

Thermodynamics for Highschool

So, I work at a science center and we have our annual Engineering Olympics coming up and we've been brainstorming something about thermodynamics. The general format is 6 teams from different highschools in the area are given a task to complete from one engineering discipline, such as construct windmill blades to achieve the highest amperage from an attatched motor or insullate a container of water with random materials to prevent it heating up when submerged in boiling water. This year, I haven't really found an idea for thermo that really excites me. Thermo isn't the easiest thing in the world in highschool, and since we're dealing with kids from different schools, we have no way of knowing how advanced they are. So, any ideas of a project to test their thermodynamic mettle?

Posted by Dinkum Thinkum 9 years ago

How can i replace the cells of a laptop battery?

I have an old beater laptop, who's battery will no longer hold a charge for more than a minute. How can i replace the cells in it so that it will work

Asked by hedgiehog 9 years ago

How do you tie hockey ice skates the correct and tight way? Answered

It's winter time and tying your hockey skates is a hassle. One time my cousin didn't tie his hockey skates well and ended up with not a sprained ankle something else a little worse I forget the exact name. I don't want this to happen to me it looked very painful.

Asked by PizzaPlanet 9 years ago

What's the best way to handle a local gang of punks?

My neighborhood has a local bunch of kids who come around riding bikes, and taunting our dogs. they also swear loudly (like, hearing the "f" word from 50 yards away, shouted by an 8 year old.) and i would really like to find a nice, non-violent way to keep these kids from riding their bikes in the field by my house. does anyone have any ideas that won't get me arrested or egged?

Asked by cyc4015 9 years ago

deviantART anyone?

So, who here has a deviant ART account and/or browses on there?I was simply inquiring to plug for more reviews see some of my fellow Iblians' works..http://rocketscientist2015.deviantart.com/

Posted by KentsOkay 9 years ago

Do you have any suggestions or ideas on how to convert this clothes dryer into something useful and cool?

I rescued this from the trashpile, and I really think I could turn this into something cool and unique for my mid-century home. I just can't think of anything yet. Do you have any ideas?

Asked by 9 years ago

can a computer's dvd drive be modded to connect to a computer with USB? Answered

Can you use an old USB connector with a computer CD/DVD drive to make a USB drive that runs swappable discs and play computer games on a computer with no room for the drive?

Asked by Foaly7 9 years ago

hey I am trying to make a projector cart that has folding legs.

This is what I need http://common.csnstores.com/common/categories/large/18732.jpg. But i would like for the sections to fold in so that it could be transported in a car vary easy. Any suggestions for the legs would be help full.?

Asked by equinox55 9 years ago

how to make a dolls house? Answered

I want to make a doll's house with lights please for my sylvanian families! Please help. (>'-')> Thanks.

Asked by chivesy 9 years ago

What's the best way to boost the wi-fi signal coming from my wireless route?

My wireless router is in my basement and I have an iPod touch and an xbox 360 that I would like to get a better signal for.

Asked by cbuzzard 9 years ago

A VERY simple Arduino Servo Tutorial?

I'm pretty much new to the arduino stuff and I was planning on making a biped robot. But first before all of that I need to know how to use servos. :P Is there someone out there that can maybe post a very easy to understand tutorial of how servos work? I've read ladyada's tutorial on the arduino. So basically I understand all of that but I'd like to know how to control servos and how to program them.

Asked by Alcreion 9 years ago

Tips on wind power?

I am looking for tips on creating a small windmill to charge a twelve volt battery. what is the best type of motor to use? Does anyone know how to make a charging circuit, so that even when the winds are low, it can charge the battery? What is the best type of battery? Are there any other questions i should be asking about wind power, and what are the answers to them?

Asked by cyc4015 9 years ago

Is there anyone out there who can teach me to circuit bend, create/re-purpose circuitry, use Arduino?

Recently, I've become fascinated with Instructables involving re-purposing gadgets, gizmos, and gears. I want to learn some basics before I start dismantling my old cell phone or cd player, but I don't know anyone I can ask. And even if I did know someone, I'm not sure I would know WHAT to ask. I'm at the beginning of a machine and motherboard addiction, I can feel it. Do you know any good dealers? _Science on the Side_

Asked by Science on the Side 9 years ago

mouse trap cars?

Ok my tach. ed class are making mouse trap cars!and i dont build thing =0i need some serious help give me some good ideas how to get them too go far!i am only in 7th grade make it easy !pleasethanks

Asked by 9 years ago

Has anyone found a way to sync a Samsung Pixon with a Mac - iSync doesn't work.?

I've swapped my old Samsung D900 for a Pixon, mainly for the 8mp camera. I've managed to get my contacts onto the Pixon via repeated Sim card copying but I used to be able to sync both contacts and calendars using iSync over bluetooth but it doesn't work with the Pixon. Ideally it needs to be a non web-based technique because I have very little phone signal in the remote rural location where I live and the Pixon does not connect via wi-fi.

Asked by bluehook 9 years ago

Where can I buy dry ice from locally? Answered

I live in London England, and was wondering where I would be able to buy dry ice, on a consumer level. Eg, maybe a kg worth. If anyone knows the name of a supplier, it would be most helpful.

Asked by Notbob 9 years ago

Awwww Dammit

Dammit, I've been beaten to it. I didn't even realize there was a BQ contest until a few minutes ago. There's not many Questions either.. Will more be added ? Also will there be a non-math BQ round for those of us who wish to punch math square in the face ? P.s. do you like my new avatar ? i got sick of the paper robot staring at me so i whipped this up in photoshop :D

Posted by =SMART= 9 years ago

What is this black thing next to the capacitor??? is it an LDR?

Http://flickr.com/photos/34820337@N05/3239709484/in/photostream/http://flickr.com/photos/34820337@N05/3239709262/in/photostream/http://flickr.com/photos/34820337@N05/3238870929/in/photostream/It ha the shape of half a cilider, and two terminals comming out of it... what is it?it was in an IR controlled mini car...

Asked by amando96 9 years ago

Does anyone know how to make a 3-phase wind power generator interface with a home's electric system?

I have a project in which I want to hook up a 1000Watt wind power generator to a home, but I don't know how. What systems are needed?

Asked by 9 years ago

how do I make a pulse jet engine with 100 pounds of thrust?

I want to make a pulse jet which will produce about 100 pounds of thrust.

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Attempting to save:

Had trouble saving within image notes...just got a "400 error" and an endless loop...had to go back, and lost work at this point. Also when saving question...does not work....so had to publish without saving, without previewing???

Posted by Creativeman 9 years ago

Is it possible to etch PCB's with HCL? Answered

I bought one of ladyada's USBtinyisp avr programmers a few days ago, its working great! i program alot in visual basic but i never tried anything quite like the C similar programming of the avr chips. because of that i reprogram my chip ALOT, so i decided to make a target board. i already have the "blank" board and a UV lamp to prepare it. i have sodium hydroxide to develop it. all i need is something to etch off the copper. so i was wondering: can i etch off the copper with 32% hydrochloric acid/muratic acid/HCL?

Asked by solidacid 9 years ago

How do I build a faraday /kinetic battery with 2 coil wraps in series for added voltage?

I have seen a few projects on building a faraday battery for powering projects, but there is nothing on how to build one from scratch. There is no info how to determine output, choose the proper magnet, etc. I have also heard that you can build one with multiple coil sectors in series for a higher max output.

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More search box suggestions

I know there are a lot of these suggestions but I think this one shouldn't be overly difficult. Could the search function, when no instructables are returned for a specific keyword, automatically search for members instead and return those results if there are any? Most of the time when I want to get to a member's profile page I stick their username in the search box, search, it tells me there aren't any instructables called "gmjhowe" or whoever, I click people and search again, it gives me the search result, I click on it, get to where I was going.

Posted by PKM 9 years ago

Which is the best wattage for an resistor? Answered

I went to the electronics shop looking for a resistor, but they said for me choose the wattage! As far as I know, the wattage of a resitor is calculated by its current or voltage. Please help me!

Asked by ace_gatling 9 years ago

How to carbonate drinks at home?

I want to carbonate drinks but i don't know how and i am not buying a expensive equipment or anything like that so don't send me links where to buy them Thanks!

Asked by trojanx 9 years ago