cutout tool (yay or nay)

I found drill bits that I can use on a drill (duh) that can cut wood sideways, like a cutout tool. would this be a good cutout tool alternative? or should I just get a cutout tool?

Posted by bronevaya 11 years ago

how to insert html?

How does one insert html into an instructable? Do I have to put som tags before and after the code or something?

Posted by leevonk 11 years ago

RGB Moodlight

Hello, I am new to instructables and I am not sure about this thing: I made an instructable for a RGB Moodlight, so I was wondering it could be added to the projects of this group. Thanks in advance

Posted by peterrus 11 years ago

Unfinished Ceramic Tile/Pizza Stone

I've heard that you can use an unfinished ceramic tile as a pizza stone. I have not been able to find any unfinished ceramic tile anywhere. I figured a bunch of DIY folks like the ones here might know where I can get one. Does anyone know where I can get a 16"x16" unfinished ceramic tile? Thanks Rick

Posted by mrmath 11 years ago

Still a few days left to document the gifts you made!

The Homemade Gifts contest ends at the end of the day Monday January 1st. Since I know you don't want to go into work this week, take a bunch of pictures and show us what you made, how you made it, and who you gave it to.

Posted by ewilhelm 11 years ago

LED based VU meter schematic.

I've recently bought a new pair of headphones, and would like to add a semicircle of LEDs (Green->Yellow->Red) to each can, LEDs that would light to the music playing through headphones. As a result, I've been looking for a VU meter schematic that incorporates LEDs and a 1/8" jack. Any link to such a schematic or ideas for my potential project would be greatly appreciated!

Posted by dmfunk 11 years ago

Putting a 1/4in Stereo Jack into a computer :)

I'm thinking this will be my first instructable. I plan to put a 1/4 in stereo jack in the front panel of my PC. I can do that. The problem is, I need to figure out a way to amplify the sound, since my 30-year old earmuffs use a 1/4 inch jack and suffer from low power. I'm thinking USB power. Any suggestions? I know comps, I know how to do this, I just know nothing about amps :)

Posted by mikesty 11 years ago

Can I use my portable dvd player as a TV

I was wondering if there's a way to use my new portable dvd player as a tv with audio video hook ups so I could plug in and xbox or ps2 or w/e. I'll get the modle in a while but its xmas and I want some custard pie MMHMHMHMHMMMMMM!!!111!1!!1!

Posted by TheCheese9921 11 years ago

Another Newbie xD

So... im the new one here.. i want to make something simple... with leds.... xD that would require lots of skill :> i got leds resistors....soldering kit and othere tools xD any ideas for newbie ? :>

Posted by iZaP 11 years ago

IP-phonet on Promotron

• Support SIP 2.0, TCP/UDP/IP, RTP/RTCP, HTTP, HTTPS, ICMP, ARP, DHCP, NTP/SNTP, TFTP protocols.• Support STUN and symmetric RTP for NAT.• Interoperable with various 3rd party SIP end user device, Proxy/Registrar Server, and gateway products.• Advanced 32bit embed MCU + DSP technology to ensure superior audio quality.• Advanced adaptive jitter buffer control, packet delay and loss concealment technology.• Support popular vocoders including G.723, G.729A, G.711(a-law and u-law), G.726(40K/32K/24K/16K).• Support standard voice feature such as Caller ID Display, Call Waiting, Hold, Transfer, in-band and out-of-band DTMF,three way conference.• Support Silence Suppression, VAD(Voice Activity Detection), CNG(Comfort Noise Generation), Line Echo Cancellation(G.168), and AGC(Automatic Gain Control)• PSTN pass through port, with auto switch between PSTN and VOIP on inbound call and manual switch on outbound call. It becomes PSTN phone when unit power is off.Linkman:EricaSkype: erica888wQQ: 541006495MSN: w888160@hotmail.comTel: +86-755-22015114, 27918959, 26626155 LEAD TECHNOLOG DEVELOPMENT CO.,

Posted by cobbyzhou 11 years ago

support SIP, Mutil-user managerment, international professional communication IC gateway with one,two,four port on sale

Call Features1. 3-way Conference2. Auto Answer3. Call History- Most Recently Missed Calls- Most Recently Received Calls- Most Recently Dialed Numbers4. Call Hold5. Call Forwarding6. Call Mute7. Call Rejection8. Call Transfer9. Flexible dial map10. Call Waiting11. Caller ID12. Do Not Disturb (DND)13. DTMF Relay- In-band, Out-band and SIP Info 14. Hotline15. support SIP domain, DNS name i. of server16. Multiple Proxy, Registrar, Redirect Servers17. Supports 2 service domains18. Volume AdjustmentManagement1. Firmware Upgradeable2. Upgrade firmware through boot monitor3. Config through Web, Telnet 4. Upgrade firmware and configuration file i. through HTTP, FTP, TFTP5. Support Syslog6. ND5 EncryptionProtocols1. SIP RFC3261 RFC3262 RFC3265i. Backward Compatible with RFC25432. SDP (RFC2327)3. RTP/RTCP (RFC1889 and RFC1890)4. NAPTR for SIP URI Lookup (RFC2915)5. STUN (RFC 3489)6. ARP/RARP (RFC 826/903)7. SNTP (RFC 2030)8. DHCP/PPPoE9. HTTP Server for Web Management10. TFTP/HTTP for firmware upgrade11. DHCP Option Codes for SIP (RFC3361)12. 802.1P TOSApplications1. Voice Mail Integration2. NAT Traversala) Static NAT Routeb) Traversal by STUN/UPNP3. Support Firewall4. Support Route/Bridge mode I/O Interfaces1. 2 RJ-452. Dual 10/100 Switched Ethernet Port3. 1 RJ11 for Phone(FXS) , 1 RJ11 for LifelineUSB-phone

Posted by cobbyzhou 11 years ago



Posted by something 11 years ago

USB-phone of perfect voice quality on sale

Our company has many kinds of USB Skype Phone. Each design das more than 10 colours.1 Without screen:100% digital timbre with high quality, the same as PSTN2 U-disk: inside 128M U-dsik. It can be changed as the clients wish, save the charge of another U-disk take the files and phone with you, small and convenient.3 LCM:128*64 LCM, it can show multi-language and information of calls wonderfully, has many designs4 LCD:640 LCD、support English display, each letter shows 5*5 dot matrix. Better than common LCD5 Earphone port:Beside common features, it can use earphone to answer the phone, let your hands free.6 Desktop:Has the speaker function, use as the normal telephone, can be used as the loudhailer of your PCUSB Phone is the communication equipment that connected to the USB port of the computer, through the Internet; make a PC-to-PC call or a PC-to-phone call by Skype or other software. It offers high voice quality and cheap cost for the clients. It can call other PC or PSTN like common phones, or can be used as audio-device of PC or other voice massager software. It has special design as a mobile phone, used as a mobile phone, more convenient for making a call.Compare with common phones, USB phones don’t use the PSTN but the Internet. In the WAN, you can keep in touch with your families, friends, or clients, if you have a USB phone. When you communication with you Skype members, it is for free at all.Linkman:EricaSkype: erica888wQQ: 541006495MSN: c888160@hotmail.comTel: +86-755-27918959, 26626155,22015114LEAD TECHNOLOG DEVELOPMENT CO.,

Posted by cobbyzhou 11 years ago

Same thing different name

Is it me or has the same cheap ass projects being posted over and over and over and over and over and over.

Posted by 0-Xero-0 11 years ago

Contest Rules

A forum confirming the rules of the knex gun contest

Posted by Loosewire; SOE Operative 11 years ago


Hi!Nobody has posted here and I'm curious if this project is active.I will be working on regiggering something to be a sort of myoelectric prosthetic. I don't have one yet as I'm still recovering, however I might as well think about how I could help the situation.I found a great hobbyist website, Spark Fun. From them I ordered an Arduino for $32.The Arduino is a n atmel microcontroller with a usb interface, allowing programming the chip and communication with the running program.For myoelectric control, voltages would be derived from skin voltages. I'm no physiologist, but if some muscle activity can be discerned from the (low voltage) input, it could be used.The PWM outputs are ready-made to control common servos, so a motor-operated claw could be controlled.With the arduino's ability for independent operation as well as interfacing to the computer to revise the microcontroller's software and reprogram, it should be fairly straightforward to achieve a custom controller for a robotic claw of sorts.Now, where do I get the claw (at a reasonable price)? Or, maybe it'd be better to custom design one?Stay tuned.

Posted by yerg2k 11 years ago

Problem #3

3: Find xSolution: x = 5a2 + b2 = c2a=3b=4c=x32 + 42 = x29+16 = x225 = x2sqrt(25) = x5 = xx = 5:-)

Posted by zachninme 11 years ago

Mp3 player in a nes controller

O.K i have seen this floating around on the web a while back and i was wonder if anyone knows how to take the contact buttons on a mp3 player and solder them to a nes pads contacts. I'm confused on like where to solder and how it works because i would like to do something like it. For example like when you hit the A button it would like change the song or control the volume on the player.

Posted by fretmelter 11 years ago

Repairing Sonicare Elite Pro

My Sonicare Elite pro after a little less than 2 years stopped working. To ascertain where the problem is I opened it up following the operator’s instruction of Philips which tells you how to permanently open it to dispose the Ni-Cd batteries. I found that there is only one battery (in other models I saw that there are 2 units, apparently serial wired) and the voltage across the battery terminal is 1,3-1,15 V. The green blinking LEDS seem to work all right when the charger is applied and the full set of lit LED should indicate that the battery is charged. But the vibrator does not work. It would help to know which is the operating voltage of the battery as it seems a bit too fat to be an ordinary AA 1,5 V battery. Any help is appreciated.

Posted by giovdett 11 years ago

Do you want to use Skype out more comfortable and convenient

Inside 128M USB Disk. It can be changed as the clients wish 128*64 Dot Matrix LCM, it can show multi-language and information of calls wonderfully It can show the date and time Compatible with VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) solution such as SKYPE It can make a PC-to-PC calls for free and PC to PSTN or MOBILE calls through Internet. Echo-cancellation for better sound quality Can set speed dials, design as mobile phone There is a DTMF dialing keyboard, can dial on the phone as normal phone Can make a call to SKYPE by using SKYPE software, or make a call to normal phone by SKYPE out Professional processor and special arithmetic for high timbre quality Use I2C port, more simply and convenient Inside LED, shows the statement of coming calls, calls, silence, dialing, on hook, name list It can save the received calls and the dialed number as many as you wish It can make a call through SKYPE calling list Several types of ring tones for incoming call alert, The display of USB Phone and SKYPE can be concurrence As a speaker to broadcast music from PC No need superfluity power supply Can adjust the volume during a call Connecting statement auto-checking No need to bear the ‘earphone and microphone’, just answer the phone when it rings One phone for VoIP, make it more convenient Can use as the earphone of Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, MS NetMeeting, Talk and so on, supports dialing by USB We can exploit more functions according to the customer's inner information about the operation details So if you have any requirement of VoIP equipment, please contact us. TEL:+86-755-27918959 MSN: Skype: cobbyzhou Yahoo Massager: cobby_zhou E-mail:

Posted by cobbyzhou 11 years ago

Your best choice of VoIP equipment

Shenzhen LEAD Technology Development Ltd. is the profession one of developing, manufacturing and selling in VoIP field Now, our products is on sales. Main products is USB Phone, Gateway and IP Phone USB Phone have many styles, with LCD, without LCD, with USB disk. Gateway use the SIP as the main protocol, they have the compatibily with other SIP equipments IP Phone are very simple, similar with the normal phone, but have more functions?£ All the equipments is easily set up, has many styles And we also offer the SIP service The price isn't changeless, the bigger quantity, the cheaper price TEL: 86-755-27918959 MSN & E-mail: Skype: cobbyzhou Cobby Zhou

Posted by cobbyzhou 11 years ago

Help - DIY Digital Picture Frame

I was finishing up a digital picture frame for my mom for Xmas, and decided to try to solder up some buttons to the on-circuit ones, but, unfortunately, the soldered wires didn't hold, and pulled some of the printed pattern off. Now the rubber button works at less than 25% efficiency. Any way to get this working better would be appreciated, thanks.

Posted by Samster1214 11 years ago

How do I add an Instructable to my favorites???

This might be a silly question, but I have been looking for the way to add an Instructable to my favorites list, but I dont know how to do so, or were to find the instructions. I have seen others people's profiles and I see the have them bookmarked. Can somebody help me? Thank you!

Posted by Titere 11 years ago

Contest at work need help please!!!!

I'm trying to win a contest at work you get 4 weeks free Online movie rentals for a free trial the more free rentals I give away the better pass this around to your friends and family enter code 1647ta

Posted by gdeath79 11 years ago invites open!

For those of you who may be interested in becoming a guide, invitations are now open again. I have some available. You can email me your qualifications at

Posted by magicbeambuyer 11 years ago

New here

In my months long efforts to find plans for making a Malibu outrigger, I find this interesting forum. Very cool off the path stuff. BigMike

Posted by bigmike809 11 years ago

New to The Microprocessor World

Hello everyone im new to the microprocessor world but trust me im eager to learn! I have been reading every piece of information i can get my hands on about microprocessors. I just wanted to find out what you guys thought the best place to start was for a newbie AVR Possible ? Just wanted some opinions from the best i know if you have any tips or anything also please fell free to post about them thanks so much guys Alex- AKA Zus

Posted by zus 11 years ago

Who's the Sexiest Geek of 2006?

Http:// think we should collectively nominate someone from Instructables!

Posted by mikesty 11 years ago

My favorites from the week of 2006-12-11

It's kind of an incestuous list this week, but what the heck.Run out of toilet paper 1/12th as oftenI'll admit that I've thought of doing this, but Noah actually acted. Simply wonderful.Revive Nicad Batteries by Zapping with a WelderGreat combination between video, images, and text -- plus I've got a dead nicad I need to zap.Pan-fried Scallops with Sesame Lime SauceScallops might be my favorite food, and these were near perfect.

Posted by ewilhelm 11 years ago

Electromagnetic pulse generator plans?

Does anybody know where I can find plans for an electromagnetic pulse generator?

Posted by abun1991 11 years ago

Collaboration: Underbody and wheel Fairings WITH Boat Tail for a MkIV Volkswagen Jetta (and possibly Golf)

The underside of your typical car will not have any skin/covering -- the outer skin of your car is known as a fairing and that is how I'll refer to it from this point forward ;) These open crevasses etc. create a great deal of drag force and turbulence to high speed air. This added drag is significant enough to warrant some manufacturers to install aluminum plates covering the entire undercarriage (which add weight).My big project over the next few months will be prototyping a partial fairing for the underside of my car. Additionally, I will be constructing wheel fairings for all four wheels an begin construction of a boat tail (likely in a Kammback Style. I am open to feedback, suggestions and comments of any type - that is why I'm posting here and will be updating my progress.This is a tentative list of things that need to be done - feel free to add.1. Acquire and install material for rear wheel fairing (Prototype has been Completed)2. Front Wheel Fairing3. Start Patchwork Under Tray (This is a huge project)4. Relocate External Mirrors5. Cover Front Grille as much as possible6. Buy ScanGaugeII (I promised myself for my birthday)Constraints1. No Permanent "Stock" body changes (no visible holes etc.)2. Must Be Removable Within 30 Minutes or so without special tools or lifting vehicle3. Must Collapse and Fit in Trunk4. Would like the deadline to be BEFORE a cross country trip (South Florida to San Francisco)MaterialsHere's what's on the table:1. Corrugated Plastic2. Possibly Fiberglass3. Flashing (as suggested)4. Clear Plastic Sheeting (similar to what is use for convertible rear windshields)FastenersI'm current exploring non permanent adhesives and methods of application/removal. This adhesive would be used in tandem with two part snaps. I have also decided on using fold over nuts where applicable.Why a Partial FairingI discovered that some of my exhaust components are the lowest points of my car. Considering the temperatures of these components, extra cost of materials AND the necessary curves to fit these components - I have decided to make this first prototype simple (hopefully all 2-d shapes).CostHonestly, I'm in college - a lot of my money goes to tuition and books (and engineering books typically come with a killer price tag). My goal is to make this cost effective so that someone else can mimic my efforts on their car/truck/etc. OR apply this to their MkIV directly. I will supply dimensions of the vehicle AND dimensions of my overall product as completed.CollaborationOne day, this will become an instructable. If a particular step warrants its own instructable -- I will post it ;) If someone has a MkIV Jetta and wishes to collaborate, please contact me. Having more brain power to come up with robust and unique solutions is a great asset.InspirationThe Probe V - Cd= .13770+mpg Civic Hatch Modifications (Cd estimated around .16)This photo below is a skid plate available for Mark IV Jettas and Golfs -- cost: $300+. It is made from 3/16" plate aluminum and notice that there are no undercarriage vents. This is good news for me as heat management is a major concern. This plate is available hereAs always, I'm open to suggestions etc. It's somewhat of a big project, so I'm taking it slow and steady so I don't burn out with everything else going on :POther Updates as of 3/30/07-Scratched previous task list - replaced with modification task list-Added boat tail and wheel fairing to overall project-Added Inspiration Links-added constraints category-updated fastener category-updated materials category

Posted by trebuchet03 11 years ago

hardwiring a wireless camera to a tv

I need some help figuring out how to hardwire a wireless antena to my tv. The camera came with a black and white 5 in. display and I want to connect it to a 13 in color. Any sugestions... ANYONE? I connected The wires from the antena to the corisponding wires on the tv, but that had no effect. So then I thought maybe I needed to use both boxes.??

Posted by nblsjn 11 years ago

What a waste of F'ing water....

I know it is important to keep certain systems running reliably... But this seems ridiculous. I came home and heard a lot of water rushing into the drain. Not far down the street, I see a yellow box dumping hundreds of gallons of water. So I ran inside, grabbed a flashlight... ran outside... flashlight is missing a battery... ran inside, got battery then ran outside. I got next to the box and called the phone number on the side. Water management picked up. I explained that it was a yellow box next to a fire hydrant on a concrete pad. The tech immediatly knew that it was just "flushing the system" and said it would be on for awhile. He thanked me for calling and I hung up. 6 months ago, that box wasn't there. I've lived in this city for over 15 years and never saw this. To me, it seems like a lazy and poor solution to some problem I can't seem to find searching google. My guess would be sediment from lack of use (but iono). Anyway... I thought I'd share my frustration.... Oh, it was on for 2 hours! after I got home..... just wow.

Posted by trebuchet03 11 years ago

New creation

Check out my new creation

Posted by iKill 11 years ago

Blue LED ciruit

I am attempting to make this device pictured here. I am looking for someone with a knowledge of LED circuits to help me develop the board used to power the 6 flashing blue LEDs which, when first switched on has LED number 1 lit, then when a non-locking button is pushed the 2nd LED lights and flashes with the first still lit and flashing, and so on until all 6 LEDs are lit. When finally the non-locking switch is pushed all 6 LEDs are switched off? Is this possible. I'm new here and would appreciate any help you could offer. Thank you

Posted by anachronistic_protagonist 11 years ago

Inflatable Fabrics

Out of curiosity - does anyone know what kind of fabric is used for inflatable structures... like inflatable kites? At the same time -- how is it sewn to hold pressure? I'm curious because earlier I was thinking why inflatable tents (for say: camping) are not too common. I mean, it seems like a good idea. No poles and such to worry about -- just inflate and go. Any thoughts?

Posted by trebuchet03 11 years ago

Take Thanksgiving to the Next Level! Project Contest Winners

I hope your Thanksgiving was as exciting and competitive as mine! Of the 42 people that came over for dinner, I beat them all by gaining an unprecedented 5 percentage points of body fat over the course of the dinner!Ok, maybe not that much, but I did eat until I was literally sick, and can feel comfortable saying, "I took Thanksgiving to the next level."From their projects, it's clear the winners of the Take Thanksgiving to the Next Level contest did too.Grand PrizeThese three projects will win beta Eye-fi Eye-Film cards. More information chile fried turkey by drEelmodular pie-cosahedron by turkey tekPumpkin Cheesecake Pie by dently First Prize PackageThese three Instructables will win On Food and Cooking: The Science and Lore of the Kitchen by Harold McGee and a Tanita UM080 Scale with Body Fat and Body Water Monitor.Cloth Napkins by HeresyOfTruthTurkey Treats by FrenchCrawlerXtreme Buddha's Non Vegan Delight in a Skin Tube by MrMunki Second PrizeThese projects will win one year magazine subscriptions to their choice of Make (digital or print version), Craft (digital or print version), or ReadyMade.$7 Non-Stick Rolling Pin by jess'Antique' Holiday Molasses Cookies by ianCranberry Relish by LasVegasDIY 41-inch uberHDTV (3 150 x 1 680) - 3 x 20" monitors in portrait by acfouHow to fry a turkey by rbhaysLeftover cranberry relish cake by lisareaPumpkin Pie Dessert Squares by GregDDCScratch Pumpkin Pie by Tool Using AnimalStatistical Analysis of Turkey Cooking by trebuchet03Thanksgiving Calculator by spacejockeysUSB-Powered Apple by randofoThanks to everyone to who entered and to the people who helped judge the contest: canida, honus, kinawera, leahculver, mever, noahw, numberandom, puffin_juice, and zieak.Original Thanksgiving contest instructions here.

Posted by ewilhelm 11 years ago

12v 1.8w solar panel to charge AA 1.2v NiMh batteries

Would i be able to use a 12v 1.8w solar panel to charge AA NiMh batteries? i built one of the mr16 halogen bike lights with the instructable found here and now have 10 AA NiMh batteries that i would like to charge, and i only have a 4 battery wall charger. A 12v 1.8w solar panel is on sale for $15. its specs are: # Includes quick-connect hardware: connecting wire, DC clips, 12 V socket plug and barrel plug, mounting hardware/accessories # Built-in reverse current protection; won't deplete the power-supply system so can i use this to charge AA batteries? if so how many, 2,4,6,8,10?. i would want to keep it simple so i would just wire my battery holders to the panel if possible.

Posted by ThePopesBone 11 years ago

Drilling into walls and not electrecuting myself

So these walls have a sheet of wood on them, as in, original wall --> then sheet of wood, painted. Can a stud finder still work with this wall setup? I dont want to start drilling and end up electrecuting myself and or ripping the walls up with too much weight. I plan on doing the hungarian shelfs.

Posted by bronevaya 11 years ago

knex gun forum

Theres a new forum for discussing knex gun designs just posting so you know

Posted by nick.z 11 years ago

knex gun forum

Theres a new forum for discussing knex gun designs just posting so you know

Posted by nick.z 11 years ago

new knex forum

Theres a new forum for discussing knex gun designs just posting so you know

Posted by nick.z 11 years ago

what gadget is the best

At my work place this topic has been talked about so i wanted to see if any of you thought that this gadget is best so please tell me witch one is best

Posted by disco diva 11 years ago

DIY "copies" of designs

Hey guys and girls,I was wondering - what do people see as "right" when it comes to making DIY versions of designs. Obviously there is some level where it is inspiration, but what about when the design is based around a shape?For example, this instructable Universal lamp shade polygon building kit clearly uses the same shape as the IQ-light, a fact the author acknowledges.I want one of these Tote, but I would never pay US$114 for it.So is it wrong to try to make a copy of the flat pattern? I've been trying to get it done in CAD, not there yet but getting close. What about if I exactly copied by tracing the shape. I have no intentions of selling it, is it still wrong?

Posted by trialex 11 years ago

URGENT Need Hard Drive Converter Recommendation SATA --> IDE

My parent's laptop took a crap on them. I'm 60% sure it is hardware related (well, not the HD that is).Unfortunately, they never backed up their photos and our family trip to Mexico is on there (the photos :P). What really sucks (kinda) is that the HD is SATA. It sucks because I don't have a SATA enclosure (but I do have an IDE).So do I go with a SATA to USB2 converterSATA to USB2 converter -- or a SATA to IDE converterSATA to IDE converter?This is urgent because I need to determine if its the HD or some other component so that it can be sent in for warranty repairs. Crossing fingers that its some sort of hardware.

Posted by trebuchet03 11 years ago

Check out the knex gun contest

Most Innovative K'nex Gun Design Contestthere is a brilliant Knex Gun Contest with Eric offering a spy camera for a prize. i chalenge YOU!! all SOE Operatives to build the best knex gun you can and post an instructable of it here and at the contest!!! the contest is at Most Innovative K'nex Gun Design Contest and the forum is at Most Innovative K'nex Gun Design Contestand with knex we can rule the world!!!!

Posted by Loosewire; SOE Operative 11 years ago

Broken ibook what to do?

Ok, so the logic board died on my old g3 800mhz ibook. I've since bought a new macbook and wanted to do something interesting and constructive with the ibook. Give me some ideas....Thanks.

Posted by onemisterchristian 11 years ago

Trent I know you are kind and compassionate

Trent,you sent me a poem , a year or so ago. My beloved father is a Musician, with a background in teaching and played live on stage with Australia's The Voice John Farnham. You wrote me several sweet e-mails. However, I wrote fluff in my posts as I had been ill over my brother's tragic death. I am in remission now. I know you are very sweet and compassionate and I hope you can forgive me for my silly mails.

Posted by PrettyMaiden 11 years ago


Hi everyone.i need ur help.i want to make an airgu but i dont know how to make it.can anyone help me..

Posted by postoman 11 years ago

electronics knowledge magazine online

Provider schmatics electronics circuit such microcontroler ,hobby electronics ,rs232 full duplex, etc if you want to experiment at home leaning by doing it you self see you as soon as posible on[:D]

Posted by phruchya_2498 11 years ago