new knex forum

Theres a new forum for discussing knex gun designs just posting so you know

Posted by nick.z 11 years ago

what gadget is the best

At my work place this topic has been talked about so i wanted to see if any of you thought that this gadget is best so please tell me witch one is best

Posted by disco diva 11 years ago

DIY "copies" of designs

Hey guys and girls,I was wondering - what do people see as "right" when it comes to making DIY versions of designs. Obviously there is some level where it is inspiration, but what about when the design is based around a shape?For example, this instructable Universal lamp shade polygon building kit clearly uses the same shape as the IQ-light, a fact the author acknowledges.I want one of these Tote, but I would never pay US$114 for it.So is it wrong to try to make a copy of the flat pattern? I've been trying to get it done in CAD, not there yet but getting close. What about if I exactly copied by tracing the shape. I have no intentions of selling it, is it still wrong?

Posted by trialex 11 years ago

URGENT Need Hard Drive Converter Recommendation SATA --> IDE

My parent's laptop took a crap on them. I'm 60% sure it is hardware related (well, not the HD that is).Unfortunately, they never backed up their photos and our family trip to Mexico is on there (the photos :P). What really sucks (kinda) is that the HD is SATA. It sucks because I don't have a SATA enclosure (but I do have an IDE).So do I go with a SATA to USB2 converterSATA to USB2 converter -- or a SATA to IDE converterSATA to IDE converter?This is urgent because I need to determine if its the HD or some other component so that it can be sent in for warranty repairs. Crossing fingers that its some sort of hardware.

Posted by trebuchet03 11 years ago

Check out the knex gun contest

Most Innovative K'nex Gun Design Contestthere is a brilliant Knex Gun Contest with Eric offering a spy camera for a prize. i chalenge YOU!! all SOE Operatives to build the best knex gun you can and post an instructable of it here and at the contest!!! the contest is at Most Innovative K'nex Gun Design Contest and the forum is at Most Innovative K'nex Gun Design Contestand with knex we can rule the world!!!!

Posted by Loosewire; SOE Operative 11 years ago

Broken ibook what to do?

Ok, so the logic board died on my old g3 800mhz ibook. I've since bought a new macbook and wanted to do something interesting and constructive with the ibook. Give me some ideas....Thanks.

Posted by onemisterchristian 11 years ago

Trent I know you are kind and compassionate

Trent,you sent me a poem , a year or so ago. My beloved father is a Musician, with a background in teaching and played live on stage with Australia's The Voice John Farnham. You wrote me several sweet e-mails. However, I wrote fluff in my posts as I had been ill over my brother's tragic death. I am in remission now. I know you are very sweet and compassionate and I hope you can forgive me for my silly mails.

Posted by PrettyMaiden 11 years ago


Hi everyone.i need ur help.i want to make an airgu but i dont know how to make it.can anyone help me..

Posted by postoman 11 years ago

electronics knowledge magazine online

Provider schmatics electronics circuit such microcontroler ,hobby electronics ,rs232 full duplex, etc if you want to experiment at home leaning by doing it you self see you as soon as posible on[:D]

Posted by phruchya_2498 11 years ago

60 Second Time delay for photo cell LED's

Ok here is my dilemma. I have created hallway lighting with leds using the same setup as the blue bawls photo cell lights Blue Bawls . so what i need now is a way to delay the "on" time of the leds for 60 seconds after i break the beam. The trigger is a laser pointed at the photocell so when i break the beam the leds turn on. its currently running on 7.5V dc. Any suggestions or schematics are greatly appreciated .

Posted by AgentDanny 11 years ago

Welcome To The Instructables Group, 'Fun with Fire'

Hello, and welcome to the 'Fun with Fire' instructables group, this group focuses A warning to all the stupid idiots out there that think they are invincible, fire is dangerous and should not be taken lightly, by joining this group you assume all responsibility for your actions. Q&A, Q) What can/cant I post? A) Anything that has to do with fire is allowed, that means all those people that think its funny to spam and post things that have nothing to do with fire aren't allowed. Q) what kind of projects do you mean? A) Anything that has to do with fire, such as, fireworks, fire breathing,fire making, etc., etc. Q) Why is it called, Fun with Fire? A) It is called Fun with Fire because I believe this should be a fun group, not an uptight, tell no secrets group. Q) Is there such thing as 'To Dangerous'? A) No there is not, you can post any thing from how to make sparks, to how to make napalm, provided that you adhere to the Instructables Terms Of Service and add a safety warning/disclaimer. So without further adieu, Have fun, Don't burn yourself, and Be safe. P.S., If you made it this far thanks for sticking with it and reading this extreamely long-winded post, In The House Of Ill Repute

Posted by In The House Of Ill Repute 11 years ago

Running 12 volt off 240 volt

Any one have any ideas how i can (as cheaply and easily as possible) run a winch made to be ran off a 12 volt ATV battery off Australian mains(240 volts)?(this winch to be precise)Cheers, Will

Posted by willj89 11 years ago

The Best Kind of Duct Tape

What do you think the best kind of duct tape is: 1) Duck Tape 2) Nashua 3) Gorilla Tape 4) ect.

Posted by makemarsh 11 years ago

Instructables in the Sydney Morning Herald

Instructables got a nice write up in the Sydney morning Herald as part of the December 4-10, 2006 "the guide" section. I got a copy hand delivered by a friend who happened to be flying across at the just the right time.

Posted by ewilhelm 11 years ago


I'm looking for a website that sells cheap aluminum/plastic cases and i just need a generic kind, no branding needed. i know they cannot be that expensive if you can buy a $15 pokerchip set that comes with one. or a kid's board game that comes in one for $10. i've done alot of searching and all i come up with are the expensive designer ones that start at $200. i will be cutting holes in this case making modifactions to make a mobile workstation for my laptop so i dont want to spend $200 on a case that i'm going to cut up. it doesnt have to be aluminum and doesnt need a lock, but something like a briefcase (with a handle) is ideal. here are some images, anyone have any ideas? btw: the case i'm looking for has to be at least – 6" thick, 18"wide and 14.5"tall, must be a hard case (made of anything), must have a handle and open like a brief case.

Posted by psychotic 11 years ago

Would like: 4-hr count down timer

In the summer, i'd like to run my fan for the first 4 hours of the night. After that the rooms cools down enough where I don't need a fan. I've searched everywhere and cannot find a cheap 4-hr countdown timer. I have found some for $50, but that is outrageous. I cannot modify a mechanical kitchen timer because those are only 1 hour. So, does anyone have any ideas to make a 4-hr countdown timer that turns on a 110v circuit for 4 hours, then turns it off and leaves it off? Forgot to mention. I go to bed at different times so a regular on/off timer would not be optimal here. Thanks.

Posted by chuckr44 11 years ago

Gifts for the intelligent designer -- what do you want for the holidays?

PT over at Make asked a few people around Squid and Instructables what they would like to receive for the holidays. Check out Leah's, Saul's, and my gift lists, and tell us what you'd like.

Posted by ewilhelm 11 years ago

My favorites from the week of 2006-12-04

Ski BikeI'm a real sucker for winter weather contraptions, and this looks like a ton of fun.Pocket TripodI carry around one of those mini tripods on my camera bag, but this looks more useful because of the ability to wrap its legs around objects. I'm sure to make one.Typewriter Computer KeyboardAs someone who takes his keyboard and pointing devices perhaps a little too seriously, this makes me smile.Use firefox drag and drop extension to upload imagesThis will save you so much time and mouse clicks both on and off Instructables.Free Yacht Chapter 7: Get an Even Better One and Fabulize it.Who can get enough of the Free Yacht saga anyway? If you're in the Bay Area, come out for sail with us!

Posted by ewilhelm 11 years ago

sniper pistol

Any ideas for a high powered sniper pistol. it would be a really high powered pistol the is very accurite

Posted by nick.z 11 years ago

How much damage can a wall socket do to a person?

I took apart my cell phone charger and put the two prongs in the outlet so that i wouldnt lose them and as it turns out, metal conducts electricity, and i shocked myself. (it was kinda fun) i know that isnt serious, but how many times would it take for there to be lasting damage to my brain or something?

Posted by J-Fly 11 years ago

Who won the contest?

So when shall we know who was the best?

Posted by DELETED_rbhays 11 years ago

can you add an instructable to a group with out the auothers permision

I recently created a new group, Fun with Fire, and want to add instructables to it but i am to polite to add without permission. any thoughts?

Posted by In The House Of Ill Repute 11 years ago

Building a monitor stand

G'day I am an average woodworker but rweally enjoy it. I have recently built a rudimentary monitor stand that works. I can send specs if anyone is interested. I am looking at building a monitor stand. I am playing around with specs and was thinking about 25cm wode, 20 cm deep, and 12 cm height. That is a bit more than the books that my monitor is currently standing on. Has anyone built one recently and if so, what specs did you use. Thanks in anticipation

Posted by snowy 11 years ago

PIC C compiler

I'm planning on getting started with PICs this christmas. I've aquiered everything i need to get started, and done some reading on assembler language. But I have yet to find any free C compilers for the PIC microcontroller. Could some experienced PIC users please give me some pointers?

Posted by chr 11 years ago

Discovery Shuttle Launch - Photos

Discovery Had Successful Liftoff about 15 minutes ago... I live in Orlando, FL so I am about 50-60 miles from the spaceport. She lit up the horizon, and I took a few pictures from a point and shoot camera (so of course its kinda funky). Yes, we could hear it rumbling ;) I need to see if I can lighten it -- but I have a picture of the SRB separation -- you can see three objects. After than, the shuttle looks like a really REALLY bright white star.

Posted by trebuchet03 11 years ago

do you need a gun licence of something to own a bow

Hi all im wondering if someone could tell me if a gun licence is needed to buy a bow not a crossbow thanks lukerambo

Posted by lukeRAMBO 11 years ago

Backlit Mosaic (HELP!)

I've come up with a pretty cool idea for an artsy-type project, but I need a few sheets of acrylic. I need about 20" x 40" (~1m x .5m) of clear acrylic about 1/4" thick, and about half as much transparent black and opaque black (thickness doesn't matter). The idea is to make a backlit, tri-tone, grayscale mosaic, with 10cm square blocks. The transparent sheet will be the base, and needs to be 1/4" thick so I can put white LEDs around the edge (unless someone has a better idea). It will need some kind of frame to keep the light focused on the inside. Anyways, the main point of this post was to see where I can find acrylic sheets. Since it will be an inherently "pixelated" type image, I guess I could use smaller sheets of acrylic bonded together. Does anyone know where I can buy this? I would prefer to buy it locally so I don't have to pay shipping, but Lowe's and Home Depot don't carry it as far as I can tell. So there it is... my next project. I would love anyone's ideas, especially about using thinner sheets with LEDs, and ideas for a frame would be nice... Also, what's the best way to cut and bond the acrylic squares? Thanks Edit: added picture

Posted by mrdice87 11 years ago

Instructable censored for being dangerous

I would just like to comment about the fact that my Instructable on how to light yourself on fire (or how not to light yourself on fire) was censored. I understand that it is something that is very stupid and dangerous, but there are many things on Inructables that are dangerous and stupid (blowing fire, home made tasers, etc.) A lot of these things are also illegal. I just wanted to know exactly why mine was the one that pushed everyone over the edge, especially since it's so obviously a stupid thing to do. When I did it I was on fire for maybe 10 seconds, and the only reason I burnt some of my hair was because I was even more stupid and put the alcohol the whole way up my arm. What I really wanted was some comments on how maybe doing something like this could be made more safe, because there really isn't anything on the internet showing you how to light a part of yourself on fire. If you are into low budget film making it might be something people look into (I did) and if you can't find something you might do something even as stupid as I did. Anyways just wanted to defend myself a little bit. Alex

Posted by alexsk8ca 11 years ago

Coilgun/Railgun idea

So i have been researching and thinking about this project sence the magnet contest. basicily i was thinking hey why not combine the 2 with the coilgun i would get a ton of good acceleration. then it would hit the rails and be jolted forward . it would minimize the time the round was in the rails and give them the best chance to do there job. So i would be using a ferrious round with aliminum at the rear to act as the armiture. To get better flight path out of the gun i would take a copper pipe for both the coil and the rails but for you cant have the 2 touching so ill space it with somthing like pvc. correct me if i'm wrong but i heard plating copper with silver would give a better result for rails the final keystone will be the capacitorbanks and controllers (i don't know much about microcontrollers so any help there...or anyware would be great) my idea was to stage a bank per coil and rail that way each would fire it's full load when the round got to there what do you guys think? info please. this is a new project so if anyone has the time and wants to try my idea let me know what your results turn out to be

Posted by Jack Daniels 11 years ago

vinyl record bowl

This was realy a Bday present made in hurry but had a great succes:))Just grab some of ur records u dont like anymore, put in a oven for 200degrees for a while,until its melting abit and form it however u like.. this video

Posted by chorche 11 years ago

Laser Etching Acrylic for 3D Chess - Can I borrow some time on the machine?

Hey Squid Labs, I have a question/favor to ask. I'm looking to make a Raumschach board. It is a 3D chess variant with 5 decks using 5X5 boards. Well actually, I'm not sure which chess variant I'm going to go with just yet (its down to either Raumschach or Millennium chess). In any case, I bought the necessary raw materials today - threaded rods, cup washers, nuts, end nuts, threaded rod and acrylic. All from my favorite surplus store, Skycraft. I was wondering if I could possibly send you the raw material and CAD files and have the chess board etched. I would, of course, pay for return shipping. If not, that's fine - I'll probably just use tape and sand paper. But if I can have it done from a CAD file, I can make it a little more custom (I could even include instructables or squid labs logo if you want :P). Thanks ~Paul PS: For anyone wondering why I am not considering Tri-Dimensional Chess (as seen on Star Trek).... Technically, there's no official rules or setup of the game as created by the television show. Not to mention, moving attack boards and getting pieces into the "Neutral Zone" takes a long time (according to semi official rules on

Posted by trebuchet03 11 years ago

Nokia Car mobile charger to Sony USB player NW-E005F

Car mobile charger to Sony USB player NW-E005F I required circuit drawing

Posted by shindvs 11 years ago

Replacing rivets in jeans

My wife recently replaced pockets in some jeans. It would have much easier if we could have removed the rivets and then replaced them (or similar ones). Anyone know how to do that ?

Posted by johncar 11 years ago

How do I manually turn on a computer powersupply??

I want to turn my old 480 watt computer power supply into a bench power supply, but I have no idea how to turn the thing on without connecting to the computer. The power supply is a 480 watt Reactor. I heard there is a standby 5v, and will turn on full power when you give it some logic input. Please post. Thx

Posted by GoodAtIt 11 years ago

Painting wood (any tips?)

I want to refinish a cabinet, is there a way to make the paint super smooth? (without the ugly brush strokes)

Posted by bronevaya 11 years ago

Smokeless gunpowder problems

I need help making smokeless gunpowder into a solid ball instead of loose powder

Posted by In The House Of Ill Repute 11 years ago

chargeing bateries

Does anybody know how to charge a nihm battery extremely fast?

Posted by In The House Of Ill Repute 11 years ago

Isnt there any way to just create a virus without wiping your hardrive?

Hey guys, I would really like to send a virus but then I dont want to have to wipe my harddrive. Any tips?

Posted by Uniquenikasy 11 years ago

How to paint canvas sneakers?

I would like to get information on how to paint (decorate) canvas sneakers. I have been looking for information on the web, but I havent had much luck. I do screenprinting and I would like to do so on the sneakers, but as they have an irregular shape, it is very difficult to print them the traditional way. It seems like it can only be done by hand. I am a better artis on the computer than by hand, so I would rather do it some other way. I thought about using a stencil, but I am not sure if it will work. Does somebody decorate shoes? Can you tell me how can I do it? What kind of inks should I use? Where do I get them? I will appreciate any help you can give me. Thank you!

Posted by Titere 11 years ago

Shooting snickers out of a computer

How do u shoot snickers from a computer

Posted by Pirate___Killer___ 11 years ago

How do i attach a scope to a gun?

The scope is the back thing besides the pump and it needs to go on to of the PVC somewhat lifted, whats the best way to do it. Some minor adjustablity would be nice so I could calibrate it time to time.

Posted by sleepwalker0 11 years ago

Update to Bookbinding project

I've added all the rest of the photos, and clarified some things.

Posted by eleraama 11 years ago

Whoever made the RadioBlog download thing.

Hiya all,Wow nice putting it up on the web my friend whoever you are. I already knew this method, I found it out myself. Did you do as I did?I firstly went + downloaded the RB intended for web servers and noticed the /sounds dir.Then i went on a blazzing run and found the URL but I thought I was stuck when in the apache server there were only .rbs files. Lol, its such a funny method, but please dont tell ppl keep it quiet lolz.So how did you come about it, as I did?Peace, Ian Clark.view my site if u like, it's on photoshop -->

Posted by ianclark001 11 years ago

More help with movie props

You guys were so helpful on my last query I thought I'd try again. I'm look for a way to provide an instant of sparks and smoke to 2 of the jet thrusters on my movie prop. The thrusters are made from the insides of several large twist on wire connectors. They were perfect for the job. Attached are pics of my Space Segway. I know they haven't released this model yet.

Posted by kentek 11 years ago

Aah please help me solve a little problem with making a nerf gun

I'm also making a nerf gun but I ran in a bit of trouble trying to attach a pump jack (is that what it's called? or maybe a tire valve ) need to attach a cap on the red circled end and in this cap there must be a mounted pump jack (the standard one like I would use with the pump below it), I tried to use a replacement tire one just make a hole and insert the jack with a round rubber end in the back but it would still leak and fall out. I went through at least 2 caps and 3-4 rubber tire valves trying to get it to glue/ceil it but nothing works. So i somehow need a metal/solid pump valve that would be attached to the cap solid and ceiled. Is there a way to attach one to a flat PVC surface so it wouldn't move without much force but enough force to put the pump onto it, anything without worrying of breaking it off and make sure its air tight (some product I can maybe?)Ok hope at least some of it makes sense, looking forward to any advice I've been stuck here for quite some time. Thanks a lot Alex

Posted by sleepwalker0 11 years ago

Upgrades to Kilerks Knex gun

Here are some upgrade to killerk's knex gun i have made. Including different trigger, accessory mounting rail, and a small sight

Posted by cam001001 11 years ago

New Project

I think im gonna start making third party knex accessories for all sorts of stuff and i think my next projects is case for my xbox 360 and i might start work on my own knex gun design

Posted by cam001001 11 years ago

Where to get OEM ipod dock connectors?

Hi Everyone, I'm hoping to make some doo-dads based off of the ipod dock connector, but I don't want to spend $15 on a cable just for thius purpose. Does anyone know where to score the connectors OEM style? Thanks in advance, -Max

Posted by madmax_br5 11 years ago

Surface Mount LEDs

I need almost 200 SMLEDs for a project. However, I only want 6 colors of 36 each. If anyone wants to buy the extra 300, or something like that, please make an offer. I will get 6 from this list, but I need them all to look different enough: White Red Orange Yellow Lime Green Green Blue Green Blue UV Or, if anyone knows a place where I can buy them in small quantities, please let me know :-)

Posted by zachninme 11 years ago

My favorites from the week of 2006-11-27

Check out my favorite Instructables from last week!Resistor manIt’s amazing how much character you can get across with just a few components. Reminds me of resistor sex (which is not work or school appropriate!).modular pie-cosahedronJaw-droppingly awesome! I ate enough pie to literally be sick over Thanksgiving weekend, but this made me want more. DOUBLE MOUSEAnything that can double my productivity is always top of my list, but something that records your everyday actions and turns it into art takes it to the next level. One could do a similar thing with GPS coordinates. green chile fried turkeyI love the combination science experiment/gourmet dinner aspect of this Instructable. Also, it is an excellent use of the collaboration system -- notice how some of the photonotes are from the collaborators!Mic stereo with little amp in a pencil boxIf you’re not familiar with soundscapes, you should really check this out. By recording in stereo with the mics in a similar position as our ears, you can create fairly immersive soundtracks. I love the sense of movement when cars pass or someone shuffles by. It works best with headphones.

Posted by ewilhelm 11 years ago