How do I drink froma vacuum flask?

I got a vacuum flask that resembles a shotgun shell for Christmas, but there is one problem - the brass comes off, as it is a cap, but when I push the button on the container, which I though was to drink from, water comes from around it, spilling it all over my chest. This seems like potentially dangerous flaw, as most people store hot drinks in their flasks. Any help would be appreciated!

Posted by Bran 10 years ago

Post what you get!

Merry Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/New Year everyone!Post any and all of the presents that you get for the holidays, and please, tell us how well they work! (Or, how you plan to hack them! =D)Happy Holidays!(My pictures will be up in a little while)

Posted by Bran 10 years ago

lost wax casting

Newkidontheblock. looking for authentic instuctions how to go about making lost wax castings of chess pieces (in aluminium )dozens of them ????

Posted by golodenboy6 10 years ago


Hey guys keep your eye out for a cool new site called Howcast - video how to on everything.

Posted by J_SCAP 10 years ago

could anybody recreate this?

Can anybody recreate this?well, help me recreate this(they are very expensive.)this

Posted by ledzep567 10 years ago

cDc, what is it?

CDc cult of the dead cow. has anybody heard of them? more importantly, what are they and what do they do?

Posted by ledzep567 10 years ago

solar cell amperes

Lets say I have a solar panel that gives off 5 volts at 30mA. if I were to put a ten ohm resistor in series with it would There be basically no effect because a 10ohm resistor woulkd limit it to half an amp, which is way more. Or does the solar panel act like ~ 167 ohm resistor, and adding a ten ohm resistor will limit it to 28mA?

Posted by guyfrom7up 10 years ago

My new semi-auto RBG

This is my new semi-automatic, true trigger RBG. Normally nothing new. But this one can take twice the amount of rubberbands. Thanks to some creative use of a red gear ( I'm aware I didn't use an actual red gear, that's because I didn't have any. So I sliced the pegs of a yellow gear ) This actually started as a mod for Dsman1's RBG, but it turned out to be something different. It still uses the system that is somewhat his, of a red gear turning a blue gear. It can take 15+ rubberbands without tearing itself apart ( Nearly does though ;). My record is about 18 or 19 rubberbands on it. The reliability isn't 100%, because there is an uneven amount of pits in a red gear (33), which are divided by 4 stages. So it's hard to get a good pattern for the rubber bands to shoot of. This basicly means that sometimes it either won't shoot, or it will shoot 2 rubberbands at once. I don't know if this is a problem with an actual red gear though, since my altered yellow is far from perfect. Do you want me to post it, or is there no demand for a new RBG?

Posted by Dutchj 10 years ago

Some album art

. Something to look at

Posted by NachoMahma 10 years ago

Notes From Too Much Travel

A good friend of mine wrote up his travel tips here at Notes From Too Much Travel. It has all sorts of tips around rental cars, using cell phones internationally, how much water to drink on a plane flight, and stuff to keep in your travel bag.

Posted by ewilhelm 10 years ago

merry christmas!

I would just like to wish everyone a merry christmas...ive had a good first year on instructables and hopefully i will post more in the new year thankyou everyone!

Posted by bedbugg2 10 years ago

helpin myself out

I'm a 15 year old who really needs to talk to someone' who will listen....i want to know how to be happy when every thing around you is crappy or just not working for you....please someone help find myself..!

Posted by h3lpl3ss 10 years ago

Anyone else get spammed this morning?

I had to wake up to this flattering and grammatically incorrect message this morning from "loversday": "How are you doing over dear i hope you are having nice time over dear, Well my name is Shulamighty Sane Thieck am 24yrs old, Am nice looking, pretty, sexy and social,Am in search of somone who understands Love as trust and faith rather seeing it as a way of fun but a matured person with good scence of humor. well i came across your profile at the Site then after reading your profile i derive interest on you, i believe i can rull my world together with you,please also have in mind that the distance dont matter what matter's is love beleive me,please awaiting to hear from you so i can send my pic to you for further introductions, kisses with love Shula Sane." Sigh... when will the spam end?

Posted by T3h_Muffinator 10 years ago

how do I let my newly posted instructable be viewed by many others

To those other instructable members out there, i hope you can help me tell me how to let my newly posted instructable be widely viewed by others.

Posted by kola 10 years ago


I was out buying the parts for the free electricity from telephone port in wall, but the resistors have no wattage posted. The man at the electronics store said he needs the wattage for the correct resistors.

Posted by 3l3ctr1cman 10 years ago

What have I rated +?

Today I was looking for something I thought I had marked as a favorite. It seemed to me that a great many things that I thought I'd marked were not in my favorites, and in my search for why I discovered that sometime in the past year rating something + no longer adds it. So, the big question then is - is there a way to see all the instructables I have rated positively?

Posted by incredibleweirdo 10 years ago

Cheap Source of high votage capacitors

Anybody have any ideas where i can get high voltage capacitors for building a capacitor bank?

Posted by Marche 10 years ago

LED indicator

How should I drive an LED from a 38 volts power supply? The led wizard says I need a 1800 ohm, 2 watt resistor, but it also says' it'll disipate excessive heat. I recently took apart a surge protector and found that they drive an LED from a 120volt source by having a diode, LED and what appears to be either a 1 or 2 watt resistor. I need help driving an LED from a 38 volts power supply just as an indicator.

Posted by guyfrom7up 10 years ago


Hey does any one have any tips for folding duct tape longways (hot dog) perfectly im trying to make shoe laces but i need to get it folded perfect (i know how to do it the other way just get like a pencil put it in the middle and have some one pull the pencil and take the two sides hold thought and slowly put together) ps i'll post an instructable on it when im done

Posted by Saby Waby 10 years ago

IR Led Sources

Anyone have a source for near-infrared LED's? I want to build a night light for my video surveillance system. Maybe NIR wouldn't alert "strangers" until they are captured on camera. Thanks.

Posted by doctek 10 years ago

Crazy Parkour Group!

Check out this crazy parkour group called 3Run

Posted by TeacherOfTheWays 10 years ago

tunnel diode,s

Can you tell me a place that sells tunnel diode,s? I found one tunnel diode in a jvc radio but I lost it.:-( can you tell me the best free schematic drawing programs for Win XP,also.Thanks

Posted by maker12 10 years ago

A good, never mind, Great way to start metal forging/casting

I am pretty new, wait, very new to this, ok im a straight complete noob and i only know what i have seen (not much, but i do know how to scavenge anything and modd things to make it work...) and i was just wondering what would be the best way to make a medium sized forge and what to use to fuel it.

Posted by FunkNattidelic 10 years ago

PS2 power light not working

I recently took apart my ps2 to clean out the dust and grease the track for the laser, but when i put it back together the power light dosnt work. does anyone know how to fix this?

Posted by eagletjs 10 years ago

ac motor speed control

My uncle recently gave me a compact, functional ac motor with an axial blower attached to it. its a pretty cool thing, and i am planning on putting it in my mac's plexi case (when its built). i have no clue how to vary the speed. from what i found on wikipedia, an inductance motor cannot have speed control. how do i know if this motor is brushed or inductive?? and if its brushed, how do i vary its speed? help!!??

Posted by tech-king 10 years ago

my cat ate a rat...

My cat ate a rat this morning, and threw it up on my shoe just now.....

Posted by fobblewabble 10 years ago

I have a part of a camera

I recently broke my camera-phone and I salvaged the camera piece, can I easily use this in something else?

Posted by Texas1845 10 years ago

Compliment: Robot vs. Real Human

Just a compliment: Real person Noah from Instructables, beat the Robot by a full 2 days in replying to my question. You continue to be the best site - I would say "You Rock" but I'm over 40 it sounds too dweebish at my age. Thanks again.

Posted by SFHandyman 10 years ago

turn cable connections into wireless internet

Hey everybodyi just got this idea of making a wireless internet using ADSL (from cable form to wireless). There should be some cat5 cable connections. There are 8 pins in a cable, 4 of them are used: 1 pair for transmit (+ and -) and another for receive (+ ad -). I haven't experiment with this yet, but by connecting a crystal to the adsl, like transmitting music using AM radio, and connect a receiver, like most cd players that have abilities to receive am radio (perhaps solder the 2 wires from the speaker), this probably should work? Connect the same things to the computer, like the images below shown. So 2 crystals and 2 radio receivers are needed. Also, there should be 2 different frequencies, one for transmit and another for receive.Hope this would work. Any thoughts and comments are very welcome =]

Posted by J50Nunlimited 10 years ago


Does anyone have any tips on how to make sharp corners for duct tape things that are hallow (like a cover for electronics)

Posted by Saby Waby 10 years ago

Smoke Bombs

Alright I'm a dude who lives in the middle of nowhere...USA...i need some household chemicals to make an awesome smoke bomb. please help..!

Posted by Skullbreaker 10 years ago

what gun !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, i want to make 3 guns. they are the inferno,SR-V1 and the scar 11.01 (burrito masters gun). but, i do not have the pieces to make all of them. so what one should i make? please tell me

Posted by T-man 10 years ago

What do i need to cut this?

I am building a vdg and i need to cut a hole threw a heavy duty stainless steal bowl. how do i cut threw it because it is thick at the bottom. could i drill threw it? or is there any place i can take it to to get cut. i have a sawzaw and and a drill? i don't think that will do it. any ideas on how to do it.

Posted by DELETED_DELETED_kruser495 10 years ago

Request: Fogscreen

I read an article about these screens that are made from dry fog that can be used in your home as a 100" projector screen, just thought that some one on instructables might fancy building a homebrew version and sharing the knowledge. is the official site. I don't have a few grand to spare though!

Posted by the.dwarfer 10 years ago

USB MP3 player

Is there ANY way I can make a homemade MP3 player with a USB flash Drive, A headphone jack, and things like that? Is this possible? I have seen the instructable with an SD card...

Posted by popit 10 years ago

MIT Open-couseware Helps Physics Professor Become a Web Star

Open-courseware is helping some MIT professors gain much deserved recognition. While I never took a class from Walter Lewin, I did watch a Nobel laureate (before he won the prize!) ride that same rocket-powered tricycle across the stage of 26-100 (I wrote a little bit about that here in a comment).At 71, Physics Professor Is a Web StarCAMBRIDGE, Mass. Walter H. G. Lewin, 71, a physics professor, has long had a cult following at M.I.T. And he has now emerged as an international Internet guru, thanks to the global classroom the institute created to spread knowledge through cyberspace.Professor Lewin's videotaped physics lectures, free online on the OpenCourseWare of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, have won him devotees across the country and beyond who stuff his e-mail in-box with praise."Through your inspiring video lectures i have managed to see just how BEAUTIFUL Physics is, both astounding and simple," a 17-year-old from India e-mailed recently.Steve Boigon, 62, a florist from San Diego, wrote, "I walk with a new spring in my step and I look at life through physics-colored eyes."Professor Lewin delivers his lectures with the panache of Julia Child bringing French cooking to amateurs and the zany theatricality of YouTube's greatest hits. He is part of a new generation of academic stars who hold forth in cyberspace on their college Web sites and even, without charge, on iTunes U, which went up in May on Apple's iTunes Store.In his lectures at, Professor Lewin beats a student with cat fur to demonstrate electrostatics. Wearing shorts, sandals with socks and a pith helmet -- nerd safari garb -- he fires a cannon loaded with a golf ball at a stuffed monkey wearing a bulletproof vest to demonstrate the trajectories of objects in free fall.He rides a fire-extinguisher-propelled tricycle across his classroom to show how a rocket lifts off.

Posted by ewilhelm 10 years ago

Frictionless firing pin lock

This is something I came across whilst working on my RBG just now. A blockade that stops a firing pin from leaving a potential gun which is nearly frictionless. The grey rod would be the firing pin. The gear placed close to the barrel ( grey connectors ) stops the pin from leaving the barrel, but it can still move freely very smoothly. Just thought I would share it with you guys. To think this came up by accident ;)

Posted by Dutchj 10 years ago

Top 50 Forum Topics of 2007 Ranked by Number of Comments

This is the eighth in a series of data-analysis posts. Check out the first here. I love statistics, analysis, and raw data and so thought I'd share some of the really cool stuff with you. Thanks to trebuchet03 for helping with this and actually crafting the queries. Here are the most commented on forum topic of 2007.Forum topic - Number of forum comments1. Random fun - 5952. Knex Forum (Random thread) - 3563. Who Does Well Around Girls? - 2684. Answer life's burning questions - win the thanks of many (and an Instructables t-shirt) - 2545. TOP SECRET - 2476. Favorite Fictional/Non-Fiction Swordsman/ Warrior? - 2377. Enter: Inferno - 2228. Deep Thinkers - 2019. big and crossed out letters - 19910. SR-v1 - 18311. Would you vote for a president who happens to be an atheist? - 16912. Your Most Painful Moments. - 16113. iRobot Scholarship Judging - 15514. Semi or fully automatic knex gun. - 15515. Knex wars? - 15416. fun question - 15217. Knex Rocket Launcher: Updated - 14818. Knex Injuries - 14619. Star (stasterisk) arrested at Logan airport for bomb scare - 14020. Global warming is real. Argue with me, I dare you! - 13821. Cautionary Tales - How not to do it! - 13522. The K'nex M4 Carbine - 13423. Anaimals - 13124. Official Instructables Logos - 13125. HOOOOOORRRRAYYYYYYY! (I'M IN!) - 12626. Imbisoles! - 12527. BLACKROD's Current K'nexWorkshop - 12528. Where U At? - 12429. What's your veiw on the problem? - 12330. Down to One Modest Proposal for the Instructables Site - 12031. What is the worst game of all time?? - 11832. crossbow - 11833. how to commit suicide??? - 11334. Updated Weapon Board - 11235. Is There Something Wrong With My Tree? - 11136. does anyone here dance on this sight - 11037. Hunting - 10938. Not a fan of Hilary for President? Give me a hand! - 10739. Why is Halloween so big in the USA? - 10640. How much music do YOU have?? (Poll Question) - 10341. iRobot Scholarship idea : Pool Cleaner - 10142. Knex Gunner Of the Year Award - 10143. Your Art! - 10044. What technology did you expect would be available now that isn't? - 9945. Does anyone know of any Instructables to do while babysitting? - 9946. Poll Question: Do you think health and safety has gone crazy? - 9847. Rejoice! No more K' nex! - Greasemonkey Script - Now with Allsteps! - v1.0.0.0 - 9748. Crazy things you've done? - 9649. Laser Cutter Finalists- Master List - 9550. Rant numero # 2 - 95

Posted by ewilhelm 10 years ago

Top 50 Instructables Authors Ranked by Pageview Density

This is the seventh in a series of data-analysis posts. Check out the first here. I love statistics, analysis, and raw data and so thought I'd share some of the really cool stuff with you. Thanks to trebuchet03 for helping with this and actually crafting the queries. Here are the authors who have the greatest pageview density (total number of pageviews divided by number of Instructables).Author - Number of Instructables - Pageview density1. dorxincandeland - 1 - 399,6522. kingant - 1 - 244,7263. spankval - 1 - 240,4204. tm36usa - 1 - 182,0605. Andrew546 - 1 - 158,4366. sspence - 1 - 140,4407. russwmoore - 1 - 134,6388. icecream_n_cake43 - 2 - 120,8749. kenbob - 1 - 117,38510. Stuart.Mcfarlan - 1 - 113,83011. ianhampton - 1 - 106,83812. cjanson - 1 - 102,42713. theRIAA - 2 - 94,48014. odecom5 - 1 - 94,17015. TheNaib - 1 - 90,62616. orthonormal_basis_of_evil - 1 - 87,82517. velacreations - 1 - 85,86018. atomic16 - 1 - 82,44319. Q-Branch - 6 - 81,80020. juliofo - 2 - 78,75421. mandrake - 1 - 74,85022. delgaudm - 3 - 74,75923. beam - 1 - 73,97024. gfixler - 1 - 73,40525. punish3r - 1 - 73,26626. barnes - 1 - 73,00127. irwinner - 2 - 72,13928. friedpope - 1 - 70,87229. sheekgeek - 1 - 70,30930. slyfox117 - 1 - 69,77331. Mr. Thrak - 3 - 68,70632. cre8tor - 2 - 68,67333. graphak - 3 - 66,83134. VzjrZ - 1 - 66,59335. ladyada - 5 - 64,80536. for290 - 3 - 63,43437. dasarp - 2 - 63,19738. Tom McWire - 2 - 63,03439. danfolkes - 2 - 61,10040. fiezi - 1 - 60,89941. tracy_the_astonishing - 3 - 59,42842. mikejedw - 1 - 58,69343. MrMunki - 4 - 57,53444. joedog86 - 3 - 57,47745. x86Daddy - 1 - 54,41646. Panda Face - 1 - 54,24847. Kipkay - 21 - 54,09248. oschene - 2 - 53,95549. darkmotion - 2 - 53,00250. KILLERK - 1 - 52,981

Posted by ewilhelm 10 years ago

Power supply cooling

I'm building a power supply for my cnc machine that gives off about 37volts at 8 amps, and 12 volts at 0.9 amps. All of the transformers are from radioshack (using 6 heavy duty, 25.2volts, 2 amps transformers, 4 in parallel giving off 25.2 vdc at 8 amps, and 2 12.6 volts in parallel. Together in series gives about 37 volts at 8 amps. using 1 25.2 volts 450mA transformer, center tapped) My case does not have enough room for proper cooling such as fans. My case is water tight though, should I fill it up with something like mineral oil to keep the transformers cool?

Posted by guyfrom7up 10 years ago

Zune eBook Creator (RTextAsImage)

Make your Zune the ultimate eBook reader with our softwareThis tool allows you to "convert" text such way, that you receive suite graphic files like suite of scanned pages of book or magazine. It is often necessary when you want to read favorite book on MobilePC, which does not have ability to show text files, but only graphical i.e. Zune. This tool has many opportunities for settings output files: type of graphical file, size of file ("resolution"), pagination, margins, font, color of text, line spacing etc. Also you have ability to save favorite settings and load saved earlier. url -

Posted by oleg.shastitko 10 years ago

candle's black smoke deposit seems not to be electrically conductive

(This is the first topic of the "failed experiments" group.)I was wondering if the black smoke of the candles could be electrically conductive (carbon) when deposited as a layer over a piece of glass.After a quick and basic experimentation, it seems it is not.Here is how I proceeded :- I've put a piece of glass over the flame of a candle so a black smoke deposit appear on its surface.- I did so that it becomes opaque (if you want to try, be careful that the piece of glass may break because of the heat)- then, I used two crocodile clamps to make the contact (I've put a certain depth of aluminum foil between the claws of the clamp and the piece of glass)- then, I tried to measure the resistance with a multimeter, but the multimeter displayed no value at all.

Posted by chooseausername 10 years ago

Nerf Mod Ideas

Can anyone leave me a mod for the tech target, maverick, or firefly except the cpvc mod? Also for darts? I also wanted to ask how to get camera pics onto library. Otherwise, I can't tell the nerf maverick mod no one knows about! I just need that help, and some nerf mods and links. Thank you.

Posted by Fenderpony 10 years ago

Take the MENSA Workout test!

Your score was 30 out of 30. That is an excellent score—you would have a very strong chance of passing the Mensa test and joining Mensa. Please note that the Mensa Workout is NOT the official Mensa test, and your score will not qualify or disqualify you for membershipTake the MENSA Workout test and post your score.For funzies!

Posted by chaoscampbell 10 years ago

need help

Does anyone know a way to straighten a knife with minimal tools?

Posted by masterochicken 10 years ago

Who can do this?

Try flicking your cheek while making an "oi" motion with you mouth. If you hit your cheek at just the right time you get a cool raindrop sound. Try aming for a tiny bit away from the corner of your lip for the best sound.

Posted by guyfrom7up 10 years ago

Top 50 Instructables Commenters of 2007 Ranked by Number of Forum Comments

This is the sixth in a series of data-analysis posts. Check out the first here. I love statistics, analysis, and raw data and so thought I'd share some of the really cool stuff with you. Thanks to trebuchet03 for helping with this and actually crafting the queries. Here are the authors who have made the greatest number of forum comments during 2007. Author - Number of forum comments1. Goodhart - 4168 2. Weissensteinburg - 2209 3. Kiteman - 2107 4. NachoMahma - 2086 5. zachninme - 1190 6. Loosewire; SOE Operative - 1187 7. LasVegas - 1070 8. lemonie - 1011 9. Mykhailo - 974 10. Brennn10 - 885 11. Punkguyta - 878 12. trebuchet03 - 823 13. whatsisface - 801 14. royalestel - 797 15. RocketScientist2015 - 766 16. Metal4God - 737 17. Easy Button - 702 18. westfw - 670 19. oogitsmelol - 646 20. Bran - 639 21. Danny - 632 22. fungus amungus - 581 23. Mepain - 543 24. CameronSS - 520 25. chooseausername - 513 26. jtobako - 495 27. guyfrom7up - 486 28. T3h_Muffinator - 485 29. John Smith - 457 30. Pat Sowers - 453 31. Spl1nt3rC3ll - 437 32. canida - 409 33. jessyratfink - 400 34. gmoon - 395 35. Aeshir - 380 36. nerfer192 - 352 37. TheCheese9921 - 338 38. Tool Using Animal - 337 39. ewilhelm - 329 40. VIRON - 327 41. Sunbanks - 325 42. gyromild - 324 43. ll.13 - 316 44. Baron A - 312 45. kruser495 - 307 46. acer73 - 283 47. EthanGibson - 276 48. the_burrito_master - 269 49. Patrick Pending - 264 50. smidge146 - 263

Posted by ewilhelm 10 years ago

Top 50 Instructables Commenters of 2007 Ranked by Number of Comments

This is the fifth in a series of data-analysis posts. Check out the first here. I love statistics, analysis, and raw data and so thought I'd share some of the really cool stuff with you. Thanks to trebuchet03 for helping with this and actually crafting the queries. Here are the authors who have made the greatest number of comments on Instructables during 2007. Author - Number of comments made on Instructables1. Mykhailo - 1373 2. trebuchet03 - 1312 3. lemonie - 1188 4. !Andrew_Modder! - 1127 5. Kiteman - 1108 6. Loosewire; SOE Operative - 874 7. canida - 856 8. Weissensteinburg - 837 9. GorillazMiko - 752 10. LasVegas - 749 11. Mepain - 721 12. [ James (pseudo-geek)] - 709 13. cowscankill - 708 14. T3h_Muffinator - 694 15. Metal4God - 694 16. ewilhelm - 679 17. Vendigroth - 637 18. noahw - 559 19. Danny - 557 20. royalestel - 546 21. the_burrito_master - 481 22. Trainman 2000 - 469 23. Punkguyta - 460 24. CameronSS - 447 25. faust - 445 26. Tetranitrate - 436 27. zachninme - 421 28. John Smith - 414 29. PetervG - 403 30. knex_builder_freak - 402 31. Brennn10 - 398 32. fungus amungus - 392 33. Aeshir - 382 34. bofthem - 381 35. bedbugg2 - 375 36. gunmanx - 371 37. Easy Button - 365 38. knex hater hater - 361 39. Kipkay - 350 40. smidge146 - 346 41. HamO - 333 42. joejoerowley - 332 43. oodalumps - 331 44. nerfer192 - 330 45. EthanGibson - 325 46. Vertigo666 - 324 47. Darkshot - 317 48. TheCheese9921 - 315 49. killerjackalope - 312 50. bunduk - 312

Posted by ewilhelm 10 years ago

Top 50 Instructables Authors of 2007 Ranked by Number of Instructables

This is the fourth in a series of data-analysis posts. Check out the first here. I love statistics, analysis, and raw data and so thought I'd share some of the really cool stuff with you. Thanks to trebuchet03 for helping with this and actually crafting the queries. Here are the Instructables authors who have the greatest number of Instructables in 2007. This list includes unpublished projects, so I bet some of these people have great things coming up!Instructable Author - Number of Instructables1. trebuchet03 - 722. TimAnderson - 473. Kiteman - 474. sam noyoun - 395. noahw - 366. Brennn10 - 357. canida - 358. loup226 - 339. ewilhelm - 3010. threadbanger - 2411. randofo - 2412. unclesam - 2213. stasterisk - 2214. neelandan - 2115. Kipkay - 2116. golics - 2117. TeacherOfTheWays - 2018. Weissensteinburg - 2019. logic bomb - 1920. Tool Using Animal - 1921. msolek - 1822. fungus amungus - 1823. PetervG - 1724. avinash - 1725. royalestel - 1726. indymogul - 1527. technick29 - 1428. jeffreyf - 1429. Aeshir - 1330. tycoyoken - 1331. bofthem - 1332. i make shooting things - 1233. babblin5 - 1234. 5Volt - 1235. sardines454 - 1236. funwithfire325 - 1237. Vendigroth - 1238. - 1139. oldschoolstructure - 1140. Popular Mechanics - 1141. Daniel662000 - 1142. zieak - 1043. neighborsproject - 1044. Mr. Rig It - 1045. dave spencer - 1046. robbtoberfest - 1047. rachel - 1048. T3h_Muffinator - 1049. lemonie - 1050. degroof - 10

Posted by ewilhelm 10 years ago

Top 50 Instructables of 2007 Ranked by Rating

This is the third in a series of data-analysis posts. Check out the first here. I love statistics, analysis, and raw data and so thought I'd share some of the really cool stuff with you. Thanks to trebuchet03 for helping with this and actually crafting the queries. Here are the Instructables published in 2007 with the greatest number of positive ratings (I know the year isn't over yet, but we're close enough):Instructable - Number of positive ratings1. Invisible Book Shelf - 4812. Laser Flashlight Hack!! - 2173. Wallet made from a computer keyboard - 1774. 25MM Pneumatic Sniper Rifle - 1715. How to take AWESOME night photos WITHOUT a tripod - 1626. How to Make Your Own Prototypes : How to make your own Plastic Vacuum Former - 1557. Build a Tetris DVD (or book) shelf - 1408. How to Make a Three Axis CNC Machine (Cheaply and Easily) - 1369. Zippo Trick: The Twilight Zone - 13310. Build a Nintendo NES PC - 12811. Easy to Build Desk Top 3 Axis CNC Milling Machine - 12812. The Aluminum can Crucible - 12813. The Ice Bulb - 12214. Hidden Door Bookshelf - 12115. Creating a 3D effect with image editing software (GIMP or Photoshop) - 11916. RGB Color Controllable High Power LED Room + Spot Lighting - 11817. Extreme Business Cards - 11518. Jar of Fireflies - 10919. Improve your digital camera extremely - 10920. Paracord bracelet with a side release buckle - 10621. String Tripod - 10622. Matchsticks Cube (no glue) - 10423. the 50mph trike - 9924. European 4-in-1 maille (chainmail) speedweaving - 9925. Credit-Card Flower Box (Fridge Magnet) - 9826. Knobby All Terrain Rubber Wallet with Optional Smack-lights (Drop Alert Sensor) - 9827. How to build a sit down driving arcade cabinet - 9728. T-Shirt Rack ( with NeckSaver) - 9629. Magic Duct Tape Wallet - 9430. Electromagnetic Floater - 9431. Programmable LED - 9232. Pringles Wind Turbine (Pleech) - Version One - 9133. Build yourself a portable home - a mongolian yurt - 9134. How to solder - 9035. R/C Steam Turbine Tank - 8836. How to recycle office paper into blank books - 8837. realistic werewolf costume - 8638. Interactive Multitouch Display - 8539. Accordion-Style Card Wallet - 8440. Lock Someone To A Tree Without Ropes, Chains, Or Any Other Ties (updated 25/07/07) - 8441. Concrete Countertops for the Kitchen - Solid Surface on the Cheap - 8342. Han Solo in carbonite chocolate bar! - 8343. Circuits for using High Power LED's - 8344. [!-You_ll-be-Surprised... 12 Volt Battery Hack! You'll be Surprised...] - 8245. Guide to field Soldering - 8246. Hack a Toilet for free water. - 8147. Power LED's - simplest light with constant-current circuit - 7948. The Spiral Data Tato -- A Curiously Complex Origami CD Case - 7949. The End of the Chip Clip - 7950. Etched Minty Valentines Candy Box - 78

Posted by ewilhelm 10 years ago