200 Subscribers!

I just looked at my profile and found I had exactly 200 subscribers! I just feel like celebrating, that's all.

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rickharris Reaches 200 Best Answers

.  rickharris has given the Best Answer 200 times. Congratulations and a patch is on its way.

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Burf Achieves 200 Best Answers

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Where Are The Other 93 Membrs

As the 200 member to join Free 3D Printing I went to see the other members and only saw 107 = ( 6×18 ) - 1 that leaves 93 = ( 200 - 107 ) missing from the roster. Perhaps your membership only posts up when you submit an ible ? A

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Milestone Pending!

I can't believe it, but I have published 199 Instructables - if my fingers and toes don't lie, that's an average of one project every two weeks! That means that my next instructable will be number TWO HUNDRED. 0_o That's quite a milestone, but I wouldn't have got there without you, the readers, so I want to open this up to you as well - what do you think I should make next? You don't have to give me a detailed idea, just a theme or topic - some of my favourite projects have come from throwaway comments made by people who didn't know I was listening. Post your ideas in the comments, and if you like other folks' ideas, don't forget to +1 them. There isn't a massive rush here - I'm not going to get much time to do significant Making until the middle of January, but I will be able to do planning and idea-scribbles before then (commenters should watch their inboxes as well, in case I need to discuss details without giving too many public hints about what I'm up to). Image source

Posted by Kiteman 3 years ago

What is the difference between 200, 204, and 240 pin RAM? Answered

I'm looking for some Ram upgrades and I saw three different sizes, 200, 204, and 240 pin. I was wondering what the differences between them are. Is it speed? Can more pins transfer more info faster?

Asked by bowmaster 8 years ago

Best two man tent for approx £100? Answered

 I am looking into buying a two-manner after my old (and rubbish) Coleman ripped. I've had a little look on the Vango website and I am drawn two the Banshee 200 and the Spectre 200. I want there to be enough room for me, a BIG backpack and perhaps a human being or extra gear. If you own these tents or have any advice/ideas please, let me now. I am doing my DofE soon!! YAYAYYA!11!1!!1!!!!

Asked by DELETED_zoltzerino 8 years ago

Hi, I'm looking into buying a dremel rotary tool 200 series, are there advantages to buying the 300 series instead?

Hi, I'm looking into buying a dremel rotary tool 200 series, are there any significant advantages to spending a bit more and getting a 300 series or better? I'm new to this equipment, but hope to use it for a wide variety of purposes. Is the variable speed essential? And what about the flex shaft? Any advice, tips, etc. would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. ~Mr. Retro~

Asked by Mr. Retro 9 years ago

Cell Phone Problem Answered

I hava a LG Shine and i recently purchased a USB cable for it  When i try to synk it to my comp it wont let me  i dont have a microsd card and thats the problem  how to bypass this problem  the phone has 200 mb of its own wat 2 do???

Asked by weasel999 7 years ago

1.5vdc to 200vdc without camera circuits?

I need to charge my rail gun , i always short out the transformer on camera circuits so im done with them , Ive seen "voltage triplers" around and was wondering if that would work if the input is dc? Also does anyone have any other idea, i don't wanna kill myself and use 120vac so that's out of the question.

Asked by tom10122 6 years ago

Does anyone know a proper build or adaptation for a wide-angle and/or fish-eye for a Panasonic DMC-TZ4

The camera already has a wide angle, i just want to give it a fish eye ability.hehe, fish eye ability, sounds like a super power.camera - http://www.google.com/products/catalog?q=tz4&oe=utf-8&cid=7499637240250354983&sa=image#p

Asked by ho_ 8 years ago

Engine to Compressor? Answered

I am planning on making a very high volume compressor from a small engine.  I plan to adjust timing and stuff accordingly.  I just wan't to make sure an engine can handle the pressure.  I assume it can because of the explosions it can contain but I just want to be sure it can handle 125-200psi.  And also, is 2 stage really necessary or can I just push all the air in in one stage with a couple pistons.

Asked by jj.inc 7 years ago

I have a 100W amplifier, but my speakers only handle 30W, what do I do!? Answered

I have a 200W (100W for each L and R channel), but my speakers only handle 30W, is there a component I can get to limit the wattage? Would this just be some resistors? Sorry if this is a stupid question, I haven't done any electronic stuff in a while.

Asked by Zem 7 years ago

seandogue reaches 200 Best Answers

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How can i fly for under $200? Answered

Something i can build that will make me fly?

Asked by Aron313 6 years ago

Is it possible to find a good MIG welder for $200 - $300? ? Answered

Is it possible to find a good MIG welder for $200 - $300? Would you recommend buying a used one?What other brands do you recommend besides Millermatic?

Asked by rring883 1 year ago

What is the beginner electric guitar under $200?

I have been playing acoustic guitar and want to try electric. I need to find the best guitar for under $200 and I it would be good if it came with an amp, but it's not required

Asked by 9 years ago

kelseymh and Kiteman reach 200 Best Answers

.  I just sent patches to kelseymh and Kiteman, acknowledging the fact they they have been awarded Best Answer 200 times by their fellow Iblers. Thanks for contributing to the community guys. (graphic courtesy of caitlinsdad)

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110V 200-250Watt dummy load

As the title says I`m trying to find a best solution for a 110V 200-250Watt() inductive or resistive dummy load. Small size 4x4", rugged , as lightweight as possible and the least emitted heat . Incandescent light bulbs are not suitable. What are my options. Thanks guys. 

Posted by DainiusG 2 years ago

OK so I know In not an Aspie,but it says I am...what is this? Answered

Ok so what does this mean: Im Neurotypical????not aspie my Aspie sore is 65/200 the other 145/200

Asked by mamatealx3 5 years ago

Laser jacket

This laser jacket by Wie-Chieh Shih reminds me of the jacket that Bono wore last year. With 200 diodes in it it is super shiny and dangerous for any eyeballs that come near it. 200 ld stage suit via Make

Posted by fungus amungus 8 years ago

Converting a 55 gallons (200 liters) drum into an oven and grill

On the Chilean TV show Hagalo Usted Mismo (Do it yourself) it is showed how to make a combination of an oven and a grill using a 55 gallon (200 liters) steel drum. Although it is in Spanish, the video shows how to make it step by step. An important note mentioned in the video is that the drum must previously stored non toxic products.

Posted by blkhawk 5 years ago

aspie quiz results where do i put them?

I couldnt copy and paste it, but my score was 170 out of 200 aspie and 30 out of 200 neurotypical. just leaving this info, sorry no pic of the results.

Asked by n4kaos 8 years ago


I am trying to find a airsoft sniper in canada that is 100-200 dollars and is a 400-500fps gun.

Asked by airsoft king of sniping 7 years ago

​I want to power a HP stream mini desktop 200-010 using two 12 V batteries.

And then connect a 3G Lowrance radar to the computer. I searched a lot but couldn't find any that is helpful. Please help me.

Asked by DeepikhaN 2 years ago

DIY DVD changer ?

 Anyone try merging mechanical parts from an old 200 disk cd changer with the electronics from a dvd player to make a 200 disk dvd changer?  I hate to throw out an obsolete cd changer w/o trying.

Asked by bizydad 8 years ago

What is does 200 mA stand for on a power supply?

I am trying to figure out the amps on a power supply. It has an input of 120v, 60 Hz, 4w. Output is 6VDC, 200mA. I just don't know what the mA is.

Asked by bbierbaum 8 years ago

200 kl/day waste water from dye industry treatement by electrolysis No of plates electrodes & dc power requirement


Posted by pcshah 5 years ago

Anybody know how i can get a car under 200 - 100 pounds?

I'm trying to get a car for a project , It will help if it runs , Interior doesn't need to be perfect but i'd like to not do too much welding etc on the exterir ?

Asked by stephenniall 6 years ago

Cell phone battery....? Answered

Can you charge a cell phone battery with one 200 mA?  Thanks! patti

Asked by mckywer 6 years ago

Custom yet cheap iPod Boom Box

No need to spend $200 on an iPod Boom Box

Posted by fstedie 10 years ago

Thieves Steal 200 Ton Bridge

I was always impressed by pranks such as the fire truck on the Great Dome at MIT, but over in Russia some thieves went waaayyy beyond that with some criminal shenanigans. These guys walked off (OK, drove) with 200 tons of metal from a bridge to be sold as scrap. It was all done in the middle of the night and it's also the only road to a heating plant. All the workers will now need to find new ways to get to the plant.So... how'd they do it? linkvia Neatorama

Posted by fungus amungus 10 years ago

what electric motor has the least amount of drag and can be used to generate 15 watts at 200 rpm @ 12volt? Answered

I am building a mini wind turbine and im sourcing a generator (not a diy one) that produces 15 watts at 12 volts @ 200 rpm? any ideas?

Asked by Burnr 8 years ago

Who makes a good hardtail mountain bike for 200 to 400 dollars? Answered

I'm looking for a new bike that I can beat up and will keep going. I am looking at Trek but I need more options than that.

Asked by airsofter1 7 years ago

Does any one know to remove "APP ERROR 200" from my Blackberry Bold tried in vain to no avail?

Tried to download an attacment then all of a sudden "APP ERROR 200" appears on screen, then handset tries to reboot only for the same message to reappear repeatedly.

Asked by smilingeyes1964 8 years ago

Cheap cnc/laser cutter kits?

Are there any cheap, $200 or less, cnc or laser cutter kits out there?

Asked by theboygenius 5 years ago

im trying to hook up 200 LEDs in groups of 3-4 that can individually be turned off, whats the best way to power this?

So im new to calculating power needed for projects so im hoping for some help im trying to hook up 200 LEDs in groups of 3-4 that can individually be turned off, whats the best way to power this? should i run the 3-4 leds in parallel ? and i need to be able to turn clusters of lights off.

Asked by iZombiemovies. 3 years ago

Where to get a cheap compound bow?

I'd like to get one for deer season in NC for under $200

Asked by D1rty Di3sel 7 years ago