if my capacitor is 100uf and 330v can i charge it with a 1.5v battery and still use it to "wake" an innocent victim up? Answered

Im using the capacitor for a shocker to harm my enemies (those who hate instructables beware) (update) well could you help me make my own capacitor charger? one that wont vaporize flesh??

Asked by crashbash 8 years ago

how do a 1.5v battary charge 330v capacitor in a disposable camera?

I got a capacitor from my disposable camera but it was damaged so i buy a 330v 120uf capacitor but i cant charge it on my 1.5v battary i wont to know how do a 1.5v battary charge 330v capacitor in a disposable camera

Posted by omartech 4 years ago

Charging 330V 110uF Flash Capacitor With 2KV

Hi there, I have a capacitor which is 330V 110uF and I have a inverter which converts 3V to 2KV DC. I know it is wrong to charge capacitor with it but I used it to charge the capacitor many times and it still didn't explode. Please explain me

Asked by zates7624 24 days ago

How many 330v 120uF capacitors would be best for my coil gun?

I have 18 330v 120uF capacitors, all from Kodak cameras. What would be the ideal amount of caps to put in a cap bank for my coil gun?

Asked by Arbitror 8 years ago

im building a tesla coil and have so many questions about one thing and one thing only, the capacitor bank! Answered

Im building a tesla coil at my great uncles, my parts are limited, to make the capacitor bank i only have an unlimited supply of 100uf 330v capacitors, but they cannot charge in a 60hz cycle and i dont have a converter, could i put a diode so the sign wave never goes bolow 0 and make it work with the transformer capacitor and the coils? and to actually make the capacitor bank work with 7.5-10kv how would i have to wire them up? (like....... series or paralell and how many?) thanks update: ok now i only have an unlimited supply of capacitors that are all 330v but range from 80-120uf

Asked by crashbash 8 years ago

In a capacitor bank for a coilgun, must all the capacitors have the same farads and voltage?

I am wanting to create a coil gun, however I accidently picked up two polorid disposible cameras. Now, I have 5 330v and 120uF capacitors, and 2 330v 80uF capacitors. Will this work, and what will be the voltage and amperage going through the coil?

Asked by PKTraceur 9 years ago

HV capacitor bank charge indicator?

Hello! I have a capacitor bank with three 330v capacitors (from disposable cameras, of course... those things are awesome) connected in parallel, but I'm planning to add more. I'd like to indicate when the device has been charged using an LED, but I'm pretty sure that most LEDs can't handle 330v. The disposable cameras often have indicator lights, so how do they do it, and how can I implement it with more capacitors?

Posted by SirCheez 4 years ago

Coil Gun Question?

So i have a coil gun with 5 capacitors at 330v and 120 uf. If i charge them with a 9 volt battery will it burn the camera circuit out?

Asked by Kante Tech 7 years ago

Quick coilgun Capacitor question

Im using chargers to rank 330V or even 370V. Heres my options. 400V 330uF Capacitor 450V 150uF Capacitor Im guessing the 330uF, But what's better for a coilgun? (using 4 of them in parallel, yet buying 10.)

Posted by Killa-X 9 years ago

Can I run an LED at a high voltage? Answered

I want to create a discharge indicator for a capacitor bank. I planned to do this with a simple switch-resistor-LED setup. My LED has a forward voltage rating (as well as max reverse), and it has a max current rating. My capacitor bank is 330V, so once I calculated the resistance I needed for the 20mA I plan to use, I created a board of resistors that will give the required current and dissipate >10W.  My 20mA is 10mA less than my LED's max current rating. Its forward voltage is 2.8V. Even though I have proper current levels and power dissipation, will the 330V burn out the LED? I didn't think it would, but I wanted to look around and make sure. I couldn't find any definite answers. Thanks!

Asked by TheMike25 5 years ago

A powerful EMP generator, to disable (temporarily) stereos in my neighbors house.

Hey guys, I'm trying to build a portable EMP generator, which will be powerful enough to knock out (temporarily) my neighbors stereo (if he plays it on loud at midnight again). My setup is as follows: 8 330v 160uF Capacitors wired up in series. 8 330v charging circuits for the capacitors with their outputs in series wired to the capacitors through a switch. The 8 capacitors are wired up to a coil through a switch. The coil is made from 6 gauge wire (or a 1/16" copper strip) that is coiled 5 times. I would really appreciate any feedback because this is a fairly large undertaking for me, and i'm kind of nervous at working with over 2000v of electricity. Does anyone know if you can discharge a cpapcitor by throwing it into a swimming pool???

Posted by recon506 10 years ago

Capacitor bank charger question.

I know alot of people use a standard disposable camera's circuit board as a charger for coil guns, but would this be sufficient for a bank of ~20 of those capacitors? If not, what would I use to charge it? They are 330v 80uF capacitors, by the way. EDIT: Or would there be a way to modify the existing charger circuit to charge the larger amount of capacitors?

Asked by Rokko8652 7 years ago

Coil Gun Charging circuits?

Ok so i made this coil gun using a camera flash circuit but im using 450V caps so the circuit only charges to about 330V how would i step up the voltage in a cheap way. Buy another camera circuit or build one? If you need any more info just ask and thank you.

Asked by rocket_man 7 years ago

Bug zapper to charger coil gun capacitor banks?

 I took apart a bug zapper hooked it up to my multimeter and got 1500VDC . I'm currently using camera flash circuits to charge my banks. the bug zapper  wont charge them, how come? I would only have it on for a second and its a very small converter circuit. Capacitor banks= 330v 120uf 

Asked by wolf08 8 years ago

how do I hook photoflash capacitors in a series circut?

I am trying to build a larger coilgun with more volts, but am having truble hooking the 120uf 330v photoflash capacitors in a series circut. they don't charge, and when charged seperatly and connected in series, they just discharge eachother, leaving no power left.

Asked by the mechanical engineer 8 years ago

Charge time for 4 capacitors in parallel? Answered

I was wondering how long would it take to charge a capacitor at 5volts if there are 4 parallel. This is the details on the Capacitors. 330v 120uF each. So what is the best way to charge them by usb which gives me 5v or using a 9 volt battery and for how long.

Asked by Kante Tech 7 years ago

Another capacitor question, this one involving joules, how many caps would make 1 joule? Answered

If i had some 330v 120uf camera flash capacitors, how many would I need to have 1 joule? Also, whats the formula, so I can figure different thing later and dont have to bug yall. =P

Asked by Speedmite 7 years ago

for a coilgun is it better to have higher voltage rated caps or higher uF rated caps?

Should i use caps with higher voltage or farads? i can get caps with like 10V and 1200uf, but idk if thats better or worse than caps that are 330V and 10uF? also could u use something with high voltage to make a coilgun like a taser with 1800000V if u just pulsed it with the right kind of switch?

Asked by mikmkt93 7 years ago

how to charge a high voltage capicator from a battary ? Answered

I have about 4 capacitors , all is 330v(or less or more in small amounts) and 1 is 210uf (the others is less) . i want a circuit that charge them ALL and make them ready to use ? plz plz dont just throw the circuit image and go a noobie need some help here . thank you all . i want to charge it using 9v Battery.

Asked by gta4000 6 years ago

Need help picking correct capacitors for coilgun?

My coil gun right now is using ten 330v 100uf flash capacitors from disposable cameras. They are being charged by the flash circuit on a camera. I am looking to upgrade the capacitors for more power and I wasn't sure which ones to get. I want the strongest ones that the flash circuit will be able to power. Any recommendations would be very helpful. ,Thanks!

Asked by eskibro830 5 years ago

Arduino high voltage capacitor charge indicator?

I made a 330v gauss gun and wanted a way how to know when capacitors charge, at first i took an led and resistor, that worked but is kinda boring. I want to use arduino and lcd to display percentage which should look more cooler. How should I measure the capacitor bank voltage with arduino? Should I use voltage divider? or there is a better way?

Posted by spudziuvelis 2 years ago

From what can i acquire the aluminum to make the rails of a rail gun?

I am trying to avoid a trip to Metal Supermarkets, and trying to avoid ordering online. Would i find aluminum at, say, Home Depot? What would it be marketed for should i be able to find it at a hardware store? And what thickness should i be looking for in rails?  i am using eight 330V 120uf capacitators, all of which were liberated from disposible cameras.

Asked by Mecharius 8 years ago

How to CORRECTLY set up capacitor bank in series?

On my coil gun I currently have 24 330V 120uf capacitors in parallel. I am using multiple camera flash circuits to charge the capacitors. I want to create 3 capacitor banks of 8 in parallel linked together in series. I understand the concept of series but whenever I do it my coil gun becomes extremely weak. Do I need to switch out power supplies?  Thanks,         Nate

Asked by eskibro830 5 years ago

capacitors amd leds

Ok, so i have 20 leds of different colors from radio shack(i know, got 50% off tho) a an experimentor breadboard, 4 mometary switches, and 4 330v 80uf capacitors. just wondering if anyone has any ideas as to what i could do with this stuff ive had sitting around for 3+ months. oh and i forgot i have a 555 timer chip too, dont know that ill be using it though. oh, and how do you charge a capacitor, like what is + and what is -, then any voltage applied is stored, right?

Posted by killmore231 10 years ago

How to go about building a Capacitor Bank for rail gun? Answered

Hi, For my physics 2 class our group has decided to build a rail gun. I went to my local Walgreen's and asked for used disposable cameras and the guy was glad to get rid of 20 and give them to me. I researched what "general" specifications for flash capacitors was and it was 330V and holds 270 uF. Before i go about building this bank I have a few questions. 1) From what I understand, you can add capacitors in series to increase the potential difference. ie. for 2 330V capacitors hooked up in series would be capable of 660V and would hold  135 uF (let me know if my math is wrong). My question is that I've heard to be careful and not exceed a capacitor's voltage rating. Is this considered "overloading" the capacitors voltage rating since the bank will be be trying to achieve a max of 660V? 2) Assuming that (1) will not overload the capacitors, what voltage is best to operate a rail gun at, Ive heard that "high-voltage" is best, and Ive seen most around 400V. It seems pointless to hook up 2 capacitors in series to gain this 70V of potential difference, would it be useful in trying to achieve a greater voltages (ie. 500 or 600)? and would I even want to get to 500 or 600 Volts. 3) My goal is to eventually get a semi-large bank with these capacitors having all 20 of them used in the bank. Ive thought of two configurations, one only being possible if (1) will not overload the capacitors. 1) (660V) to have 2 sets of 10 capacitors. Each individual set will be hooked up in parallel acting as a single capacitor, and then in series with each other. The outcome bank (correct me if I'm wrong) would be 660V and 1350uF. 2) (330V) to have All 20 capacitors hooked up in parallel. The outcome bank would be (again, correct me if I'm wrong) 330V and 5400uF. Which would be more optimal? I will NOT go strait into building the full bank, will probably try 6 first and work my way up as I get more comfortable. 3) I'm not sure if all will be rated exactly the same. If some were rated at slightly different voltage ratings and capacitance ratings does this affect my configuration? 4) I was going to use a voltmeter to measure the Potential Difference when charging the capacitors, what is the best way to go about charging a bank like this? Ive heard that by using a singe camera circuit you can achieve this, but at slow rates... what would be a good (preferably cheap) way of going about this? 5) I've heard of capacitors sometimes discharging at the switch. How do I prevent this? 6) (MOST IMPORTANT) How do I safely discharge a bank? What important safety precautions should I take when building this.

Asked by Epond89 6 years ago

Best voltage for coil gun?

In my coil gun project I have 36 330v 120 uf flash capacitors. When I had them arranged in 4 banks of 9 linked together in series (.5*1200*1200*1000e-6 = 720J) the projectile could easily punch through cardboard. But when I tried to increase the power by making 7 banks of 5 giving me (.5*2100*2100*500e-6 = 1100J) the projectile has trouble getting through cardboard. The coil I am using is 50 feet of 22 gauge wire. Is there any thing that I am missing? Thanks.

Asked by eskibro830 5 years ago

What amperage will I get from these capacitors?

Alright I am finally getting around to making a coil gun, I made a measly bank of 30 330v 100uf capacitors, totaling 3k uf. However, I just took apart a big ass power supply for battery banks, now I have two coke-can sized 250 volt capacitors, each rated 4400 uf, and I am going to hook them up in parallel, making it an 8200uf capacitor bank, to charge with camera flash circuits in parallel as well. Thing is, I need to find a relay that won't blow up from this, so what kind of amperage will I be getting sending this through a coil?

Asked by XOIIO 5 years ago

Switch/Relay Question? Answered

I've been working alot with capacitors recently at a voltage of 330v or so. I've been using this cap bank to discharge into whatever I feel like. Wires (to watch them pop), cds (to "erase" them), etc. Anyway, one problem I've been having is the switches. I flip the switch, it discharges the capacitors and it should work fine. The only problem is the switches are only worth one shot. And I'm using the biggest I can find. (Rated for 15 Amps). I realize that the capacitors are discharging instantly, and the amperage is probably higher then what its rated for, but I expected to get more then one shot out of it. Any suggestions besides a bigger switch? (I've considered using a series of relays for each capacitor, but that gets expensive.) Thanks!

Asked by transistorguy 6 years ago

My trigger switch keeps breaking on my coilgun please help, how do i fix it?

I am not sure what rhe joules and what not are, i have 4x caps with 420V and 100uF and 1x cap with 330V and 120uF. the gun works fine, i have 6 layers of 22 gauge coilabout an inch long. i have gone through 1 momentary button, 1 small switch and one big high voltage switch for the trigger. what do i neecd to do to make my triggers last. i think they are melting inside. too many amps? how do i fix this. before they break they smell bad and have late trigger reaction.

Asked by mikmkt93 7 years ago

need help with capacitor charger

I am new to this so please excuse my stupidity. I want to make a capacitor charger (for a small coil gun) I know there are instructables about them but they are all with chargers that came from a camera which I really don't want to do because i would like to make my own circuit that i can play around with and not blow it up by accident. If someone has a link to a project like this please post if not i have another question. Could I just take let's say a camera that has an 80uF 330v cap and switch it with a parallel bank that has 5 or more 220uF 25v caps or something larger. Would that work or would that blow the circuit or would it be better to buy the same caps as the camera and hook them together. Thanks

Posted by theugleymonkey 10 years ago

Capacitor charging circuit using bd243c. Will it work?? Answered

I recently made a schematic to charge a capacitor bank for my coilgun.D1-D4 are all 1n0007 t1 is a centre tapped transformer which will step up 12v to 330V. WIll it work. r1 and r2 are 10w resistors. Q1 and Q2 are BD243C with a rating of 65 watts.  i found my transformer from a very old cassette player. huge and heavy able to pump about 100W. i don't bother about charging time. I just want to know if it would be good. don't worry about the voltage monitoring i have a small voltmeter(like a watch. chinese product.) i am just want to know if it will work or not UPDATE: I have tried the shematic. It works flawlessly.  

Asked by ARJOON 7 years ago

Adding Capacitors to a circuit board

I have a circuit board I made, very simple, you connect a 9 volt battery to it, power opens a relay, and turns on a green led, there is a zener diode (6.1v maybe, cant remember) for a flashing red led, the led flashes if the voltage drops below the voltage of the zener diode.  My questions are; 1.) If I add capacitors to this, will it extend battery life (about 4 hours right now) 2.) If 1 is yes, what kind of capacitor will I use? I work with capacitors every day, but bigger ones like 5mf 330V, 35mf 440v, dont know much about the smaller ones. 3.) If you can make something better, please let me know, it needs a power light, a low battery light, and a relay (SPDT, 9 volt battery is on the coils to keep relay open). Ideally I would like this board to have a long battery life.  Any help would be great.

Posted by EXL949 4 years ago

Charging camera flash capacitors from mains supply

Hi everyone, I have a quick question about charging some capacitors.  I'm trying to make a very simple ignition system using capacitors from disposable camera flash circuits.  I'm planning on using maybe 5 or so.  They are rated at 330V and 120uF.  If I were to hook them up in parallel, so that i have a total of ~600uF, could I use a full-wave bridge recifier diode to turn the AC into DC and simply charge it like that without anything else in the circuit.  I don't know how to explain this very well so I attatched a schematic so you can see what I'm talking about.  Any help is much appreciated.. P.S. Ignore the fact that the full-wave rectifier looks messed up, Circuitlab.com doesn't have a f-w r symbol.  Thanks again!

Posted by BCSTechie 5 years ago

need help with a COIL GUN

    I was looking for someone to help me build my first coil gun. Everything seems to be working fine except it seems as if the coil is'nt getting any juice. The battery pack works fine, as do the capacitors. I can charge and discharge them without any problem.      I wanted to just get it working first before adding alot of power so it's a liitle on the mild side of the common 4-capacitor, 4-battery, 1/2 in. thick coil.  Here is a basic outline of what it's packing. 2 330v Capacitors 2 AA Batteries Kodac PowerFlash Circut The coil is 2/3 of an in. long with three layers making it about 1/4 inch thick. Uses a pen shaft as a barrel. Fires a 1/2 in. long steel screw.     The coil is made out of 24 gauge copper wire. The stuff we all used in middle school science were you had to scrape the ends off with sand paper or a knife. So I know it's insullated but all the help sites underline the use of "magnet wire".  Although my friend with more electronic knowlege assures me there the same thing. Oh, and i've insulated each layer with electric tape.     The way I have the circut set up I have 1 wire coming from the positive lead of the capacitor ON the actual circut to the negative lead of the extra capacitor. Then I have a wire leading from the positive end of the extra capacitor to the first end of the coil. To fire, just connect the other end of the coil to the remaining lead on the first capacitor.     I can only think of a few reasons why it would'nt work from just not enough capacitors to too small a coil, or just perhaps how I have it set up. I've also experimented with the position of the projectile but to no avail. It won't even budge.  I've included a rough drawing of the circut in this post. Help me instructables forum! You're my only hope.

Posted by darthDIY 8 years ago