Xbox 360 built in controller mic

I have a xbox 360 controller,wire to xbox 360 headset,and an orignal xbox head set.Can I Put the headset in the controller and the mic?

Posted by nameless 10 years ago

how to fix an xbox 360 cd drawer?

My dvd/ cd drawer on my xbox 360 keeps getting stuck and also i have the rrod on my 360 and tried every thing to fix it please help.

Asked by Xman8088 8 years ago

Can you play Windows PC games on an Xbox 360??

I have an Xbox 360 and I know I can save 360 games to the harddrive and run them.  I was wondering if I could save the Windows PC game to the xbox hard drive and then play it off the harddrive.

Asked by arrena 8 years ago

xbox 360 Answered

My xbox 360 red ringed and i tried to fix it with tuturials here. I found the only way to make the xbox green was to unplug the power buton and plug it in . It won't play the cd i put in it but it gets hot and spins the cd drive. Can anyone help?

Asked by jbaker22 6 years ago

how do I fix an XBox 360 controller cable?

My cat chewed the cord on my XBox 360 controller and now the RED LED is on on the Xbox power supply and the unit will not power up. How can I replace the cord to my controller?

Asked by gdavis1955 7 years ago

i am haveing a problem with my xbox 360 cd rom not spinning.?

I need help with my CD-ROM on my 360 its not wanting to spin and i don't have the cash right now to fix it is there any temp fix i can do other than hand spinning the disk for over 2 hours i just can't spend the $32.06 for now

Asked by 9 years ago

how do i mod my xbox 360 with sound sensitive strobe LED's?

I have seen the xbox 360 LED mods where the color of the LED lights stay solid while the system is on. After going over the instructions carfully i saw a 360 console with sound sensitive strobes and i was wondering if there were different instuctions for the strobe or if it is the same process with different LED's

Asked by DEAD-26 9 years ago

Xbox 360 (edited)

So I got an xbox 360 elite for Christmas.  I set up my xbox live account and already have 75 gamerscore lol. My xbox 360 gamertag is "InvariantMedal".  I'm not a serious player, but I am decent at games when I master their controls. I'll post pictures of my xbox setup in my den later on.  Maybe tomorrow.  What's your setup look like?   *EDIT- 3/18/10*  Don't expect to see me on live for a while.  Some asshole broke into my house and stole my 360 and other game consoles.  I did manage to get 2615 gamerscore before my 360 got stolen.

Posted by DJ Radio 8 years ago

How do I get Xbox 360 to work with my Cricket Broadband?

I have only one ethernet port on my PC. How then can I set up a network connection from my 360 through my PC to get on Xbox live?

Asked by mochamike54 8 years ago

fix xbox 360 open tray error?

My xbox 360 recently got back from being fixed by microsoft i dropped it and broke the warrenty the shell popped off, two months later my xbox has this problem where it says open tray when i try to play a game how do i fix this

Asked by 9 years ago

*Insert Cuss Word*!

My 360 just Red Ringed for the second time! Right before the four day break too! Right when all the good games have come out! CURSE YOU 360 REAPER! (Ironic that this is what I went as to a Halloween party.)

Posted by Spl1nt3rC3ll 10 years ago

Video Recording on a xbox 360.

Does anybody know of any mods, or programs for recording what you do on 360? i need a video recording program, (if you know of one that will record voice chat then ausome, but if not then mention the one that will record video plz) i need help and anything will be much appreciated. ps. by the way, the cheaper the better, but i can deal with programs that i need to buy.

Posted by XI3 10 years ago

How can i make a used xbox 360 Elite look new?

I have an xbox 360 elite that i want to sell so i can get a PS3 and gamestop is only going to give 90 bucks for it when i payed 500 dollars for the freakin im trying to make it look new so i can sell it on ebay.

Asked by Harmonator 8 years ago

XBOX 360

Hey well i wanted to know if anyone wanted to add me on xbox 360. My gamertag is sgt Mc MUFFIN55 and i mostly play MW2, gta4 Ballad of Gay Tony/Lost and Damned, Need For Speed Shift, well thats pretty much it. So send me a mesage of your gamertag and i will be happy to add you, and Also PLEASE SUBSCRIBE Thanks for your time:)

Posted by LEGO SN1P3R[-_-]! 8 years ago

Restoring a formatted Xbox 360 Hard Drive?

My 120Gb hard drive wasnt working right so i formatted it and lost everything, i bought a 20Gb and want to restore my 120Gb back to normal so i can transfer stuff from the 120GB to 20GB.

Asked by 8 years ago

my XBOX 360 only reads games upside down does anyone now how to fix it?

It wont play any games regular it only plays them upside down and mcrosoft wants to charge me 99.99$ so i need some help

Asked by Gangsta Snug 8 years ago

Xbox 360 question Answered

I got a red ringed Xbox 360. It is green in the center for about 30 seconds then it gives a 3 part rrod. I can not turn it off either. I have replaced the heat paste. Then I unpluged and repluged the fans. Another thing is that when I hold in resart and eject I make it blink a full circle even faster than before. I have to start it up with the eject button. don't know how to fix it, but i can solder. Can anyone help ?

Asked by jbaker22 6 years ago

Are there any free xbox 360 emulators right now that can use xbox live? Answered

My family didn't feel like buying a replacement console after the xbox I had got stolen.  So now I have no way to play these games.  My question is are there any free xbox 360 emulators out there?  I know they must exist but I haven't found a free one that's any good. It must work on PC, vista platform.

Asked by DJ Radio 7 years ago

are you supost to use two towel when you fix it? Answered

Are you supost to us a towel when you fix a xbx 360. if my xbox 360 is haft geen haft red does that means that something else is wrong with it? how long is the thing supost to stay red be4 you cover it up with the towel

Asked by 8 years ago

i just installed a new dvd hard drive on my xbox 360 and it still does not work is there something else i need to do? Answered

I just installed a brand new dvd drive for my xbox 360 and it still will not play disk is there something else i need to do

Asked by sherry123 9 years ago

how can i model a working timing belt in fusion 360?

I want to model a working timing belt to simulate to motion of gt2 belt in a corexy 3D printer in fusion 360 i guess the Fusion team is working on it but are there any good hack to do it for now ? should i model it like a chain with an extremely small links ? 

Asked by D_P_R 7 months ago

how can i play a game without the cd on the xbox 360?

Is it possible to ""burn"" a game into my360s hard drive and not have to worry about using the game disk?

Asked by gizmos1v 9 years ago

Xbox 360, transferring old data?

I have had the old 360 for quite a few years and it has had a good run, but the hardware is wearing down and I am having issues with it which means it's is time to replace it. I know whenever we do replace it I can always get a transfer cable and move my old data onto the new system, but until then I am curious if there is any way I can transfer the data onto my laptop and play via PC. If not, that's alright, but I would like to try at least! Thanks!

Asked by thedipd1 4 years ago

Need help Sharing my internet from my laptop to my Xbox 360?

I have Cricket broadband modem that runs off of the usb port on my laptop(Vista),was wanting to know if I could somehow share my Internet from my laptop to my Xbox 360 using an Ethernet cable.Tryed setting up Internet sharing,but still doesn't work.....My xbox says couldn't find Ip address.Id appciate any help.Thanks.

Asked by TheOutlaw 9 years ago

Vision Controlled Interface Controller

Is it possible to make a 360 controller and create a vision controlled (right) c-stick that I can use to aim at something simply by looking at it on the screen? Is this similar to what paralytics use to communicate? Is there any way that I could use that technolgy to OWN my cousin at Halo?

Posted by MattGyver92 9 years ago

i mounted a 12v 120mm fan to my xbox 360 to blow air into the case,im stuck finding power where do i get my power from?

Mounted a 12v 120mm fan to the top of my xbox 360(sitting horizontal) and of cource cut circle hole so fan can suck outside air into the case and i also have whisper fan blowing out hot air. Problem...I made the mistake of thinking i could use 3 pin y splitter to power both fans...i know beginner right ..well im new to this kind of thing. My question is where could i get power to run my 120mm fan?

Asked by arnold7477 8 years ago

how to make a 3rd party xbox 360 headest?

Alright for all those computer wizards out there i want to make a headset from a apple iphone headset. obviously the apple headphones are a 3.5 mm jack and the xbox controller fits a 2.5 mm jack. which adatper do i need to buy for this to happen and work. thanks heres the link for which one i need.

Asked by oPERATION Rouge 8 years ago

Use internet while bridged connections?

I did the instructable for using your laptop as a wireless access point for your xbox 360. I got live to work but now when I have the connections bridged I can't use the internet on my laptop at the same time. Is there any way I can use my wireless internet on my laptop while having the connections bridged?

Asked by ovk2k5 9 years ago

Can I connect to Xbox Live with a Laptop and blackberry?

I have an Xbox 360 with 60 GB memory, and also have a laptop that I can get internet anywhere when I plug my moms blackberry into the laptop. I was wondering if it is possible to connect to Xbox live from the internet connection I have on my laptop from the blackberry. Please help!!!

Asked by winklerryan1920 9 years ago

Modern Warfare 2? Answered

Why is modern warfare 2 rated m i hear its not to bad at all , what level made m?

Asked by Sean_Voodoo 7 years ago

x box dvd drive opens/closes without stopping

My 4 y.o. xbox dvd stuck. I followed instructions on releasing the drive, now it  opens/closes/opens/closes..... incessantly. So, can't use the xbox now. Any suggestions beyond replacing the drive (Or getting a new xbox) ?

Asked by seekerjo13 6 years ago

Can any one tell me where I can download ncaa 2010 rosters with transfer kit for free?

I have dial-up like you guys. All i am really trying to do is get the Ncaa rosters. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

Asked by 8 years ago

trying to fix RROD xbox 360 xenon, j tag, & finish a case mod fan assembly, , with multi 2 part questions, thanks

Ok , i have a RROD xbox 360 xenon, ive started the case mod , adding 2 fans one intake, & outtake  makeing a v from the cpu, & 2 smaller gpu style fans at the top,,  i also cut out a window over the drive baywith a cd drive cut out,    ive seen the mod for soldering directly under the power input & am wondering if this Vpp will withstand 2X 12v fans, (2-3) leds & 2x small 1" fans, & a small 12v neon light string? , i can get the rest of the measurements if needed for the power equation & schematic diagram. can i get a schematic of the Xbox 12v power  diagram?   question 2, could some one provide with a sucessful rrod repair link, removeing the x clamp & appalying spacers,  i can thermal paste & work on electrical equipment, im 1/2% about the over heating part, & a few other posts have varied   question 3:  ive seen 2 of the j tag mods here, & if  i fix RROD , i plan on doing so, can i request a link to a solid post on it, with a schematic diagram if at all possible, i plan on using my bread board & making a plug for whats necessary as far as j tag connection on the side of the case, in case i need to "manually update"   can i solder a secondary sata port on board?   can i get a schematic of the Xbox power wiring diagram?   if not, can i use a standard sata hdd instead of the Xbox disk drive? to store "game/media" ?   & if so can i use my xbox cd drive in my pc to "aquire" a copy of my purchashed roms & bulk store & transfer data via network or external hdd? i will post pic of case mod soon with fan & wiring diagram , all other mods when completed,     sorry for the multi part question,    thank you for all the help 

Asked by HTSauce 5 years ago

Fusion 360 Answered

Fusion 360 stopped loading, it was loading but, stopped today??

Asked by labrun 1 year ago