how to make a normal usb arcade stick in to a wireless arcade stick for xbox 360?

How to make a normal usb arcade stick in to a wireless arcade stick for xbox 360? 

Asked by siderman0 8 years ago

Fusion 360 Answered

Fusion 360 stopped loading, it was loading but, stopped today??

Asked by labrun 1 year ago

Fusion 360? Answered

What are the advantages of having Fusion 360?

Asked by Tura Street 1 year ago

xbox 360

Can i wire a usb to a regular xbox controller and use it on the 360

Posted by M1TCH3LL 11 years ago

i have 1 360 online using a wireless adapter, but can i plug a ethanet cable in 2 the back of both 360?

I have 1 360 online using a wireless adapter, but can i plug a ethanet cable in 2 the back of both 360 an be able to go online with the second 360 using the 1st 360's wireless connection?

Asked by kidder85 8 years ago

Xbox 360 built in controller mic

I have a xbox 360 controller,wire to xbox 360 headset,and an orignal xbox head set.Can I Put the headset in the controller and the mic?

Posted by nameless 10 years ago

Bad News Fusion 360? Answered

Can't get Fusion 360 to perform. Is there an alternative?

Asked by wbglover 1 year ago

Can I splice together my XBox 360 standard A/V cable and my 360 VGA cable?

Can I splice together my XBox 360 standard A/V cable and my 360 VGA cable?

Asked by Eegras 8 years ago

How do u make an x-box 360?

Asked by 9 years ago

Xbox 360 Overated?

I myself, havn't had an Xbox or an 360. But after hearing endless months and months, of good reveiws, school talk, game exclusives, I'm starting to wonder? Is the Xb0x 360 that gooooood? Or is it overated?

Posted by Baron A 10 years ago

XBX 360 HL:2 & PRTL

On the xbox 360, can you get Half life weapons on portal? i've seen done on PC, and it looked interesting.

Posted by jrdur7277 10 years ago

how to fix an xbox 360 cd drawer?

My dvd/ cd drawer on my xbox 360 keeps getting stuck and also i have the rrod on my 360 and tried every thing to fix it please help.

Asked by Xman8088 8 years ago

Fusion 360 software? Answered

Are the free downloads?

Asked by johnoconnor 1 year ago

Does Anybody have a pin out for this Xbox 360 headset? Answered

I want to split the jack so i can use it one the PC and still be able to use it on the XBOX 360

Asked by IgnorantZebra 8 years ago

Is there a Gamecube to Xbox 360 controller adapter?

Is there a Gamecube to Xbox 360 controller adapter? I want to use my Gamecube Steering Wheel on my Xbox 360.

Asked by cibertech 7 years ago

Should i trade in my Xbox 360 for a PS3?

NEVER MIND I ALREADY GOT IT So ive had my 360 for a couple years now but my cuzins and me and my brothers friends traded their 360's for a PS3. My brother wants to trade our 360 for a PS3 too, but i like the 360 and im not sure. Shud i keep the 360 or trade it for PS3?

Asked by FFVIIBOY 8 years ago

Fusion 360 license? Answered

I cannot seem to register the education Fusion 360 software. It wants the name of the educational institution.

Asked by DigitalJakeT 1 year ago

Fusion 360 for Windows 7 32 bit? Answered

Is there a 32 bit version of Fusion 360 available for download?

Asked by RoyVeld 1 year ago

xbox 360 elite red ring of death?

Does the red ring of death fix require more attention on the elite than the regular 360?

Asked by allpro84 8 years ago

Xbox 360 Wireless Adapter on Pc

Does ne1 know how to make an xbox 360 wireless adapter work with a pc? It is not plug in play, can anyone make an instructable for this?

Posted by m123tifa 10 years ago

Will the Corsair H50 liquid cooler work with Xbox 360? Answered

I would like to liquid cool my Xbox 360 for my website and bragging rights and would like to know if anyone knows if the Corsair H50 will work with Xbox 360. Thanks

Asked by macwhiz 7 years ago

is the xbox 360 elite (black case)repair for the rrod any different from the common repair?

Different mother board,screws, or process for the rrod repairs

Asked by 9 years ago

Mods on 360 edition? Answered

Hi! I've seen that many youtubers have mods on their P.C. Is there any way to install mods on 360 edition? Thanks!

Asked by snotz 1 year ago

Xbox 360 Headset can it work with Windows based PC?

Just wondering if Santa were to get this Xbox 360 Headset if it could also be used on the PC?

Asked by MNkat55 6 years ago

Fusion 360 free? Answered

Where did you get the idea that Fusion 360 is free? Even for students and educators, it's "free" only after signing on.

Asked by JohnG197 1 year ago

Fusion 360? Answered

I have just enrolled in the instructable class for 3D printing, but how am I as a hobbyist and a retiree supposed to download Fusion 360??

Asked by imilia 1 year ago

Xbox to xbox 360?

I had a racing wheel for the original xbox, and was wondering if there was anything that I could do to use it with the 360. It was a wired wheel. It was an official  Microsoft xbox wheel. I would appreciate the help!

Asked by kcls 8 years ago

xbox 360 mods

I was wanting to own my friends on some private matches on halo 3 of COD4 or 5 for 360 any anyone know where to get an aimbot or a godmode hack or something similar???

Asked by INSANO2395 9 years ago

Can you play Windows PC games on an Xbox 360??

I have an Xbox 360 and I know I can save 360 games to the harddrive and run them.  I was wondering if I could save the Windows PC game to the xbox hard drive and then play it off the harddrive.

Asked by arrena 8 years ago

Xbox 360 FAIL

How much does it cost for Microsoft to ship a box coffin for an Xbox 360?the Xbox's warranty is out of date... it hasn't been openedthanks

Posted by Sandisk1duo 9 years ago

fusion 360 is online or offline version??? ? Answered

I want to use fusion 360 as a student.So i wand to know that working could be done offline as well.

Asked by SuvajitA 6 months ago

Fusion 360? Answered

Hello,I would like to ask you why you prefer Fusion 360 instead of ArtCAM? ArtCAM is CAD and CAM... Isn't it easier to learn?

Asked by VAS_P 1 year ago

xbox 360 dev kit

I was wondering where I could get an xbox 360 dev kit or if I can get one at all?

Posted by luke96 7 years ago

where can i buy a new xbox 360 for cheap?

 i asked my nephew what he wanted and he wanted an xbox 360 so i want to get him a new 360 elite but i only want to spend like $250 can anyone help?

Asked by GianniMora 8 years ago

Inventor / Fusion 360? Answered

I have been using Inventor as a design package. Can I use it for this class or will I need to acquire Fusion 360? before I start it.

Asked by Stanfromnz 1 year ago