900 leaf symbol 900 silver pin where is this from?

Silver pin of some sorts not sure where this was from or what the hallmark means or how much it would be worth cant find any information on it any would be great

Asked by kmurphy22 4 years ago

Help with steering wheel

Hi ! I need help to make my steering wheel Serioux SRXW-02V LightRacer to have 900 or 780 degrees... My steering wheel have only 180 degrees , 90 degrees in right , 90 degrees in left . Where i can find the ''lock'' of wheel ? (inside the wheel or inside the stand of wheel?) What can I do to modifi my wheel to have 780 or 900 degrees, to make a rotation as a normal car... I need this modification for ETS 2. Sorry for my bad english. Thanks!

Posted by Raimond8 4 years ago

What's Wrong? Electric Bass Feedback

I own a Ibanez Ergodyne EDA 900. When ever I touch the 3rd string (D string) Tuning knob, bridge, any metal touching it, I get feedback sounds to my amp. What's wrong with it. It's not the amp because I tested it with my friends bass. *** I Still don't know what happed but after i took it apart and checked all the conections (nothing wrong) I blasted all the dust out of it and IT WORKED FINE.

Asked by maxxxem 8 years ago

900 yards?!?!? Answered

I think there are a few extra zeros hanging about in the yarn quantities. But I'm new to this.

Asked by cube-convict 1 year ago

Foodsaver 900 ?

When I plug in my Foodsaver the light won't come on and no power to the machine. What can be the problem?

Asked by BrendaL2 3 years ago

P7 900 led lights

How many of theses led lights can I run off of a car battery for 12 hours?http://www.seoulsemicon.com/en/product/prd/zpowerLEDp7.asp

Posted by dyidan 9 years ago

The New Knex Innovationists Tournament - T.N.K.I.T (Round 3 Results)

The moment you've all been waiting for! Or at least thought about, or something... You get the idea- anywhoooooo, Oblivitus still has to give me his complete list, so here are my own list and I_Am_Canadian's list. Remember, your score can still change. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- VICCIE.B1993 1: Killer~Safe Cracker - K'nex Solar Alarm Clock - 750/900 points. 2: Cj81499 - Tnkit Round 3 Cj81499's Entry - 600/900 points. 3: Owen-Mon-82397 - K'nex Fan - 550/900 points. 3: K'nex Mad - Knex Grabber T.N.K.I.T Round 3 Entry - 550/ 900 points. 4: DJ Radio - Video Cam Holder - 540/900 points. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SCORE LIST: Knex Mad: Entry: Knex Grabber T.N.K.I.T Round 3 Entry. Practicality: It is practical for the elderly and lazy people so 200/300 points. Sturdyness: Looks like a solid construction, the grabber might be a bit inreliable, but in the video he said he solved that problem so 250/300 points. Extras: No extras, so 100/300 points. Total: 550/900 points. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DJ Radio: Entry: Video Cam Holder. Practicality: It's useful if you want to make a K'nex war video. 170/300 Points. Sturdyness: He said it's sturdy, it looks a bit wobbly though so.. 170/300 Points. Extras: You can mount it on a gun to use as a scope, or to make a video, two extras so.. 200/300 Points. Total: 540/900 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- K~SC: Entry: Solar Clock Alarm (!?) Practicality: Everyone needs one when they have a job or school so.. 250/300 Sturdyness: The clock almost looks sturdier than the lockbox that he showed in the same Ible. 250/300 Extras: Three extra, three bonuses. 250/300 Total: 750/900 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cj81499: Entry: Tnkit Round 3 Cj81499's Entry. Practicality: It's smarter to just get one from the fridge, but this way you can store them in your room or wherever you are at most times so.. 250/300 Sturdyness: The legs to make the cans go down looked a bit wobbly when he pressed it but i'm gonna let it slip because the rest looks surdy. 250/300 Extras: No extras, so.. 100/300 Total: 600/900 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Owen-Mon-82397 Entry: K'nex Fan. Practicality: You won't need one now over here, it's like minus 5 sometimes. But in the summer this might be useful. 200/300 Sturdyness: Looks like a solid construction to me. 250/300 Extras: No extras. 100/300 Total: 550/900 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I_AM_CANADIAN: 1: Killer~SafeCracker - Solar Alarm Clock - 750/900 points. 2: K'nex Mad - Grabber - 480/900 points. 3: DJ Radio - Camera Mount - 400/900 points. 4: Cj (numbers) - Can Dispenser - 380/900 points. 5: Owen-Mon-(numbers) - K'nex Fan - 340/900 points. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SCORE LIST: Killer~SafeCracker: Solar Alarm Clock Practicality 270. Sturdiness 280. Extras 200. Total 750. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Knex Mad: Knex Grabber Practicality 200 Sturdiness 180 Extras 100 Total 480 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DJ Radio: Knex Camera Mount Practicality 180 Sturdiness 120 Extras 100 Total: 400 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Owen-Mon (numbers): - Knex Fan Practicality 140 Sturdiness 100 Extras 100 Total 340 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cj (numbers):  Knex Can Dispenser Practicality 150 Sturdiness 130 Extras 100 Total 380 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OBLIVITUS: Still have to get the completed score list. This is about it now, i'll send the contestants a message when Oblivitus sends me his list. Cheers, and for many years more! -Viccie.B1993-  

Posted by Skreetsha 8 years ago

how can i make carbon-look accessories for my motorbike?

How can I make carbon-look accessories for my YAMAHA TDM 900?

Asked by 8 years ago

Refurbished EEE PC - $150

For all of you longing for an EEE PC, today's woot is :"1 Asus EeePC 900 Netbook 8.9" LCD 4GB SSD 512mb DDR2 802.11b/g "

Posted by Weissensteinburg 9 years ago

Primed .22 cases?

Would the primer go off on a .22 case that has had the bullet and powder removed if you shot it with a 900 fps .177 lead pellet? Also, would it go off if shot from a slingshot at a brick wall.

Asked by LiquidLightning 6 years ago

My Epson Stylus Photo 900 printer won't recognize a refilled black ink cartridge. Does anyone know how to fix this? Answered

I put more ink into the black cartridge when it got low with a refill kit. The printer won't work and keeps flashing "black cartridge needs replacing" ! Is there a secret step I must do? The new cartridges have a thin film over the bottom ink hole, so I tried scotch taping it to simulate a new cartridge but that did not work! Help please !

Asked by triumphman 6 years ago


I know that there's been a topic like this, but I'm seriously considering getting the eee pc 900 (the one with the bigger screen and a 20GB SSD). Can anyone tell me anything wrong with it. I'tll cost about 550.

Posted by guyfrom7up 10 years ago

looking for multi- speed quiet wall mount range hood 900cfm for a home

1. any one know where I can get a good reliable easy to clean multi-speed(min 6) range hood with max throughput 900 cfm? prefer    - under $900 with good warranty. most of the time use only 100 to 200cfm    - price include any custom, brokerage, if needed to Alberta Canada 2. baffle or other filter  (I'm new to kitchrn hood, want something easy to clean, low maintenance, low operating cost)

Asked by gg89 2 years ago

Anyone know how this bluetooth headphones work?

They are from my old phone , Lg 900. So anyone know something about them? Like how to power them up or what is that button for? If they work with my iphone 4s?

Asked by danyelo 4 years ago

Downgrading a Windows 8 Tablet to run Windows 7?

Hello Everyone, I am trying to downgrade a HP Elitepad 900 to run on Windows 7 instead of Windows 8. (*Note - There are some reasons outside my control that dictate using Windows 7) I know that this device "should" be ok to run windows 7 it's just the drivers I am having some troubles with. Has anyone had any success with this type of thing and if so where can I get the drivers for this? I haven't installed anything yet for I want to make sure I don't brick the device. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Device: http://www.engadget.com/2013/05/09/hp-elitepad-900-review/

Posted by Jester_boy2 4 years ago

Need Help with LED Panel

Has anyone built or designed a large LED Panel? I would like to build a large (900 to 1000 LEDS approx 16"x20")  for use in contact printing photographs and red help with the design. Can anyone help with wiring diagram, voltage requirements, resistors, etc? Thanks!

Posted by awhy 3 years ago

Pimp my Scooter!? Answered

 I have a 900 vlt e-zip electric scooter and I ave been in need of some new pimping. Would you have any ideas of how to pimp it? or what it would cost? the materials used?

Asked by knuckel 8 years ago

Tesla coil power supply?

My Tesla coil is 3 inches wide, 14 inches tall and it has 900 turns of 28 AWG wire. I need to know what kind of power supply will be necessary to power it, car ignition coils only give me 3 inch sparks to a ground.

Asked by The MadScientist 7 years ago

HELP - Gecko escaped - HELP

Ok, I have a gecko (leopard gecko, orange color morph) and I bought it for HK$900 (US$90). And it escaped! At 10:00 it was there and then in the next five mins its gone! I looked everywhere and blocked every door. Help plwwwwwweeeeeaaaaaaassssssssseeeeeeee?

Posted by TNEN 8 years ago


I am trying to make knex super gun that has a magazine it can shoot through a can has 1 main gun and a backup gun attachment shoots 70-120 feet with 3 rubber bands true semi has a scope has less than 900 pieces is over 2 feet has a silencer a stock and a bipod

Posted by T-man 10 years ago

Mast head amplifier on FPV? Sounds crazy right! Answered

Hi i have been looking at buying this > http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__16457__900MHZ_1500mW_Tx_Rx_1_3_inch_CCD_Camera_PAL_520TVL.html but i thought it might not be very good signal if not i was also thinking of buying something like this http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vision-27dB-VHF-UHF-Masthead-Amplifier-Booster-TV-/220918608294?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item336fc671a6 It is 900 mhz so i think it is just crazy enough to work i also happen to have an old mast head amp power supply just laying around gathering dust. I'm not bothered about spending 6 quid just to try it out but what i was worried about was feedback from the PSU to the reviver I mean I don't want to blow it on day one how could i stop this and would it be a problem in the first place?

Asked by Daniel Deacon 6 years ago

Projects that use up LOTS of LEDs?

I recently bought a pack of 1000 LEDs off of eBay. I thought they were going to be white, but they ended up being blue. I made some underbody lights for my RC car, but I still have around 900 of them. Does anyone have any ideas of projects that would use up a bunch of them?

Asked by macgyver603 8 years ago

Eng sys to power a machine 7 ft lbs of torque for 900 rpm (constant load need) 24volt dc mtr have specs w/ gear red 2-1? Answered

Crushing grain etc, have the model number for the motor, need solar power to run 62.5 full load amps.  - have more info if needed

Asked by samhall 6 years ago

Required voltage and current for Knathal wire? Answered

Hi, i want to heat a Tungsten rod by using the Kanthal Wire(36 Awg). I want to know what is the required voltage and current to reach the 1300 deg Celsius. I am planned to make the constant current (like 3 amp) and increase the voltage. So help me to control the temperature at 900 to 1300 deg by changing the power supply.

Asked by Gnanak 2 years ago

Have they found HOBBITS ?

Tiny Pacific skeletons stir hobbit debateTiny skeletons found in the caves of the Pacific islands of Palau undercut the theory that similar remains found in Indonesia might be a unique new species of humans, researchers report.The Palau skeletons, which date to between 900 and 2800 years old, appear to have belonged to so-called insular dwarfs, humans who grew smaller as a result of living on an island, the researchers say.Read the whole article here...

Posted by Goodhart 10 years ago

New Laptop or Notebook choice? Answered

I am a n00b when it comes to buying laptops. Ive worked off of a PC workstation until now. I have a budget of under $900 and DO NOT WANT an HP. I have a preference for a good graphics card, at least 2 gigs of RAM and XP pre installed as the main OS. Any suggestions or tips, in fact which notebook or macbook do you use?

Asked by M4industries 8 years ago

Solar Powered Li-Ion battery?

I have this Carrera RC car, and it runs on a Li-Ion battery. Li-Ion battery: 7,4 V – 900 mAh It is the Red Freezer Watergun Car, and the battery is on the bottom of the car. I wondered if anyone knows how i could cut the recharger wire (8,4 V – 500 mA) and attach it to a solar panel on the top of the car to constantly charge the battery. 

Asked by articz82 6 years ago

Car Audio? Answered

First off, this is a question about speakers sound quality loudness and all that stuff, it doesn't really have to do with any math or equations, just experience.  So I want some sub woofers, and after looking around I have determined that there are cheap ones, and very expensive ones.  Now, if I get a fairly affordable 15" (med quality) will it be louder/better than a 12" one that costs $900

Asked by jj.inc 6 years ago

Need regulator and compact solenoid 5/2 valve for small scale Co2 powered system.

Looking to drive a 5/16ths inch pneumatic cylinder all in a self contained package. Cylinder is rated for 150 psi and the 12 gram co2 i was planning to use is 900 psi so i need to reduce it considerably. I'm trying to make a moving costume piece, not a battlebots weapon or a bomb.

Asked by Chirishman 6 years ago

Help replacing the amplifier in a powered sub woofer?

I have a Phillips SW 900 powered sub-woofer. The internal amplifier board has broken and I need to get a new board or an equivalent amplifier.  The internal subwoofer is a 6 inch 4 ohm 40w driver.I don't want to spend any more than around 50 US dollars. The only connection that I need is one RCA jack for audio input. Thanks.

Asked by nurdee1 6 years ago

The New Knex Innovationists Tournament - T.N.K.I.T (Round 3)

Thanks to I_Am_Canadian for the contest round idea. You have to build something practical! Like a grabber for your gramps, or a K'nex keyboard maybe? Or a soda delivery cart? Something you would use everyday. Last day for entry acceptance is 30 Nov. 2009. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ratings will be judged upon these categories: - Practicality 300/900 points. How good is it to use in your everyday life? Do you / would you use it often? - Sturdyness 300/900 points. This speaks for itself, if you use it often, it has to be sturdy. - Extras 300/900 points. By the normal use of your entry, can it do something else too? You start with 100 points on this. Every added function is worth 50 points. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Judges: - Viccie.B1993 - I_Am_Canadian - Oblivitus ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Contestants: - Killer~SafeCracker ENTRY: https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-a-Knex-solar-alarm-clock-with-built-i/ - Knex Mad ENTRY: https://www.instructables.com/id/knex-Grabber-TNKIT-Round-3-Entry/ - Silentassasin21 ENTRY: - AJLeece ENTRY: - Millawi Legend ENTRY: - DJ Radio ENTRY: https://www.instructables.com/community/Knex-video-camera-holder-TNKIT-entry/ - Owen-Mon-82397 ENTRY: https://www.instructables.com/community/Knex-fan/ - K'nexguy ENTRY: - CJ81499 ENTRY: https://www.instructables.com/id/tnkit-round-3-cj81499s-entry/ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is the quarter final. Three people will be eliminated. Good luck, my fellow K'nexers! -Viccie.B1993- Link to round 4: (NO ROUND YET POSSIBLE BECAUSE THIS ROUND IS STILL GOING). UPDATE: I'm waiting for Oblivitus and I_Am_Canadian for their grade lists of the entries. Oblivitus is wide awake, but i think I_A_C forgot so i sent him a message. In the meantime, go do something else than stare at a screen.

Posted by Skreetsha 8 years ago

Any ideas what do do to this fan?

And i would also like to add some leds i have, any idea how to set it up. I have some 12V power supplies but i want it all in a box. Take note it will be a wooden box. If you have any questions on info you need please ask below. Here are the fan specs: Model: 900-4152 Power needed: 120V AC 60Hz 11 Watts Impedance protected

Asked by andreblue 7 years ago

How do i save up money for a puppy fast? Answered

Hey! I need your guys help! I need a little more than $900 dollars for a puppy I am getting off affordablepup they are a trusting site I called them a couple of times sent ton of emails and are pretty trusty lol, and please don't suggest a lemonade stand because I made $60 off of  that, thanks a lot bye!

Asked by Cupcakelover85 6 years ago

Which Lasers Flashlight on Everbuying should i buy?

links: http://www.everbuying.com/UltraFire-WF-501B-SSC-P7-CSXO-3-Mode-900-Lumen-Memory-LED-Flashlight-with-Strap-p-24295.html http://www.everbuying.com/Fenix-TK12-HA-III-Cree-Q5-2-Mode-280-Lumen-LED-Flashlight-Set-p-27782.html http://www.everbuying.com/200mW-532nm-Adjustable-Green-Laser-Pointer-p-22062.html http://www.everbuying.com/30mW-532nm-Blue-Beam-Laser-Pointer-p-27799.html  

Asked by stella1740 7 years ago


I need a mac computer iwth at least 4 gb ram and 2.8 ghz. It has to be able to support cocoa development so it can't be a really old one. I don't care if it's an imac, mac book pro, mac book, just so long as it works and meets requirements. Will pay up to $800 for one. Maybe $900 if exceeds all expectations. Imac is preffered though.

Posted by fireblast_1212 8 years ago

How to test Sennheiser Microphone wireless transmitter ?

Hi all, I have a sennheiser Mikroport Transmitter HiDyn plus Model BF 1083-V, and a compatible microphone Sennheiser MKE 2-1053 How can i test if the device is working when i have receiver system that i can use to receive audio signals. I have however a cordless headphones set but that i capable of detecting audio signals in the range 800-900 Hz. Whereas the said Sennheiser transmitter transmits in the range 244,600 to 249,900Hz thanks for your replies.

Asked by muhammajunaid 6 years ago

Can I convert a table saw motor to be used in a wind turbine?

I actually have 2 motors. One runs @ 4000rpm, 120 volt, 15 amp, 60 hz approximately 1800 watts and 2.2hp. The other is smaller @ 3600rpm, 7.5 amps, 120 volts, 60hz, 900 watts and approximately 1.2 hp. Can I use either of them to make a wind turbine and how much power will each generate? What would I need to convert them to generate power? I'm a novice so please keep the technical language to a minimum. Thanks.

Asked by romanjor 9 years ago

What is the output current (limit) of a typical USB car charger???? Answered

I need to power 2 hard disks in the field. Power requirement: 900 mA each. For the 5V connection, I want to convert the 12V power input with one or more car USB chargers. I need to know if one or more chargers in parallel (how many??) are needed. I have sufficient 12 V juice (small lead acid battery). Additional: for surges in power consumption, do I need to add a capacitor? What would be the rating? Do I have to wire it in series or across? (Sorry I'm a layman in electronics...)

Asked by BobS 8 years ago

how to power 9 10 watt leds from a automotive battery?

I am building a under water array using 9pcs  10 watt green leds, and will be powering from a automotive battery. the led data is. 10 watt green 900 lumens voltage dc 9-10.8  current 900mA integrated approach 3 and 3 My current build has them in parallel due to not wanting to lose all leds if one fails but will change this if its not possible. I am having issues finding  a step up dc to dc adjustable driver that will allow a output of 10.8 volts an a current of 8100mA . Anyone have ideals or a better solution. Thanks.

Asked by johnnytyler 2 years ago

How do I fix my tesla coil? Answered

My tesla isn't working, and I just want to see if anyone sees a problem. * NST voltage: 10,000 Volts 30 mA * 12 AWG connections wire (radio shack) * 15 feet primary copper tubing * 900 feet secondary winding * Aluminum ducking top load (18 inch diameter) * 12 0.22 uF 2000 volt capacitors (total: 12,000  volts, 0.0073 uF) * 2mm spacing spark gap * ground rod: metal knitting needle If you need more information, just ask (pictures below). Thanks for your help! (I need it to work in half a month)

Asked by Comhippy 8 years ago

New iphone 6?

The say we, the iPhone 6 is still quite far from its 'official sunrise' but rather as close as it advances now seem to be the two official versions of the device, while the price of the basic model would be around the 710 euro and then a figure even lower than the launch of the iPhone 5S 16 GB (729 €). On the price, in fact, we feed more than a suspicion that they may arrive at certain levels, but never say never, especially if the version phablet will come to the top of the hill 900 Euros and will represent the true top of the line. So, in summary, and using as a yardstick the dollar, the iPhone economy is expected to cost between 650 and 800 dollars, while the Apple iPhablet would bring with it a price that the sfiorerebbe 950-1000 dollars.

Asked by Francesca Diamanti 4 years ago

Wiring 10w leds to 12 volts

OK, I have some 10 watt - appr. 900 lumen leds that I want to use for a video room.  I have low voltage wiring in the walls and have a 12 volt 96 watt dimmer that I plan to power with a deep cycle 12 volt battery.  The leds are 3.4 - 3.6 forward voltage and 350ma.  I want to use 3 of these on each side of the room and was just hoping to get away with wiring each side in series and then connecting both sides to the dimmer. Am I looking for trouble wiring them directly without any resistors?  I really don't want to get into resistors, etc. if possible. Thanks in advance for any thoughts and suggestions. 

Posted by jagmanjoe 7 years ago

Turnigy 9X not working?

I have a Mode 2 Turnigy 9X transmitter for my quad-copter (3DRobotics APM 2.6) and it worked almost perfectly at first for a $90 controller. After not using it for a while, I tried using my quad-copter and it wouldn't arm (start). I plugged it into my PC to check the transmitter settings in the APM program and the sticks do not work anymore. The left stick does not show movement values at all and the right stick (throttle) does not go to the lowest value (~900) anymore, only to the highest. The left stick is what is used to start the quad, which is why it wouldn't start in the first place. Why would the sticks suddenly stop working? Also, about a week earlier, a screw fell out of the inside of the transmitter (heard it rattling inside). Would this have anything to do with it?

Asked by Arya42 3 years ago

Hey guys, thinking of turning a room in to a ball pit, I've seen prices for various balls, any cheap alternatives?

Yes this is inspired by a combination of three things, that infamous XKCD comic strip, THE LIST and a few conversations with friends.  It's the cloakroom of my house, which is small but not too small for say six people and a few thousand balls...  Important points, using the online calculator it would take around 800-900 balls at a diameter of 3.155 inches.  The floor area is about 50 sq. feet and I'm attempting to get the height at around two and half feet deep.  So suggestions, obviously if this insane project comes together on a budget of zero there will be a full instructable involved, which would make for awesome photos, think victorian features and stain glass backdrop to a ball pit...

Asked by killerjackalope 8 years ago

card game dispenser / shoe

Hi, i play this card game "Mtg" and my fun decks are huge! (100-900 cards). Ive been tring to make my own card shoe / dispenser (a bit like those Casino Poker holders) which can hold lots of cards, but also be flexible enough to accomodate lots of cards, or less as the deck gets played out etc. I tried with a bottle of wine Cardboard box container, but am not sure how to make it stronger, or what do do. I could just go out and buy a plastic casino one but thought it would be cool to try and make one :) all advise and help and comments etc welcome. thanks, Pabloman (btw when i get my digital camera back i'll post some decks so you can see what i mean.) :)

Posted by paulpcc 9 years ago

Which type of computer is best?

Ok, so my father has offered to pay for HALF of a new computer. But which type is the best? Macs are very aesthetic, but expensive. I also would be dual booting it with windows. PC's are cheaper, but sometimes that also reflects in the hardware. My only requirement is that it be gaming compatible. Big monitor, if it's like a iMac and has one built in. High performance graphics. I'd like atleast 4gb of memory, but 8+ would be delightful. Harddrive space isn't really an issue, since I am currently using about 60 gb. I have something like $400 right now. I could probably make that around 800 - 900 by the end of the summer. So a Mac is defiantly a possibility. Also, I'm a student so I get a $100 dollar rebate from the Mac store.

Posted by Padlock 9 years ago

Looking for a 12V solution to prevent another 12V circuit to power on -- Reverse relay

Hello, I have 2 separate 12 volt lighting systems in the yard.  One is a low-voltage garden lighting that illuminates paths, trees, and a hot tub shelter. The other is a security lighting system, a 12V system that lights 6 each 900 lumen flood lights powered by solar panels and batteries. Other than shine a flood light from the landscape light system at the security system light sensor, is there a relay I can install that prevents the security lights from powering on until the landscape lights turn off?  I guess I am thinking of the redneck version of the relay that puts generators into play when the power goes out. I want my yard to be friendly while the landscaping lights are on, but we dont need a soccer pitch until the guests go home. Kind of like a rock concert.

Asked by SeanW65 2 years ago

I would like to learn how to .......

Hey.... I have always wanted to know how to do some small soldering jobs. Make a solar powered torch. 12 volt lighting for my fish tank. A digital clock.... The list goes on and on. Have wanted to do all of this kinda stuff is the early 80's...  Who and where do I go to get some help?? I have bought 20 x Light Chip  Light Color Warm White / Pure White Color Temperature (K) 3000-3500  /  6000-6500 Wattage (W) 10 Voltage (V) DC 9-12 Forward Current 1050 mA Luminous Flux (lm) 900 Dimension(mm) 20mm x 14mm Package Included 1 X Light Chip I would like some help with the guage of wire, 240 - 12 volt conversion and stuff like that....  I have seen some wonderful peoples inventions and creations on here and would like to start with my led chips.. Thank you  

Asked by SelenaT 2 years ago