ABS Slury

I have a question for any of you that are using an abs slury for adhesion on you printer bed. How thick should it be? Water thin or honey like? TIA Curt

Posted by CurtWG 4 years ago

Is it safe to put ABS INSIDE dishwasher?

Hi, everyone!A cutlery basket in my dishwasher got broken. I want to repair it with 3D printed parts. Does anybody know is it safe to put ABS INSIDE dishwasher? I mean that there are hot temperature, steam, and chemicals inside and it will connect with dishes. Thanks in advance!

Asked by Glumgad 3 months ago

Painting 3D prints

Those of you who may have had the occasion to paint a 3D print I'm curious what products and techniques you may have used. I've used one of the Customizer Things to make some name tags and I'd like to paint the raised letters to help them stand out. Any suggestions or methods that work on ABS? Curt

Posted by CurtWG 4 years ago

3D Printing Pen ABS plastic

Hi there, So I've seen a lot of stuff online about 3D printing releasing what are potentially toxic fumes, and I'm wondering how this transfers over to 3D pens?  We are looking to use them for workshops for kids, and there have been some concerns about it, so I'm just looking to see if anyone can point me in the direction of some info? All I can find is about 3D printing, and I can't imagine that using a 3D pen for half an hour on and off is the same as printing a whole object fume wise? Thanks!

Posted by sb9 3 years ago

Thoughts on the Makibox?

For those who don't know what I'm talking about: Makibox Has anyone used this? Is it too good to be true (pricewise)? Opinions?

Posted by martzsam 5 years ago

assemble a ultimaker for me please

Hello guys  I am looking for someone who can assemble and calibrate a ultimaker 3d printer for me  living in canada  i am willing to pay for the service  please contact me at    avinash3ds@yahoo.com  if you are interested to take this project up  Thanks for looking and have a great day ahead! Yours Respectfully Avi

Posted by avinash3ds 6 years ago

6-pack abs qBurning Question Answered!

Isn't there a Burning question on how to get 6-pack abs? No need to do an instructable on it! There ya go!

Posted by SpinWard 10 years ago

Switching From PLA to ABS? Answered

What change in my printer do i need to switch ? i mean config or an hardware upgrade ? if hardware what do i need to buy  and if software what should i change ?

Asked by _Boltz_ 2 years ago

ABS Recycler for 3-D Printer Filament

Many inexpensive 3-D Printers use ABS filament as feedstock. This filament is not cheap and being a plastic, it is a substance that demands recycling efforts. Imagine a small 3-D printer that you use to produce useful household items with. Here is an example Instructable illustrating what I am talking about. Now imagine that you no longer need an item that you have made. You toss it into the hopper of the machine that I have in mind and it is ground into small pieces. These pieces are then melted with acetone and extruded anew into ABS filament for your 3-D printer! It may be possible to recover the acetone during the extrusion process since the acetone evaporates to restore the ABS.

Posted by Exocetid 6 years ago

Portable Presurized Water Tank out of ABS Pipe?

I'm trying to make a portable presureized water system for offgrid use.  My idea uses 5 feet of 4" Abs pipe with a cap on one end and a threaded clean out to fill the tank. The capped end would have a valve at the bottom to allow a garden hose or etc to be attached, and a small valve stem( tire valve ) to pressurize the tank via bicycle pump. Is it a feasible idea? Would the water be drinkable? Will Abs stand up to constant presure or would it be best to release the presure when not in use? Im thinking 35-40psi would be reasonable with the tank 2/3rds full of water.

Posted by misterpicture 6 years ago

3D Printers that print from pellets?

Hi, I want to get my first 3D Printer, but I'm not sure what to get.  I was looking at the sculptify specifically because it prints ABS from Pellets.  These two features are crucial for me; however the sculptify isn't available yet, and there is no indication as to when it will be.  Does anyone know of a 3D Printer with similar features?

Asked by Spaceman Spiff 3 years ago


I would like some old abs plastic or acrylic im not entirely bothered its just something for products ! if anybody has some id be sure to pay postage costs ! Many thanks Stephen Niall

Posted by stephenniall 8 years ago

Spud gun materials

I'm building a spud gun and all I could get was cellular core ABS, it seems pretty light and I'm not sure if I can trust it.  Would PVC be a better choice to handle the pressure?

Posted by loki610 7 years ago

Is ABS/PLA filament from china okay to use in a makerbot. ? Answered

The price difference is what throws me off, should i be worried about the quality of this filament vs the $48 makerbot filament? Makerbot : http://store.makerbot.com/filament Cheap Alternitive: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Repraper-Reprap-3D-Printer-Filament-ABS-3-0mm-1-75mm-12-Colors-For-3D-Printer-US-/190847246981?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2c6f61e285

Asked by LucasOchoa 4 years ago

Adding Other Materials to the Mix

Over the past couple of years, I've evolved from being totally captivated by my 3D printer, making everything I could think of out of the three plastics I can print with, ABS, PLA and Nylon, to having the Replicator, sitting in my shop and becoming "another tool".  A tool that stands in as an "employee", who can make things while I do other things. Along with doing a pretty good job of making my designs, I've experimented with stepping in, during the print, adding components made of other materials, such as cloth, metal and other plastics.  I've successfully made pulls on tie bags, an electric push button, aluminum mounts for my project car and spring clips to hang my wife's potato chip and popcorn bags in the kitchen. Has anyone else been able to use their printer to make items, not 100% plastic?

Posted by bfk 4 years ago

Whats better for a potato cannon, ABS or PVC? Answered

Whats better for safety and your wallet?

Asked by Xenel 7 years ago

What material should I use to make a mold for ABS injection molding? Answered

I want to design a mold to be used for ABS injection, but I'm not sure which material would produce the best results.  I want to design it and upload it to a manufacturer like shapeways or i.materialise.  They have a few different materials to choose from here for shapeways, and here for i.materialise.  What do you suggest would be the best material for a mold used to create professional looking ABS parts?

Asked by Spaceman Spiff 3 years ago

ABS or PVC for a spud gun?

All I could get at the local store was cellular core ABS but I'm having second thoughts as to its strength.  Can PVC handle pressure better and therefore be safer?

Asked by loki610 7 years ago

nerf m203

I have been looking around and have not found a good design for a nerf m203 grenade launcher so i made this picture. (note i have not made one but i might, just an idea) it will fire a nerf pocket vortex in will go below the Nerf recon the tactical rail it would be more for function than look. tell me what you think. ps i may just use a air fitting for a compressor  rather than a pump.

Posted by ninjusk 8 years ago

What wattage laser would I need for engraving ABS plastic?

I want to build a laser engraver that can engrave ABS to a high enough depth that the grooves can be filled with resin. How powerful a laser should I get?

Asked by JN8 2 years ago

What is a good material for engraving? Answered

Hi creative people! I want to engrave a delicate pattern into a flat piece of material. The material needs to be sturdy and it needs to be acetone resistant. I tried using plaster of paris, but it's not sturdy enough. I can either engrave the material by hand, or with a Dremel. After the piece is engraved, I plan on pressing acetone liquefied ABS plastic with a rolling pin into it. That's why it needs to be unaffected by acetone, and also why it needs to withstand some pressure. Once the ABS had time to harden I want to pull it out of the engraved "mold". Thanks for any ideas!

Asked by Morgantao 10 months ago

An alternative to sit-ups? Answered

Are there any harder alternatives to sit-ups that require little or no extra equipment?

Asked by SirNoodlehe 6 years ago

how do I workout my lower abs and actually get results?

I always do crunches and I see results in the upper section of my abs, yet the lower section seems to stay the same. Does anyone know a good workout that will actually show results?

Asked by 9 years ago

Bro which material PLA or ABS

Asked by DIY4U 3 months ago

Suggestions for bonding PVC sheets to ABS sheets, for composite armor?

I have a crazy idea for making tough plates out of thermoplastics. Does anyone have any ideas for bonding PVC to ABS plastic? Two materials will add to the strength and durability of the plate. If possible I would also like to sandwich some kind of fibers in between the two plates, such as carbon fiber. Does anyone have any ideas on this? I was planning on heat forming the sheets, then maybe pressing them together at high heat, but an easier method would be appreciated. 

Asked by ilpug 6 years ago

What is the plastic that is used to make bathroom stall walls and where can I source it? Answered

It looks like ABS, untextured, about 2cm thick. Do you know where it can be purchased in sheets?

Asked by JamesRPatrick 6 years ago

Longboard sliding gloves material?

I already have a longboard, but I'm making one this summer... (new instructable.. stay tuned!) I'm now making a pair of longboard sliding gloves for palm-down slides... what is the best material for the palm disk.. ABS, teflon, PVC? ( The thing in the back of the gloves is my homemade flattened ABS pipe.)

Asked by mrwonton 7 weeks ago

Can Hardwood Shred ABS?

I am thinking of making a prototype plastic crusher/shredder out of a hardwood instead of steel. Do you think that a hardwood would be able to grind a plastic such as abs into small pellets? If so what kind of wood would be best? What if I made a plywood out of hardwood to strengthen the grain? What if I just use nice plywood?

Posted by rednax718 2 years ago

How to drill holes on ABS plastic?

Hi guys, I have this plastic which I think is made of ABS plastic. I need to drill a rectangular hole and and some circular holes in the container. As such, what method (milling machining/drill etc etc) should I use to achieve my goal without damaging(cracking etc) the container? I have uploaded a pic of the container.. thanks

Posted by kurtselva 5 years ago

Is there some sort of rigid tubing with a 40 mm interior diameter to fit an airsoft grenade?

What material, size and thickness of tubing (pvc, abs, copper) would be necessary to fit a 40 mm airsoft grenade inside of. It would need to be either 40mm exactly or slightly larger, although I'm not sure how much larger it could be.

Asked by travisttt 8 years ago

Instant setting epoxy, resin, or plastic?

Does anyone know of something that is cheapish and suitable for 3D printing by being extruded from a thin tube, and cures immediately on contact with a dried bit of itself, or exposure to another chemical or something?  It must be practical to put though a tube at low pressure, and again, cure almost instantly once it comes out of the tube.  Traditional 3D extruders will NOT work, as the device needs to be able to distribute to hundreds of tiny tubes at once (I cant cut a plastic filament into 300 pieces lengthwise, if you can, good job!), plus that I would have only about 1/4"-1/8" x 1/4"-1/8" x 6" to fit the device into. 

Asked by jduffy54 5 years ago

Preprint from Don Page on Science and Religion


Posted by kelseymh 9 years ago

An Awesome How-to/DIY Business - Replacement Volvo ABS controllers

Around 2000, the anti-lock braking system on my 1996 Volvo starting acting up. Occasionally, the ABS and TRACS (traction control system, which applies the front brakes to correct high relative velocity differences between the front wheels) warnings would illuminate, and neither would work when I tried them in snow. The dealer told me it was a computer error, which could mean any number of things, and would probably cost $600-$1000 to get and install a new ABS computer. For that level of expense, I decided would just pump the brakes if the wheels ever lost traction. Seven years later, I heard a caller on Car Talk mention that he had found someone on the internet to fix his Volvo's ABS. A quick search yields Fixing Volvo ABS problems, which for $140 will fix what turns out to be a common problem in these cars. The website is complete with ABS computer removal and re-installation instructions. So, I pulled the ABS computer out (shown in the picture), mailed it off, and got it back in about a week. I re-installed, and all the warning lights were off. I haven't had a chance to try it out in snow, but I'm pretty sure it will work. From the FAQ:We estimate that the repaired and improved unit will last for the life of the vehicle. The new components are two to four times larger than the original design. The first unit that was improved was on my own 1998 V70, that was done in October 2001 and over 30,000 miles ago, and counting.I think this is a great little business that shares many of Instructables' principles, and I wish them success.

Posted by ewilhelm 10 years ago

Filament material? Answered

Hello and thank you for creating this. I have a replicator 2X and know it's prints in ABS, there isn't allot of information about temp settings for PLA and other material which I'm buying right now. Can prints be made with ABS and PLA at the same time, or other materials for that matter? We just received our MakerBot printer last week so we are still pretty dangerous.Cheers Chris

Asked by fughley 1 year ago

who wants to build me a vacume formed 18x24 3/16 abs ?

I need some to build it for me

Asked by 8 years ago

Glove Taser Help

Can anyone please tell me if i need a special kind of drill to drill the holes in the box. I was asking because isn't ABS a type of plastic???

Posted by f5ive32 11 years ago