Rat Bikes

Good bike to start with. Budget. Tools needed.

Asked by mabish 6 years ago

any tips for downhill biking? Answered

Any tips for downhill biking?

Asked by priceis 8 years ago

beetle bike

I want to build a beetle bike but i need some info on power on hp of bikes compared to the beetle

Posted by abadfart 9 years ago

two stroke bike? Answered

Would a two stroke engine power a bike at 200cc

Asked by rocketman217 9 years ago

Bike lights.

These are very nice.

Posted by FriendOfHumanity 6 years ago

compost shredder-bike ?

Looking for ideas/designs to create a bike powered compost materials shredder?

Asked by ndancer93 5 years ago

Road Bike

Im looking for a cheap road bike ...something that i can start out with

Posted by f9150bust 9 years ago

Cargo rack for bikes

Making a cargo rack for bikes out of recycled materials.

Posted by wewexteriors 9 years ago

unicycles and bikes

Please join my new group. it is all about unicycles and bikes and even scooters.

Posted by slasher118 10 years ago

Harley Chopper Bike

Posted by mr-maker 7 years ago

Custom Chopper Bike

Custom Chopper

Posted by mr-maker 7 years ago

how can i take an crank off a bmx bike an put it on a mountain bike? Answered

How to change the things on my bike

Asked by tj1796 8 years ago

Crossbar adapter for a girls bike for a car bicycle rack.

Looking to make a cheap crossbar bar adapter for a girls bike in order to fit onto a car bike rack.

Asked by huot 8 years ago

Bike painting. Answered

Is it o.k. just to sand a bike, with light grain sandpaper (so as not to scratch) to paint the bike?  I am paining from almost "white" colore to a darker colore.  Any help, sure would be appreciated.  Dorm7guard

Asked by dorm7guard 6 years ago

Wanted circuit diagram to increase brightness bike headlight?

Wanted circuit diagram to increase brightness bike headlight, details 12v dynamo, 135cc?

Asked by dom83 8 years ago

I need to buy a bike, yo.

I don't really know where to buy bikes at, but I sure as Hell need one. I need to know where I can buy a simple, non-expensive bike for preferably under 80 dollars. No mountain bike or fancy stuff like that. Just a normal bike, if you know what I mean. Thanks in advance, yo.

Posted by Juklop 10 years ago

Where can I buy a 48" bike wheel? Answered

I want make a high wheel bike but I don't want to make the giant wheel. A solid tire would be nice to. thanks

Asked by T_T_ 7 years ago

Wacky bike?

You know at carnivals they have those "wacky bikes" Ride it like 6 feet or so and you win a little pocket motorcycle. I would like to make one. Not sure where to begin or if this is easy enough for me (I have no metal working tools other then a dremel and a grinder). Basically, the wacky bike is a bike that when you turn the handlebars left, the wheel goes right.

Asked by SgtSlaughter 8 years ago

Will a 700x38 bike tire fit on a wheel that is currently a 700x28?

My wife and I recently started bicycle touring. She is not too comfortable on certain trails/roads with a narrower tire on her bike.

Asked by Tony N ShariJ 2 years ago

Clean bike shocks? Answered

Im wondering if/how I can take these apart and clean them. If I can't what would be the best way to clean them?

Asked by ben2000 3 years ago

wind-up radio for bike?

Has anybody thought of the idea of using those freeplay wind-up radios to use as a dynamo for a bike? So you can power up your lights, charge your ipod or even more.

Posted by markldn 9 years ago

Any idea what bike this is? Answered

I got this bike at a thrift store today for 3 bucks, in this condition, but I found no websites or pictures about it on the internet. Anyone have an idea? It says "Olympian 10-speed," and on the front, "Performance Tested, Shucks"

Asked by Hackrtanman 6 years ago

how to make a moped out of a mountain bike?

Where can i find a good cheap kit? what can i use for a engine? 

Asked by mrknowit 4 years ago

Small BMX bike. Recycle by building somthing cool with the parts.?

I've got a Mongoose brand BMX bike that I no longer ride. But instead of selling it, I'd rather take it apart and build somthing with it. I can't weld, I've only got one bike to hack up, and I'd like to buy as little materials as possible.

Asked by 8 years ago

I've got a bike that's to small for me to ride, what should I build with the parts? Answered

I've got a bike that's to small for me to ride, what should I build with the parts? I don't weld and I'd like to have to buy as little as possible. It's a little Mongosse bmx bike with pegs and hand brakes.

Asked by 8 years ago

Will 700x35c tyre tube fit in my bike 700x28c?

My tyre says : 28-622 (700*28c-28*1 5/8*1 1/8) I'll attach photo tube Will it fit for my bike?

Asked by Eui seokJ 2 months ago

bike help?

I have a little brother and he is now learning how to ride a bike but every time he starts to ride he can not keep his balance and gets scared and stops he almost has it i need help to make something to keep his balance while riding.

Asked by 1997589 8 years ago

How do I tighten the gears on my bike?

Periodically, the gears on my bike get loose, and the gears don't change as well. When I take it in to the bike shop, the guy fixes it in two minutes. Is there an easy way to do this at home. I know it involves the screws near the actual gear shift, but I'm not quite sure on how to do this properly.

Asked by sound91 9 years ago

BIKE REPAIR STAND: How about a low cost, easy to build, bike repair/cleaning stand?

It should hold the bike off the ground and tight so it does not move around while you work on it.  I was thinking of using half inch pipe stuck in a five gal bucket filled with cement, but I could not come up with a good clamp idea.  BTW, the clamp should not mar the paint job.

Asked by yogoombah 8 years ago

Problem with my 125CC Bike? Answered

In day time i find my bike running not smoothly.But in night time i found that my bike is running very smoothly.My question may seems like silly.But i want to know the reason.After that i was thinking about how the bike will run smoothly in night time, suddenly a thought strikes my mind,that is in my country night time is slightly cold.Bike engines mix the fuel and air for combustion.In day time the air in the surroundings will not be in cold condition it will be slightly hot.So the ignition is rough and in night time the air will be cold,so ignition process goes smoothly in night time.The mixing of fuel and cold air makes the bike to run smoothly.This is the idea that strikes my mind.Is it correct or not.If it is not correct then explain me what was the reason for the bike to run smoothly in night time.

Asked by Rajkumar2506 1 year ago

I'm a physics teacher and have an old bike in my possession. What are some neat toys I can make?

I am in need of some demonstrations which can be made from old bike parts. Or, neat things to enhance my classroom would work as well (gear clocks which rotate, etc).

Asked by 8 years ago

what can you use for a bike engine cheaply or stuff that is laying around the house?

I would like to attach a engine to my bike so i dont half to pettal as much but still have the option to i wont to go fast and it go fast and strong and a gas engine so can someone help me

Asked by tylerlund381 6 years ago

how does this work? Answered

Asked by 9 years ago

how to make a car? Answered

Asked by jack999 9 years ago

Does anyone have a plan for a BMX sidecar? I have seen one on Fantasy Factory that tilts with the main bike.?

I have seen one on Fantasy Factory that tilts with the main bike. Also it appeared to be a bolt on unit.

Asked by RonnyPerez 8 years ago

Hi there, i saw here such vents for bike made with lego, i cannot find it anymore and i donnot know how it can be called

Hi there, i saw here such vents for bike made with lego, i cannot find it anymore! maybe. i dunno how it can be called. ventiles? does anyone know? cannot find it anymore! maybe. i dunno how it can be called. ventiles? does anyone know?

Asked by kamilarr 8 years ago

why do people become outcasts?

Asked by 9 years ago

How to build a camper top bike rack?

I would like to build a bike rack that will hold three bikes that will fit on top of my 4/8 trailer.

Asked by 8 years ago

Convert generator to motor?

Hey guys I am trying to use the generator in my bajaj platina bike into a motor so that it can be used for as self starter motor as well as generator can this be done..

Asked by rajeshlead 4 years ago


Have an idea of taking 2 identical bikes and welding 4 pipes to seperate them about 4 feet apart.Now I have a free standing 4 wheel vehicle, now I want to use 5 hp briggs and stratton gas engine with centrifical clutch for power.The steering has me puzzled, but I think you have an idea of what I want to build? any help would be grateful,Also gearing and drive setupg...

Asked by rockytop44 8 years ago