is the cake a lie?

Is the portal cake a lie?

Asked by halokiller 9 years ago

Is the cake a lie? Answered

Is the cake a lie? Or is only the promise of cake a lie?

Asked by The Daft 8 years ago

Roses on a cake


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Pie is not cake

Nor is cake pie. Discuss.

Posted by turkey tek 10 years ago

Is the Cake a Lie? Answered

I was wondering is the cake was truly a lie.

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is the cake a lie????

Is the cake in portal a lie??

Asked by robot builder 9 years ago

Just say NO to Cake

Let them, um, inject cake? The effects of Cake on the brain....Cake reportOk, ok, so it's old news.....I thought it was interesting nevertheless. :-)

Posted by Goodhart 8 years ago

portal cake

I cant believe no one posted the portal cake in the contest yet.

Posted by BartSimpson 10 years ago

Steampunk Cakes!

This is shamelessly stolen from MAKE.  Cake Wrecks (yes, them :-) has a set of truly astounding steampunk cakes on their "Sunday Sweets" feature. gmjhowe should take note!

Posted by kelseymh 8 years ago

how to cook good cake?

Hello all i need cook good cake have any idea? i am boy

Asked by girogi180492 5 years ago

How to make a chocolate cake?

I was not able to make it! Could you help me?

Asked by chrustik83 5 years ago

internal bleeding brain cake

How do i make the pouch that holds the blood syrup in the middle

Asked by Tatyana 8 years ago

How to make a sugar free cake?

I can't eat sugar or honey, and I've tried recipe books recipes, but they always come out very dense, and heavy. Does anyone know how to make a sugar free cake, using splenda, etc, that is light and airy like a box cake mix?

Asked by wolfsmane 8 years ago

i am looking for a truck cake recipe, or how to decorate?

I am looking for a cake in the shape of a truck for my grandson's birthday. can anybody help or have an idea on how too

Asked by harps59 8 years ago

How do you make a 3d ambulance cake!?

HELP PLEASE! My boyfriend is an EMT and i want to make him an ambulance 3 dimensional cake for his birthday. How do i do it?!

Asked by 8 years ago

How do you make gluten, wheat, and milk free ice cream or ice cream cake??

I have eczema. I had it when I was a toddler and I still have it. =(    So my doctor said I might be allergic to dairy products and I can't have anything processed .  =(

Asked by instructables_fan11011 6 years ago

Dalek Cake

This Dalek cake by Stacked Cakes in Australia is deliciously epic. It is 22" tall and weighs over 40 pounds. That's a lot of Dalek-y goodness right there. Check out the link for more pics of the cake and the build process. Daleks and Birthdays via CRAFT

Posted by fungus amungus 7 years ago

OE-Cake = Awesome

Hey you should check this out. h Here are a few videos for OE cake

Posted by dombeef 9 years ago

Meat cake

Http:// cake made out of meat (and potato)L

Posted by lemonie 10 years ago

The cake is a lie!

If you mouse over the Contests tab the featured contest is the Cake Decorating Challenge. If you click the image it just takes you to a error 400 page. 

Posted by sherrycayheyhey 6 years ago

silicone cake mold? Answered

Hello !Can i make a silicone cake mold with your lesson?Thanks

Asked by mrorientation 8 months ago

How do you make a marble cake?

In real life and ingredients and steps

Asked by 8 years ago

Sculpted Roman Numeral Cake? Answered

I need help with a cake. I want to make a cake in the shape of 3 Xs for my Brother in law's 30th birthday (like the roman numerals: XXX) Can someone give me tips on how to sculpt the cake? Should I bake a square cake and then cut it? Or should I attempt to build an X shape into a square pan? Any potential issues you can foresee? I've never used fondant before but I think there are enough instructables on that subject already.

Asked by cpeteraf 7 years ago

So Many Great Cakes!

The Cake Contest closed for entries last night, but voting is still open until noon PST on May 1. So go and look at all the insanely cool cakes that have been submitted.Which ones do you like the best? Cake Contest entries

Posted by fungus amungus 10 years ago

Fruit cakes? Answered

When I bake fruit cakes, most of the raisins, sultanas, cherries sink to the bottom of the cake. I tried coating the fruits with flour but they still sink! why?

Asked by Nicolette Koh 1 year ago

what is a good home made cake recipe to use for a 3D dinosaur cake?

I'm going to make the 3D dino cake that I found on this site. A home made cake was recommended over the mixes because they are denser. Does anyone know of a good recipe that is dense and not at flakey as the mixes?

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AT-AT cake is ready for its close-up

This AT-AT cake is pretty amazing even if very little of it looks to be edible cake stuff. With over 60 hours of work from a few different people and a hand-painted background this is about as epic as a cake can get. Flickr set via greatewhitesnark.

Posted by fungus amungus 9 years ago

The Cake was ALWAYS a lie!

I was thinking of Les Miserables today... which made me think of Marie Antoinette. You know, she said "Let them eat cake!" to the people in her kingdom... But they never got any! So the cake... was a LIE! The cake was a lie! It's ALWAYS been a lie!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!!!

Posted by watermelonhead 8 years ago

how do u make a homemade cake?

hi hi hi hi hih cake

Asked by cutemonster123 8 years ago

Cake shaping advice?

This year I've started trying to make more advanced cakes and was wondering how other people shape their cakes?  I know there's the basic way of cutting(for example into flat heart shapes and such) but for the more 3D detailed cakes what's the way to do it? Is it the same way?  I thought perhaps its possible to use a similar techinque that's used for some cake pops, where you mix in a semi sweet icing or thickener into cake to create a dough like texture for moulding but would that be to pastey and not cake like enough? I really want to try shaped cakes but I haven't known how, so if anyone could help it would be very much appreciated! Thank you! 

Asked by RandomAussieGirl 2 years ago

Crumbly cake? Answered

I bake the cake and it turned out good but when I cut it to level it it becacme very crumbly and nearly broke in half. What can I do to avoid that the cake crumbles that much?

Asked by He Se 1 year ago

cake without butter? Answered

Ma'am, can't you make us learn about cake without butter bc it is not available easily !!!

Asked by tahreem jatoi 1 year ago

Rainbow Cake

This rainbow cake is a labor of love and sweetness. Getting all the colors right and laying down all that frosting takes some serious time and effort. If you want to learn how to make one for yourself or someone special, follow the link below for the details.Say it with Cake... via Neatorama

Posted by fungus amungus 8 years ago

Cake stand?

Hi Jen,While looking through the supply list, I noticed the cake stand. I clicked the link and it said it was currently unavailable. Where would you recommend getting a cake stand other than in the link?

Asked by masterofcrafting 1 year ago

ORANGE CAKE RECIPE SEARCH: Mom made a from-scratch orange cake that tasted like fresh oranges, had orange zest in it .

A good recipe using a package cake mix (white or yellow) would be of interest, too, but I'm hoping to find a recipe like the original.

Asked by mmaunder 7 years ago

I want to make a walleye cake. I do not use fondant

I have used potica pans and baked the cake. I am not sure how to shape the cake

Asked by jaam81 5 years ago

Robot Cake

Saturday, my parents and friends threw me a surprise birthday party! And if that wasn't cool enough, my mom had made the cake look like Robot. Chocolate and vanilla cake, licorice, Rolos, cinnamon rolls, Snickers bars, and Sugar Babies. Yum!(Its black and white because she based it off of my memopad)

Posted by rogers236 9 years ago

I need a cake pattern for a 3-D human skull cake Answered

I am getting married on halloween & would like to make a bleeding human skull cake. I have searched all over the Internet & can't find anything on how to make the 3-D skull. I all ready have the bleeding part worked out. If anyone has any ideas I would really appreciate it.

Asked by myevilqueen 8 years ago

Real chocolate cake recipe which doesn't sink in the middle. Answered

Can anyone recommend a good chocolate cake recipe (not coco) which doesn't sink? I find mud cake recipes using coco powder bake up beautifully, but the taste of the coco lingers on. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanking you all in advance.

Asked by rhonashill 5 years ago

How do you make a give away box for a home made cake? Answered

If I make a regular box mix cake and want to give it for a raffle or to a friend, I need a container that I can give away. How can I cheaply package such a cake?

Asked by bluevelvet4 9 years ago



Asked by crochetjuju 8 years ago

5 minute chocolate cake?

Hi   I made one and it didnt rise at all  in fact it was too dense and dry.Does it require baking powder /baking soda? I like the recipe because it can be made in a jiffy.Could you please help me on this?

Asked by ritz55 7 years ago

contest schedual

I looked in the rules but I did not see when the prizes will be awarded. I assume there will be a little time for people to look at cakes that were submitted close to the deadline.

Posted by dave spencer 10 years ago